sonnyok1h a warrior that will be dearly missed

pit master

world 17
it brings a brother great sadness to have to do this but for all those who cared sonnyok1h passed away march 20'th 2010 on my property from health complications sonny was 49 years old he was a father to 3 children and gave guidence to many more he was a former air force veteren and a brother to 11 siblings some of you may have mixxed feeling's about sonny but he was a warrior on and off this game he loved his tribe and would have done anything for them i felt it was best to let his tribe know so they can make arrangements with his account this is a terribly hard letter for me to write and any negative responses will be harder to look at so with that said i shall post this and not look back as i loved my brother and do not wish to see petty bs comments posted if any of you have anything kind sentiments you'd want to share i will be on world 17 under my name pit master thanks for your time


Sonny was to me a dear friend in this game and it makes me really sad to read this. Even though I knew about sonnys health complications I didn't see this coming anytime soon as sonny didn't really speak about it. I left w17 a few weeks ago but we keept the contact thro skype. I will miss you sonny and my thoughts go to your familly.

Rest in peace my friend.



My condolences to you, and to sonny's family, Pit!

According to Pit, Sonny left with a peaceful look on his face and sitting next to a tree after spending a good day. Leaving without pain and fearness - a good way to have a sad thing happening.

Rest in peace!


Sad thing to read about , can't imagine what it is to his nearest family .

In this game we could be friends or enemies , but we mustn't forget that behind those accounts are real people , and we should deal with them as they are , real people.

My condolences to his family , and may he rest in peace ...

pit master

My condolences to you, and to sonny's family, Pit!

According to Pit, Sonny left with a peaceful look on his face and sitting next to a tree after spending a good day. Leaving without pain and fearness - a good way to have a sad thing happening.

Rest in peace!
this is true sonny did die with the most peaceful look on his face i ever seen a lil history on sonny he was always a warrior and never feared anyone or anything we grew up in the projects of harrisburg pa during the race wars in the early 70's and sonny has been fighting ever since he fought for our country he fought for the little guy and he fought for fairness he was always fighting and would never lay down and if he did lay down thats because he was taking a break planning next attack sonny lived life pretty much like he played his game with a passion and he will be truely missed by his familiy and now i see his extended family on tw if any of you play on other worlds with sonny i would appreiciate if you could c&p my original post to those forums as well so everyone know



I'm unsure what to say other than this is extremely sad news as he was a friend to me even though I never had the honor to meet him in RL. Pit please pass on my condolences for such a huge lose to his family. He will be dearly missed here.


My condolences to his family and friends. We were enermys on here, but we both loved the banter i hope , i know i did and it wasnt personal, just a game, sad sad news. i am so sorry too here this,


Rest in peace
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Such events surpass any boundaries we have in-game. It is sad to hear that anyone has passed on from any tribe. My deepest condolences for his near and dear.


This is sad news.
I didn’t know sonny at all but regardless of and in game rivalry, I truly hope that you and all his family and friends find strength in remembering the good times you were all able to share with him.

RIP sonny


Yet another harsh reminder that people sit behind these usernames.

Our thoughts are with Sonny's family and with the Brotherhood and W17 as we all mourn his loss. RIP Sonny.


I've known Sonny Hoover 1 year now. I will miss him more then many know. Pit Master I'm so sorry for you loss and Sonny will be missed.

All MOJO will fly Sonny's name in remembrance of this great warrior in RL and ingame.

RIP Sonny Hoover

I will contact you ingame Pit for other things regarding sonny.


My condolences to Sonnys family.

We exchanged several IGM's a few months back, and he was a good character whom I enjoyed being in contact with.

Such a sad loss.



Pit Master, that is the most awful news. My best wishes and prayers to the family. It was only a few short days ago that Sonny was going to add me on FB, and for some reason he never got round to it. He's been the most awesome sounding board for me, listening to my problems and being an absolute pillar of strength. I cannot fully express how much I am going to miss him and our almost daily chats on skype. What an unbelievable guy.



My heart goes out to you and your family, Pit. MAy you find comfort with your loved ones during this difficult time. Though we are enemies in game, you and i have shared some good mails back and forth. Please don't hesitate to mail me if there is anything I can do for you or your family. I am praying for you all.

With honor,


Morticia Gloom

Please take my heartfelt condolences and thoughts at your sad time of loss, but hopefully most of us here and you and your family pit will remember the good times that Sonny gave everyone he came in contact with whether it be in real life with his friend and his family or here in TW. God Bless and take care of you all.



Nothing can ever prepare you for the loss of a loved one, be they family or friend.
Sonny was a wonderful character and a great RL as much as in TW.

Sonny.....loved and missed by many.
May you R.I.P and may your star light up the sky in the darkness!


Quoted from my profile in proper style.

Sonny although we miss
you more then we could
ever express, we're
only separated by
our time left on earth.

We'll see you soon dear co-warrior and friend.

You will not be forgotten and will be in my thoughts.


My condolences to you Pit Master, your family and all of his friends, whether they are from RL or from here.
We are many who will miss the great man he was, and whereas he is away now, he'll remain alive in our memories and thoughts forever.


To you Sonny, ill just say Rest in peace my dear friend.