sonnyok1h a warrior that will be dearly missed




As We Remember our Loss
We Realize what has happened in our lives,
And what we have Done.
All The Memories we have Shared Together;
Few of us know the value of Life.
Many of us Spend most of our days Stressed,
Worrying about everything that comes our way.
As we remember our loss
We come to realize the good that they have done In their lives.
Inspiring Those of us around him that knew him to be a better person.
We Remember them so that one day we might find our own
And live our lives to the fullest such as our Love ones have.

Aaron Katz-Gager
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I agree that would be great. if pit or someone can let us know when the funeral is that would be great.

This is no doubt a tough time for the family .Perhaps as stated Sonny was of christian faith we could have a cease fire over easter in respect of the man and his faith if no date of his funeral is forth coming

We should perhaps handle this in game or with a new thread to avoid De railing this most respectfull farewell to him

God Bless you Sonny

Lord Richard Rahl

God bless sonny.... may your journey to the next life be a peaceful one.

pit master

wow........................... the show of class in this thread blows me away and brings mega tears to a brothers eyes although we are heart broken the post's in this thread bring a sense of comfort to our family that i would never believed possible from strangers in a game ,cease fire????? are you kidding??? did you really know sonny?? lol he wouldnt have wanted a cease fire he was a warrior and would turn over in his grave if we cease fire although that was a honorable request and one that would apply to almost any one of us sonny wouldnt have wanted that today i shall be making the rest of sonny's arrangements for burial the cause of his death is still a mystery were not quite sure what happened yet toxicology reports will take a week or so and the rest of testing will take up to 6 weeks although this is a tough time for our family you folks have helped me to get through this so far so with that said THANK YOU WORLD 17 total class act i am proud to be a part of this world with such classy folk sonny died with a peaceful smile on his face i think he was thinking of tribal wars when he passed *nods*


Rest in peace, Sonny. Even though i have not played in a long time, i built lots of close relationships and idolisations here and Sonny was someone i looked up to, he will be dearly missed.


Following Pit's suggestion, you might rather want to simply name all new hostile takings after Sonny on the day of his funeral (or on any day you choose to dedicate to his memory).


RIP sonny, pit, i dont know what to say.
when i heard about this on skype i thought i had to come and say a few words.

Sonny was a great guy, had a bit of correspondence with him and found him to be friendly (if a little over zealous) I hope you, your siblings and his children are well.


pit master

ok the final arrangement for sonny are as follows he will be laid to rest on thursday march 25th 2010 at 12:00 noon e.s.t. live plants are being accepted to be sent to

kirkoff funeral home c/o sonny hoover
206 north main street
bernville pa,19506

just one last note i am still in awe at the sentiments i am recieving from the players of world 17 you guys have shown class i have never seen before and am proud to be part of this game and world thank you all for your support in this difficult time as it has made the burden of this tragedy seem lighter i thnk one and all

pit master

Robert "Sonny" Hoover
12/31/1960 - 3-20-2010


missing you all ready mate we had some good times running size (w41)

R.I.P mate :(


I am so sorry for sonny and his family.

Sonny if your reading this its no fair our fight was not over yet you left with the last word one day we will meet again in another world then I will get the last word for once.

RIP I know you was a great leader and will always be one.
I will never forget you and thanks for showing me this is a game and not real life.
Games are for fun real life is real.

You will be miss so much
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Wow...I can't believe it...who will I argue with...I had a lot of RL respect for sonny since we have the same background of honour duty and game we had a ton of animosity but this is a game. Our relationship was very funny, we were very duplicitous...on here we would be at each other's throats but in mails we were very pleasant and talked of our RL's...maybe because here we knew we had roles to uphold and in mail we knew we could be friends...I am very sad that we will no longer be able to banter back and forth...sonny you take it easy my friend!
You will be missed

Pit Master I wish you and yours a peace and not grieve his passing but rejoice his life...remember the good times!

Take care and good hunting!


My condolences to Sonnys family.
I will pray for him and his family everynight I can


Y0 G, god bless you and your family, even though sonny and I never saw eye to eye, I knew he was a good guy... you guys are in my prayers...


Very sad.

For the little i came to know him (we only spoke on a few ocations), he got my respect. A good honourable man, true to his word!

My thoughts go to those who were close to him. My deepest condolences.


I'm sorry I could not find it :(

I searched for the number 49 which only occurred twice. :(

Am I not looking correctly?