sonnyok1h a warrior that will be dearly missed


Very sad news!

Robert "Sonny" Hoover

Best wishes to all his family and friends! :eek:(


My somewhat tardy but nevertheless heartfelt sympathies for your loss.

I never had the pleasure but the comments in this thread show what I missed.


Sorry for your loss Pit, Sonny was a great guy, we have been talking for a year on TW and to me he was a very kind person. RIP

The Myrddraal

My condolences to you pit and all sonnys family and friends.

He will be dearly missed, and although Me and him didnt share the same viewpoint from time to time, he was a good man.

Sorry for your Loss.

Sincerely, Anthony.


sonny will be missed. He was a good man and a personal ally of mine in this game. He had a good since of humer. He loved tribal wars. before the WAR between the BH and the [BA] we would talk alot about everything. When the WAR broke out we still keep in touch but really never talked about the war.I send my respects and heart-felt sympathy to his family. I just found out today about his passing. He will be missed in-game and i am sure missed even more in RL by his loved ones.May GOD bless his family and friends.
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I just saw this post now.

I am sorry to hear of your loss. As I am also 49 and married with children it makes me stop and think. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Sonny in TW, it seems that he must have been quite a person.



I am so sad. Sonny and I had our disagreements but he was a great leader and a good guy. I will miss him now. I enjoyed our conversations. He was very kind man and a good person. Pit, if you are his brother, then i am so sorry for you. my heart goes out to you

I learned so much from sonny, I learned alot about how to lead, to motivate, and how to understand what drives people from sonny. I will never forget sonny, he was a truely excellent person and a exceptional friend. I can't even begin to comprehend that he is gone. He was a man of depth and character, i was proud to play with him and to know him
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pit master

well.......................its been a week since my brother passed and i wanted to say with as much passion as this font allows i thank you one and all for your support in this difficult time it has really been a huge help to me alot of people had mixxed feeling about my brother some bad some good but everyone was nice enough to say something sweet about him and everytime i look at this forum tears flow like crazy and as much as it pains me to look at it i cant help but come back to see how many people he touched ......his funeral was very sweet the flowers that some of you sent touched our hearts today we plant them in a ceremony we'll be carrying out here today where he passed by the horses looking off into the setting sun i can only hope there is an afterlife and he's sitting there with a smile on his face i miss my brother so much i know were getting to the age where this happens but his life was to short for me and i still dont undwerstand why except that when your number is up its up anyway thank you one and all .............................and the wad that thought i would be vulnerable the day of his funeral and figured it would be a good idea to attack me and you know who you are say goodbye to your vills i shall begin rimming now as that is what sonny would have wanted me to do and who am i to deny my brother a wish thanks all i love you guys foe and friends


pit man, my condolances. i was very sorry to hear of your loss.
sonny and I didn;t always see eye to eye on things or agree on everything, but when we wern't bickering we had a few good chats that i enjoyed. again my condolances.
R.I.P. sonny


You may have only led me for a week or so, but none the less, you will be missed. Rest in Peace.


I'd have expected alot to have changed since i left this game, but this is something i could not have ever considered or thought would happen. Sonny, as much as we clashed towards the end of my playing time, i will remember the conversations we had during mine and your time in the Brotherhood, the many laughs at others expenses, the jokes and general every day chats. You were one of the players who i genuinely listened to and i held your opinion in high regard. Hope you're up there having fun and finally getting away from this god forsaken game! ;D


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