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Discussion in 'World 58' started by channman20, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. channman20

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    yeah cause there not gonna stack the villages your sending nobles to.... You can dodge every 6 all you want but if the player is anygood your villages will be trash by the time half of those nukes are dead. On top of that like you said some will have to be sniped which also means you lose that def in that village. Again if the player is anygood your plan has big flaws in it. Im more then happy trashing someones villages over taking them anyday anyway
  2. novko88

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    Hello Again,

    Sniping =/= lost def. I am not sure how you snipe, but when I snipe, defensive troop losses are fairly minimal.

    Of course some villages might be getting trashed. Some of those trashed villages will be yours of course. If you are attacking a turtle that never attacks back, yes, then you will win.

    What I am saying, is if you are getting a large percentage of your villages attacked at once, it is better, to preserve your troops in stacks so you have them when the nobles come rather than spreading out your D to protect every village which then allows troops to be easily destroyed by nukes. This is especially important when you have no outside support.

    You can call the strategy flawed all you want, but I have seen multiple players not only hold out for months with this method but come through fine after getting hit by many people at once with a steady 15,000+ incoming for weeks at a time, if not months.

    The above is a good example. A player with over 1.2 Billion ODD. Grand Poobah is also quite good at this. He has over 600 Million ODD.

  3. channman20

    channman20 Guest

    omg imade a mistake lol. It was late and i meant recap not snipe haha im a noob :/
  4. faaaaark

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    Hi, not sure who you are, but feel free to use your theory against me in any world and here's why:

    I'm talking about the strength of a defensive army and the time to build it. A stronger defense takes more time to build. Fact.

    Feel free to build a weaker defense while I pound you into next month. I'm not disputing the need to build a fast defense when it is necessary, but most people are rarely under attack 100% of the time. When you are not under attack, you should take advantage of this downtime and you should be strengthening your defense with stronger defensive troops.

    Wrong, I cat your farms, smithies and HQ's if necessary. Now you cannot make troops or more importantly, nobles to recap from me.

    As for you stacking, I'll pound any stack until the village is mine. You CANNOT stack every village and this is the benefit to me as the attacker. I can pinpoint my attacks in such a way that you will not know which village you are about to lose. Therefore you have to stack the lot. Now go find that support while my tribe is opping every other area and support is thin within your tribe. Oh wait, you have no farms... I removed them.... remember??

    Wrong again. please remember that you have no smithies now... I catted them. How can you recap me without the ability to build nobles? Now feel free to send longer range nobles, I'll simply stack or snipe your train. Remember, my frontline is stacked and yours isn't...

    You have no idea how frustrating it is when fighting against me. I literally carpet bomb 1/4 of a continent and remove the possibility of you nobling anything back from me and I can simply walk through you if you are not supported. You would need to send 20-30 hour trains. Guess what will happen to them?

    Meanwhile I'm sending 1 hour trains. Go ask amigo or greenwalker. I just removed whole clusters from them this week and I didnt even need to support my noblings as I knew they didn't have a smithy for miles in any direction. Now before you think these guys are sub-standard... amigos is a very skilled player but without stacks, smithies and farms, he could do nothing with the cluster as IT WAS NOT STACKED.

    Please see the point above... you have no smithies by this point. Your exact words were you would dodge in most villages. How are you going to be able to build nobles?? Even if you do have a random train floating around somewhere, my frontline is always stacked proportionately so that I can expand with ease.

    I'm not disputing players can play well without specific troop types, I originally disputed the fact that defense builds faster than offense. Please re-read what I originally posted and don't derail the topic.

    I'll stand by my first comment.... feel free to use your theory against me in any world.

    Grab an account in Hehe!! and we'll go 1 v 1. I'm serious about this. I know that I have the most villages in this world but I'm willing to limit myself to half my account to prove your theories wrong. Just ask my enemies and see what they have to say.

    Bottom line, you stated that you would not have a stacked frontline (first mistake) and by doing this I will simply remove your key buildings so that you have no other option but to defend rather than go on the offensive. This immediately gives me the edge as I can simply roll through your area.

    How about I take this conversation to the next level, grab an account in Hehe!!! and I'll prove your theories wrong.
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  5. novko88

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    Thanks for the fun conversation.

    You have made some assumptions that are false.

    So you op a 1/4 of a K? We op a whole K if not more. A tribe sent 1600+ trains / sets of noble nukes at two of our players. On the landing day of that op, we had a net loss of 62 villages on landing day which was recovered in a few days.

    Nowhere did I say my frontlines are not stacked. Ask anyone on w56 if my front lines were stacked or not :D

    You also assume you would have untouched villages. I cat the smithies, farms, HQ, warehouse and clay pits. Total scorched earth. If I find the player is terrible I don't bother with the catting, but you would be someone that needs a healthy amount :D

    I understand your point about Offense building faster than defense, but a player also uses Offense as defense. The whole picture must be taken into account.

    Also while a given account might not be under attack, someone in the tribe always is. I am building troops for the tribe, not just myself. As such, they are always needed somewhere. As the population of my villages fill up, I _do_ make the slower units and swap out stacks of spears/HC with more archers and swords. It is not an all or nothing scenario which I have already stated.

    The flipside here is, if you have time to build primarily swords and archers for example, you probably aren't supporting/sniping for your tribe mates enough.

    I think part of the difference here is that w58 is a hauls world and w56 is no-haul. Hauls tilts the balance more toward aggressive offensive play.

    As far as joining this world or any other. I am done for now. w56 is essentially over which is why I was wandering around the forums a bit. Two plus years is enough and summer is here. Sorry to disappoint :)

    My Regards

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  6. Three Amigos

    Three Amigos Guest

    This is an interesting conversation. However, sometimes your troop builds can vary depending on your enemies builds. Some players also just have a preference for certain troops. Personally, I don't care to build swords because they move slower than archers and spears. There are those that may thing my lack of building swords is foolish but they have the same general defense rating as archers but aren't as effective against calvary as archers are.

    In regards to Khite's comments about clearing my cluster. He did clear it but it took longer than a week to take all but one of the villages. I didn't have it prestacked as those villages were more removed from my main cluster and I didn't want to use all my troops to stack that cluster. They would have cleared it anyway as I couldn't stack every village like the one that is still up there. However, thanks for the compliment Khite!

    In the end we're all just a bunch of noobs anyway. lol
  7. novko88

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    Yes. I vary my build quite a bit, both offensively and defensively, often in response to what I see the enemy using.
    I like to experiment a lot in the game and do stuff like multi-village trains, for example.
  8. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    Wrong, I replied to your comments accurately. Please see below.

    You were commenting from an individual perspective, so I replied from an individual perspective.

    I... as in me alone can op 1/4 of a continent standing on my head. If you now want to move the goal posts and discuss things from a tribal perspective, then that is a completely different argument. Go ask our guys about our tribewide ops.

    Erm... yes you did. Please see below:

    The context of your post was that your frontline is NOT stacked, hence my subsequent post that this is suicide on your behalf. Now you are saying your frontline is always stacked, so why post what you said in the first place???? Please make your mind up little man.

    As for 50 nukes to a specific village, try 500+ nukes. I'm serious on this one too.

    This next post by you is ludicrous:

    Are you serious??? What if your tribe is not under attack??? What if your tribal frontline is already properly stacked??

    We have less than 5 support threads in our tribe at the moment. What am I supposed to do with my defense in this case? Attack my own tribemates so I can snipe the trains???

    In all seriouness, you are dribbling shit here.

    If you are done with this world, then please shut it in this forum. I've offered you good 1 v 1 fight and I'm more than happy to disprove your arguments but you have declined, so please shut the door as you leave.


    Amigo, as far as 1 week, you and I both know it was longer than a week, but the perspective is that I was able to cripple your area in less than a week. I was then able to take my time with your villages once I knew you were unable to fight back. By the way, good fight and well done. Kudos to you for not giving up.
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  9. sidd 271

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    spears+arch+hc defense is optimal in my opinion.It may take a lil more time to build than sp+hc but it is really effective.

    @faark i know you break some really huge stacks in w58.But again not all tribes are HONOR ;)
  10. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    Hey sidd, hope all is well with you.

    My issue is some random guy strolls into this world's forum... makes a few random comments and then calls me out for making false assumptions after I pull his comments apart.
  11. novko88

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    Hello again,

    No need to be dismissive. I get your point that Offensive builds faster than defense. Quite true. The offense must get to the target as well, hence the game is designed the way it is.

    Sidd can tell you, I am a reasonable guy. Maybe random in this case, but still reasonable.

    Nonetheless, I did not state that I leave my frontline unstacked. You assumed I was talking about a frontline cluster. The cluster could be anywhere including the backline, midline whatever. The frontline clusters are stacked as much as possible, period. There are obvious limits in any case. There are instances when a player is mostly frontline and cannot stack everything themselves. Then hopefully you have a supportive tribe instead of a selfish one.

    You can ask Sidd about how long we were fighting. I guess we had a few breaks here and there. Our last war was from early September until about a week ago. Before that we took down two other tribes with a couple weeks break here and there. (Sidd was in the second one). Given my location throughout our territory, I support people all the time and I am among the first to do so.

    I offered to tell you what I see some of the best defenders I know such as, INFerNaL86z and Grand Poobah do.
    At the same time these best defenders attack back. Sidd can certainly confirm how good they are.

    If you wish to dismiss that, that's is your loss.