South west tribe for mature (stupidly old), experienced players.

Tyrell Wellick

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I've played with and gotten to know a heck of a lot of people over the past nine or ten years.

I want to link up with any of you oldies that are still around. If you're on world 89, and in or around K64, let me know.

If you played worlds between W6 and W50, likelihood is you will have come across spam, awesome attacks/defense or some of my successful tribes when playing/spamming as the accounts in my sig.

On w89, I am playing as iambernard in K64. A late start, but I have a bit of spare time over the next few months at least so will catch up,

Mail me in game, reply or message on the forums and we can have a chat. If appropriate, maybe I can spam you with tribe invites.

Thanks for reading this.

I'm honoured that you have taken the time.

You are my hero.

Love always,