Speed Tournament!!!

The Lost Assassin

Hello all i had an idea,actually i think it had happened before not sure.Well my idea is to have a speed tournament which will have 10-15 speed rounds different types of settings each one and depending tribal ranking,player ranking,losses as attacker,losses as defender you will get some points when these tournament rounds end the top 3 or top 5 players who managed to gather the most points will win(reward can be either some premium,premium features,inventory things etc)

Think about that!!!


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Sounds interesting; How would you organize it? Like, which groups can play, how does the ranking work, ...

The Lost Assassin

what do y mean groups??

Ranking would go:For normal worlds(no bash)
Player Ranking
Rank 1:5 points
Rank 2:3 points
Rank 3:2 points

Tribe Ranking:1st tribe 3 points to each member(2 members each tribe in every match so we have a lot of fighting)

In bash speed it can be
Rank 1 ODA:5 points
Rank 2 ODA:3 points
Rank 3:ODA 2 points

That is a really quick thought it can get more interesting if y have more ideas!!!

And we could have some difficult rounds(dont know what will make them difficult:p:p)in which points can be x2

Post your thoughts!!!

The Lost Assassin

greece had in the past too but it's not really important to copy past tournaments!!