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    Tribal Wars Spring Event 2013

    Spring is coming! The trees are turning green, flowers bloom and a fresh breeze moves across the land. Filled with hope and naivety, settlers move away from the villages of their ancestors to forge their own bright future. This flood of upstart peasants across your lands must be stopped - plunder their bags of seeds to halt their growth and advance your own interests.

    Event Start: 27.03.2013 12:00
    Event End: 05.04.2013 23:59

    This event will be active on worlds 60+ and casual.

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    The Tribal Wars Spring Event 2013 will soon begin, and Settler camps are appearing across the world map.

    Plunder their villages for [​IMG] bags of seeds to exchange for bonuses to hauling capacity, building times, recruitment speed and resources. The settlers' villages are not permanent locations - they are constantly migrating in search of the best cropland. If one of your attacks would arrive after the village would be deconstructed, it would not be able to be sent.


    To start plundering bags of seeds, you need to attack the Settler villages in the same way as you would attack normal villages, but be warned: their stores are defended, so be sure to send enough units to ensure a victory!

    After the battle has taken place, you can see the outcome in your battle reports, as usual. But instead of fighting against normal army units, your opponents are special event units: [​IMG] Settler Guards and [​IMG] Settler Militia

    If you won the battle, your troops will bring home a resource haul. But they will also collect valuable Bags of Seeds which are added immediately to your available seeds (viewable in the spring event screen).

    Spending Seeds
    Access the event screen by clicking the “open” link in the event widget in your village overview:


    The spring event screen looks like this:

    In the event screen you can see how many seeds you have collected, and the buffs that are available to you. Once you have collected enough seeds to use a buff, the activation link will become active.

    Golden Eggs
    Golden Eggs are special items that can sometimes be found in Settler villages, and rarely also in barbarian settlements. Golden Eggs can be used to enter the Tombola, where you have a chance of winning (improved) buffs, additional bags of seeds, packages of resources and in the worlds where they are active: flags.
    The Tombola costs 5 Golden Eggs per entry, and can only be entered twice per day.

    Eggs can also be used to purchase a buff discount.

    Hint: You can only have one buff active at a time!

    Event countdowns
    At the bottom of the spring event screen are two countdowns: the first shows the deadline after which no new Settler villages will appear. The second countdown marks the end of the event – after this time it will no longer be possible to spend seeds or eggs, or activate buffs, and all existing buffs will disappear.

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    Have a happy Easter,
    The Tribal Wars team