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Dear Community,

Wednesday, June 15th, our newest High Performance round will open its gates around 11 AM. Pre-registrations for this world have started. Gather your teams!
>> Register now!

Please note that High Performance is a world with more challenging settings. Please take into account our recent reboot of the High Performance concept as well, where we are now operating with more 'unusual' game settings on some rounds - this in particular is a round where we will be working with less standard settings.

While you await the start of this High Performance, we would like to again remind you we have a Discord channel exclusively for this world!. Feel free to drop by and chat with other players joining High Performance. Below, you can find out how to join:

I am already in the Tribal Wars DiscordI am not yet in the Tribal Wars Discord
You can join the world channel by typing (not copy-pasting) the following Slash command in the chat:
/join hp

The world channel will become visible under the channel list.
You can simply click this invite link. You'll then automatically receive the right role to see the High Performance channel.

We look forward to hearing from you!

General Settings:
- Building speed: 10 (1000%)
- Unit Speed: 0.15 (150%)

- Archers: Deactivated
- Paladin / Statue: Activated, without Skills
- Strongholds: Deactivated
- Bonus Villages: Activated
- Barbarian Villages: Grow and shrink to 3,000 points. Additionally, Barbarian and Bonus villages will spawn and grow at very high rates.
- Church and Belief: Activated
- Watchtower: Deactivated
- Militia: Activated (available until reaching 100 villages)
- Morale: Deactivated
- Achievements: Activated
- Noble production: Coins (Additional settings: 75% priced coins, nobles decrease loyalty by 45-60 per hit)
- Technologies: 3-level
- Beginners protection: 2 days
- Beginners protection ratio: Deactivated


- Nightmode: Deactivated
- Choose starting direction: Activated
- Attack timing: Milliseconds (50)
- Fake limit: Deactivated
- Farm limit: Activated (1000 troops supported per farm level)*
- Limit Noble man walking distance: 200 fields
- Hauls: Activated, with Scavenging
- Free trade: Deactivated for all players


- Victory conditions: Runes (a tribe needs to hold 33% of the rune villages in the world for 14 days)
- Tribe limit: 14
- Flags: Deactivated
- Support outside Tribe: Über - Arrival

Premium Features:

- Premium Account: Activated
- Account Manager: Activated
- Farm-Assistant: Activated
- Building time reduction: Activated
- Finish immediately: Activated
- Building cost reduction: Activated
- +20% Production: Deactivated
- Trading with the merchant: Activated
- Premium Exchange: Activated

The farm limit reduces troop effectiveness after the limit is surpassed, by a value proportional to the amount you have surpassed the limit by. Troops supporting the village count towards the limit.

The concept for this round is a similar round to last time, but this time with reduced noble costs and increased noble effectiveness. The unit speed has been reduced and the church has been activated to counteract some of the effects of this; however the intent is that nobling should still be very easy on this round. With this in mind, runes will be the win condition, and the win condition will require only 1/3 of the rune villages to be captured, with a long holding period of 14 days making holding dominance the difficult part. The militia is additionally available until 100 villages, as a test to see what strategies this enables, and to see whether militia settings are worth exploring more in the future.

Make sure to let us know if you like the settings in the Feedback Topic!

Good luck!

Your Tribal Wars Team
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