Start of World 95, new end game condition: Rune Wars!


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For centuries the legend was forgotten. Buried in dusty tomes and heavy books. Only remembered by old folk around the fires, to keep the hearts warm in cold winter nights. A story of trial, defiance and treason; telling of places of great power. At the center of place and legend: magical runestones, carved in ancient times. With the power to destroy; mighty yet malicious. Deemed too dangerous for mortal hands by their creators they were hidden away; only to reveal themselves in times of strife and greatest need. To find a powerful ruler; to end the struggle and ensure everlasting peace.


Dear Tribal Warriors,

Today we would like to present you our new endgame condition, called "Rune Wars". This new world type is all about conquering specific spots on the map and holding them to achieve victory.

The worlds themselves are similar to our other world types that you already know, so your experience and strategies will be of good use. But as already mentioned, these worlds have an exciting twist!

At some point mystical rune villages will spawn all over the map, waiting to be conquered. Controlling these will be the key to winning the world. But it's not as easy as it might sound! There are several challenges you need to overcome.

The first challenge will be to defeat the warriors defending the villages; an ancient cult sworn to defend the secret of the runestones!
The second challenge will be to hold the village. As the runestones weaken any soldier near them, defending these villages will prove difficult and powerful allies will be required to succeed.
The third challenge will be to conquer and hold enough villages to prove your worth! The tribes will be tasked to not only conquer enough rune villages, but 60% of the rune villages in every continent.

The tribe that is able to overcome these challenges and holds 60% of the rune villages in each continents for 14 days will be granted the power of the runestones and win the world!

To give you a better idea on how the gameplay differs we created a short overview to explain how a Rune World plays. In general a Rune Wars world is separated into three phases:

Preparation phase
The early game plays very much like the Tribal Wars you know and love. You build up your villages, recruit powerful armies, fight your enemies and expand your territory. But then the rune villages will appear!

Conquering phase
Once the rune villages appear the gameplay changes. Now the tribes have to conquer rune villages in all continents. Wise leaders have of course taken this into consideration before and adapted their strategy during the preparation phase already. Smaller tribes will also benefit from new possibilities like striking at the right time and stealing away valuable rune villages from bigger tribes fighting the defenders.

While in the beginning of this phase the focus lies on defeating the hostile troops and conquering the rune villages each tribe will have to shift the focus more towards defending those villages. Due to the defense malus (-50& defense power) it will become harder to hold the villages the more are being conquered. It will be necessary to have an eye on enemy troop movements and shift defensive troops between villages accordingly. A steady supply of defensive troops will be required to conquer and hold the needed amount of rune villages.

Controlling phase
Once a tribe has managed to conquer all the necessary rune villages a countdown will start. Once it finishes the world is won! In this phase the dominating tribe has to decide if they want to focus on keeping control of the rune villages currently under their command or maybe make a risky move and expand even further? But the other tribes also have a new set of strategies to put into play. The most obvious will of course be to take away rune villages from the dominating tribe. But alternative strategies are also possible. For example attacking the recruitment centers of the enemy to disrupt the supply of fresh troops. The decision is yours!

World settings

Speed: 1.6
Unit speed: 0.625
Flags: Yes
Hauls: Yes
Paladin: With skills
Watchtower: Yes
Archers: Yes
Church enabled: No
Noble system: Gold coins
Morale: Points & unlimited time based
Bonus villages: Yes
Barbarian villages: Grow to 3000 points
Tech system: Simple
Beginner protection: 3 days
Tribe limit: 40
Other info: Players can choose their starting direction. There will be an attack and support gap of 100ms.

Joining our new Rune Wars world is easy! World 95 will lauch on 2017-07-25 and the preregistration is already open! Join now via the homepage!

We are looking forward to your feedback in this thread.

Good luck and have fun!

Your Tribal Wars team