Not A Bug Start Over Requirements Not Updated For Multi Start Village Worlds

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Bug Priority
Medium Bug (gameplay slightly affected)
Bug Type
Functional bug
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Bug Reproduction Steps
1. Start a new account on world 129 (3 villages start world).
2. Try to start over.
3. Can't start over because it's still configured for 1 village requirement.
Bug Reproducibility
Happens always
Multi starting village count world.

Expected behaviour: Can restart in this world with 3 or less villages.

Actual behaviour: Require 1 village left to restart.

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Eakshow McGee

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And i never heard anything more after this :(


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We don't currently consider it a bug, since you do need just one village in order to start over. Your others would need to be nobled in this start-up scenario.

Feel free to raise it as an improvement suggestion however :)