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Discussion in 'Questions' started by the kiwinator, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. the kiwinator

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    Jul 22, 2010
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    Can sombody post up a link to purple predators start up guide as i cannot find it????
  2. Nima Unknown

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    Jul 16, 2007
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    I don't know the link. But here is the guide itself:

    [spoil]Purple Pred's guide (Paladin world is at the bottom)

    Lightning Start Up
    (Proven Top 20)

    By: Purple Predator

    This guide will start off with the classic world build as that is my preferred world to play. Afterwards, I will show the altered build for new unit worlds.

    (Remember, the best players adapt to their environment but this build will get you where you need to be)

    Here is my classic build order. It is an early LC strat and has been thoroughly tested to consistently put players in the top 20 before nobles. First test world was w26 where I taught my students to follow it. We are now the current rank 1 by a mile. For the second test, I played on the dutch server 10 with a few dutch friends and following my classic guide, we had 18 players in the tribe and had rank 1-12 on the rankings.

    (The early part of this is mathematically created for most situations you will find at the start up. The key to this game is adapting to your environment so if you have many barbarian villages in your immediate area you might want to build 5 wood, 3 clay, 1 iron. If you have nothing anywhere near you to farm you might be inclined to build higher pits)

    Build Clay 1
    Build Wood 1
    Build Iron 1

    Build Clay 2
    Build Wood 2
    Build Clay 3
    Build Wood 3
    Build Iron 2
    Build Clay 4
    Build Clay 5
    Build Wood 4
    Build Wood 5
    Build Wood 6
    Build Wood 7
    Build HQ 2
    Build HQ 3
    Build Barracks 1
    Maintain 15 spears
    Farming Time
    Maintain 35 Spears
    Build Wood 8
    Build Warehouse 2
    Build market 1 - store 1k iron once you have 1200 by setting up a high ratio trade
    Build Wood 9
    Build Warehouse 3
    Build Wood 10
    Build Clay 6
    Build market 2 - keep on the look out for lopsided trades
    Build Clay 7
    Build Iron 3
    Build HQ 4
    Build HQ 5
    Build Smithy 1
    Build Smithy 2
    Research Axe
    Maintain 45 spears, 9 axe - send them out in groups of 15 sp and 3 axe
    Build Iron 4
    Build Iron 5
    Build Market 3 - make sure you are still searching for beneficial trades.
    Build Iron 6
    Build Iron 7
    Build Farm 2
    Build Farm 3
    Build Warehouse 3
    Build Farm 4
    Build Warehouse 4
    Build Barracks 2
    Build Barracks 3
    Build Barracks 4
    Build Barracks 5
    Build HQ 6
    Build HQ 7
    Build Farm 5
    Build Warehouse 5
    Build Smithy 3
    Build HQ 8
    Build HQ 9
    Build HQ 10
    Build Smithy 4
    Build Farm 6
    Build Warehouse 6
    Build Smithy 5
    Build Stable 1
    Recruit 5 scouts
    Build Stable 2
    Build Stable 3
    Research LC
    Build Wall 1
    Start to Build LC
    Farm Like Crazy (Get to about 50 LC before continuing on buildings)

    After getting LC, you want to focus on building up your LC count and then getting your Resource Pits to about 17-19 or so. Then you usually will want to get your HQ to 20 because all of your farming resources will require you to build faster so you can spend it all while still keeping your troops producing nonstop or as close to that as you can get with activity level.

    After upgrading your HQ(on growing barb worlds a level 22-25 HQ seems to make sense depending on your level of farming), you would normally want to get to level 10 smithy so you can build your workshop and begin producing siege.

    After acquiring siege, back to resource production to low 20's followed by upgrading your barracks and stable to 15-21 for barracks depending on activity and between 10-16 for stable.

    Once you have your troops producing at a high level, you then have the option of either pushing for a little higher resources or going immediately for upgrading your smithy to 20 and getting your academy.

    Once you have academy, it is highly recommended that you wait until you have 3 nobles before nobling so you can noble several villages in a row. It also has the benefit of giving you more time to build up your troop levels so that when you do noble, your losses will be minimized and thus being more efficient and ready to take several more villages without waiting to replenish your troops.

    When it comes time to noble, a good goal is to have between a 27-29 farm full of troops.

    Paladin Start Up

    Iron 1
    Clay 1
    Timb 1
    Statue (build the paladin and farm immediately upon completion)
    Clay 2
    Timber 2
    Iron 2
    Clay 3
    Clay 4
    Timber 3
    Timber 4
    Timber 5
    Timber 6
    HQ 2
    HQ 3
    Barracks 1
    7 spears (start farming with spears and pali together as it is now profitable)
    Build to about 20-40 spears while continuously farming. (Do not split up your spears from your pali until you have at least 35 spears)
    Warehouse 2
    HQ 4
    HQ 5
    Warehouse 3
    Smithy 1
    Smithy 2
    Research Axes
    Build about 15-45 axes and start splitting up your farming parties with axes included to reduce losses.
    Farm 2
    Market 1 (If you have excess iron, store it in a high ratio trade for later)
    Barracks 2
    Barracks 3
    Smithy 3
    HQ 6
    Barracks 4
    Warehouse 4
    HQ 7
    HQ 8
    Smithy 4
    Smithy 5
    Barracks 5
    Warehouse 5
    Warehouse 6
    Market 2
    Market 3
    HQ 9
    HQ 10
    Stable 1 (Option to research scouts and build 5 but can be skipped for later)
    Stable 2
    Stable 3
    Research LC
    Wall 1
    Build LC
    Farm Like Crazy (Build up to at least 50 before moving on)[/spoil]

    Someone pasted it on one of the recent Skype chats.