[Statistics & Figures] An Overview on the War; T*F Vs LeGeND

Discussion in 'World 30' started by .Optimus Prime., Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. So as I said I would, I thought it would be a good idea to give a current update to the current war going on between LeGeND and T*F. I will try to keep it as simple as possible, mainly consisting of pictures allowing our friends who speak a non-english language to get the message too. So as I said during the declaration, they nobled I believe it was 3 of our villages. Since our declaration, we have had only 1 casualty who is now co-playing with a top 200 member in our tribe.

    I'll start by giving you stats before the war:

    Transformers Federal Points, Rank & Member count before war: 200k - 7th Position - 48 Members
    LeGeNDaRY Points & Rank before the war: 271k - 3rd Position - 53 Members

    Now I'll proceed by giving you stats 48 hours or so into the war:

    Transformers Federal Points & Rank 48 hours into war: 233k - 8th Position - 43 Members
    LeGeNDaRY Points & Rank 48 hours into the war: 296k - 5th Position - 37 Members

    Now I'll give you a comparison between the two's growth increase/decrease:

    Transformers Federal Point Increase & Member Loss/Gain: 33k - 5 Member loss
    LeGeNDary Point Increase & Member Loss/Gain: 25k - 16 Member loss

    So now, during the process of us nobling their members, they have been dismissing members. This can be shown through the TW Stats page:


    Self-explanatory really. Now I'll move onto showing some attacks/clearings. As I said during the declaration, we would be more focused on cataputling but ill show you some ennoblements too (Note: Members were dismissed and apparently "left" just before being nobled. What a coincidence :icon_cry:). Anyway, here they are:






    Now this is CruEL11; LeGeNDs Leader:


    So after CruELL11 had inevtiably failed both offense and defense wise, I decided to visit his profile incase there were any notes he would have for me or anyone. I was more then amused at what I found:


    And that sums it up really. Their leader has now quit, their top 3-4 members are defense/troopless and many more are crippled and unable to grow. Since the war, those that have been noted, LeGeND have lost 15 members in total including their leader. This includes:

    - 5 or so catted
    - 6 nobled
    - Others quit

    That's just those I have witnessed/taken note off and all can be confirmed via tw stats. Also, I would like to point at about that apparent "dirty tactic" of mine. Only 1 player from LeGeND was banned; Kaiser TR who was later unbanned. Sure I attempted to force them to brake the rules, but only 1 did/was punished. I then started recieving mails as such. You tell me which is more personal and worse:

    Pulsar Edit: Removed image showing ubto swearing and using RL insults.

    I was asked to show statistics and I have. You work out who has been damaged more.

    Have a nice day =]

    .Optimus Prime.
    Leader of Transformers Federal.
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  2. IloveShahla

    IloveShahla Guest

    commendable. legend SUCK :O
  3. Shamanics

    Shamanics Guest

    Seems that is was a very good work from your part guys.
  4. CORaven

    CORaven Guest

    OP, your 5 member losses, did they get nobled out? And did they get kicked or did they leave may I ask?
  5. rizkyaa

    rizkyaa Non-stop Poster

    Nov 12, 2008
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    Hmm, what can I say.. that's epic. I had my doubts of LeGeND, but I did not expect them to crumble so soon. So looks like T*F will be superb now.

    There was this survey once, and I had voted T*F or LeGeND to be most successful. And that it would be decided based on this war, but looks like we all know the outcome to that inevitable war. Nice job OP, good luck in your future wars :)

    To LeGeND- Go back to your turk tribalwars if there's any :icon_razz:
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  6. 3 ennoblements were done whilst they were in the tribe. 1 left. It was infact 4 now that I checked TW stats. Ninjaguy was an inacitve and dimissed. He isn't near any LeGeND members and hasn't been under attack as far as I'm aware so I thought I would mention him just to be sure as I'm sure some are looking for the tinyest of slip-ups.
  7. Bloodhood

    Bloodhood Part of the Furniture

    Jul 10, 2006
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    A good start, not a knockout punch just yet, and having a further look at the situation, you may still have problems, having not quite gripped the two continents you want quite yet... shown by continent player rankings:

    Though I do still feel that you have done well, being top on K45, and second in K35, but there is still a lot of work to be done by the looks of things, maybe growth and some recruiting will become the main objective very soon, let's hope this whole effort against Legend didn't/won't set you guys back... maybe they will even hit back with comeback of their own, I guess we will see.

  8. eugene8

    eugene8 Active Member

    Dec 5, 2008
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    I wonder why he is posting every details..
    he act like this was his first victory

    anyway, nice job!! looks like you wont be joining any new worlds for now =) good luck
  9. Woey

    Woey New Member

    Dec 18, 2008
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    Good going T*F. Im glad to see LeGeND crash and burn :)
  10. parmenion

    parmenion Guest

    Well done to you and more importantly your team OP. Good Work.
  11. erdemx

    erdemx Guest

    now :) I would like to say cruel11 has quited because of his final exams.He is the best player I have ever seen.If he hadn't have his exams he'd probably continue his game and make you to give up this world.And everyone sees that we are doing our best!
    We all splited to continents and we are fighting with so many enemies :/ but we are still here right? and I think we are still best tribe in this world.We have over 1,6 million ODT and 1,3 million of it ODA.

    UNSEEN LORD Well-Known Member

    Jan 25, 2009
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  13. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    Its t*f and allies vs legend,

    Yes you did well and won but dont take all the credit when there were so many others involved

    Also add the stats of your allies into it i think it will be more equal
  14. MrMacMan

    MrMacMan Guest

    I think the point is that by using diplomacy, you can make sure the advantage is on your side.

    Tribes that are insulting or refuse diplomacy can and will get ganged upon.
  15. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    I know they will eventually, but kebabe is showing stats saying t*f are winning easily, but if you add all the allies in i wonder how much it favours them.

    I saw rkn lost 2 today and they were involved in the attacks on legend, how many more of t*fs allies are losing?
  16. MrMacMan

    MrMacMan Guest

    I don't know, only T*F would know how many they contacted for this action wouldn't they?

    Feel free to speculate on which tribes are attacking however.
  17. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    True i say rkn though as i can see a coordinated attack in the stats, but without a list noone knows.

    Legend and t*f are the only ones who know though
  18. If RKN is supposed to be a tribe, then you're sadly mistaken. As, we aren't allies with them nor are we co-ordinating our efforts.
  19. colonial

    colonial Guest

    i always knew transformers had the best leader :) keep up with the war.

    we got a player called price21 near us. ill help you by taking him down :)
  20. TicTocBoom

    TicTocBoom Guest

    gogo T*F I gots your back somewhere :icon_confused:
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