[Statistics & Figures] An Overview on the War; T*F Vs LeGeND

Discussion in 'World 30' started by .Optimus Prime., Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. parmenion

    parmenion Guest

    You havent seen too many good players so. But hey listen man, if you need to grab yer pompoms and shake that booty then...

    Gimme a "P"
    Gimme an "a"
    Gimme an "r"
    Gimme an "m"

    Thnx a tousand :icon_cool:
  2. Gatt

    Gatt Guest

    Maybe you forgot Legend's academy tribe :icon_surprised:
  3. MrMacMan

    MrMacMan Guest

    Who have done exactly nothing.
  4. Gatt

    Gatt Guest

    Neither our so called "world" vs legend have done nothing, as T*F has been doing the dirty work....i.e. make blood baths :icon_twisted:
  5. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    Ok i did forget legends academy

    But still there are more on t*fs side.

    Noone has listed the complete list of sides involved so noone really knows.

    But we do know others are attacking and as noone is giving a complete list i think that we should at least include them in the stats


    It attacked at around the same time as T*F so i think it is involved personally though i may be wrong. Unleashed megatron said they are not allies and not coordinating but he never said if he asked them to get involved, and i assume he did or kebabe did.

    But t*f cannot claim they are winning because the stats one on one are in there favour as the rest of the stats may be in legends favour
  6. bagohanme11

    bagohanme11 Guest


    Can we not just agree LeGeNDS got a roasting and be done with it. If the leaders of the other tribes can not be @rsed to come into P&P and play the game in the forum then let OPs lot take all the credit

  7. CBDuke

    CBDuke Guest

    I nobled one Legend today. Just for fun :)
  8. as true as that is, there is only so much damage we can do right now due to church radius (yes you can attack outside of it, but it doesnt make sense to noble a long way outside of it REPEATEDLY) and LEGEND also has many players no where near our players, so this war is likely to stagnate in the near future.
  9. CBDuke

    CBDuke Guest

    Do not worry all who are far from your core (it it is exist) soon will be rimmed. :)
  10. bagohanme11

    bagohanme11 Guest


    I agree with your point also - However if other tribe leaders are not willing, competent or bothered about making a thread or adding to this one how well they have done in attacking LeGeNDs tribe then I see no point in people harping on about how OP and his lot were aided in this effort.

    Either OP has upset others with a common goal against LeGeNDS or the other leaders can not be bothered about the bragging rights in P&P.

    The world will have to learn that OP and his tribe are either very well co-ordinated, work well with some other tribes or bask in glory at others expense. That is more my point.

    We have seen many times in the past declarations where by other tribes have joined in maybe not even NAP or ALLIANCE partners but just to see the removal of a common threat and normally this is added into the equation and everyone can see how well each tribe is doing and how each side is doing.

    In this case all we can see it OPs very elequent prose and a few others saying they were helped. Now I cant be @rsed to work out who did what to whom first or last all I can now see is some well worded posts and some clever / scheming methods and then a statement that one side is broken.

    Now if I was a local player to any of these tribes would I be worried they were AWESOME or would I wonder really how good they are in battle still.

    I know OP can put together some good P&P but will it stand up to that of lets say BLOODHOUND and his team or BD should they decide to play P&P with others. I know where my money would go at the moment in that P&P battle.
  11. Too much pointless speculation.

    The game offers the use of the "Diplomacy" option.

    How well your tribe/leadership use it is up to them.

    I'm done here till LeGeND no longer exist :)

  12. Woey

    Woey New Member

    Dec 18, 2008
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    Btw guys.. Just watch out. I reckon cRuel11 could be saying "yeah im deleting my account" and stuff, But id be careful.. He might be planning a nuke
  13. *ahem* im in T*F :icon_cool:
  14. I thought his name was bloodhood :icon_confused:
  15. bagohanme11

    bagohanme11 Guest

    It is but there is a reference in the P&P from him ages ago pointing out how many make that mistake so I thought I would use it :lol:
  16. bagohanme11

    bagohanme11 Guest

    Do you need some medication?

    I said OTHER tribe leaders your in the same tribe :icon_wink:
  17. it must just be the way im reading it, parts of it seemed directed at me as though you thought i was in LEGEND, meh, lets just hug it out :lol:
  18. Update: Another LeGeND has been nobled (4.8k)
  19. zerointelligent

    zerointelligent Non-stop Poster

    Jul 31, 2008
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    I like it :icon_razz: Keep it up TF
  20. deldelegy

    deldelegy Guest

    nice job OP, im too sad im far from your main K, i failed to ahve an invite from Apes. Well, there's Gatt, he's enough to help :icon_wink:
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