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In recent weeks most of posts we have seen here concerned the top 3 tribes, their growth direction and diplomacy. For every statement made about one of top 10 tribes there was always someone immediately denying it as a false claim. Propaganda and misinformation is what externals are for but not all statements can be denied. Stats, skype conversations and messages are the reliable sources of information (assuming they are genuine not photoshopped)

Personally I love the stats, once they are put together in tables they give us a solid insight into strengths and weaknesses of the tribes, they can indicate internal issues and the growth direction.

Today I have spend some time gathering data for our top 10 tribes. The first table focuses on general tribal information while table 2 shows recent gains and losses.

For more significant stats I used three shades of green and red to mark the strongest and worst performance excluding Return and WZAP as they are newly established tribes and it is difficult to compare them against the rest. Also some well performing tribes are much smaller so I took into consideration their size while comparing with the larger tribes.

The first table shows few interesting facts. Looking at points per player 7th in ranking C9 is in the lead while 6th 2HARD is the last followed by FnB and ANTZ. It is an indicator of quality of those tribes, where a lot of members are low point accounts. When we look at tribal changes we see the same pattern with C9, TEA and BIP being on top while FnB, 2HARD and ANTZ going through a lot of changes. It comes to poor recruitment policies trying to keep the tribe around 45 member mark. In comparison TEA also has 44 members but they recruitment is all about quality. Inviting top accounts from surrounding tribes while eating the rest is a very effective growth strategy. TEA seams to master it to perfection.

Moving on to table two it shows total gains and losses as well as the last 4 days to identify which tribes have been being the target for our top 10.

The first three columns of the table show number of internals and barbs captured by each tribe. Interesting fact is seeing 91 barbs captured by BIP followed by ANTZ (73) and 2HARD(66). On the opposite side we have Infamy with 0 barbs and C9 with 5. With barbs nobling it often comes to tribal policy, strategy and location. Sometimes especially for core tribes it is the easy way to grow or even the only way to grow. ANTZ will use that strategy even more as they are running out of options and Kirk doesn't mind it at all, they will noble every single one soon, then turtle up. It will be very difficult to fight them with that very high density of defensive villages. C9 and Infamy are using barbs as source of income, which is better? Time will tell.

Moving on to the last 4 days TEA has internalled 15 villages while WET 12 taking another 17 barbs. As I mentioned before TEA uses a strategy to recruit top accounts and internal inactive players as they go. It looks like WET had few players that dropped out as well this week, another sign of internal issues?

For every tribe I have made 2 columns with tribes they gained the most from. Jager has been destroyed by TEA while the same happened to STAND thanks to BIP. Both BIP and ANTZ have been gaining from FnB while BiP lost 6 villages fo FnB in return. TEA had their fight with WET loosing 11 villages but we all know the fighting stopped. Infamy and C9 are clearing their back lines while 2HARD is gaining from DEFY and OH MAN.

So what can be said about future based on those last 4 days?

Knowing that TEA has lost villages to Dread Doctors who has left WET they will now try to op him possibly eliminating one of the best payers on their eastern front line. A lot depends on what happens with WET. If they start having more internal issues the whole thing might simply create a long term feeding ground for TEA. It does't look good for the south. My prediction is TEA is going to hit them hard taking it all as that is much weaker spot than their northern border. If they succeed that is a big step towards the world win.

In the mean time the core will skirmish slowing the growth of ANTZ, FnB, BIP, Return and WZAP. The other tribes have the rim to grow and they might be quickly gaining in the rankings.

Some other interesting facts:
- 12 is the number of internals TreX made so far, the most on W90
- BiP has lost 7 villages to FnB and 3 to 2HARD in the last 4 days.
- ANTZ went on barb nobling spree ten days ago capturing barbs only for few days now to stop, are they getting ready for something?

That is it for today. Hope you enjoyed the read please add some comments.

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Bip have lost 30 vills to 2HARD in the war. Not 3

Side 1:
Tribes: 2HARD
Side 2:
Tribes: BiP

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers:

Side 1: 364
Side 2: 561
Difference: 197

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 30
Side 2: 9
Difference: 21

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 1,235,547
Side 2: 2,055,620
Difference: 820,073

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 190,186
Side 2: 57,004
Difference: 133,182



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Gimme them internals <3
My merge with my coplayer, and moving to a new FL. Means 2 internals in reality.

Jager munchies:

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Novembre nice post bro.Keeping everything alive here :)
Just a few mistakes concerning not the stats but the writen part.STAND wasnt destroyed by BiP,STAND was part of Fal well their academy,ANTZ were warring them and pretty much eating as we wished,BIP prolly declared war on them to improve their war stats because of 2Hard eating them.
FaL and STAND were destroyed by ANTZ.most credit should go there.
As for barb nobleing, ANTZ have a nkn barb policy,but it was lifted for a day to gain some bonus barbs amd everyone tooked how much they could lol
Yes,ANTZ clusters will be very hard to fight against but about the turtleing you are wrong,thr number of villas conquered and the ratio in war stats show you that ANTZ have plenty of nukes to go around :)


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Nice work! Fun to read :)

But sad to see people come with even MORE propaganda (looking at you Lord Analester).

Just checked twstats fast on my phone cos im busy atm. But BiP was the first to noble STAND. Antz had 1 small noble before us on FAL. Only reason why we didnt hit them so hard at first was our placement. There were tons of other vills to noble before atleast we (King Banana) would even bother to go for them.

Currently holding rank 1 ODA also, so we dont deserve to be mentioned in the fall of FAL/STAND ? Yeah brag yourself up in the sky. Cant wait untill i rim your fat ass out of this world.

- PG / Master Rim'mer :p


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I know you, do you know me?
I don't dislike you and I like Jake. But you have to admit that the 2 of you are possibly the most iconic internallers in TW for the last few years... Every world you show up, you internal far above average.
This is a red herring. Everything Jake and Trex do is far above average. You can apply this to war caps, sitting, farming and I could go on and on. None of that is weighted in your argument. Give over with the internaling crap! Great account, people, friends and Dukes. Meet them at your peril.

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This is a red herring. Everything Jake and Trex do is far above average. You can apply this to war caps, sitting, farming and I could go on and on. None of that is weighted in your argument. Give over with the internaling crap! Great account, people, friends and Dukes. Meet them at your peril.
Fair enough, in Dutch we have a saying: "Hoge bomen vangen veel wind."
Which means something along the lines off, high profile figures/successful figures receive a lot of criticism.. (Literal translation is: "Tall trees catch a lot of wind.")