Status Of World 30


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Well, well well... So.

The day has come.

Phoenx and its ally have achieved the long sought goal of 70%. It has been reached, fluctuated back below, but it should be returning permanently within the next few days. *Shrug* split hairs if you want, but im going to proceed as its completed.

Anyways, the world should be coming to a vote soon enough. Hopefully, Phoenx/Loen have enough actives/voters to achieve the goal that we want. What is that goal ask you? Hmmm. You shall have to wait and see. Im sure none of you would like the planned results. I digress. Victory is within my grasp, finally. After all these years. I hope you all understand i am going to milk this post for everything its worth, as it may be the Final Thread Starter of Pajuno.

There are no more vicious enemies. There are no more threats to my power. There are no more mistakes to be had that can swing the pendulum against my favor. Ah. Members of Ploen, Bask in the glow that is our Awesome-ness.
Pat yourselves on the back, you have finally come all that way. Just a little longer now, and it will all be over. The easy nobling, the jockeying for position to reach those final stingy, hidden defenders.. just out of reach of real damage. Heh. Speaking of which...

the aforementioned Enemy. What is going on over there?? Im getting requests for NAPS?? Hahahahaha. Dance, puppets! Dance! But seriously, i have seen this happen to just about every tribe that ive encountered whom had ill intent towards Phoenx and i. Just go and check Cy's post. I think we are in the cleanup mode of that post..

So im sitting here tonight, perusing my mail,(which sucks lately for interest) and searching the forums for something to read.. and i decided that quite possibly it might be time to have one final, ugly, emotional beach fest. Lets let it sling, for all to see.. as opposed to skype or hidden in mails.

I think some of us deserve to know whats happening, and the mud slinging thats going on. Why shouldnt you reveal who has done what from both sides.. as quite possibly there could be a temp nap involved. Possibly, not definite - so dont quote me!!

Anyone want to go first? Anyone want to start er up??

I suppose i can fill in some of the blanks from what ive heard. Probably a horrible version of actual accounts, but for all intents and purposes ... ahh. truck it. who cares? Hahaha

Davepowah was not to be trusted. I hear his powers were removed, then at some point in time or juncture.. he acquired all the powers and took them from the rest. His desire was to entice the entire world to fight Vs Phoenx to take us down in one last ditch effort. [spoil](little does he know, Phoenx will soon enough possess the 50%+ needed to secure certain victory.:icon_wink:)[/spoil] Rethae and crew didnt like that idea, as most of Daves people/tribe are in fact, not present.[spoil] :icon_eek:[/spoil] So they took their actives to their new, mostly female crew. (rogue) [spoil]:icon_razz:[/spoil] Now we have two crews, with a noah, driver of the ark, between them. Apparently Rogue laid a rather large backhand across Noahs face, and then brought him aboard to make amends. Noah was going to quit, but then decided not too... And joined the mostly female crew, cause hey. Who wouldnt want to be a member of a mostly female crew in tw, the haven for teenage boys all over the world??? Swimming in a sea of virgins.. Hahaha.. tho i must say, not many teens left in this world at this point. Anyways, i continue to tangent. So noah and the rogue laidees have in fact already opened fire on Dave and Rise. [spoil](cannot claim to know this as fact, in fact. Just what i have heard. Have not checked tw stats and what not of vs and noblements)[spoil]Rise is such a lame name, btw.all this time on the world and thats what he comes up with??? [/spoil] [/spoil]

I dont know the score, but i suppose you can post it here some. Lets see whats you doing over theres, me preciouses... :D


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Any update on the status? I read in another thread that there is a poll ... Oh and hi all!


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W30 ends at Dec 16th, one day before its 5th anniversary.

PS: Poll ends this monday, but we have majority already.


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Survey: When should this world be closed?
  • December 16th 51 75%
  • January 13th 2 2.94%
  • At 100% dominance 15 22.06%

Votes cast: 68


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So. 15 players wanted 100% dominance. :icon_surprised:
yeah, they figured if they could make it 100% we would rage quit an they would win by default to bad we all decided between LoEN an Phoenx to hold a vote among ourselves when we should end it an an we all voted that way so the 15 lost even the vote as well as the world.

Lethal Touch

Just stopped by to say hello, and congratz to Phoenx winning the server! Haven't been around since w46, but still remember good old w30 :)


I remember one of the first conversations I had with Paj, Back when Rizky was Duke of Crysis...

I cannot quote it word for word, the conversation is long gone but it was something along the lines of...

Pajuno : "...and Phoenix will win w30, mark my words...."

I think in fact Paj reminded me of that fact numerous times over numerous conversations I had with paj, in game and in skype, ..... in skype long after I quit w30.

Anyway, out of all the worlds i have played, w30 was by far my favorite in retrospect.

Well deserving victory Paj and co. You defiantly earnt it and definitely deserve it.


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Thanks Fraseryeah its been a blast an have to say I never thought I would find a world that came close to w6 but this one hands down made me stay around an fight till the end, starting in Kd64 punching my way down to Kd74 against Die./kill, after which punching my way to kd54 during the Bd war and then punching my way down to Kd83 an Kd93 all the way across to Kd75,Kd76,Kd77,Kd78 during the RAM/D2 wars after which I fought my way during the BH war into Kd55,Kd45,Kd35,Kd25,Kd24,Kd15,Kd14 and finally to Kd5.

We all fought as a tribe an had many great players who came when we called them to take over a account that was open because of RL issues that those players had an for that I say GFY to each an everyone of them who came out of the woodwork to fight on W30,will miss each and every one of the tribe after the world ends and even some of those enemies that gave me a work out.

and for those in LoEn you proved your worth to us dam good going on your part an now this world ends we can all take a Bow an celebrate the victory we all have here.


Again id like to bring it up to the surface. Paj yelling phoenx whenever the rank thread came up :)
You knew where you wanted to be, you knew where you would be in time.
And so here we are, at the end of a world, that for me was THE best world hands down.
Iv played with paj on another world, again a amazing world. But i belive that world 30 will forever be paj's baby in heart.
He said it from day one, "i shall win this world" and through long years, and consistent fighting he and his never quitting crew, did what non belived to be possible.
I for one will always remember, and respect, and be glad that i met you paj, and many more csiz non the least from this world.
I really hope that we can continue to write the history of phoenx again on a later world.
Thanks, Thanks, for giving me the oppurtunity to get to know you guys.