STD, Politics and the State of the World

the nemesis123

Disclaimer: This will be an essay. If you are not interested in reading essays, kindly vacate yourself from the thread now. Also it started sober and ended drunk, I apologise a bit for that.

Originally, I was to talk about this in an interview with Lord Ike as the assumption was that Kain, the leader of Ban and PTG according to some, was not going to show up. It is probably for the best in retrospect that this did not happen. I had some very choice words at the time that would have not aligned particularly closely with the public forum rules and might have ended up in a little bit of a pickle. That being said, I still think it is an interesting topic to broach, which brings me to this post.

A reasonable proportion of you probably know that STD was founded with a principle, amongst many others, of no diplomacy and that we also do not work with other tribes on an unofficial level. We fully intend on winning (or losing) this world on our own hard work. I understand this can be frustrating to some people, particularly within our area who expect us to play this game in at least a semi-optimal manner. I’m sure it would be easy enough, even now, to combine the three major tribes in the North East under a new name, a combined leadership of sorts, perhaps step down myself with the understanding that sacrifices need to be made in order to obtain victory even though I would consider myself objectively to be probably the best leader in the NE.

This won’t happen. The sad fact is no matter how who gangbangs us, the only possible winner coming out of the North East is STD under the STD name. To be fair, if we lose, you could get recruited by Rage, PR or PTG, but most likely if STD loses, then everyone in the NE loses since even though they are large family tribes, I like to think they still have a limited number of spots. So I would like to apologise formally to the rest of the North East, you drew the proverbial short straw and this won’t change. I shall stick to my guns even if we do not grow in the next 3 months and Rage/PR end up controlling three of the four quadrants. I am privileged in that I am able to lead a group that shares a similar vision.

This leads me to the meat of what I wanted to discuss which is not the North East, but the events going on in the rest of the world. As a rare bystander, asides from sometimes eating Pirana members, I find the events of the rest of the world fascinating and a tad baffling. The physical meat of the war is on one side the PR Family and the PTG family on the other side. What makes it amusing though is that PR’s operations are organised at least in part by Dreaded and Kain organises PTG’s ops, setting a stage for an interesting cold war of sorts. In terms of the statistics themselves, they seem to be relatively close with no real advantage made on either side, so I will not look into them too much. With what interests or even excites me about the theoretical possibilities of the war out of the way, an intricate battle of puppeteers on a world stage, what has taken place has disappointed me.

I suppose the best place to start is my original meeting with Dreaded. It was at the time where I had just written a mail to Black Flags’s family tribe telling him that their members were no longer welcome in STD, something I only relented on this morning and am already regretting it (though that is another story for another time). We started talking a bit of strategy and I started to get to know the guy a little better. Before this world he had a tribe in world 72 that was fighting against the odds and I respected that as someone who has spent most of their TW career fighting against the odds.

So when I saw the interview with Dreaded and Thing and the subsequent declaration against PTG and AoW, I was pleased for a war to interest the masses in W87, even though I wasn’t too sold on some of the PnP, at least it was better than reading arguments between Stealthy and his most recent troll. Then about two days later, my dream, my entertainment was cut short. Rage was supposed to be the Yang to STD’s Ying, the smart, strategical, calculated leadership to my quite frankly self-indulgent silly stubborn leadership. I’ve admittedly always questioned whether Dreaded (and to a lesser extent Thing, but I think Dreaded is the giver in that relationship from what I have seen) will look back on this world, assuming Rage’s victory and be able to say Rage as a team was the best with confidence. This is what I think is the biggest flaw of this style of play, but I did not expect it played incorrectly.

See, with the deposing of Kapo, another victim was dragged down with him. In a sad twist, Kapo did the most damage he possibly could do by playing his part as the fool. One of my favourite tribes of all time is W2V, not because I think they are one of the best militarily, but I consider them to be the progenitor that popularised the most recent diplomatic style of play. A lot of people remember World 56 and the infamous backstab of MoM to obtain victory. What fewer people remember is W71 or W77 or the worlds it didn’t work and why it didn’t succeed then. The problem is W2V’s style works up until a certain point; it relies on people to fool, on people to have trust in you diplomatically, to respect your tribe’s word. Once future worlds saw through W2V’s ruse, then they did not last long. Play your hand too rash and show your true colours and your once friends will start turning against you.

Take my incoherent rant as you will and this applies to PTG I’m sure as well with their silly basher tribes, PR and various other tribes I’ve not bothered naming. Lets not make this world into another one of who can out-weasel the other. Had enough worlds of that recently and if this is all you can do, it doesn’t matter if you have three continents and we have one, weaseling will not beat us. You can get every tribe around us at the moment not in a major war to gangbang us, all we have to do is win and when you have lied and gangbanged your way into getting three continents, we will be there. Unmoving, like the samurai, masters of battle. For what can the one who only learned to fool do to the one that does not care for their tricks?

Overall, it’d be cool if just for a second we had some fights that lasted more than a week and we could put the dirty play on the back bench so the world would be a tad more entertaining. I hope PTG can live up to that and it not be one sided, shame they backed the (very obviously) wrong horse so they have an uphill battle.

King Dreaded

I found this fairly interesting. You should do more of these as the world progresses.

I think your comments about Kapo and AoW are yet to be seen. That area of the world has some shaping to do to show whether or not a new super power will emerge. Points, as just recently shown, mean nothing. Chemistry, morale and momentum are things not easily gained or maintained.

Surprisingly, I would agree that I looked forward to the AoW war as entertainment and a good challenge. I knew they wouldn't be very good, but I expected a response at least. I at least hoped for a warm up or some basic form of retaliation. We'd been stacked for awhile, had multiple targets over a long period of time to be assigned back to back. We were overly prepared. What we found when we started fighting was so completely embarrassing, boring and a waste of time it was to the point of being enraging. Aside all intent of PnP, everything I said about Kapo's inability to run a tribe, the forum dead silence and the lack of response is true. We lost no villages, we suffered no re-cap attempts. We suffered no more than 20 fakes per player. It was a joke. Clearing out the GG cluster was more of a task then eating these mass recruits thrown to the wolves. The academy disbanded in a day, most targets on our front disappeared or were kicked, our catapult op targets left near instantly. There was just no fun from the get go.

Eventually the options had to be weighed, and we decided it would be easier to force the collapse and let food be food and war be war. I think the PTG war will deliver a lot more.

the nemesis123

There is only one superpower that will emerge from that part of the world and that is Rage. I understand for the need to be diplomatic and give the illusion of a chance. When AoW was taken over by Rage, that is the second that the North West could not have a super power. You had the choice to let AoW fail and fall apart on it's own time and become an independent entity and advance your front forwards. That was not the direction chosen. Not that it is necessarily a bad decision, but it does influence the map of the world. They may have been easy and I am sure they were. There were still decisions to be made, your hand was not forced.

Similar to how the second we chose to go on the path we did and took over K45 changed how the North East went.


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its funny i read all of what nemesis123 had to say but passed on what dreaded that right their goes to show me..who i think is the better duke! Go nemesis123! STD Is as i always said..a solid tribe.:icon_cool: Good Post.


Well i guess one couldn't say that you aren't confident. Did the alignment of the stars aid you in forming these opinions , or....?

But good read, i look forward to more.


Great read Nemesis, i for one am a fan of essays and opinions, ignore the haters and keep posting dude :)

As the world is slowly becoming a bit of a large 'Family tribe fest' perhaps we should have a little more focus on tribes out on the rim?

For example, did you know that their was a large family of tribes out on the rim (K65) made up of 3 x 40 member tribes - a few very experienced and what id call 'Pro' players left, formed their own tribe and took with only 15 or so players (a mix of Advanced players and enthusiastic newbies) to form a very solid tribe.

With the exception of the Core tribes spilling into this K, this tribe of 19 members now sits are Rank 3 for K65 and growing very quickly.

Id love to hear more about other K's perhaps it should have its own thread....

Back on topic, i'm also quite sad and disappointed that no major ops have started, considering its been a week if not more since War started... perhaps the gun was jumped a little bit?

I'm keen to see something soon :)


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I hope for the day where 50 year old men hitting on women up to 30 years younger than them on TW is a bannable offence :/


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Nemesis I respect what you're trying to do. Really. I enjoy the stubbornness and it'll be interesting to see where STD lands. I mean I don't think there's any way it can work but kudos for trying. As for the politics and the state of the world here's my take...


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Good read Nemesis, I for one joined this world and STD on the premise that there would be no tribal hugs and I am glad to see it through win or loose to that end.

after the fiasco that was w68 and the boring slog on w72 this world has been more enjoyable than those two worlds that I have played more seriously.

I hope it keeps the flame alive for us as a tribe and to spice TW up a bit as it has been a while since a world hasnt been won through these tactics, I really do hope we get the chance to make it to end game!!


Good read Nemesis, I for one joined this world and STD on the premise that there would be no tribal hugs and I am glad to see it through win or loose to that end.

after the fiasco that was w68 and the boring slog on w72 this world has been more enjoyable than those two worlds that I have played more seriously.

I hope it keeps the flame alive for us as a tribe and to spice TW up a bit as it has been a while since a world hasnt been won through these tactics, I really do hope we get the chance to make it to end game!!
I am pretty sure that we will see it to the end bud. This world so far has been a blast, I'm proud to be a part of STD also. For once I will be in a tribe that the members are for the most part, selfless. :p