still noobs in the core -_ -


3 months in on a fast world and there still noobs bobing around in the core o_O

Just got this super tight train sent at me

Arrival time Arrival in

Toonestarrgen on 20.06. at 01:34:30:172 101:47:44

Toonestarrgen on 20.06. at 18:43:10:570 118:56:24

Toonestarrgen on 20.06. at 18:43:35:097 118:56:49

Toonestarrgen on 20.06. at 18:43:57:913 118:57:11

Toonestarrgen on 20.06. at 18:44:25:202 118:57:39

Might aswell say goodbye to them nobles now

Core players c'mon pull your finger out :D

Asylum Escapee

noobs are like rabbit, the wolves ( good players) easily eat the rabbits but there are so many rabbits that some always survive longer than youd expect


He is right, noobs are in the core. I am in there the illusion is in there. Org started to go in there, we are all noobs

Asylum Escapee

ive been a noob from january 24 1997 to march 05 2006, then from july 18 2007 to present