[Stomp Those Boots!] The March of War...


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A tad off topic, I want to offer my sincere and deepest appreciation for the fine folks that have offered me props on this declaration. One in particular gets specific praise, though I will of course respect anonymity and allow him to identify himself if he wishes; thank you for supporting my writing by buying a couple of books!

If any of you have any suggestions, either for ways to improve my writing or for the theme of future declarations (Bean, don't think I missed yours; just didn't wanna make that the very next one.), please don't hesitate! :)

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I always enjoy a story better than a single sentence any day, nicely done.:icon_cool:


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JP you are great but that is a lot of text. My eyes are hurting.

I see no reason to wish you luck with that. aside the fact you do not need it, people I wish good luck usualy get ennobled.


it was like listening to good story on a radio... great declaration good luck :)


Always a pleasure to read a good declaration ....... and this was one of the best on W30 so far
I would have to agree here. It was very good. Perhaps a demonstration of the skill and creativity we may find in your published works.


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I would have to agree here. It was very good. Perhaps a demonstration of the skill and creativity we may find in your published works.


And...Perhaaaapppssss. Forum or IGM message me, if you feel that way. Otherwise, well, I won't be declaring for a while (or will I) due to THE being in two nice wars already...? :)


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I have known Atraeus for some time now and judging by your declarations, the mails between you two would be lengthy to say the least :lol:

Anyway .... does anyone have any recent stats now we have all praised JPohlman for his fine wordyness?


Side 1:
Tribes: THE

Side 2:
Tribes: -BOOT-

Timeframe: 26/04/2009 00:00:00 to 11/05/2009 19:56:11

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 115
Side 2: 26
Difference: 89

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 884,789
Side 2: 232,495
Difference: 652,294

-BOOT- is actually doing better than I thought they would. :)


-BOOT- took a few vills off one of THE's mexican members, who found it difficult to play due to the circumstances their.

Everywhere else -BOOT- are being nobled

-BOOT- have recently merged with COOKIE in an attempt to gain more vills/points.


Lol! I see now why there were no more words on the matter. I suppose Boot is as good as gone.

Excellent job, particularly in conjunction with your other war. :icon_wink:

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I enjoy a good declaration more than most (as many of you well know) and unlike some, I don't mind lots of text and no pictures. Fantastic job.

If you were serious about suggestions I think you should include some mutant animals in your next one, but that's just a bias of mine I suppose...