Stop! Squizzle Time!

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Us guys at ACTIVE have never really been too fond of furry animals.

If it doesn't look Red and Squirrelish, and say ‘Hey I’m A Squirrel’ it's just another living creature that didn’t ask our permission to be here.

Now, let me go on to talk specifically about a creature known to you and me as... THE WOOKIE!

As most will know, the Wookies came to W36 when a terrible decision was made to merge Wick with Nuke. This lead to an odd bunch of abnormal creatures known as the Wookies....

Although ACTIVE had their dislikes for living creatures they were allowed to live.
ACTIVE understood that they couldn't kill everything.
As then, They would have nothing left to kill.

That was before the recent actions taken by the wookie’s who began hugglez with our refugees!

If there is one thing ACTIVE despise more than living creatures, its Hugglez and Mergers.
And teh Wookiez had Huggled and Merged with one too many.

Then the mails began to rush in! It would seem that not only did the wookie’s think they could commit these TW crimes but they could have talks about attacking us.

Conspikuous on 30.06. at 02:28 said:
I really dont like active having 43 villas on k35

Everyone who reads this see support forum asap and stack our villas near the border. Mail the players requesting, find out where they want and stack these puppys.

After these villas are stacked the players might feel confortable enough to launch an offensive to get these villas.

After a few beers between the gang at the ACTIVE HQ a plan was written, a plan that will be carried out from this minute. So quite plainly, Wookie’s Prepare you armour.


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I was actually looking forward to this. The tribes share a nice border.

Good luck to both, and mostly to WUKE, because they will need it.


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....meh, we'll wait until the winter and get you while you hibernate. You better have lot's of acorn lumps because we've got a fair few villas.

the lords off doom

Meh roles the dice 6/6 to this declaration :icon_wink:

Glad to hear this :icon_twisted: Might teach Wuke not to steal other peoples property :icon_rolleyes:

oh... and good luck to both :) Some will need it more than others :lol:


Niiice declreation :icon_biggrin:

good luck to ACTIVE just for their awsome Dec <3


Awesome PnP, SmackNasty done ACTIVE proud as per usual <3! Buttsecks when ever you want it mate :D

OT: Good Luck to WUKE, I'm not very close to you guys (on the map), but I hope you will give the rest of the roster some fun :D


love the declaration well thought out and rather funny good luck to both sides :D


....meh, we'll wait until the winter and get you while you hibernate. You better have lot's of acorn lumps because we've got a fair few villas.
...meh we drink redbull...we never sleep :icon_wink:


/SmackNasty Bow's

Not made a PnP since my Tribe ones at the start of W36,

Its good to be writing again , thanks for bugging me Josh :)


Very nice PnP. I love it, (gave me goosebumps.... and a good laugh)... :D Wookie exterminators here they come Lol.



the picture of wookie armour more resembles an ewok though..


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I just fell in love with Smacknasty <3 It's great to finally see a declaration by ACTIVE, this is one war I will be paying attention to very closely.

Best of luck to both sides, please give the community a great show.


let the games begin :)
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