Strange message when attacking


No. This rule is only in effect for the first 60 days a player is on a world. After that, it doesn't matter at all. When it was initially implemented, it was a 1:30 ratio with a 90 day wait, but that was changed to 1:20 fairly quickly.
Then it was implemented badly on worlds that already exist.

Player xx started 05th July 2008.
Attack him you get the following message:
Until 26.3. 21:51, the target can only attack or be attacked, if the relation of points between attacker and defender is no more than 20.

I suggest someone over there does some Q&A or hire a tester before making radical changes such as this.

264 = 60 does not compute
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60 days from when they first join the world.

I'm not sure if that's actually implementing properly.... I started at the beginning of world 30 and I'm getting that message when trying to farm a player I have been farming since they popped up fairly recently in my map. To my knowledge, the only way to start that far from the rim this early on in the game was if you were rimmed and got to restart in the center of your tribe? Perhaps I'm mistaken on this, but some clarification and possible review of how the implementation of this new rule is actually working in game would be much appreciated :)