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and now the war is going to be an bit longer...

Thanks to FTW for causing an mess in the rum family and having several people from RUM5 leave to join the stw tribe so they can attack them Rum has now openly declared war on the entire STW tribe or so I heard

The battle before:


The battle now

STW+XIG x.s AoS+RUM+Smoker+ESL+other allied tribes.

Not an clever thing for them to do, when they almost ended the war.

Toffe Popcorn anyone?

:sigh: this is the stupidest accusation ever. I speak to "FTW" and "Ryank7", who are ex RUM5 members now in STw8 with myself, all the time on IRC, and they left RUM5 for a reason, because they didn't like RUM. RUM5 likes to think that they are refugees and that they have a right to attack them because they didnt give a reason for why they left RUM5, but the reality of it is they saw STW as a better tribe with a brighter future, sorry they like us more?

All i know is that they are in Stw8 now and both play important roles in the tribe, Ryank7 is a baron in Stw8 because he very knowledgeable and dedicated to the tribe. If RUM5 wants to hold a grudge because we took some of their strongest players, then i think any acts of aggression from them towards the STW would ultimetly lead to their downfall, i know the local ATEN tribes in the k23/24 area are just itching to start a war with rum, plus countless other tribes.
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