Subtle Changes


Since I started playing TW, on w3, there have been many changes to the game. But I'm not talking about the big stuff. I was wondering why the prices for buildings have changed in terms of resource intensity. The smithy definitely utilizes more iron. Also the clay pit used to be more wood-intensive than the timber camp was clay intensive, leading to a different upgrade strategy.
My memory is pretty good, but I could be wrong.
Could someone comment on this perceived change in pricing? Is it real? Is anything real?


I never noticed any change, but then it could be so subtle we never noticed :eek:


Havent played from maybe w5x, having started at w10, same confusion as you. I ve done start up a lot of times, but now I find my self lacking different stuff , when by feel I should have plenty of excess.


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Building costs have definitely never changed. The buildtimes have changed however.

The clay pit still costs more wood than timber camp does clay.