Suggestions for Improvements / innovations to Tribal Wars Game


Personally, I think this should be a forum topic in every World forum. Who, after all, knows better how to improve the game than the players....with that in mind, I would like to make some suggestions or possible options that may be considered for future upgrades. I also would like to invite everyone (including moderators :) to give me your feedback / make suggestions of your own.

1) Range of influence for Paladin. I was thinking that it would be nice, if after your Pally had collected all the items that they then (much like the church) grow in instead of getting a bonus for one might get the bonus for areas within say (1st stage - 3 squares of the village the pally is in / 2nd stage 5 squares / 3rd stage 7 squares) with that probably being the limit.

2) mercenary armies on the market. What if a player could hire out some of their troops on the open market. (Much like Germany did during the Revolution) Maybe with a limit (say 20,000 or so - which could go up with the points of the player)...for a price you can have extra troops.

3) Introducing Terrain....the map basically gives no terrain bonuses as is....this is a critical part of warfare. Perhaps we could introduce terrain types with bonues. For example...those cities located in mountainous terrain would get bonuses for defense and for minerals, those located on plains...bonuses for farms and clay....etc....

4) Espionage beyond the scouts.....what if each player had a team of assassins/spies or perhaps one like a Pally (complete with items) that a player could use to sabotage walls or another selected target in an enemy city. This could be defeated by the other player's assassin or spy (perhaps they also have a range of influence like the Pally above)

5) Weather....perhaps having storm fronts and good weather could also effect the outcomes of battle...they certainly do in real life

6) The ability to support Allies.

7) The ability to trade only with Allies in a closed forum away from the main resource forum (tribes could set this up between themselves)

these are just some of the thoughts off the top of my I open it for discussion.



Those are some interesting ideas, but half price coins definitely top my list!


I like some of them but the first few would give the bigger players a huge advantage? and as TW wanna encourage new members to every world may not work
i like 3 - would be cool and also make the map look cooler (if they put the graphics on it)
6 - they have that on other worlds(well u can support any 1) also when u can only support your tribe on this world it makes it better and harder

there good ideas tho :D

p.s. isn't number 4 off ikariam?


Things like 2, 3, and 4 are (or at least have potential to be) pretty large, game changing things, and aren't all that likely to be done. Features like that can end up making it a whole different game, which is why for example you don't see new units coming out frequently.


I really like option 1. Once you reach a certain point with your villages alot of players couldn't tell you where their pally is located and when they try to figure it out they realize its not even trained. Having something like that in play would make the pallys wanted more.


I remember someone suggesting a new type of bonus wall village some years ago & thinking it was a good idea that had basis in reality (ie terrain makes some citadels much harder to storm), so point 2 is one I'd like to see explored.

As for the weather - one possibility is for a new reporting system for the luck component in battle - eg "a hail storm hampered your attacking troops during the battle - luck -15.4%".

Point 6 is rather specific to this world really - on most worlds you can support whoever you want & even "spike" barbs.

& On worlds without the support rules we have here mercenaries ("morale bashers") are quite common.

But overall I like that people are still trying to come up with interesting ideas.
Over time the game does tend to become a little repetitive.
By the time a year has passed on a world everyone has got all the pally weapons & the thrill of that early stage of trying to get them all has gone so I can understand people wanting more, but I think that's a dead-end street, as people would want more again :)

A Perfect Circle

I would like to be able to attack myself without regard to the fake limit. Then when I take over a new village and a spear is made when I want a nuke, I can kill it without wasting 99 axes with it.


It is better if I could take over the village with catas in my last train did not damage any building.

A Perfect Circle

It is better if I could take over the village with catas in my last train did not damage any building.

aim for the statue if you are using cats, but you really shouldnt use them to noble with.


3,4 & 5 all sound like they would relly change the hole why the game is played. but number 3 is the bigest problem. having Terrain bounese would be very dificult to implemtnt first off becous when a world for intsance starts with it certian players will end up wit han advantage and others will not .. if it is implemates later after a world starts ( it would not workd out becous all of a sudden yo uwould have a disatvantage. and it jsut woudent work in my opinion. number 2 about the mercinary armies sounds like it could have some potential . but it would have to have some sort of restrictions on it becous other wise people will just skip the hole troops building and just by them instead. it would also allow for players to instantly rebuild there defense. just by buying some more troops. in my opinion it could work but it would have to have some restrictions put on it to prevent if from getting out of hand.

( sorry the spelling is not the best )