Summary of W45


At the end of W45 I would like to summarize the the progression of the world so that everyone knows what occurred.
Authors: Mitsche and Papoomio

In the end, Omen conquered the entire world in one and a half years. In the end we had 42 players and no family. Only one players, AxoBongo remained at the end of the world who was a strong independent players. W45 was the fastest and most completely conquered world on the .net server. The players were fun and a pleasure to play with. The rules required unique strategies and playing style unlike other TW worlds.
Omen was founded in the south west corner of W45 in K75 by Stalker1988. He remained with the tribe as Duke until essentially the end of the world. The tribe made significant growth through 3 major mergers, with CATS (Another SW tribe), Apex (the dominate tribe in the northern half of the world), and some members of ONE (the dominate tribe in the southeast before the war with Omen). The Dukes in the end were Marcusopus, Mitsche, Papoomio W45.

There were three major events that shaped W45:
1- War between One-Omen-Apex Alliance and R4KI: 6 months into the world, a powerful tribe named R4KI came to dominate the core of the world. An alliance was formed between the three dominate inner rim tribes, One (in the SE), Apex (in the north), and Omen (in the SW), known as the grand alliance. The plan was to strategically attack R4KI and depose their leader Mingha (Matt). The building up and outcome of this war are discussed below. There was some fighting in this war but it was won largely diplomatically by exploiting the inactivity in R4KI. The Grand Alliance came out on top and assimilated the active players mainly into ONE.

2- Dissolving of the Alliance: After the R4KI war, the big three tribe's leaders maintained an alliance for about 4 months. We were effectively cleaning up the core and weakening rim tribes as they formed. At that time, the goal was to ultimately conquer the world as an alliance. Unfortunately, things did not go smoothly and ONE became over aggressive. To counter this threat to the balance Omen and Apex (known as ChoCHo at the time) merged resulting in the top ranked tribe with about 60-70% of the area of W45. The reasons for the merge are discussed below. The merge essentially meant that war between Omen and One was inevitable.

3- War with One and finishing off the world: The inevitable war between One and Omen occurred about 3 months after the merger. There was some serious fighting between both sides. At the time about half of One was not fighting back and the active members had reached a stalemate with Omen. This was resolved by about 10 of the active players from One defecting to Omen. After a bit more fighting, the remaining One players deleted their accounts. After One was gone, Omen's victory was assured. It required about 6 months to finish off all the remaining tribe and completely dominate W45 for our victory on July 28th 2011.

Overview of Strategy:
Author: Mitsche

To understand the history of W45, one must understand the impact of the rules on how this world was played. W45 had three unique rules that significantly changed the playing style from all other worlds:
1- Nobles did not increase in price for the entire world. They always cost one packet and one academy level. Therefore, once a player reached ~10-15 villages they always had excess noble. Nobles were effectively free and in great supply. The only factor that limited growth was a players troop levels, not their resources.
2- No Morale. The impacts of no morale are obvious. A big player could easily overwhelm any small player due to the number of available troops. The essentially free nobles (only 1 packet) allowed exponential growth by active players throughout the game. The only factor that limited growth was activity.
Note: Most worlds, active players grow roughly sigmoidally due to increasing price of nobles and lack of attackable players.
3- The world speed was 2, meaning that resources and troops accumulated extremely slowly. A full nuke took ~21 days to rebuild making many of the world’s players very careful of their troops. This led to more bored players, especially early in the game, and more inactive large accounts.
These rules resulted in large accounts forming very quickly in this world, despite the slow world speed. In addition, extensive farming was not necessary after attaining ~20-50 villages (depending on how fast you wanted to grow. A player’s time was much better spent nobles 2-5 village players as quickly as possible.

One important effect was that large inactive players could maintain an acceptable growth rate by only logging in once every 2 days or so. Throughout this world, players of this nature dragged down the major tribes because they would not participate wars, etc. However, they grew fast enough that it was difficult to boot them. The most successful tribes and leaders in W45 were able motivate or boot inactives, keep their players engaged with war, and teach players who were willing to be active but did not understand game mechanics yet. Ultimately, the management of inactive accounts was a major defining factor in all major W45 wars.

The inactive players ultimately quit with anywhere between 2 and 1000 villages. In general when a player quit, they would clear out their villages so the tribe could internalize the villages without loss. Therefore when someone quit, their account could be internalized without much burden on the tribe due to the cheap nobles. This led to a vicious cycle. Many players were growing exclusively by nobling inactives, those players became bored because they never attacked anyone, so they would quit and need to be internalized. The accounts requiring internalization became bigger and more strategic as the world progressed. The players who took advantage of this cycle ended up with monster account. However, in general the players that had the biggest effect on the world kept a balance between active attacking and internalization for much of the world. In some cases, players went inactive or deleted without clearing out their villages, especially after a tribe was defeated. The ghosts of these accounts can be seen on the world map in the empty continents.

Another distinguishing feature of the W45 world map is the low village density throughout most the world. In general, the barbarian villages remained intacted in W45. This was an accomplishment for the W45 community because the rules encouraged barb nobling. The free nobles made the penalty for consistently nobles barbs negligible. However, there was a consensus amongst major W45 tribes and players that eliminating barb noblers was a priority. One could debate the reason for this initiative, but I think it boils down to three major factors:
1- Players who nobled barbarian villages could not keep up and were an easy target. Since aggressive players could noble villages with academies and a big barracks and stable, they could grow much faster than player who took 2-3 months to develop their second, third, and fourth village. By the time their barbs developed academies, their main village was nobled. This cycled continued until a neighbor decided to finish you off.
2- Nobling inactive players substituted barb nobling. All major tribes always had an excess of inactive villages to noble. If a player wanted to maintain a fast level of growth, they could simply noble as many inactives as they desired.
3- All major tribes had a consensus that they could not recruit barb noblers. All major alliances in W45 had an agreement that barb nobling would not be tolerated. At times this was a difficult agreement, but in general barbarian nobling was kept at bay by the large tribes.
These factors all speak to the respect and honor of the W45 community. Although we had our share of major wars and conflicts, there was a shared brotherhood amongst the players.

Elaboration of Important Events:

Founding of R4KI:
Author: Papoomio

At the start of W45 a number of tribes jumped out ahead of others. In the core was a tribe called Ego. I had not joined the Ego pre-made, but I knew a guy in it from a previous world and found myself in Ego pretty quickly. Before too long, I nobled the 1st village on W45 and received a tremendous amount of criticism for it, but it worked out and along with my tribemate, Scoregasm to my north we dominated the area pretty quickly.

Another top tribe on our radar was a tribe called R4ki. There was good will between Ego and R4ki, as apparently a lot of members knew each other. When I found out that my old mentor from W33, TheWall was in R4ki, I immediately became interested in the tribe.

As soon as the leadership in Ego began to stall, I decided to make my move and I recruited by buddy Scoregasm. Both of us were in top 10 at that point with a few villages. We moved to R4ki together as Ego started to decline.

Before long it seemed to be a trend. Top players from other tribes that were near the core or to the north west of the core were joining R4ki constantly. To our east there was a tribe called BD that controlled all of K46. We had intelligence in BD in the form of my father-in-law, Poparoni as well as another player, JoeyMonte. We learned that BD planned to joint attack on me at a point when I was close to about 10 villages. Two of their larger players were fairly close to me and had about 6 villages each.

A pre-emptive strike on these players kicked off the BD war. The war was fairly long in that most of R4ki was very far from Scoregasm and I. We had only a few other players from our tribe to help, but BD was eventually destroyed.

R4ki subsequently destroyed all other surrounding tribes to the north and south of our position in the core. FearMe, 3, Sin, and others were all eaten. R4ki continued to recruit top players and became a huge powerhouse. The entire top 20 list of players were almost all if not all, R4ki. We were a tribe so dominant that it would take the rest of the large tribes in the world to bring R4ki down, but even then with the world aligned against us we may have held strong if not for internal sabotage and serious leadership lapses.

Formation of the Grand One-Omen-Apex Alliance:
The dominance by R4KI seemed eminent as soon as 3 months into W45. They quickly conquered the core and clearly had a strong set of strong and experienced players. They were eating top 10 tribes every week for a few weeks. The leaders of the inner rim tribes noticed their advance, and realized that they did not stand a chance against R4KI 1 or 1. Notable inner rim tribes were One, [WP], Omen, CATS, Fremen, Apex, and -SIN-. Many of us realized that if we let R4KI take us on individually, we would fall like dominoes. Fortunately, the leaders of the inner rim tribes were able to communicate well and were able to form what seemed like a steady alliance.
We began formulating a defensive response plan and decided that the best option would be a preemptive attack. R4KI was suffering from serious inactivity at the time. Although they had essentially all the top 40 accounts, only about a third were active enough to participate in a war. They had dealt with this inactivity by quickly internalizing inactive accounts and recruiting from other strong tribes. They would find a tribe where they could poach the top 3-5 players and attack the remaining players. We decided the only way to end this cycle was to fully attack R4KI to expose their weaknesses, and then attempt to break up their active players.
A very important component of this plan was a player name formz (or Sandro). He was the #1 player in the world and was a Baron of R4KI. For various reasons he was displeased with the leadership of R4KI. He had this idea of "social engineering" in tribal wars. It was a plan meant to end W45 as quickly as possible. The idea was to make an inner circle of about 35 members who lead 5-7 tribes throughout the world. Each tribe would dominate a region and try to average about 1 player per continent. Once this was accomplished we would all merge and the game would be over in 9 months. He was not able to convince Matt, the Duke of R4KI of this idea. So he essentially was willing to help the cause of the inner rim alliance tribes so that Matt could be overthrown. At this point, Sandro and I had become very close. We spoke every day and he became a close friend. We had devised a plan that would involve an essentially simultaneous declaration by the 3 major rim tribes, followed by a defection of him and his supporters for R4KI. Our hope was that this would weaken the morale of R4KI so that they would not be able to wage an effective come back.
I will continue this later....

R4KI's Response:

Omen-Apex Merge:

The Final War Between Omen and One:
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Any input on this forum will be welcome. I moved up lots of the old posts so that people can remember the major events in world history


Thanks for this. An interesting read. Wish I was active when this world was launched, would have been interesting to play it. :)

richard 2610

I will give you mine soon mitsche.

These days am very busy .



I don't know if the maps haven't updated, but did this world finish 15 villages shy of 100%? I'm guessing not but I see this was posted a few days ago.


I don't know if the maps haven't updated, but did this world finish 15 villages shy of 100%? I'm guessing not but I see this was posted a few days ago.

We allowed a guy that we knew who never changed tribes once from the start of the server to live. Our tribe had mixed feelings, but many of us had grown to admire the colorful character known as Axo.


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Omen was a merged tribe that got to their status by kicking out their own players to make space to absorb the traitors from One. LOL or was I the only one sacrificed?

Not that it mattered... not many of the players with the names they ended with actually started out with those names. They simply swallowed the profiles of the abandoning players to gain the points. This I know because the names that atatcked me in the end still had some of my defences in their villages. Now that was pretty sick.

Heres to the hero's from One who as mentioned above fought against their own friends to end their games with pride.

I ended up the proud owner of the CATS tribe..... now that is pretty cool.
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i don't know what this <3 means (above) but maybe its because there are 3 parts we are still waiting for?

R4KI's Response:
Omen-Apex Merge:
The Final War Between Omen and One:


Hey guys. I just read this for the first time (8/9/18), having been in a conversation about TW with a new friend some 8 years after I had quit it cold turkey.
It was great to see the way you had documented the events. Honestly, I didn't ever check back to W45 to see the outcome, though I did miss the friends I had made while playing there.

Mitche and Papoomio, I'll reach out to you directly, but in case you see this first: I'd love to weigh in on this history if you would ever be interested in completing it. I took copious notes and maintained solid records. It'd be fun, even just for the sake of reminiscing. I wish you guys the best.


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I've returned to TW. Played under some different names over the years, but not much. I'm ready to return and have some fun. Missing all my old comrades.