Sunday express



Hello everyone, we are back with the Sunday Express.

The Sunday Express is a public forum newspaper. It will come out every Sunday and it will include news, interviews, maps, war stats, games, top 10 tribes overview and a world map!

the new edition will include a rumor section as well.
so stay tuned to our new edition.this time we are giving away premium points to our reporters(though i dont guarantee it).

hot topic for the upcoming edition

1. experts speak the true cause for the flop pnp season.
2. an hour with
3. game tips by your favorite players.

IMPORTANT : those who want to apply for job of a reporter please IGM me.


Hmm. A newspaper might spice things up a bit.

But to be honest, it would have to be quite different from the regular kind of TW-papers. Maps/warstats/top10overview... basic stuff, but not very interesting. News... everyone knows the news, unless you manage to weedle inside-info out of things. That would be interesting, but requires more ambition.

In addition, it would have to be a balanced platform. Preferably with people from all main tribes, but I would settle for a decent team of Deus/Storm co-ops.

Depending on who'd sign up (as much to above changes as to the paper itself), I'd be interested. If it's gonna be boring, then I'll gladly stay away. :)

Bluefire Bow

I agree with Rukoh on this one. Its one thing to interview the dukes of the top 5 tribes (and we all know what a boring bunch they are), its another to go tabloid style and make up gossip where there really isn't any room to do so.

For example, 'the new shulgin aka KK's new girl, is clearly the dominant one in the relationship as KK has yet to tell her that 50 second trains are not as impressive as she first thought, possibly out of fear?'
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Dark Dreus

If you need something, ill donate some time to this as well...


Oh thankyou
sure.i need staff.
And have i told you guys that rukoh is the chief editor.
(@rukoh Oh you are certainly mistaken by the igm.i was not requesting you.i was telling you
thankyou guys,i have started working on the news.i need 2 spammers
*looks for tgo and sully*


This is going to fail. PnP is dead. It's too little, too late.


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For example, 'the new shulgin aka KK's new girl, is clearly the dominant one in the relationship as KK has yet to tell her that 50 second trains are not as impressive as she first thought, possibly out of fear?'
Why bother? They work on Donovan well enough. Surely Shulgin can eat him up completely while we focus on the ones who can beat a 50 second train. :lol:


Thankyou guys.i m working hard to make sure the first edition is out on time.


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Frankly I will do anything short of donating a lung to bring actual new news into the PnP, I don't even bother keeping this tab open anymore.
You wait a day for a new post, and then it'll be something like "lol but stats don't show who's winning so..." or "you have recieved an infraction at tribal wars forums".
So... if you want, I will draw stuff, I will advise (e.g. on keeping east or west bias out, on who to contact, and on the general style), I will whatever, just keep posting and don't listen to nubs like SirEwok.

I'll IGM you as well I guess :p


He was honest in most of the question he answered us.some of them were funny,others to the point.i feel it completely legitimate for a person to speak anything while giving his opinion.


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TBH, Gopie (quite sensibly) wants to be respected in the game and forums, so even though he completely hates =RedFox= I have every faith that he will make his article about him balanced. :D


Still Going Strong
I couldn't stand TGO's arrogant pnp persona. He has since toned that down a lot. And we have chatted a few times in the last few months, and its obvious to me that the pnp TGO is vastly different from the real TGO.
I believe our relationship has moved from an intense dislike (I think hate is too strong a word) to grudging respect.
I must admit I am now very intrigued to see this Sundays edition.
Do I get a chance for a rebuttal in the next one? :icon_razz: