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Hot Topic for the current edition

1. Interview with res council
2. Interview with =redfox=
3. Stats by amy

[spoil]We extend our gratitude to everyone who helped us to make this newspaper possible. We'd like to thank deadsocks whose maps and stats are a pleasure to look at, different from the usual graphs we have become accustomed to. I would also like to thank Jacob who collected news for our newspaper.
Thanks also go to The Great 1One1 and his assistant, for helping me to edit the paper and its contents.
Last but never the least to the people who happily gave us time from their busy tribalwars schedule. I would like request the moderator, Daethon to continue to let us have this topic here as is it the last ditch attempt to save our forums from going BARB.[/spoil]

Socks's stat analysis[spoil]

Look at S²ORM go! Huge advance on last week's performance! How is that possible, when the so-called "ban wars" have taken their toll?
I'm feeling pretty darn snug.[/spoil]

Interview with =RES= council[SPOIL]

Sherry: hey ToW! over here! he might be playing another game... or drinking :|
TheOneWithin: hey... i am here. was playing COD :S

Turn it off then. You have more important things now. An interview. And before we start... you both need to do one thing for me. Hold up your right hand and say, "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me TGO"
TheOneWithin: Isn't that supposed to be "so help me God"? o_O

Who is supposed to be asking the questions here? SAY IT!!!!
TheOneWithin: CTRL+C .. CTRL+V

SAY IT!!!!

TheOneWithin: I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me TGO
Sherry: rofl :) I do :)

Sherry: I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me TGO :) LOL

Thank you... So now, can you guys tell me what accounts do you both play?
Sherry: Sherry9
TheOneWithin: TheOneWithin... most people call me "ToW" (cos they're lazy)

And what positions do you hold in Res currently (and what positions have you held in the past)?
Sherry: I am currently Duchess Emirutus (sp) past Duchess of RES
TheOneWithin: I am currently in the highest position I've held, which is part of the council for RES
Sherry: So now I guess I’m officially just one of the council who has a bit of power

How did you guys come to choose your igns?
Sherry: ohh please tell me your not asking me that question I choose mine cause I have no imagination
TheOneWithin: Years ago (like 10+ yrs) when I was trying to think of a nickname for an online game... I thought TheOneWithin sounded kinda cool :S

Why the 9?
Sherry: cause Sherry was taken lol

Why not 3?
Sherry: I have the #9 in my email addy
TheOneWithin: She wanted Sherry69, but THAT was taken too. So she settled for the best part of it. ;)
Sherry: no no....77 is better ;) please tell me you guys know that joke... you get eight (ate) more :icon_redface:
TheOneWithin: LOL. Thats ****ing genius xD

Tell us a bit about yourselves IRL.
TheOneWithin: I'm 21 years old, reside in the UK, currently studying (I use the term "studying" very, very loosely) maths at the University of Exeter.
Sherry: well i'm married with a new son :) Alex he's going to be 4 months on Monday. He came as a big surprise to us. We found out about him on Nov16 and picked him up on the 17th :) Lots of notice. (adopted obviously)
TheOneWithin: Although, just because I live in the UK, doesn't mean I have a standard UK sleeping pattern :S
Sherry: Ohh I live in Canada :) and I am an accountant.
TheOneWithin: I'm lazy.

Aren't we all... How did you guys find out about tribal wars?
Sherry: Facebook add
TheOneWithin: The last 2 and a half years are a drunken haze... I dont really remember :S

Perfect attributes for a TW player. Get p*ssed, and play TW.
TheOneWithin: LOL
Sherry: I used to play TW at work...but now that i am off work for a bit...I don't have as much time to play

Was w24 the first world for you guys?
Sherry: for me yes :)
TheOneWithin: No... I think the first world I played was world 14. Although, I sucked on that world :p

You guys play online games in general? Or is TW your only one for now?
TheOneWithin: Far too many online games, yes.
Sherry: I play shockwave, pogo and some facebook games :icon_redface:

Aren't you two a couple rays of sunshine? ^_^
Sherry: *nod* ToW is my boy toy

Can you both explain, in as much detail as you wish, about your experience in W24? Your history and what-not...
Sherry: I knew absolutely nothing about this game...and was a true noob :icon_redface: If it were not for Mao who took me under his wing and explained things to me, I would not be where I am today.

The first true main tribe I was in was the FP...then Mao convinced me to join RES before they declared on the FP (Swarm back then). Then somehow I ended up as duchess with Jewel Eyes. God I knew nothing about how to run a tribe, but I learnt quick and had some help along the way.

TheOneWithin: Well, I started world 24 as one of my rl mates from uni played it... He quit a long time ago though
I started off in some noob tribe, moved to ANOTHER tribe (-=I=-) which then merged into =RES=... I knew about most aspects of the game (from my W19 experience and being in a truly epic tribe there - XLR)
I bonded fairly well with many members of RES & still try to have a laugh with others as much as possible

What period of w24 would you say you most enjoyed? Any stand-out moments?
Sherry: I would have to say it was when Jewel eyes went absent...and I had to learn to sink or swim. This was the time Booty wanted to war RES (which was a fake war). I hated that time...but when I think back..that's when I came out of my shell.
TheOneWithin: Believe it or not, my favourite period of W24 was the beginning of the DEUS war, when I pulled a few 24 hr shifts to sit accounts and mark incomings. That's when I've felt most useful to the tribe
Sherry: ToW marked so many of my incomings :)
TheOneWithin: Wasn't THAT many
Sherry: when I had over 1k from Deus
TheOneWithin: And I ended up getting tod more when I sent a fail-mail from his account lol... He didnt want me sitting him again after that xD
Sherry: I was so geared up for the war....and had attacks planned, but then Alex came along :icon_neutral:
TheOneWithin: (Although, in fairness, I DID still label all incomings :icon_razz:)

Do you guys frequent the PNP much? Sherry, I see you there every so often, though I don't think I've ever caught you there, ToW? What are your thoughts on the PNP in general and why you guys (don't) post there?
Sherry: Well when ever I have seen an RES member post and it was not truly nice or fair...I used to tell them to "play nice". That may of caused a few more members not to post, but some truly don't care.
TheOneWithin: I check the pnp once in a while... I've posted a few times, but only post when I really feel strongly about something; generally somebody else will put across the point I'd like to make, but they'd make it a lot... better than I would. I'm not as good with words as some people

In the PNP, Res have, for a good while now, come under much scrutiny from other tribes. Things said about Res being n00bs, S²ORM's b*tches, etc. What do you have to say in response to this?
TheOneWithin: Clearly looking at the stats from the TTD war, RES aren’t noobs ;)
Sherry: It does get annoying, but then I guess they truly don't know RES. We do things in our own way and our own time. Like all tribes we have some noobs, but we also have some great players. I guess we are in similar position to TTD.

But you have to admit, your tribe is pretty damn rubbish, no?
Sherry: Not at all :) I think we are good.

I'll take that as an agreement.
Sherry: we are a rim tribe who still remains in this world and have gone from way down in the ranks to 6th today
TheOneWithin: Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be typing, not laughing at TGO's silly comments...

Have either of you ever considered leaving Res at all?
Sherry: yes I did awhile ago when I stepped down from duchess... I actually had an invite to s²orm, but I could not leave :icon_neutral:
TheOneWithin: I've considered quitting the WORLD before; never just the tribe though

There have been many rumours about the Res and S²ORM relationship. Do you see Res merging into S²ORM in the future? Has there ever been talks of a merge in the past?
Sherry: It was talked about if we ever got down to few players and both sides truly wanted too, but as long as we are growing strong and the leaders want to continue no :)
TheOneWithin: Pretty much what I think... definitely not in the near future; maybe in the far, far future though
Sherry: I think RES pretty much still wants to prove that we can play on our own and that we have something to show the world.

What are your thoughts on family tribes in general? You had an academy tribe for a while. Would you ever consider merging in S²ORM?
TheOneWithin: Personally I dont like family tribes; one leader from the academy decides they dont like the mother tribe and you have an instant rebellion on your hands.
Sherry: Family tribes can work if there is central leadership by 1 tribe. When RES had a sister tribe...what a disaster that was. With the academy it was run with sat accounts until it got down to none :)
TheOneWithin: I guess they work for some people and not others. :p

How would you describe Res' efforts in the war versus the East? Do you feel that Res could have contributed more in your eyes?
Sherry: That's a tough one, yes and no is the answer to that. some people are doing awesome and others are not...unfortunately I am one of the ones unable to participate like I wished.
TheOneWithin: I think RES is making a fair effort; we didn't really have a "front line" to speak of before as we had to leap-frog S²ORM

Have you (Res) ever considered turning on S²ORM?
TheOneWithin: Definitely not.
Sherry: lol....I know some in the tribe would say yes to that...but not in the leadership. I have always maintained the relations with s2orm were good. It certainly helped when Mao was playing, KD and Firas as well. I miss them all very much.

If there were to be a war versus S²ORM right now (1 v 1) do you believe Res would have a chance?
Sherry: well no, of course not...the amount of village difference would make it impossible. but we could certainly have fun for a bit :)
TheOneWithin: With a 3:1 village lead (EXCLUDING S²ORM²)... we may be able to hold out in the short term, but never the long term

Ok, Sherry you are an accountant and ToW, you study maths at uni. I studied accounting and finance at university. So we are all numbers people. Do you consider this an advantage whatsoever in Tribal Wars?
Sherry: the amount of villages available to a tribe is certainly an advantage (if they are still active)

Such a woman's answer....
TheOneWithin: I guess numbers are important for working our basic principles (good nukes / D villas / etc). But anything I try and work out / calculate I share with the tribe. So, although numbers are important... I guess there's always gonna be someone to share their thoughts with you. Soooo... they aren't so important to individuals :icon_confused: (...I know what I mean ¬_¬)
Sherry: Tow I have told you to cut back on your drinking :D hehehe

Aside from numbers, so you have any other IRL skills or disciplines that you care to share?
TheOneWithin: I'm an expert at getting drunk and passing out.
Sherry: does changing poopy diapers count? *sigh* Ohh I love my other 2 babies, my dogs :)

Are you good in the sack, Sherry? ToW, is she?
TheOneWithin: Hell yes
Sherry: ROFL
TheOneWithin: We're ALWAYS banging on about Sherry and myself together in RES forums
Sherry: *nod*
TheOneWithin: ... I dont think some people take us seriously ;) ...others just cover their eyes (and ears)
Sherry: I hope they don't ...cause your truly young and I'm married :) wooohooo GOLD for Canada women's hockey :)

What are your guys' thoughts on feminism?
Sherry: it has it's place ;) but not everywhere
TheOneWithin: Time for google to come to my aid here :icon_confused:

Feminism is where ugly woman complain about stuff... What are your thoughts on it?
Sherry: lol...well the parts where we have equal rights and equal pay is good :). But truly I don't want to be equal to a man in everything....we are different for a reason. Being a woman has it's advantages and disadvantages, but all worth it.
TheOneWithin: SOME women complain too much... :icon_razz: But that's their job.

Sherry doesn't complain. She takes her whippings like a pro. While we're on the subject of BDSM... What are your guys thoughts on pornography? Do you think it is right for women to portray themselves in the way they do? Have either of you considered being pornstars. If so, what genre?
Sherry: LOL
TheOneWithin: I'm sure this interview is slowly becoming less and less TW related? :S

It's all TW related. Now do as you're told and answer the question!
TheOneWithin: Sorry, brb while I laugh myself a new hernia.
Sherry: in porn...women are the ones who get paid the So why is that so wrong? but seriously it would be a hard life for them to live

In TW, what do you consider your individual strengths?
Sherry: patience, and wanting to know about people :) Ohh and I used to be able to time and plan really well.
TheOneWithin: Sending out mass fakes... although I'm not really sure how effective it is :S

And to complement the previous question; your weaknesses?
TheOneWithin: Laziness; more often than not I cant be bothered to plan attacks properly, so they get sent rag-tag (and fail as a result)
Sherry: sometimes caring too much and believing people when you should not :| I still play this game because of the people :)

What are your thoughts on former tribemates, Repinski and SirEwok?
Sherry: don't hate me here TGO, but I still like Ewok and repinski. They can be very annoying at times, but i know some of their life and they can be truly nice people. They are young and have much to learn in life.
TheOneWithin: SirEwok was a nice enough guy - as long as you were on the right side of him. Repinski - I think I'll keep my mouth shut. :p

Ok, I have nothing more interesting to ask you guys (seeing as non-TW stuff shouldn't be asked apparently), so I think I will wrap it up. I will unlock your chains now. Sherry, you can have your clothes back and ToW, please don't come here in a gimp suit again, please? Have a good day to you both.
Sherry: ROFL....thanks :)
TheOneWithin: Think I'll go watch South Park now and pass out =x
Sherry: good night ToW...go get some sleep and drink water before so you don't have a hangover
TheOneWithin: I've only had 2 pints :)[/spoil]

Interview with Kriid[SPOIL]

Kriid... wanna do an interview for the paper?
Kriid: yes... im bored :icon_biggrin:

OK, first thing's first. You have to hold up your right hand, and say "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me TGO"
Kriid: *hold right hand*
*bring coffee so wait 1 min b*tch*
*I swear to tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth,so help me Pie*

May I ask what account you play?
Kriid: I do play shimobehui

OK, and how long have you been playing this account for?
Kriid: mmm,exact date,wait let me chek in Tw stats

I will have to tell you, that if you continue to use poor grammar and spelling, I will have to terminate this interview.
Kriid: ok Il try to do better :icon_redface:

Good man.
Kriid: I play shimobehui acount since this conquer 2009-07-11 06:03:18

You know what. I gave you a warning. This interview is over... I'm going to interview Socks.

Kriid: what?

Hello :)

...ANSWER ME!!!!

Socks: *wave* hi stranger

Are you ready for the amyview now?
Socks: Yup!

Ok then... before we start, i need you to do one thing
Socks: What's that.

Hold up your right hand and say, "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me TGO"
Socks: How high do I need to hold it?

About the same level as your ear. your right ear before you ask
Socks: okay... but I won't be able to type if I do that.

Type with your left then.
Socks: i swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me tgo.
It's actually against my religion to swear an oath... I hope you're happy :D

What would you like me to call you for the duration of this interview?
Socks: Just go for Socks I guess :D

Ok then... so Socks. what account do you play?
Socks: I play the Dead Socks account on en24.

Tell us a bit about the real life socks. Like a summary of your life until now if you will.
Socks: That could take a while.

I said a summary.
Socks: I was born a month late, breach birth, by caesarian section. It all went downhill from there. And today. I am 19.

Just to clarify to the readers, it is not her birthday. Do you have anything more to add to that?

Socks: I uhm, just moved house, so I don't really know anything about my RL right now :D

So socks, how did you find out about TW?

Socks: The person I was romantically interested in at the time was fixated on it.

Does this player still play TW? Tell us about your involvement with him/her..
Socks: He does (technically), and although we didn't work out, he's still pretty much my best friend :D

Do you care to let us know who he is?
Socks: I don't have his permission to be going around mentioning his name everywhere.

I don't need his permission. Everyone, it's dandaman012
. So was w24 your first world?
Socks: Yes. I've joined older worlds since. And quit them again.

Do you play online games in general?
Socks: I have done, not so much nowadays.

What are your hobbies outside of tribal wars?
Socks: I draw a reasonable amount. Create lame digital art. ireadcomicsandmanga and yeah... I like to learn about new stuff, I read a lot. And I can't think of much to say besides that, I guess TW and talking to its players is most of what I do right now :D

Tell us a bit about your w24 history.

Socks: Started off in a tribe with friends from another game, moved on to H²0 academy and worked my way up to co-duke. We beat ~:A:~ and ~TLA~, had a few key tribe members quit, merged the half-active people into our northern allies SWARM to combat inactivity...

And after that... Well, it's all been a blur, it's been the strangest year of my life in terms of RL. For some reason, people liked me, so I got made "diplomate" and used this as an excuse to contribute miminal actual nobles during wars and just sit around talking to our opponents on SkyPE.

In July, I left the game for a while, technical and uhm, personal issues related to TW buddies :D and gave my account to Azi the Dragon. A lot of people, specially in Deus, don't seem to like him. But I've read his threads and circs from when he was playing me, and well, I was just laughing and laughing :D

And now I'm uhm, back. New computer, renewed friendship with tribemates. And I spend most the day on SkyPE, with occasional guilty bursts of sending fakes and nukes out.

BTW, I have to type "SkyPE" like that, it's a compulsion :D

So, what would you consider your high points of your w24 life in TW (or your most enjoyable times)
Socks: I had the most points before the ban in December... Yah, I know that's cheating the question. I'll answer properly ^^
When I got promoted from the academy tribe into the main tribe. That was really awesome. I was the second person to go through in the history of H²0²... so it was like... wow!
And when Garuda declared on Kinky. It wasn't my life... but you know. I felt it.

What would you view as your lowest TW point or periods of time?

Socks: Right before I quit. And also, a few months ago when I tried to make a quick visit to check on everything.

You mentioned personal issues with TW buddies back in july. Would you care to elaborate on this at all? I'm sure our readers would love to read about it....

Socks: I made up with those people, more or less. One guy quit and deleted without saying anything, one guy told some guys I was a liar, and another guy agreed with him. That's about it.

So during your S²ORM days (active times) have you ever felt the temptation to leave the tribe?
Socks: I don't really have anywhere to go on my own account if I'd wanted to, but I did consider once taking up an account in Deus...

Oh, really? Tell us more about that.

Socks: I was uhm, somewhat involved with one of their members, and he was feeling the weight of a dozen sat accounts. And I was kind of frustrated at the seemingly spontaneous nature of S²ORM.

How would you describe your relationship with wizdom over the course of your time at S²ORM?
Socks: He's great, but he's a dictator, make no mistake. He likes to do everything himself. It was pretty much the first thing I noticed about him. It's always been cordial and respectful between us. And whenever he's on SkyPE, he always seems to start telling me a story :D

Who do you consider friends from tw, past and present?
Socks: wow. A whole bunch of people. I don't know where to start...

No worries, who do you consider your any friends you have since your last return to activity?

Socks: what if I think someone's my friend... but they're not :O

Well then, you will be publicly humiliated, which is what our readers wanna see

Socks: Oh... in that case, fine. 3 main crowds I guess. There's the "18+" people. Ages back we made an w24 18+ chat.
And I still love the people from that. :D And then my tribe. Including you...

Socks: I talk to them most the time. And finally, there's PnP people. Like... you know. Leaders, former leaders, spammers, and etc.

How do you feel you have contributed to the East vs West war? Do you feel that you could have contributed more?
Socks: Ha! I don't think I've contributed at all. I've sent fakes. That's about it. Unless you're from Deus, in which a case, I have only sent 20 nukes from the same village a few times a day. *nod*
I don't really know what's going on, tbh. I used to be clued-in. Now I don't know the top 10, honest to god :(
So... my contributions will be minor at best.

Yeah, speaking of which, do you have a clue who Heroes are?
Socks: Some "peaceful" FS spin-off in the south? I really don't know much about them at all :S

You probs know more than i do. :lol: i didn't even know that much tbh
Socks: possibly, but you know... it's so far away! I'm in K43! home of =TTD=! ...I wish I was kidding...

So, what do you consider your main strengths/weaknesses in tw? I'm talking about gameplay itself.

Socks: Ohhh gameplay? strength is that I'm rather OCDy. I like everything to be... tidy... organised... prim. Attacks and so on, villages, nuke builds, scripts, whatever. And I have a lot of time. No job, no school.
weakness... man, where to start. It's like, I know how to snipe, And I have sniped.

But I'll be all worked up like "omg I have a train cumin 4 my village" like you get. And then suddenly... I'll start reading up on porn laws.

As we all do at some point in the day.
Socks: yes, of course.

What do you enjoy most about tribal wars? Yes we all know all that "I love the people" b*ll*cks, but what is it about the game itself that you most ENJOY?
Socks: I like feeling like I made a difference in something, even if it's an online browser game :p.
And I guess I'd probably make more of a difference if I actually did stuff... but yeah, there you go

Are there any rules or settings you would change about W24? What changes do you feel could (have) improve(d) W24, or indeed, Tribal Wars?
Socks: I'd like to be able to conquer empty squares. Like, send out settlers. And in exchange, the world would be smaller or whatever.

But what I want most of all is for worlds to connect. Just like the current grid of K0 - K99, we could have a grid with all the worlds on. W24 would be touching W14, W23, W25 and W34. We'd kick their metaphorical heads in.

You frequent the public forums and are a well-known personality in W24. What is it about the public forums that you enjoy? And what got you interested in the pnp in the first place?
Socks: A tribemate showed me a thread about ~:A:~ vs a one-legged barbie, it was awesome. And right away, I noticed some people... Mostly whoever had the most interesting avatars. Like (forgive me for saying names) icy Vavara and her handcuffs, fiery Pervis and his machine gun, level-headed Rukoh and his BACKWARDS MANGA SCAN!!!, fanatical Geldy and his grinning pig...
I didn't really get what was going on though in the forums though :S... Until I got dragged in. Some uppity little tribe actually declared on us on the PnP, so I had to get involved. :D

How would you describe your forum personality?
Socks: Boring. Tribal Hugs. I really never thought about it.
I like to think I'm fair. But I've been in one tribe all my life, so how fair I can be is more or less limited. I want people to respect my tribe like I respect theirs. :p

Is there anything about tribal wars that you don't like?
Socks: Hmmm... I don't like cheating. I don't like how people get into real life threats. It's infantile. Or do you mean gameplay?

I meant gameplay, but I'll still use that :p
if you wanna add to it, be my guest.
Socks: *sigh* fine :p... I don't like how people always build swords. I really had to struggle to say something... The game doesn't have much content. It's an empty slate. No matter what you want to do, there's a script out there to accomodate it. Common annoyances people have with TW don't apply to me.

Do you have any strong political views IRL that you would like to voice your opinion about?

Socks: I am very much anti-political. Not to say I don't care or that I don't vote, but I think people are fooling themselves if they think that with one "X" they can change the world. There are only 3 parties strong enough to compete on a national scale in this country, and the difference between them is a hair's breadth. And guess what... None of them have "make {insert your name}'s life perfect" on their manifesto.

The problem isn't that the politicians are morons, it's that the entire system is moronic. And somehow, we have been duped into accepting that having our pick from a dozen incredibly similar candidates once every 5 years is freedom.

Do you think that there is anything that can be done to change this blissful slavery?
Socks: A good start would be taking away the laws that needlessly restrict people from doing things to their own bodies and property. "Victimless crimes", so to speak.

You talking about legalising drugs? :icon_biggrin:
Socks: That would be included :3. I don't use recreational drugs, but if I want to poison my brain, I should be allowed to *nods* It's my damn brain.

Speaking of victimless crimes, it is illegal in this country to accept bodily harm (S&M). You have recently admitted you wish you were my slave. What is it about the submissive lifestyle that you most enjoy?

Socks: Goddammit. >:|

What? Answer the question. It's an interview.

Socks: Don't make me take this outside. *raises fists*

Socks, even though you strenuously deny enjoying it, you have admitted to being randy when i spoke about my "dreams" of you in my captivity. So what about the submissive lifestyle that entices you?
Socks: >.>; I don't remember saying anything like that. But I suppose I wouldn't have to pay rent if I lived in a torture cellar, which is a plus.

What are your views on feminism?
Socks: You mean women showing the world how level-headed and intelligent and in control of their emotions they are by screaming slogans and holding placards? 'Nuff said...

Do you believe in equal rights for women?

Socks: I think if equal status was freely available without any attached social stigma, plenty of women would still choose to live as inferiors. Staying home, raising kids. That's not to say I don't want them. Rights, I mean. Not kids. :p

lol, You mean, women prefer for men to buy them drinks at the bar, right? ;)
Anyways... Socks, would you like to go to dinner with me sometime?

Socks: Oh sure, I can always use an extra pair of hands to help me with the larger dumpster lids (nod)

So, i'll pick you up at eight?
Socks: Okay, see you in minus 47 minutes! (time was [20:47:36])

Damn :(
So how did you come to choose the Dead Socks IGN?

Socks: It was my name in another game.

And why did you choose it in THAT game?

Socks: Because I wanted to be Dead Kitty. But that was taken. And I'm glad I didn't pick it now...

So it has nothing to do with your infamous foot fetish?
Socks: gosh tarn it, what the heck is so enticing about feet? :lol:

I don't know. I should be asking you that :|
Socks: >.>;

Well, due to your terrible connectivity, this interview has lasted about 90 minutes, so we will have to wrap it up now. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers before we say goodbye?
Socks: Ummm... I want them to forgive me in advance... They will thank me in the long term.

Forgive you for what? :S
Socks: Couldn't say.

Well then. I shall unlock the cage door for you now. You are free to leave. The interrogation is over. Have a good day to you ma'am.
Socks: *phew*

Interview with =redfox= [SPOIL]

=RedFox=: G'day mate, we're finally online at the same time

So can we begin?
=RedFox=: shoot

Give us an account of your real life.
=RedFox=: I'm 37. I have 2 jobs and have gone back to college part-time. I live and work on a summer camp in the woods, on top of a mountain, my little cabin is about 20 feet from a 90 acre lake that no-one else has access to... I also work as a paramedic, and am most of the way through a nursing degree. Never married, no kids.

If I may ask, why???
=RedFox=: lol, you'd have to ask the ladies mate...
Umm, part of me moving me into such a remote place just over 3 yrs ago was to sort out my life, I have just recently celebrated 3 yrs without drugs or alcohol. I think the life I was living was not conducive to long term relationships. But I'm done trying to live like a rockstar now :D
I've been seeing a girl for just over 2 years, so we'll see where that goes.

Where did you came across the name redfox?
=RedFox=: My real name is Russell and one day I was looking at a baby name book before my niece was born and I rerad that my name means something like "Red, sly and fox-like,."

So it has nothing to do with Megan Fox...?
=RedFox=: lol, nope. But I have named the villages in my new cluster on the front "Megan Fox"

Is world 24 your first one?
=RedFox=: second, the first was a bit ugly (rofl) I had no clue. World 18 for about 3 months. Mixed villages, maxed villages etc. I got rimmed.

Besides TW, what are your hobbies, favourite movies, etc?
=RedFox=: Snowboarding, ice-climbing, x-country skiing snow-shoeing in the winter, and rock-climbing, wake-boarding and barefoot skiing in the summer.
Favourite movies is tough, theres a lot of crap and thers also a lot of fantastic ones. I like anything by the Cohen brothers. Matrix would still be one of my favourites... There'll be lot of others I think of after we're done here.

What was your first date?

=RedFox=: I was 13 she was 14, she lived pretty close to me. Wow, this is funny thinking back. We went to the local Roller Skating Rink.

At what age did you smooch your first girl? I guess it was 13 then?
=RedFox=: 6

Six??????????? :icon_surprised: who was she?
Yeah, but there was a long gap after that. I think 11-12. At the local under-age disco :icon_cool:. When I was 6, was the next door neighbour.

At that age, did you even understand the meaning of the act?
=RedFox=: Yup, my parents were alittle too honest when I asked where babies came from. So once I knew, curiosity meant I had to try and make one :icon_redface: I doubt I'd really thought through the consequences...

So how many gilfriends in total?
=RedFox=: Impossible for me to answer that one, like I said earlier I was partying hard through my late teens, 20's and early 30's

What was the worst reason a girlfriend dumped you?
=RedFox=: Haven't been dumped many times, and I can only remember petty reasons, so I can't really help you with that one.

Any secret crush or love on TW?
=RedFox=: lol, no. I have a lot of respect for certain people...

Most deus players maintain privacy. They do not disclose much information about themselves. Any specific reasons?
=RedFox=: I didn't know that was the percption of Deus. Umm, they are pretty open within in the tribe for sure. Our skype chat is hard to keep up with sometimes theres so many people posting.
Maybe its a case of like-minded people finding each other, and not really looking outside that close-knit group.

Give us 5 reasons why you consider deus has every chance to win this war by a huge margin?
=RedFox=: I don't know about 5 reasons, but I'll give you my theories. I tend to agree with a lot that tubby said about skill in this game. After a certain point its not really about skill. It's really more about activity and on-line time. And tribe-wise its about cohesion.
This war will be decided by activity/inactivity and internal strife within a tribe. I think Deus is a tighter unit than Storm, mainly because of their recruiting practices. I hear and see a lot more internal strife in their tribe than ours.
The main reason we aren't already out in front is that they out-number us. We are slowly hauling them back, and once the numbers become closer to even we will over-run them.
We are doing great while outnumbered, so it seems obvious to me as more of them barb/quit/delete because of either internal strife and/or our ops that when the numbers are even we will beat them.

I know we are moving quick but my readers are wanting to know the cause of intense dislike between you and tgo. Does this goes back to the days of manic war when you were allies?
=RedFox=: thanks... That has settled down a lot now, we've spoken a bit on skype and he's not a bad bloke. It started because I kept seeing these posts from some guy always talking about how he was the best player...
Then one day he posted in a thread about who you'd want to 1 vs 1 with, and stated that rob23 was the only player who could beat him. I was sick of his arrogance and called him on it. And it kind of grew from there, with a lot of backwards and forwards. He has since admitted that it was a persona he put on the for the forums, and we have had civil skype chats since.

He said that he felt that you were undeserving of your rank. How do you feel being told this by a 3 million point player?
=RedFox=: I remember that post and it wasn't quite that strong, it was more along the lines of him acknowledging that I wasn't as nooby as he had stated many times earlier but he still felt that I had some more to prove to show I was deserving of my rank.
People can say what they want, doesn't really bother me...

Before we sum up would you like to say something to our readers?
=RedFox=: I have no idea what to say to that. Umm, have fun, keep perspective, its only a game, and make sure you spend some time in the sun.
I'm going ice-climbing as soon as we're done here, I also love snowboarding and other outdoor stuff. You've gotta have outdoors/physical outlets.

OK... Now will you share a photograph of yours with us? I swear we will find the right match for you... :D

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Socks, I scwuvs Oooo, but that green and red writing made my eyes bleed....can someone change the formatting there so it is legible and I can read up on Socksy


i m shocked as well.tgo will explain up more on this issue.

curse the editors.
i will do it today in the afternoon.


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Socks, I scwuvs Oooo, but that green and red writing made my eyes bleed....can someone change the formatting there so it is legible and I can read up on Socksy
I wanted everything in black, okay?!
Fricking Gopie thinks that having everyone in a different colour makes it prettyful, all complaints can be taken up with him.

However, I don't think anyone has green font, so maybe you should stop using a noob browser.


i liked it again, its intresting to see what people do outside of the game and their views in game

i still believe that you should mix up and interview so less well known players but i really enjoy reading this... thanks


I wanted everything in black, okay?!
Fricking Gopie thinks that having everyone in a different colour makes it prettyful, all complaints can be taken up with him.

However, I don't think anyone has green font, so maybe you should stop using a noob browser.
Noob browser in w*rk only (IE7) seems a bit better on Chrome, but only marginally


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Was a nice fun read :)

And Heroes is a gentle peace loving collection of nublets whose sole aim is to tackle the barb situation down south :icon_biggrin:


papamuerte1 said:
i like kriid`s interview
Its cause Iz Da best!!:icon_cool:

TheOneWithin said:
Kriid interview is the best... I lol'ed xD

But RES interview was pretty interesing,I aint knew much about you guys before that interview,Loved RedFox one too,was a good read (nod)

SirEwok said:
I got upset at one of Sherry's answers.
/wonder wich one it was o_O
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