Sunday express


I'm looking forward to the upcoming edition, iy may finally be something reading on these forums


Yay ill have something to read on my birthday! if i log on lol i might be a lil out of it


Its tuesday afternoon here now so have passed monday where you live ... so wheres the paper ? =(


I knew.i kinda love amy and so the paper will come out only on sundays.
I m busy gaining unauthorize access to tribe.


Still Going Strong
Give us 5 reasons why you consider deus has every chance to win this war by a huge margin?
=RedFox=: I don't know about 5 reasons, but I'll give you my theories. I tend to agree with a lot that tubby said about skill in this game. After a certain point its not really about skill. It's really more about activity and on-line time. And tribe-wise its about cohesion.
This war will be decided by activity/inactivity and internal strife within a tribe. I think Deus is a tighter unit than Storm, mainly because of their recruiting practices. I hear and see a lot more internal strife in their tribe than ours.
The main reason we aren't already out in front is that they out-number us. We are slowly hauling them back, and once the numbers become closer to even we will over-run them.
We are doing great while outnumbered, so it seems obvious to me as more of them barb/quit/delete because of either internal strife and/or our ops that when the numbers are even we will beat them.

Hate to say I told you so, but.............. :icon_wink: