Super BORED! Sammich

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-M A R I O-


So far there has been a peace for a long time in k46, but now the times have changed. Here at BORED! we got exceedingly bored, no pun intended , with our war with the extensive amounts of pro's in northern k56:icon_eek:. It is now time to put our BORED! stamp effective immediately on MOAR !:icon_wink:.

Too long have myself and my partners in crime allowed MOAR ! to live in peace while letting them just noble all of our farms:icon_eek:. Too long has MOAR !'s duke tried to threaten us about minimal issues and freak out over simple comments. MOAR !'s duke has also recruited everything that moves and has 2 villages. On top of all this he still tries to make demands to us here at BORED!. We here at BORED! really did try to make this work, but their incompetent duke prevented that with all of his demands and mass recruitment.

So now MOAR ! you have been thrown a challenge, so what are you going to do about it.

Captain Nub MARIO and the BORED! Crew

P.S.-Sorry for the spelling mistakes.


yay! more war

Gl to both sides but Im rooting for (and I know they will win) Bored! :p


Good luck to both sides in this one :)

I guess this clears up the "Bored! and MOAR diplomacy" argument going on in the other thread :D

Koopa Troopa.

The Koopa wink of approval :icon_wink:

Give us MOAR ! MOAR ! MOAR ! villages :icon_twisted:


Time to start up the bulldozer. Lots of sandwiches to squat.

Sir Cookie

Good luck to both sides. I love BORED! but I naturally go for the underdog :icon_confused: May the best tribe win.


What are you guys at declaring again.

You're gonna stop me being BORED! god dammit :icon_eek:


Good luck, MOAR! You're gonna need it against these BORED! nubs :icon_twisted:

Terminus Eldorado

These declarations are the only thing you do better than lying everytime your lips move.

If any leadership wants samples of typical Bored! "diplomacy"(They = 1337, everyone else = nub), ask me and Ill email you thread after thread after thread of mail filled with threats, unreasonable demands, condescending attitudes and outright arrogance. Im known as a fun, sometimes goofy (i.e. tibal name/profile) player that is if nothing else, a reliable and honest ally that plays with integrity. Saying things out loud, no matter the amount or volume level, does not make them true.

Lying and deciet is not a legimiate ;long term diplomatic tactic, while it will serve you well for a time, eventually tribes will catch on, band together and punish you. That is, if that has not already started...

Any legitimate adult, or those that can act like one, playing TW will eventually run into players/tribes whos temper tantrums are akin to a child screaming for more candy from the seat of a shopping cart... How DARE anyone not give them what they want ALL the time. TW is as much as a social activity as it is a war game, and having decent social skills comes in handy.

You could easily have had an ally that could have acted as a clenched fist, to project power outward in some sort of synchronicity. But you dont WANT that. You want lackeys and not to share even a shred of glory with anyone or give anyone credit at all. I know there are others that see you as the obvious, transparent entity that you are. You have ignored a hand extended in friendship from day one. Fascism works at first, but eventually fails.


Why would Bored want to share victories i'm sure they could achieve with out you with you when(if my information is correct) all you did was get in the way and hurt their growth.


Saying things out loud, no matter the amount or volume level, does not make them true.
So, where is your proof exactly?

As for the rest of the drama you're staging:

You whined and flamed about Killer Hench treating you unnicely, so I tried to take over diplo with you and be nice and tolerant. You returned the favor by threatening me out of the blue, about having one of your members enlisted as a morale basher of mine. Lots of 'friendlyness' there bro.

Lying? You did nothing but beat around the bush when we confronted you with solid facts, trying to smoothe us over by telling us how awesome we are.

Deceit? You're the leader of a noob mass-recruitment tribe. You do not need a crystal ball to tell this was going to happen. We tried to make it work nontheless, which is why you've lived for so long. The only thing you did however, was spit in our faces.

Anyways, If I were you I'd not come back and show your face again. Because once I got access to my account again tomorrow, I'm going to show just how cuddly and nice you are.
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