Support Setting: Simple - Why?

Would you want allies to be able to support you too under this setting?

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    Votes: 3 30.0%
  • No

    Votes: 7 70.0%

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Why was this setting created? It states you can only support tribe members.

Question 1:
A) Was it truly created to prevent allies from supporting each other?
B) Or is its purpose to not allow long-range support to be sent after noble trains?

Question 2:
Is 'Uber' considered a patch to 'Simple' as it enforces that support outside of the tribe cannot be received and kept?


Frying Pan Warrior

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Would be great if we could get an official response from a member of the Tribal Wars Community Management to understand the intentions of this setting. ( :
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Yeah it seems to really encourage defensive play, which is the exact opposite of what you'd want from a setting restricting the sending of support.