T*F Trustworthy? You decide...

Discussion in 'World 30' started by kfollmer, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. B.M.A

    B.M.A Guest

    yes yes, i have been in many tribes that do the same thing. the difference is, we have never had a problem like this. this is easily preventable if you forums are clean and tidy, as well as if players read the forums. so sorry this is no excuse.
  2. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Lunar 3mpire on 02.02. at 23:51
    It may sound stupid, it's just I marked your village in a colour similar to that of NAPs, and so that's why I didn't realise.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't he saying that your aren't NAP's therefore not making excuses? He said he marked in a colour 'similar' to NAP's, therefore meaning he doesn't think your an NAP.
    I may have misinterpreted this, apologies if i have.
  3. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Every tribe has people who don't read their forums, hence NAP's are accidentally broken by players who don't read forums.
  4. kfollmer

    kfollmer Guest

    Shlomzi good to see you here :) Cant ever get you off of PnP can we? :p Yeah we all know NAP's are meant to be broken. But not a week after they are formed. Im just saying if you make an NAP with another tribe it is not common practice to break it a week after and do it intentionally.

    As for the family thing, no we are going solo this round at the beginning. If tribes present themselves that seem adequate we may think of reforming The Brotherhood here. Have some good allies though of ex LOD and LOE members from 17, and a couple others.

    The last message was in reference to NEW attacks that had been sent after the "sorry i marked you purple" bs
  5. whooker

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    Every other tribe listed has been announced as a marker or real. This is the first not to as we had 2-3 days of poor organization while trying to rebuild our forums. We re-built what we knew of, we had to wait to hear from OP about whether the NAP was real or not.

    The forming of this NAP just happened to occur at the same time as OP being hacked. Obviously, the information regarding it was thrown aside for a few days as OP had more important things to do that took the forefront.
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  6. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Actually, i tend to think the first week is the one NAP's are usually broken, because its the most unstable.
  7. B.M.A

    B.M.A Guest

    ohh ok, well that is fair enough.
  8. BurningAngel

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    It's leader's/diplomat's job to make sure everyone knows that you got a NAP. :icon_neutral:
  9. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Actually its there job to MAKE the NAP. They can't make people read forums or read mail, some people are just that lazy :)
  10. Junker.

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    Jan 1, 2009
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    Don't see anything wrong..

    ahh well if u got the power to do it then u can do it..

    no i do not trust them.. but i don't blame them for doing taht.

  11. BurningAngel

    BurningAngel Guest

    Too lazy to read circulars, those guys don't belong in tribes. :lol:
  12. ray661

    ray661 Guest

    Not representing T*F, or my ideals behind T*F, but regarding the mistrust everyone seems to be openly saying about T*F.

    This situation causes a lot of mistrust, however, it also allows stronger alliances later, for those who take up these alliances will ensure there are no unfriendly dealings with T*F, and a closer bond will be more likely to be formed.

    Aka, it all helps with strategy.
  13. BurningAngel

    BurningAngel Guest

    So if you got power to do something it means that you are allowed, eh? Yuvin had power to get someone to co-play with and then change the password (yes taking this to extreme but that is a really damn ridiculous saying)
  14. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Fair point i share that opinion :D:D
  15. widux

    widux Guest

    well i would take avillage back nd thats it
  16. techno t

    techno t Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2007
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    We in the IRA wouldnt have taken this flak so calmly

    so we wouldnt

    By the way, Tesco's have a cracking offer on Boddingtons, I've got 2 crates of the stuff. Well should I say 1 crate left, but its too nice to leave sitting on the side:icon_cool:

  17. Mhmmm

    Mhmmm Guest

    I don't trust them because optimus prime said part 2 tribe thready thing would be coming soon, and it's been awhile and still not here! :<
  18. techno t

    techno t Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2007
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    do you understand logical sentence structure???
    do you??

    do you????

    DO YOU???????

    I think maybe not. Maybe I should drink more and all will become clear with that mass of tangled words you typed:)

  19. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    Anybody else think this is the spin story they said theyd come up with

    Happy Cliffjumper on 31.01. at 00:56 Quote
    BoS - They are a temporary NAP. If you want to noble one of their members, please contact me first, so I can spin up a story to tell them. If you are already in the process, please continue

    This circular suggests you should really know about it.
  20. If you knew anything about kebabe, then this isn't very surprising.