T*F Trustworthy? You decide...

Discussion in 'World 30' started by kfollmer, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Bellerion

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    But lets be honest for a second. While it is deceptive, it is a tactic they are using and the world must either get over it or be less trusting. We are not all here for hugz are we? Just means you must be more awake and at the end of the day all you have done is lost a player that couldn't defend himself
  2. spleen mage

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    Of course it's a tactic, a legit one too. However, the title of this thread is "T*F trustworthy"; clearly the answer is no, they are not. They may be gaining a short term advantage by employing this tactic, but in the long term, i'd be willing to bet the effects are much more harmful :icon_wink:
  3. Bellerion

    Bellerion Guest

    Agreed, assuming they don't become too strong, then tribes will be eating out of the palm of their hands.
  4. You all say I happily NAPd with them, but in all honesty, I didn't have much of a choice. One of BoS's advisors, Patriot 13 or whatever he's called was right next to me, as well as his 20 or so PAs. Had I refused his NAP offer, then I would have been a very tasty target for him, and with 20 vs 1 isolated guy (surrounded by tribe members under attack who couldn't support) I had to accept the NAP.

    Now end of story. See it from my point of view and stop calling me an idiot. It's an online strategy game, and if you say this isn't strategy then you should go rethink that, just because it's low does not mean it's not strategy.

    Also, OP did get hacked, if you bother researching it a bit, you will find that AK_Iceman admitted to the whole thing.
  5. Why take down a tribe with more losses than needed? We could cancel the NAP, have a full blown fair war with all that honour and stuff, or we could play it sneaky and underhanded, and snipe a few vills, and get prepared for it all.
  6. the pink panther

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    LOL, exactly as Spleen says they are underhanded and dirty, so to answer this thread no they can't be trusted as they have proven time and again, Whooker I expected better from a tribe you are in
  7. bigbadsanta

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    So you did it for the best interests of yourself not the tribe. Wow great leader you are. Your scared of a little incoming. Whats wrong is T*F not good enough to support its players?
  8. kfollmer

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    and yes I have someone feeding me info. It seems your own members think your tactics are underhanded. I hope if nothing else i have ruined your reputation and made people think twice about their diplomatic connection with you. I would.
  9. JayDie

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    Best thing to do here, T*F, is to delete and donate your resources to me :D.
  10. whooker

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    I never said I stood for it or was in any way happy with the way that diplomacy has been used so far. If it was my choice, NAP's would not be used to avoid conflict and wars would be fought one on one or with a steady ally meant to stay...but it is not my choice.

    I was simply trying to point out that the first 3-4 days of the NAP, they were simply a marker due to lack of communication. Happy then posted what he did and at that point we (the tribe) found out it was a NAP not a marker, but was an NAP. At that point, I am not sure if the two nobles were finished as they had started before then or if they were started after that point.

    Once again though, I am not a leader in anyway at the moment. I lead by reputation and trying to keep it clean...clearly that has not happened with this tribe as of yet. It is never to late for a turn around however.
  11. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    If that is the case then what is this post from your forums about

    Happy Cliffjumper on 31.01. at 00:56 Quote
    BoS - They are a temporary NAP. If you want to noble one of their members, please contact me first, so I can spin up a story to tell them. If you are already in the process, please continue.

    This clearly states that BoS are an NAP. So how come you all thought it was not an NAP?

    Do your players not read the forums? In which case the tribe is doomed anyway. Since the communication cant be great from a tribe who doesnt actively read there forums.
  12. AK_iceman

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    Yeah, like anyone will believe what you say now...
  13. B.M.A

    B.M.A Guest

    erm....actuelly yes i am! :icon_rolleyes:

    anyway, lets not start this arguement again, since you seem to be very good at makeing things up.
  14. spleen mage

    spleen mage Contributing Poster

    Feb 10, 2007
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    Nice to know your personal needs comes before your tribes. You'd hamper your tribes expansion for your benefit? I see it's not only other tribes you reserve your underhand tactics for :icon_wink:

    Did I call you an idiot? I don't remember doing so...

    So, you're agreeing with what I'm saying that it is a low tactic? Therefore, I am right in saying that T*F aren't trustworthy? Again, (as pinkpanther said) I'm not arguing about whether the tactic is valid or not, simply that T*F would be the last tribe I would have any kind of relations with.

    I never said he didn't get hacked, I don't know why you bothered mentioning that. Guilty conscience maybe? :icon_biggrin:

    And lose any scrap of integrity in the proccess :)
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  15. Atraeus

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    Amidst all the glorious lobbying I find myself witness to a very intriguing turn of events. Debate as you all will - I personally feel this thread has gone as far as it will before descending into fits of bickering - but know those of us not directly involved will tally this information. I for one believe it is reason enough to not trust the tribe in question.

    Kfollmer, it was a wise tactic to bring this to the public scene, as history shows a damaged reputation is contagion to a tribe.

    Spleen Mage: very solid presentment. You have proven the most lucid and acute in your debates.
  16. kfollmer

    kfollmer Guest

    Spleen Mage I always liked you on 17. Glad to see you here.

    and this kebabe/OP guy sounds like a really good guy yeah? :icon_rolleyes:

    If I were a tribe that is supporting T*F, I would seriously reconsider this about right now.

    Granted it was on another world, and a few months ago, but the persons behavior hasnt changed.
  17. MrMacMan

    MrMacMan Guest

    Moral of the story:
    Be wary of other tribes, even those that have a temporary NAP with you.
  18. Bellerion

    Bellerion Guest

    temporary NAP means they intend attacking you anyway, so not being wary is just plain silly
  19. MrMacMan

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    Being cautious isn't silly in a war game.

    It isn't like being allies is a guarantee that you can't be attacked either.
    The game could prevent allies from attacking each other like they do when a player is banned, but that isn't how the game was setup, ergo you need to be on alert even from all possible attackers.

    That whoosh sound you heard was me misreading Bellerion.
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  20. Bellerion

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    I was agreeing with you