taking Siggy requests


I dunno if I should take sig requests in a thread that's about another sig maker. Could spark some sort of rivalry.

But I know I make sick sigs.

For those of you who missed the sig:


Nameless Prophet

i was going to upload my best sig i made,.. but i realized id get banned for it LOL


@ZeePee, I hope the owner of this sig will not mind the edit. As personally I would never ever take it lightly if anyone edits my stuff. Anyways sorry for going off topic.

Obviously Font won't match, as I have no idea what he used.

@W2U, We all start where your starting from. You have the right to tag a PP on every Graphics work you make, just don't quit it and practice more. Just an advice, don't only make sigs just to sell them, make and send them to SOTW's or something, try improving while your shop's inactive.
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Sadly I have no PP or money but what would you suggest for a new sig for me based off of course Pikachu?


Thankyou for the Lols Malreux certainly put a smile on my face :icon_razz:

I'll see If I can rustle up some PP Waves and I'll get to you about a sig/COA

Almighty CorE

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Hey Bee Are you still Up for making a siggy for me. Everything I want s in my current siggy Just want it Wider and clearer may be add some of your magic to it. And let me know what and I need to send you pp at.here is what I want: In the Bottom " There is a calmness to a Life lived in gratitude.. A quiet joy.." in a mellow text/color And On the top right KatakLysmiC in a devastating Text.

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