TDD News - Declaration of Faith


TDD declare that the self proclaimed prophet Jezuz, Lord of Tacos is FALSE.

For several months now myself and a select group of TDD special investigators have been interviewing victims and compiling reports on what can only be described as one of the greatest tragedies and betrayals on world 5 dating as far back as the beginning of 2008.

Many will be left feeling empty if they are not already. Fearing their safety most wish to remain anonymous but here one defiant young woman speaks up:

Jezuz and his Tacos from Hell

Unfortunately Jezuz got a whiff of us before we could complete our work and clamped down on the ´dissention´

The Wallace

They scouted the Wallace for treason,
his villages still stand free.
How can it be treason ´(proclaimed Wallace)´
When tacos are foreign to me.
All i wanted was a BLT.
A sarnies better than a taco anyday.

In light of these findings TDD insist on the following:

The Wallace must not be harmed.
All tacos must arrive at their destination on time.
All tacos must be hot on delivery.
Jezuz must make a public apology on here.
BNL-ET within the week must shorten its name for a period of 24 hours to BLT. Showing that a good bacon, lettuce and tomato sarnie by Wallace is better than a taco anyday.

Failure to meet these minimum requirements will result in harsh santions on all taco exports.

The question remains, is Jezuz from hell like his tacos?
TDD news Chingis Khan reporting.


That's amazing! xDDDDDDD

Excellent Chingis, Excellent! :lol:


Hmm, now that LFKSci has secured W5 diplomatic victory I guess the rest will just turn on each other to try and see who can make the best PnP during the downward spiral. Maybe the next top 20 thread should include a 'Classiest Loser' category or something.


Of course the Mental facillity got their own delivery guys. Unfortenly they did not cover the bill last time, so no more deliveries untill they do.

Money is important after all. Money makes me happy, me beeing happy leads to better Tacos.



In a groundbreaking case the U.N. has decided not to place sanctions on taco exports after a compromise was reached with Taco Industries. A spokesman from taco industries replies;

´On my part, I assure the public that the further taco deliveries will be considerably improved. I apologize if my taco deliveries have caused any resentment.

I assure that BLT will do its best in filling the requirements mentioned in the news.´

However after trying to pass himself off as one of the delivery boys from the mental institute, Jezuz will be banned from personally delivering tacos for 1 year.
This may also have the added bonus to alleviate the burden on the health service from the rising number of paternity tests in the area.

Stay tuned for next weeks TDD News - VVV I came, I saw, I lost the Roman Empire.
Hear it here first.


As did I when he jumped ship.
Expected it a loooong time ago.

Must have been trying to find the leave tribe button for ages.


He's aware where that button is, it just took a while before he managed he's big fat support list so he could brag on the forum about how 'good he is', while in the main time, he's just stacked with inactives troops. :p
But still gratz to the roman ruins and the uber funny text from chingis.