TEA party in K54?


Finally we have a "noob" who is speaking comment sense about VOID on the externals. VOID had some good/decent players in there until their best players decided to leave and join ~Boys~. That should shed some light on a few small details.
Now why would those good players leave VOID? MRT perhaps? Any decent self-respecting player would never join such an obvious MRT. Seriously, between them and one other tribe whose tag I forget, there were no other tribes in K53 that even came close to the tribe limit when VOID was on the edge of the rim. VOID had 44 members and the second best had 43 members, the third best? Either 13 or 17, maybe even 20 or 23.

Player not found.

I think the tribe limit of VOID speaks for itself, a small mass-recruiting tribe on the rim that only gave a shit about looking nice and pretty on the rankings.

It all happened as soon as they all found out how shit VOID really were.


Hey Pssst!, you guys just lost another village that you so valiantly said you would put up a fight for or did time end yesterday?
You are not nice. If you were running for my 4th grade class president I would not vote for you and I would tell all my friends to not vote for you as well.

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Congrats? I guess..

I'm not sure what the point of this is, really. Not all of your ~115 villages were offensive so you had the ability to defend, we expected nothing less. I imagine we'll lose even more in the future.

Less bragging, more fighting.

Side note:
Good job?




Is that a wasp sticking out of his/her bottom? Can you reveal the full meaning of tue artwork. :D

It looks like we need two new threads, one for trump followers and future wall construction workers and then we need one for player made arts and crafts.