Teh cookie Premade


'Teh cookies'

Everyone joining will have to have made a cookie alias like 'Teh [....] cookie'

We already got a few members in but are still recruiting some. I prefer you posting in this thread with your alias but if you want to keep it secret you can PM me!


- Must be active
- Must be loyal
- Must have skype - Skype Chat
- Must have some past experience
- Must join North-East

I will be making a skype chat after the world opens

Our current members:
People who is in:
Teh homeless cookie (me) - CONFIRMED
Teh dragon cookie (awesometribe55) - CONFIRMED
Teh haxorz cookie (qoxxur) - CONFIRMED
Teh crazy cookie (HiddenSecrets) - CONFIRMED
Teh ninja cookie (my friend) - CONFIRMED
Teh super cookie (Madalin2009)
Teh tasty cookie (asvati) - CONFIRMED
Teh fortune cookie (MGC Origami) - CONFIRMED
Teh fat cookie (Deathsythejoe) - CONFIRMED
Teh pwnage cookie (Lord Eyli) - CONFIRMED
Teh epic fail cookie (Tribal Wars Junkie) - CONFIRMED
Teh 1337 cookie (123mrfinchyb)
Teh drunk cookie (Sir Rhosis) - CONFIRMED
Teh bitsy cookie (itsybitsyman) - CONFIRMED
Still looking for a name (RemyRose) - CONFIRMED
Teh lawlage cookie (Your Sweetest Dreams) - CONFIRMED
Teh winrar cookie (acidtongs)
Teh clown cookie (TicTocBoom) - CONFIRMED
Teh hellfire cookie (homelessjimmy) - CONFIRMED
Teh XBox cookie (Very Inactive) - CONFIRMED
Looking for a name (Broly) - CONFIRMED
Teh little cookie (13.sward.13) - CONFIRMED
Teh smothered cookie (smotherload) - CONFIRMED
Teh bad cookie (evertosword) - CONFIRMED
Teh nub cookie (Gengii) - CONFIRMED
Teh king cookie (Universe King Caspian) - CONFIRMED

People who is maybe in:
Teh good cookie
Teh spamming cookie (Spann94)

This is people who have said they would join but I'm about to send mails ingame and PM's to get it confirmed


C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me
Oh Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C

A round cookie with one bite out of it looks like a C
A round doughnut with one bite out if it also looks like a C
But it is not as good as a cookie
Oh, and the moon sometimes looks like a C,
But you can't eat that!

So, C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me
Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C
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I would like to try to get in, I dont really have much expierience, my first real world was 27 (I joined world 24 a few hours before that) I am doing Okay at that considering it was my first world (I think) but I went out too agresively, stunting my growth too much and making my 7x7 barbs, even when there were nice pointwhores twice my size :(

I have joined world 30 and am in the tribe p*rn. Not much to say about there really.


hey can i join?

- Must be active - check but probably will quit w30 so ill have more time
- Must be loyal - check
- Must have skype - check under evertosword
- Must have some past experience - check under evertosword2 - one i pwned in but learning still
will be open because the new worlds have different settings...

ill be on w30 under the name evertosword3
hope to work with you guys...


Hey I'd like to apply.
I'm a remy tribemate =p
This was my recruitment message.

I really have no proof of this, you will have to take my word for it. This is because I quit a few times.

I started in world 1 with an account named Youthebest. I started in a tribe called T.W.E and was very quickly the highest pointed person. How? is what many in my tribe asked. My answer was farming. I know the balance between a troop whore and a point whore and know how to grow. I was soon the duke of RA, the academy tribe of Reborn, who was ranked in the top 10 for a bit. I quit once I reached 300,000 points and Reborn was annihilated by TW, after I quit.

I then ventured to world 10, where I was top 1000 but I realized that these top 100, they are point whores. I build 2x the troops as my points and peaked around 80k points. My tribe got into a war in which we won swiftly. Sadly I do not even remember the name of the tribe.

=S, so yeah. I'm very active and open to start wherever. I will be "Teh Smothered Cookie"

May I add I have skype :0
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so where do we start
what about this
Teh bad cookie
im not really tasty... :)
made account already

i think this would look nice in my profile
bite me and ill bite you back...
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if the location isnt decided by the time the world is open how about
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bump i noticed u updated it but i will like to join
posted before
i will join under alias teh bad cookie