TGT77! recruitment in K77

Tribe name: the resistence
Tribe ID: TGT77!
Tribe rank on world 34: 177
Tribe rank in K77: 4

We are recruiting new members into our tribe TGT77! if you wish to apply send me a private message or post your W34 game name and your reason for wanting to join and I'll see where your placement on the maps is and decide if you join the tribe or not

requirements: must be active at least 1 to 2 times a day
must be active in the tribal forums
must not drag the tribe down with slow growth

spots in tribe open: 2 openings


I'm not sure about TGT77! but I do knwo TGT58 are a decent tribe, if they're any indication I'd give a thumbs up for these guys.

fusion ray

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Hey, this is actually a good thread, considering the standards of world 34 PnP :lol:

You put the right continents in, and the open spots you have :) Good job :)
the tribe maybe only in 190K but that's because we r not point whores like most of u large tribes

btw recruiting is closed we r at max members


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lol it should be tgt77 are on the wrong k last time i looked it was TI k

by the way hi all im johnboy thought i should say hello and no better thred to do it :)


If you still want to join tgt77 I'm sure theres some new spots opening :icon_wink:


Well, the best part about being a Rim tribe is we get to kill our enemies twice ;)