The AXO Chronicles


Here will be , i suppose, where some of the History of world 45 shall be chronicled , as viewed by a small tribe on the Northern rim and the tales and songs of wandering Bards who graced their halls and forums with their venerable Art and folk stories that spread over the land and became legend.

This small tribe rose to a greatness in the face of impossible odds , defied the Empire giants who would have had this fine culture wiped from the map , and survived to the end over all the tribes of the world, save the Omen empire itself, which had sent attacks that the Axo High Chief, Axobongo, had to fend off up to the very last day of w45.

That the High Chief attained favor among a very few of the great Lords of Omen is a testament to his skill and diploomacy, What some called intellectual flatulence, others called genius. His style was both blunt & blatant, and also quite subtle ,, there was usually method to his madness. He never changed tribes once, nor allowed The Axo to disband or merge. He had gained recognition and acclaim for both his attack strategies and defense abilities.

Much of these stories focus around his efforts to bring his ancient tribe out of the darkness and mist, to rise to a certain glory, and attain independence and autonomy for his people . A goal which he eventually realized.


Dear readers, i urge you to return periodically to discover this Axo odyssey , as it will take time to develop and manifest on this forum, since editing should take place and careful consideration made to ensure amiability with all audiences.

And further, i urge you to follow the saga from beginning to end, in hopes you will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of writing styles involved. Some summarizing of wars and w45 history written in the epic style. Poems , songs, and Seers visions all play a part here, and eventually, tales told by first person perspective and adventure stories with slightly more rich description will culminate in the final climax for your pleasure reading . Get through the early stages and be rewarded with the enhancement of writing skill as it all develops.

Be not afraid of the gonzo humor that occasionally seeps in, we can only take ourselves seriously up to a certain point, and the Axo culture is known for its base comedy as well as a mastery of the elegant Arts and creative grace which spewed from its people in those forlorn days of old. As i stated, more than one style of creative vision will be laid down here. And sometimes the use of a grammar not fitting for modern times, but intact by the ancestral form of the Axo language. For example, diplomats in Olde Axoian were called Diplomoots. And their love of dots and commas and lack of capitalizing certain words was simply how these old world people wrote.

Patience dear reader , it will come. Here, or maybe in the form of a link, where unedited writings can flourish without censorship. And hopefully you can discern how it came to be that one legendary tribe, The Axo , survived to the last day over all others, and won its freedom from a mighty Empire bent on total genocide.
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Morthy said
Our congratulations go out to the tribe of Omen and their members who today have successfully won World 45 by eliminating all the opposition players.

Let it be known The Axo was in opposition and not allied , nor eliminated .
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Rule number 1. Never apologize for your Art,
Rule number 2. Break the rules!

And now, an apology,
This what follows did not begin with the intention of becoming what it has. It evolved spontaneously with a forum, and though i never considered myself much of a writer, ended up with nearly a novelette , and with some nice moments here and there. So i hope this fumbling attempt at written entertainment adds to your TW experience in some small way.

Additional Apology and disclaimer;

Throughout the day, i find i am at the helm of this TW, under different moods,, sometimes i write when its still too early,, or too late,, and my words take on a different air. i just should not write when i am tired, ( only problem, sometimes i am too tired and so don't realize it ) .. attitude fluctuations can turn a perfectly lovely thought into a jerky sounding message.
in the final days , to some of you i wrote a note, while tired , and along with it i forwarded a note i had sent to a friend, lazily, instead of rewording it, and i referred to a select few in Omen who kept attacking me relentlessly as "Scum lords" within the context of the game , the chronicles reveal how i was thinking. But the note did not make this clear, and it sounded as i was referring to the whole Omen tribe as 'scum'. i certainly was not .
Bawdy talk is often an integral part of a warrior spirit, and i would like to apologize to any of you i had ever cast into a negative light. Its all been meant in good fun, game spirit at the mercy of a beguiled and confused wordsmith.

For the sake of the story we lived , and which i expanded on as an exercise for the imagination , it is necessary to have villains.
And to inspire aid, it is important that potential allies and tribe mates evoke a passion, and an emotional response to enemies . So there are many reasons to trash talk . Those who made themselves enemies of me deserved no respect, in game context ,, whereas in real life, they deserve full respect. This real world would be better off if full respect was given to all.

TW would be quite weird if we tried this.

(Also , if ethantucker18 ever reads this, i am sorry i took you out after the MOD merge. it was an error that bugs me still. You would have made a fine member of AXO.
There was some remorse for killing Legend Conqueror also, it was among the toughest decision i had ever had to make , the type that has a high margin of error built in. All chiefs must face this kind of nightmare choice, war and paranoia and spies and discipline all falling in the range of his duties, forgive me if i erred, we missed your sword arm, and if you were contemplating friendship with the enemy, let me know, please, so we could have a good laugh about it)

The views expressed here are only mine. any concepts invented from the root of which this game is based reflect only the unique imagination of me.
And any similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

Intro : Mytho~iconapsis

Prologue : A quick summery

Part 1 : Is loosely journal and forum like, the written history/story of the first cycle of the Axo emergence and fall , mixed with the live experience of those who lived it.

Part 1 1/2 : covers the 2nd era cycle of Axo evolution ,the strange time of the Axu Rangers, the members fate, and something about Axobongos travels.

Part 2 : Covers the return of Axobongo to the North , and his struggles and the farewell to Old Axoland, mainly history via the Bards.

Part 3 : Is mainly Bard works, and some detailed stories covering the Axo revival in the SouthWest with Sister tribe the AXOo, and world history of the main Empires and their fate.
*********personally, i think this part is best.
Epilogue : is what it is .

~------------- ~ ~ ~ -----------------------~

Chronic chronicling of Axo Bards

What follows are from Bardic lore and Axo studies:

Excerpts from the Big Red Bards Book For Bad Children And Other Beasties:

There are many Myths and stories about the Axo and their origin,,,maybe you have heard one.
Scholars have debated it for years,, these Mystic warriors who seem to value laughter and joy over seriousness, have seemed to've played a role in all of mankinds Mythos.. if you dig deep enough, there is always a trace of Axo

Here is one version, coming to us from the western lands:

The Axo are an ancient people, it is said that when the first Coyote made love to the Moon by planting his seeds in her deepest crater, some of his embedded seed exited through an internal crack and spilled down to the Earth, creating the original volcano, where the Axo first emerged. its also said that all the people of the earth are Axo in origin, thus joining the tribe is coming home.

" In good pagan form, they love to party, Art , laughter and song, Herb-lore and orgies were highly revered,,as well as war mastery .. Tree hugging dirt munching Druids on one hand , and Viking like mushroomed berserkers on the other..."
--- according to professor Buttworthy of the N. umberland ladies anthropology society and pheasant club.

And from the snowy north comes this:

When great Odin sacrificed himself, to himself, and hung for days on the sacred tree Yggdrasil. from the socket of his deleted eye there dripped out drying blood,, which fell to the ground and turned into legless ants. these ants were part of a world of gods,, long before mankind . Along came a giant creature known as Brer Rabbit. who noticed these ants twitching helplessly on the ground. he took them home to show his wife, she thought them to be seeds of some sort,, jumping beans perhaps. so they put the ants in the ground. where they grew in the womb of the earth. and eventually emerged from anthills all around the planet. and grew into people. as they grew. Brer rabbit and the animal types got smaller. it is said that the essence of the animal folk was going into the people folks,and people got bigger , and animals smaller. and thus the first fleshy people walked the land,, and they were the Axo.

The world changes, technology and modernizing is now bringing us out of the woods,, and we're building a bunch of crap,, lets face it. but there is no going back.

When time happens,, and it will, enemies will be bigger. (" time creates biggerness",,an Axo axiom ) and good things & wisdom will be bigger too .

. As far as physical appearance the Axo people are considered to be exotic and sexy looking,,they may be blonde and red,, as well as brown or dark dark,, ( some believe that modern people, such as Dean Martin and Neomi Campbell are descended of the Axo)

They came to realize, that to prevent interbreeding , it is important to expand the tribe,, to take in new members,, as the great Shaman , Merlin ( who was Axo) once said " we offer good DNA and genetic material to mix with other people . (remember,,interbreeding creates tooth decay,,and many other fatal diseases...) this was an amazing comment,, having been stated thousands of years before the discovery of DNA. but such is the mystery of the Axo.

Dr. Ochfella McClannish of the Royal Scottish society of Widgets, in a letter to Mrs, Jean Ear , concerning little known tales of the Kelts , wrote :
" From the Emerald Isle
there was once uncovered a stone , with Ogham writing , detailing a curious tale in which Dana , the mother goddess of the people of herself ( the Tuatha De Danan ) , long before she gave birth to the ancestors of the Irish, had an affair with a wandering god from the far west, (as you know , her castle was high on an island far to the west), when she was young and wild , she met a god named Juan, Juan Barleycorn , ( who would later suffer great indignities, die,, and later resurrect ,, only to suffer them again, and resurrect again.)
but i digress , apparently her first offspring was malformed,, in fact, it was a potato ,,
horrified,, she threw it into the sea, where Mannanon of the ocean found it and brought it to a cave far under the waves to the heart of his kingdom, and stuffed it in the ceiling nook. there it took root, and grew roots upward and out, until finally sprouting up in all the lands of the world. becoming plants of the wild wood. fed by the sun.
Out of these plants , people emerged, and they called themselves Axo.

...i am afraid my dear miss Ear, the stone becomes hard to read at this point,, it seems to explain something about juan barleycorn swimming the oceans in search of his dear potato child , and ended up having bad luck in the mists of avalon, where he was mortally beaten with sticks by the wee folk and torn asunder by banshees , and then turned into a vat of beer . "

There is an interesting coincidence concerning the date 21-12-2012 (12-21-2012) the Mayan calander ends there , so they say ( but its little known that they were working on the next one, only didn't get to it , due to extinction of their archives and Aztec invasions, then invasions by Christian converters, and time) , but this is also the date in which Axo soothsayers said the world will turn into binary codes.
~----- ~ -------~
Recent discoveries of some ancient texts written by a famed Warrior-Bard of the name Viscount Drake:

" Some say the Axo was born of the mother of peace and the father of destruction. From within the womb the child was tormented daily from 10-2 yet peaceful and calm the rest of the time within.
It is said that during the hours of torment that the Axo fetus was warring itself; battling for dominance in destructive maniachal mahem in order to be born ready to conquer and destroy all the universe.
However, in the Axo fetus' time of peace a perfect calmess overcame the mother and child, a sweet serenity so perfect that the mother of peace blissfully passed rose and peach fumed flatulents as she moved over the earth. These are said to be the first smells of the Earth and more importantly the origin of our atmosphere; and foremore the formation of greenhouse gases resulting in the first organic matter beyond the gods random creations. Peachy.
When the child was born, the child was named Man the first human and first Axo. For he was ever kind, loving and peaceful, but would fight, and destroy anything and everything that would threaten his nature."

"This is the story of the old folk, from the time of the first chieftans of the world, reportedly from the one we now know as Viscount Drake; the first story of the first Axo; the first man, the beginning of earth as we know it."

Chronicles II.v7
~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~

---------------Axo Musings------- by Morthimus the Muser

The Axo became a mighty tribe in the land, from the determination of their Chiefs to liberate all the Axo people from oppression. They grew a collection of great warriors , so it seemed, right from out of the earth, and into fame and glory.
Heros of the land joined these warriors in robust joy. fought and conquered the cults and cruel & stupid lords of the tyrannical ways.
Once threatened on all sides, They used their force and their wits and survived to eliminate their foes.
Many great Axo rose in the ranks,,, but also, many beloved heros fell along the way.
With the rise of power, the Axo had to face inevitable rebellion,, for new lords on the far borders thought themselves powerful. Until the Axo tribe came together to teach them the meaning of annihilation .
And more , the Axo grew. And finally owned their own ancestral lands! Great heroes from afar had heard of their fame, and travelled long roads to join them.
Even the overlord of the southern plague hesitated to attack them. but this clash was inevitable. and the final test of Axo power. if the Gods permitted it. the Axo would forge on. in their own unique way.

Firstly, this:

A quick summery :

When Axobongo came into the world he began a tribe on valentines day, there already existed about 3 major super-tribes, R4ki, Apex, and the other one.
(..and the rest) , they were central and southern based.
He rode the Northlands in search of people, and forund Thor and Kura and Asharp, and soon after, Guinness, but Guinness did not join the Axo right away, keeping to his tribe STOMP, of which he was Chief. Axobongo and he became fast friends, and worked together in secret. eventually, Guinnes would grow into the fiercest of Axo Chieftains.

Axobongo had a town, he grew it into a Tribe, His first major battle (and ennoblement) was against Lord Oz, who initiated the attack, and his first allied tribe leader,and next door neighbor, Duke Skeetgently , betrayed him, and sent no support. So Axobongo killed him and gained Armflem, the red hand, from skeets tribe ,and rodstuntman . Armflem would end up a dear friend who added greatly to the tribe spirit . Guinness and Thor were Axobongos top men, these 5 ( Axobongo, Thor, Guinness , Asharp and Armflem) would set about creating a great success for the north.
The smaller Axo tribe led the bigger MoD tribe as allies to kill Lord Oz, and his cronies , now connected with a powerful tribe called Hunter ,upper middle south of Axo and MoD. They later accepted the top warriors from MoD, who bid after the proof of shared battle , to join Axobongo over their own Duke, the Dark Horseman . The Axos ended up having to topple their Lord from his throne. The Axo finally became a tribe to be reckoned with.

But two of these new members were corrupt, zerza and gywidon, very unpleasant personalities that tried the patience of Axobongo, they began to make contact with Apex, and it is believed they shared the Axo forum as spies. they were a powerful pair, and far off at the edge of the k on the Axo eastern border, they flaunted in confidence their flawed thinking and abusive personality types, and they were booted and set upon by Axo fury. (Bongo fury),, they were annihilated and disgraced. Any hopes Apex may have had that this pair would ruin Axo from within were now doused .

Axo began taking more land and smaller tribes ,in time they owned the entire North, like a mop top of hair over the round face of the world. KTA on their west flank,, and Shadows, led by Warlord Hector in the east. The massive tribe, led by Mitsche, called Apex, had been coming North and grieving many upon many. The Axo's held them from further advance.
Mitsche's Vanguard lord, HCToni and Axobongo's Vanguard warrior, Guinness finally clashed, and the war of Axo/Apex began. Glowbal had made no headway with Thor, but had struggled more so through Warlord Hector , an Axo cousin of the tribe Derg.

Their fight, and southern politics, and the death of HCtoni spelled a victory for the Axo, Mitsche was left to abandon his efforts there for a time. and Axo set about gaining a merge from the KTA. while Shadows and Hector swore loyalty to Axobongo, and the friendship and Brotherhood with Axobongo and Hector helped the land flourish. Of this alliance, Axobongo was the High Chief. Several fine warriors joined the Axo, most notably Vordan, Shaman52 , Nagel from Shadows, TobynMoca and fatmanrunnin.

There was a plague that covered the world, many warriors became inactive worldwide, and died.

Mitsche now led a tribe called Chocho. They renewed their northern advance, and Hectors tribe suffered. The Axos lost Thor during the plague, and much hope was lost with him. Hectors tribe suffered infiltration and betrayal, namely from saintJordi, and some took the refuge of the Axo banner, while others did not and died in battle, disconnected from their bretheren.

Axobongo devised some battle strategies to counter Chocho. he decided to go for their head, Mitsche, and focus their efforts mostly at him, for this , he ordered catapults to be built. a weapon most advanced tribes ignored for completely erroneous reasons, and not knowing how to use them in optimum value, they tended to opt for rams, due to the cost, and the ego of completely dropping a wall. Axobongo knew that walls were an illusion and no great concern, either in confronting them or hiding behind them, and as well cats could breach them from the sky. The wise use of Catapults is much more cost effective as well.

His strategy baffled and vexed Lord Mitsche and his co player, to the point Mitsche began losing, although vastly outnumbering The Axo. This was the moment Axobongo had been waiting for, he roamed the wide world in haste to muster allies, and rally them to attack, but to no avail, The Bushi tribe, who had suffered betrayal by a Baron ( mfraanje) who disbanded them before joining Chocho ( which is always and ever considered the lowest act of sleaze possible in the TW worlds) , had no heart for war, tho' Axo's had warned them to join the fight now, while they had a small advantage, or lose it all later. The Bushi tribe ended up spineless, and did not join. As well, they let Angrim grow and keep k11,, The Axo were too far away to attack Angrim ,, and the Duke of Bushi ignored the numerous times Axobongo beseeched them to focus their energies on Angrims bid for k11, they could not even handle that,, and their fear of sending hundreds of fakes became a deal breaker for the Axo/Bushi allience. P-ctrl completely and foolishly ignored his letters, also. along the full border of Mitsche, Axobongo could not find a tribe to join the fight, except for the people of PUB,, way south east rim, they were the only ones with the sand to give some fakes a go at the mighty Mitsche.

( Historical Note: Angrim succeeded in the end, to own his own k, although a smaller rim k, still an admirable feat and accomplished goal, well respected by The Axo Chief)

The Cho army began to push harder into Shadow territory, and the Eastern flank of Axoland began to fall hard.

The west was still holding, But a synchronous curse would seem to befall the Axo people,,Lord Guinness had to leave, he had crisis and pressing issues out of this world. As did the Axo Chief, who had delayed attending vital things in the world beyond in order to aid his people in the war. But finally had to give in and travel away to attend to tasks ordained him by the great Druids of the Axo. Only Guiness could have sat in his seat, but that would not now be a possibility . Omen lords were now aiding and supporting Mitsche in his trials, and also capturing key northern territory, spelling a grim outcome unavoidable . the Axo tribe did not disband,, but transformed.

The Rangers of Axu, were formed, all Axo Chieftains. They guided and protected their people as they could, but diminished little by little. And became the Dark Pool, or -BS- ( Blackwater Swamp) a mercenary band for hire.

Axobongo was away for a time, enduring great trials . in time ,his travels had him cross paths with a southern warrior Chief named Marajax. They became fast friends, and Axobongo , at first reluctantly , agreed to accompany him to another world, and try to colonize it (53), The failings of leadership, Marajax losing inspiration and often busy, Baron jerasu never speaking in the forums except to criticize Axobongo, who was a Baron General for Marajax, and the unfortunate spread over 5k's of the tribesmen spelled doom for this tribe, they merged into a pathetic hopeless group, Axobongo would not. He returned to w45 and Axoland, just in time to ennoble 2 towns before he lost the last of his originals to Omens colin the slayer,now Mitsches new tribe . It was an extension of the Chocho who were relentlessly coming north. They now swamped the land.

Only Biruk and Axobongo were left of The Axo lords, and Nagel was nearby, but now within another tribe. And fatmanrunin and TobynMoca had honorably been accepted into Onoez. Later, Tobyn would fall, and disappear, leaving behind a swath of towns.

The leaders of Omen refused Axobongos offers ,and various ideas , unable to trust that this wild Chief of the old ways who now only had about 5 towns in his control could have devised any plans that would aid them in their new war with One, a mistake that prolonged the inevitable. Omen would eventually win, but had they took in Axobongos help, they would have learned of the power of his wyrd imagination and its knack for success, and gained surprise advantages that they could not yet fathom.

in time, the north lords of Omen attacked the Axo, now Biruk was killed, and Nagel was an Axo again.. Axobongo had managed to gain and lose about 18 towns before the fateful day when he faced a new experience,,for the first time ever, he got rimmed.

But sometime , wyrdly , before that fateful day, he had been in communication with he who sat in the chair of Marajax. Viscount Drake of One. Their destinies and personal plans met a harmony, and TWO tribe disbanded or joined ONE , and 3 of its top warriors (via the good Viscount) formed AXO BONGO ( AXOo),, in honor of this wild Chief from the north, who, had been without the strength of towns and soldiery , but did all he could to rally and inspire the southern tribes who fought against the Omens , those Omens which had refused his help, and then turned on him.

Those in the southern tribes of One and Two had more wisdom, so it seemed, and appreciated Axobongos efforts. He relocated near them, and set his sights on taking the abandoned towns of John Sim, a warrior he met in w53 who was part of the Marajax group of colonists.

Meanwhile, some help from Marajax/-ViscountDrake , Milly and Asgaurd now of ONE , helped him grow to gain his second town, the Axo tribe began to re-grow as well, and some extra aid and friendship with Mooray ( Thunderbunny) combined to help him gain a 4th town.. Nagel had remained, tho' suffered all the way through, Vordan had returned , and even css, who was once booted from Axo up north, for ennobling barbs. Maarjo got himself up to about 4 towns , and he and Axobongo thwarted Mfraanjes attempts at getting a strong stance there, but for one stacked town, who lost its nuke twice due to Axobongos paying attention.

The new strategy would require a previous taboo,,ennobling barbs, one had to adjust as times permitted. In Axobongos philosophy, changing times meant changing tactics, This was true even as the age of 'the super tribe's began to enter the world, and now as an endgame.
Axobongo tried to rally One into Offensive strikes as a form of defense, but they felt too burdened to listen with conviction,,

And then, the great climactic and epic world war between ONE and OMEN made a little squeaky sound and sputtered air as a sour fart.
Papoomio and several of the ONE tribe joined into Omen. Game over in many eyes.
When their great leader Papoomio and his top lords (including Viscount Drake) had joined into Omen,, other lords of One had dismayed over this and committed suicide. Asgaurd was now one of the main leaders of One.

------>>> Here is an example from the AXO Chronicles from the eyes of a Bard of Lore who lived through those terrible days , excerpt from section ( outlinish) on life during Omen vs. ONE empire wars:

An accounting of the great Empire wars :--------- By Phaluk O'Gitmoholly of the Ceiba Tree

The ONEy Empire was an old race from the far south, where the climate was more temperate. In the old days, the Omeny and Oney tribes lived close to one another,, and the mighty Raki tribe further north central. And further to the south, where the desert land was so parched, but mountain lands hid secret forests and jungles where pockets of water from ancient times still reigned within the great mountains bellies. it was fabled that ancient Axo,,long before Axobongo was born, had settled there in the weird southern land, and that the people of a tribe they called 'Heat' ( people of the heat,, or heatiers, ) and had distant Axo ancestry, had similarities in culture and arts, enough to baffle the archeologists who studied such things, for the distance was most extreme , from North rim to South rim were they parted .

The Oney were fierce warriors since ancient times, they and the Omenners, along with Apex toppled the Raki empire ,long before Mitche ever even uttered the word Cho,, when he was given the leadership of Apex in the south and was molesting the Axo in the north , he had stretched thinner each day as the defiant Axo vexed the north and southern Apex fell in decline, Mitsche joined into the Raki tribe, and it was believed assassinated its king, and from the ashes of Apex and Raki he made Cho,,( some say Chocho,, some Choo ) ,, and travelled north where he faced the Axo wars, which cost him dearly in some regards, for the southern Omenners were a technologically more advanced civilization , and had been pushing its culture further north. And had been breeding , its children surviving with lower mortality rates than the Cho culture,, which was perhaps more of a cult than culture, a military cult of grim lords of ruthless nature that worshipped mitsche as a demigod , powerful dark magic was said to be behind it, fecal in nature, but unable to withstand the culture of the masses of people that were in the Omeney domain.

It spread into Cho country, and Some such as Baron Jacuzzi could not resist the pleasures of the civilized culture and its delightful fruits, He was one of the first to join in with them, in time all the Cho became Omen, and Mitsche its emperor. And the Oney empire held an alliance , the Twoo people of Marajax in the south, branch of the Oney, and the Onoez people of Owengetto in the north, branch of Omens , had to face each other in a long and bloody war so that Omeny and Oney empires did not clash directly. And grit their teeth giving smiles and hugs to one another, while taking out their frustrations on the small people, and the indigenous tribes, and peasants of their empire. The Omeon empire and civilization became darker and grim under the Cho lords, and blighted the world with a heartless destruction that began to lose meaning , it seems they were driven to annihilate all the people of the world and hasten its destruction. Axo snow people in the far distant Fyiords of Thorsland believed certain gods were trying to hasten Ragnarok,, the end days.

Marajax of TWO tribe was dismayed , and sought to find a new land for his people to migrate, and travelled far to the outer worlds of the wide earth, but to no avail, Axobongo tried to help him, but it was not to be, Marajax had disappeared ,,and when Axobongo returned to 45, he found the Onoez were thrashing the mighty Twoos , the high Chief was heartached over this, for he knew Axo ancestry and cousins of his were on both sides . Axobongo was pledged to Owen,, the Onoez and the Omeon empire , of his sword and axe if ever it was needed, and he could have offered so much more as an experienced leader and veteran of many a war. But in time, the Omeon lords feared the old Axo Chief any growth of strength. Rather than respect a worthy adversary now surrendered and harmless but proud to maintain autonomy of his people and their culture , rather than respect with the chivalry of the warriors respect of auld , some lords coveted the status of their names in the history books as the one who killed Axobongo, but the wily Chief was not easy to kill, Even Mitsche had stopped trying and sat back in a respect for this Axo Chief, he had agreed to let Axobongo live out a peaceful existence, but that was before a change came over him, and mitsche was a to become different person , something took hold of him, and he sent his lords out to perform genocide on the people of the world. Even as Oney Barons began assaulting the Omeon fronts,, all small tribes of Omenland were being wiped out.

Following the AXO wars, Colin the slayer took Axobongos last town, the Temple Ganja Farms,, and two new Axobongo towns rose up beside them, Later, MarcusOpus had given it a go, but Axobongo survived that and Marcus lost a fine retinue of nukien soldiery. He rode to Marcus to discuss terms , and found Lord MarcusOpus quite a reasonable man.
These were lords of a better stock, they did respect the old Axo chief and the glory days. But Roadkills was not of the same temperament , when he lost men, he piled on more,,and more . As did PoledraVermigli, who seemed to cultivate a grudge at the Axo chief for having been so difficult an opponent .
Axobongo had mastered the building design of his castles to mount a wise defense , and slaughtered tens of thousands of Roadkills men, before finally being forced to take flight , in a rage, Roadkills took out 5 of Axobongos towns and strongholds , but Axobongo managed to establish three more, Things were changing rapidly in the world, Yet Vermigli decided to take a shot at finishing this Axobongo , he attacked,, and took three towns that were burnt to scorched earth by the time he got them, and another Axobongo stronghold still remained.
.. Surely, there were no more nobles with Axobongo, surely he had no troops,, he was an outlaw in the woods living hand to mouth,, surely ..but not so, Axobongo was living well, but hidden from view, when vermigli found him , he also found the destruction of an entire brigade and his favorite general at Axobongos gate ,
12,000 men died attacking what appeared a small hamlet keep, out of nowhere Axobongo charged on their flanks, and hit them from three sides,
By the time word reached Vermigli, a new Axobongo town had arisen. And in the south, a new tribe of Axo rose from obscurity and claimed their legacy, known as AXOo .

Papoomio of the ONE Empire was the strongest and wealthiest lord among them, Axobongo had long admired his career as a military man. There were several great generals and lords of amazing military skill among the Onee,,
They had finally declared war on the Omeon, as the Twoos faltered and lost ground to the Onoez,, the Oney plowed into the fronts of Omen and took vast swathes of land from them , militarily,, it seemed as if the Oney were winning. The Omenners were still plugging on with their 'genocide plan' , gaining extra territory in out of the way places, their lords relished the easy kills, and avoided the big war,, after all, they had Onoez attacking relentlessly,, Onoez warriors fighting their battles while afraid for their own skins from Omeon tyranny, even the heroes who secured Omens glory were under threat by the empire.

Owengeto , their Chief and Duke of Onoez, would abandon them, and Axobongo , and all others he had befriended, woo'd by Omen , he re-joined the empire, entered their courts, and was granted land and pretty clothes , for it was now custom for the Omen Lords to dress in the clothes of delicate Ladies,, dresses and ribbons in their hair,, powdered faces and beauty spots, and always, the perfume made from human excrement , or dingle berry turd earrings to adorn their person in respect of the religious cult in which so many of them belonged.

Papoomio was of the faction of Oney lords that had slowly become disciples of this cult, so some would say , though the Oneys avoided the actual fecal matter in their rituals. There were a growing group within the leadership of Oney that argued for surrendering to the Omeon , yet several of the Onee leaders vowed to die first.
Still, Papoomio looked at charts and statistics more than to the fire in the eyes of his people, and surmised doom was imminent, he was also dissatisfied with the inactivity of some of his Lords , and felt his war machine lacked . Few understood this reasoning , and many of the common folk suspected it stemmed more for a love of Omeon culture or hero worship of Mitsche , for Omeon lords were often secreted into Oney court forums and allowed to observe, so it was rumored. Eventually, the day came when Papoomio left his valiant tribe behind, and rode to join the Omeons, which caused a stir and sent ripples through the land like nothing had ever done so before.

It was said to be a daunting moment for the Oney lords,, several followed Papoomio, like Whometuthri ,with enthusiasm,, but many went in a daze . Some, like the great Uhakem , joined into Omen, but upon seeing up close the inner courts, and swathes of men dressed as ladies, and smelling of poo.. he could not stomach it. He left them and returned home and held a council with the other lords who could not bare to abandon their people and customs. All knew Onee culture would be destroyed and outlawed by Omeon mandate.

Iustinrapid also began to join Omen, intoxicated at first , but cleared his head and joined in the council of Uhakem,, and the great Bazhabit,, and Elfspice,, two of the strongest and wisest Lords ever found in the world refused to join the Omeon, for a great while, wise Elfspice advised for the merge , but when the time came, he had too much honor and joined the secret council of the Onee Lords which rejected the Omeons.

These mighty lords,, the worlds last best hope of leading an alliance to oppose the empire, with millions of warriors ready to fight to the death for them , made a decision that would haunt mankind and history , and hasten in the ages of darkness over the world.

They made a suicide pact.

Bazhabit said:
"In my eyes, suicide is the only way of not losing, as in the end, the only people that come away with any credit from this world are the people that have stayed true to their tribes and not those that bailed for some ‘hall of fame’ glory. I never really bought into the ‘hall of fame’ garbage anyway"

Elfspice , one of the most respected and beloved , and one of the worlds best swordsman and general it had ever known, seemed to feel remorse at advising Papoomio to merge. in the end, his life he would forfeit , to die with honor.

Bhandtay was very angry, he was one who had overcome mighty odds and obstacles and endured much loss for his people for his tribe,, when Papoomio merged, Bhandtay, who was a witch lord from the tribal regions of Oneyland,, put a curse onto Papoomio, wishing death and serious illness to all the children of his line.
Left bitter, he initially also agreed to the suicide. but would take the poison later after attending to some things.

Lord Rock was imbued with more of a sense of life than the others, and gave a passionate speech:
''What is your soul worth??
What is the difference in being a spy and or, selling out to the enemy?
Would you turn your back on those who have fought beside you, who have looked up to you, supported and followed you?...
...Whatever reasons and justifications people can come up with I can never understand (even if there is only one person active in your tribe)
how anyone can turn their back, on those that trust them and follow them to the end...Cry 'Havoc', and let slip the dogs of war ''

Iustin rapid proclaimed:
"i was moving in omen for one day but i saw that like Rock said i couldnt lived with myself if i stayed there''..."Better die standing than to live life on your knees"
.he joined the suicide pact.

Axobongo rode to some of these lords, and tried to stir their warrior spirits out of anger and into fortitude, but it was grim and not to be. He spoke to Uhakem, but could not sway him from the suicide course he had laid for himself. To see these great men in such a state was one of the most disturbing things he had ever witnessed,, it was as if they were hypnotized with a death wish,, in a dark trance ,, and unable to snap out of it.

On a cold and misty day , they brought the great table from the council hall, and set it upon a central hill in the heart of Oney lands, where rituals and sacrifices were held from ages back, and there , they sat, Bhandtay had prepared a poison cup for each of them,, Lord Rock did not join, or stay to witness the ritual,, he returned north to fight.

They completed the rites, drank of the poison, and sat facing each other, until they were struck rigid by the poison. and there they sat, dead as stone, looking as statues of men sitting together in silence sharing a cup , picnicking with their great table on top a hill, Under the table, tinder wood had been arranged,, and the fires were lit.
A strange sight indeed, Axobongo witnessed it, it was like nothing he had ever seen,, these men, sitting frozen in place around a great table under the open sky , cups in hand,
and all alight burning as if they supped in the Hades of the underworld mentioned by the Ionic travelers . at first , there was little smoke. only a clean flame enveloped them, later, a black smoke rose furiously making the small hill appear as a miniature volcano.

it burned like this for a day and a half, in the night the skeletons within the black smoke that glowed of fire were visible still sitting at the table . By afternoon of the next day, of them and the table there was left no traces,, but a black patch of scorch and some smoking ashes. The Oney people spent their next few days in a daze,, walking as the un dead would walk,, phased to the core at what had just befallen them.
In distant parts, some other One lords would follow suit. including Roadtrash, who did himself in a month later.

There were those who would still resist, like Lord Rock , but that many had lost their will meant that the Omeon overlords would inevitable rule the land in entirety.
Axobongo knew, however, that one day, the darkness would clear,, this was no Ragnarok, the planet held other worlds, and it may take generations to get through tyranny , but the spirit of man, such as kept by all The Axo, would one day return to flourish in harmony.

The Axo High Chief continued to try and motivate offense strategies among the larger outsiders of the dominant empire,
Axobongo was asked to take the sit of the throne of the HEAT duke , Belcaves, and try to motivate that tribe into battle offense as defense. they did not respond well , they quietly began to dissolve one member at a time. Only he who ran Canna and Leahliu spoke frequently with the Axo Chief. And they in time fell, and Axobongo returned to governing his own lands, this included sitting within AXOo, his sister tribe. but they too were inept, or dying from the loss of their top 3 warriors and their sits becoming inoperable .

There had been an alliance Axobongo had inspired , with the USF tribe hosting it, called 'The Iron Task Force' ( which was obviously not a name inspired by Axobongo,, who had the nice and sound name of 'IOTA' = Independent Outsider Tribe Alliance, which is much better,, dont you think? ) . Echelon and a handful of tribes joined it, and though Axobongo spoke and made compelling speeches, they had not the heart or unity to change tides, and erred in not joining Axo, to make a bid for a bargaining chip. Plus this alliance was colored by dysfunctional personalities clashing to the ironic delight of some of us who also dismayed at the futility of it all.

And a division of the fundamental approach was met, Lord Greed was a strong voice , but petitioned for the alliance to take out smaller tribes, just what Omen was trying to do, to end the world faster. Thus helping the enemy. The others , being only Axobongo , argued against it to focus on exchanging offense and defense help with the stronger tribes fighting Omen, such as ONE and HEAT, and use attacking costs in aiding in a group effort to destabilize specific targets. The vote largely went to Axobongos view. Once that got sorted out, the alliance then made nothing happen.

* in the end, not an Iota was given *

Axobongo tried to unify Tribe leaders, and mavericks like Vespa, once a warrior of the One tribe. But to no real avail. Mooray, Asgaurd also Mazulite and Vespa were the most willing to plan a strategy, but a strong effort and unified effort did not quite manifest. Eventually Asgaurd and Arwen joined into Onoez, the Omen dog Tribe, who was strong-armed into fighting for Omen upon penalty of death, and who it seemed, fought more than Omen itself back before Papoomio switched sides. For back then, Omen was more concerned with taking out any and all small villages, re-starters etc. , and gain points, where as it seemed to Axobongo , One had a superior fighting force, which was gaining over Omen statistically,, but the old psychological edge of points turned the One leaders to join Omen, even though Omen was weaker in manpower, they were sitting several of their own accounts, and a little burdened by that, .

But alas, no one listened to Axobongo anymore. Even though . over all the re-starters and the rimmed, he was making a decent comeback. The only one of them to achieve more than 25 villages.
Thus, they all fell, every last soul in the world was taken out, but Axobongo held on, for the sake of his people, his tribe and culture, and the amazing dedication shown him by the lost members he would always admire. Its fair to say,, Axobongo was 'on a trip' , sticking to his own personal goal. he held, and would not join the Omen Empire.

He had two scenarios to try to work with as the day approached that a vote would determine the fate of the world:
1) . If the world would end on the 28th, it was just a matter of holding on up to that date, accepting that he would be the only rep for his tribe if he did.

2) .A.) if many other tribes merged into Axo, and tribes were dissolved, a goal of 100% domination between '2' tribes would become more practical. ( this may have caused the 'vote' day to come sooner, also) ,then tribe-mates may have a chance . But total extermination of every outsider from Omen was still Omens most desired plan.

*( It sort of shows us something about human nature, when we ask " why does the richest man in the world want more,?,, and at the expense of us little ants being made homeless and destitute ? When winning is not enough, vast wealth is not enough, what 'game' is left for the ultra rich and powerful? ,, answer--> Bragging Rights, in this case, the right to brag that not only did they beat everyone, but they killed them too)

B.) if vote result was '100% dom. it may give Axo a chance at alliance if Omen accepted ending with a second tribe, an alliance would have given 100% domination of 2 allied tribes, so within no time we could end the world that way.

The vote became world ending on the 28th, about 11 days remained.

The days were ticking down to the final weeks, Omen attacked consistently and Axobongo held his own, but in the very last stage, his old friend Fatmanrunnin joined him in battle at Ogham Cow Ritual Site. There they met and destroyed countless troops sent by Mfraanje, known by several as an Honorless lord for having disbanded his old tribe as a Baron to join Omen.
Indeed, there was division in the Omen tribe on the issue of Axobongo and is tribe. He was invited to join Omen more than once but refused for the sake of maintaining his perfect record of no tribe changes, and his original goal to achieve top tribe under the empire as number 2.
A few did not attack him when they could have, a few even sent some support, and a few gave his cause a voice in their forum. But the majority voted to take him out and deliver him to oblivion.

in these final times, Mitsche himself decided to grant this worthy Chief his protection,, but only in one town, Axobongos own estate, his retirement villa.

Mitsche announced this clearly to his tribe, and yet agreed that they take the rest of Axobongos towns, They tried, and although Mitsche contemplated removing his troops from the villa, if the tribe so demanded , no concrete plan was made about it, and those few most determined to destroy Axobongo lost millions of troops there at his villa. Asgaurd and Arwen finally agreed to step up and send some troops to just a few towns Axobongo selected. His choices were wise. for these few towns held, but for two, and the diversion towns Axobongo ennobled confounded the Omens hunting him, they would take his troopless new barb towns, and Axobongo was able to maintain some troop count from those which could produce more effectively.

After all their efforts, Axobongo still had 16 towns , and the 28th day came. His last battles would be fought that day. Otto would lose his attempts in taking one of Axobongos 2 newer towns at 64-66 loyalty , due to Axo snipes,, but the other would fall to just 2 nobles successfully hitting it ! while Axo's 2 snipes succeeded, (and loyalty was at 66),, the 2 nobles that got through (the first and the last )both got over 34 loyalty taken, and the last battle of world 45 ended for the AXO, and Axobongo still had 15 towns, a shout above the 1 town that those sympathetic were prepared to allow him to keep.

Then, with no warning, around 10:pm, ST . the world dissolved unceremoniously, Omen declared winners, and the legendary Axobongo only recognized in folk tales.

Morthy said
Our congratulations go out to the tribe of Omen and their members who today have successfully won World 45 by eliminating all the opposition players.
, let it be known Axo was in opposition and not allied , nor eliminated . I say this to set the record straight, as i add my congratulations to the tribe known as Omen as well, well done chums .

There should at least be an award ( if not a prize ) for getting through the world never having changed tribes, but there isn't. except by the grace of Mitsche and Papoomio , whos eventual respect and good will towards Axobongo was reward enough.

***___~ There is so much more to this story, so much more to tell than just the facts,, There are the facts, and the facets . there is deeper knowledge to reveal recounting this summery in a more vivid vision,,

it starts at the beginning,, The Beginning of Time and It All. The Axo is one of the only tribal cultures that can trace its lineage to the origins of life.
Here then is the story of their revival. A young Chief was born who so loved his people and heritage, that he made it a lifes mission to restore them to their state of glory and security , and boot out the foreign invaders and corrupt leaders in the Axo homelands.


. Ax0 .
. the Alpha .
. and the Omega .
* By Axe * By Hammer*
. .* By Hand * By Cow * . .
. Let destiny be .
. our victory .
. over .

_Part One_

---------- 'History Of The Axo' ----by Mishosa ,1st. Consort to the High Chief Axobongo , Queen ,warrior ,High Priestess of the AxoWitchen and headmistress of Lapdance Arts.

12 days after Imbolc, in the month of Luis, time of the Rowen Tree and the Dragon , ( the day of the Valentine) the Axo tribe , via Axobongo, realized itself.
The first era began,

It was a tiny little thatched roof house that started it all. a tiny house in a tiny village.
It was just a tiny little village where the seat of the high Chief of the Axo was meant to be, but years of decline left these people Lordless, and their royals too impoverished to reign. The other notable village was led by a grumpy old bastard who had visions of ruling, but never any right. he was Skeetgenter , a clan leader who saw a child grow into a young man , who would one day rule over a mighty kingdom. This young man was called Axobongo, named for his tribe, in the lineage of the ancient leaders of a lost people.

Axobongo was of the ancient Axo , but lived in an independent way from tribal traditions . as the Axo was a scattered people. Their ancestral lands had little unity, but for their meeting at a gathering called a Thing , which would happen every few years. And there was a culture of sorts, even a royal bloodline. it was a very rich culture in many regards.. from the Arts to advancements of pleasures , to warrior skills and spiritual traditions. and sciences.. story tellers and musicians. Axo Bards were famed.

But his lands were troubled. foreign invaders were constantly invading his homelands , they grew and ruled Axo people in many regions . And this had been going on for years. years out of memory.

Axobongo was of royal blood, but it meant little in these days, for the lands were dominated and sapped by foreign tribes and he had little to show,, just a small farm in a small village. He was often disappointed that his people accepted their fate. it could only mean that one day, the Axo would be gone. he became determined to prevent that.

He made a vow.

When he felt he had learned all he could from the humble masters of his home, he took off traveling. For many years the road was his teacher , he learned to speak to the wild and sleep under a tree in all weather with no cloak , but unclothed as an animal. or sacred coyote. He met masters from all the world. learned new languages and philosophies. he lived as a warrior for hire,, and sometimes a rogue in his reckless spirit.

Years went by, he had stayed with many great teachers, and worked as a warrior for some chiefs who waged mighty wars, but his greatest wisdom came to him from a girl of dark beauty who he had taken for a lover when they were young ,,and his family would seek her mother, the witch healer of bear mountain. Mishosa and Axobongo reunited and she had a vision from strange rituals that he would have a great kingdom.

He set out to find his generals and form his army. along the way , he came to a small hamlet , attacked and surrounded by barbarians. ahh Axobongo loved a good fight , he leapt from his horse and charged into a pack of seven man.. he toppled them easily ,and for a moment was proud. until he looked up and saw the lord of the hamlet, Thor of the Hammer, annihilating dozens in a war dance choreographed by the gods. dozens ,and then in the twenties,, they fell around him in piles.

Axobongo began to laugh at the beauty of it ,, then Thor began to laugh as the barbarians ran off screaming in fear , as if a torrent of lightening and thunder had just assaulted them from the heavens.

"By the Gods!' Axobongo exclaimed. " But i would be proud to have your hammer by my side! join my cause and let us reclaim the Axo and let our stories of glory be sung in the halls of valhalla,as we will take our people to victory unto the days on Ragnarok! "

"Well met, good sir," Thor joyously replied " indeed i would be proud to join such a noble cause, you have my hammer , and vow that the Axo shall prevail to Ragnarok !"

and so good friends they became,, and wandered the land building a small following of heroic warriors.

When Axobongo returned home , he became troubled. a once friend of his, named Skeet, had started a cult of dark worship, and began to change as the power infected his head. he was seeing himself as a God. and oppressed his small following. good people who had joined in hopes of a better life.. and food for their children. some princes were being educated in his school. but his teachings would become dubious.

Axobongo was on the trail of a tough old bastard named Ado (Abadora), who he could not recruit, but had sensed in him a wisdom and experience, and knew he should pay close attention to his movements.. he was traveling to the far north west. So Axobongo set out to find him and learn the secret of who he sought. Ado was arrogant and rude, he always wore black and smelled of animal grease, so he would not be hard to track.

it was a long journey, ,,

On the way,, He met a curious hard looking man with a gentle smile, and infectious laugh. Kura,, of the turtle clan. he led a small set of warriors against invading barbarians, and Axobongo joined him in a few fights, and they became friends . The Chief had gained a General, the Turtle General , a barrel of a man , who loved his drink. and together they partied heartily . And so it came that one day Kura mentioned that the ancient brewers of the Axo stout were known to be far in the northwest,, a stronghold that brewed the Guinn , a sacred elixir that Axobongo only tasted in his early youth.

It was said the traveling wise man Ado had been seen in the lands of the red cow people. So Axobongo set out ,, over the mountains until he came upon the village of Asharp.. lord of the Cows. They so enjoyed each others company that soon Axobongo and he were fast friends. Asharp was pleased to join in the Axo cause, the western Axo people, like Kura, had been troubled for many a year. and this young warrior Axobongo seemed a likely king.

To the north west then Axobongo followed his nose.. until he came upon the brewers of the sacred brew.. a special drink that was plentiful in his youth, but had become more rare as travel became more treacherous in Axolands. When he learned that the Stout makers of Axo still brewed, and held their own through hostile times, he was most eager to know the master of this place.

It was here that he met Guinness, and a fast friendship was forged. The two had the same vision and philosophy on the way to achieve freedom through force. and he was
longing to form an army himself and chase out the raiders and marauders of the lands. Muldie of the Raki and Hellfire were part of his tribe STOMP but both located at a distance from the region, ado had also become a STOMPman, but died a fortnight later from an Ennui . Guinness was also a master of horses, and his small band of riders and Axobongos men enjoyed robust camaraderie as they began to carve a reputation that struck fear in the lesser lords.

"i came seeking a Master for my western flanks, i have now found one! but more-so, i have found a friend of the same make." and they drank and toasted one another "SLAINTE'!"

Guinness was more war hardened than Axobongo, for the brewers of the Stout were an ancient and sturdy clan of the Axo, whose stronghold was hard to access and was never penetrated . they were a distant legend warrior/brewer clan that many Axo people supposed had faded into the mist of time. many loremasters of the Axo had their lore dehydrate with the exposed brains that spilled from cracked skulls of their old lore masters from invader war hammers axes and swords. the people of Guinness preserved much knowlege of Axo lore that even Axobongos family had lost in their impoverishment and hard times..which reduced royalty to peasantry. Thus Guinness taught some secrets of the trade to the young Chief .
As did Master Thor,, who held knowledge from eastern masters. Thor was his right arm, his dear friend, his teacher, and his champion.
and both respected what Axobongo brought to the table, keen insight and a fiery passion and knack for war , and an ability to motivate men, and read into their hearts. the three had became masters in their own right and a balanced team that lost no battle. A Triangle or Triquetra of power . Asharp and Kura were slowly gaining momentum and would become a great support.

Years went by, The Chief returned to Axoland after a long journey thousands of miles to the South, he wandered in those lands until he came
upon a Druid Magus master who lived alone isolated in enemy territory, magically cloaked from their view , he was named Ha-rizon, an old Axo who travelled far, and never went back. He performed a king making-High Chief ritual that purified Axobongo and made him chosen to that right. Axobongo had the sacred blessings to his position.

At this point in the North, two tribes looked most promising MOD=Ministry of Darkness, and SOP=Swords of Power, the Hunter tribe, and Dogs , both looked to be a rising threat , they were looking more successful than either MoD or SoP, but still a good distance south of the North rim to be considered any kind of a worry. Below them Apex was the dominant concern, said to be a military culture of strict discipline and threats to their own members with little margin of patience if members fell short of high demands. This seemed to Axo sensibilities an unhappy existence that most Apex members must be enduring, Their leaders were rumored to be dark alchemists and necromancers by the common folk, and as Axobongo observed members being internally ennobled , he suspected it may well be true, and their inevitable problems would come from these tyrannical overlords .

The generals and lords that Axobongo had rallied were mostly still being trained, but were a bunch full of enthusiasm and gusto for their new found dignity, and for the new High Chief who had rallied a fighting force for the Axo people. They had been for so many generations without one, ancient stories of Axo glories were known to them since they were younglings . But not until this young Warrior Chief came around with such a determination, and air of destiny , did such a motivation renew the dormant spirit of them and supply a feisty bloodthirsty zest and gumption of fortitude that unified the able bodied and fiesty fighters of the Axo clans ,


BATTLE SONG OF THE AXO -------author unknown

Over mountains of ice, under hills of clay,
The Axo pass through ev'ry ground,
By axe, by hammer , by hand , by cow,
We sunder all our rivals down,

Over sea and through the rivers,
from shore to cove or sound,
By ax, by hammer , by hand , by cow,
We make our rivals drown,

Over walls, and through great halls,
The Axo do rave uncouth ,
By ax, by hammer, by hand , by hoof,
We send our foes right through the roof,

Over forrest floor, through trees and root,
The Axo fly wild wind aloof,
By axe, by hammer, by hand , by hoof,
With rivals meat, we feed our wolf,

Over life , and over death,
We laugh and wreck your town
By ax, by hammer , by hand, by cow,
Axo revels a bawdy sound,


note: on the 'ow-n' sound , they used an instrument ( the jig-jig) that made a loud ouwwwn sound that was like a kettle drum twanged and tweaked to sound twisted , like it mated with a wa-wa slide stringed instrument.
the jig-jig is rarely seen today.
~--------------- ~ ~ ~ ----------------------~
At the
Tavern ~ The Fool and Bladder Pub

Was where the Axo Tribe would meet and relax. It was a place for light conversation, a place where one could enjoy a warm fireplace, good stout brew, their finest pipe loads , and house foods such as stinky cheese on molded leather.

Axobongo on 21.03. at 06:44
sometimes, as one gazes into the fire burning, the bloodlust fades,, i have been smashing towns around me, unabashed and joyously,, but for some reason,now, i feel a little sorry for this phukd fellow,, he is now tribeless,,
about to be hopeless,,
i wonder ,, has he been around for awhile,, slowly growing? not very active? or is he possibly experienced, just late in these lands,,, ahh, it matters not. he's probably not Axo material,,
Thor9000 on 21.03. at 06:53

Indeed, it is the empathy of a warrior towards a lesser warrior.

But is it not the warrior way to battle? I say to thee, it is so.

I myself have had to stay my hammer as of late, all of the remaining worthy warriors in the area are M*O*D, we are left with foes such as this phukd one to vent our wrath upon.

Axobongo on 21.03.
mmm, soothely said, brother, sooth'ly said,,,
and yet, it remains to be seen how truely worthy these MOD men turn out to be...

Axobongo on 22.03.
This yvrairport fella' just keeps on trying to come back,,he's not a bad farm, gotta giv'mm somme credit,,,(uh, good grog). he's got moxy allova sudden

----------------- ~ ~ ~ ----------------------------------------------~
Tribe members came and went in these days, the North had very few of experience. sometimes Axobongo would take a chance on a few who seemed motivated, but if in the end they fell too short of grasping the basics, they would be sent packing back to their pathetic little domains to fend for themselves.

Axobongo on 27.03.
,,so wolgang is out of the tribe. All useless members should be warned, there are dangerous times ahead. we need to be a team of worthy participants.

it was not worthy when

he wrote:

um can i leave the tribe i want to try to make my own tribe if i can't can i go back in?

i dismissed him without a word. he deserves no generosity after his behavior during the funeral orgy when he brought billy goats and his men shagged them disrespectfully on my table in the great hall. i have stable boys hiding in the hay from unwanted advances of his buggering retinue. Not True Axo are these types. (more, he is suspected of stealing a bear claw from my favored shaman, (Getafixus).
His new tribe can expect no mercy from the Axo. unless maybe if he pays a good tribute , men or money. but i doubt he will advance much in this world.

***later ,Young Wolgang joined MoD ,now the dominant tribe of the north since SoP was on the decline.

Axobongo on 04.04. at 23:01

,,, and speaking of wolgang9510,,, BlackHorseman, duke of MOD, has permitted us to attack him. and we should some day. **burrp**
March 23***
Axo is now allied with The Cult->TC, led by their Duke Skeetgently, also known as Sceetgenter or skeets among the Axo Language.
Upon accepting Contecavo into the tribe, Lord Oz became furious at the loss of a farm, and so attacked Axobongo, making them mortal enemies. Skeet ignored Axo requests for support troops.
the funny thing is, wolgang was allowed back in the tribe for having spied on the tribe he joined after MOD, even though that little tribe needed no spying to be squashed by The Axo.
wolgang was taken out not long after, by some enemy or another, or perhaps inactivity.

'History Of The Axo' continued:

When Axobongo returned home, his lands were flourishing, but his neighbor and old friend and mentor was struggling and jealous. And rather poor for a self appointed duke, indeed, Skeet was growing more bitter and so abused his followers,, the lady Violet , who Axobongo had known when they were younglings,, she was a sweet lay, but he found her personality sometimes infuriatingly persnickety , and it was no surprise to him that she became a baroness to this miserable Skeet. Axobongo saw the deceit in Skeets heart, who secretly preached of plotting to destroy Axobongo to the good captains of his twisted cult..Armflem, and Rodstuntman. Farzadsa had already become disgusted, and quit the cult and cultivated the sacred herb that was traditionally smoked used in so many ways ,and loved by the Axo people, just north of Axobongotown.

Axobongo was peacefully enjoying the good weather and respite from raiding and battling as the leaders of his small army had to also tend their crops and govern their homes.
(Even though Guinness seemed to spend more time on his horse than on foot). And it was a time of growth,, new recruits were traveling from afar to join him , and this set about an angry reaction from Lord Oz of the Ozian people who had a massive stronghold of foreign soldiers from a distant tribe that was conquering with a speed from the mid south and encroaching on the north. He took offense when his people and young lords and Chieftains in the lands he over ruled and abused joined under the banner of the rightful High chief Axobongo, and pledged themselves to another.

Lord Oz had mustered all of his troops and early one morning attacked Axobongotown , with little warning,, Axobongo lost many men and units,, he had several out of town, and yet ,stood his ground , and sent out a counter attack,, Lord Oz was surprised, and lost many troops,, and had burning buildings left in his home.. but had the upper hand and devastated most of Axobongos force. when Oz troops were still incoming , Axo riders were dispatched and desperate plea's were called on from his alliance with Skeet , who turned his back on the Chief that he would not recognize, thinking himself superior. He ordered his people to not respond to the call to arms. and this betrayal is why Axobongo lost so many good men and wimmin and children of his town and fine beasts of his village.

Oz would be licking his wounds for awhile, and not be returning so soon. Axobongo Thor and Guinness swore this betrayal would not go unpunished. Guinness was a secret unknown to most.. for he had his own clan which called him chief, and was far from the Axo castle which was in Axobongotown. so when he sent his mercenary horses into Skeets land , Skeet was sent reeling,, and called upon Axobongo for help.. in which Axobongo came, but not to help,, he walked into Skeets town with a great force compared to Skeets feeble soldiers, and mocked Skeet with the very same words Skeet delivered when Axobongo called for help,, but with extra jabs of Axobongos wit . and jabs of catapults that toppled Skeets town to rubble.

And Axobongo so taught Skeet who was Chief then and there, he threw Skeet around like a rag doll,, and kicked him through his burning town for all his people to behold the disgrace, and gave him a spanking . The wise young prince Armflem came out of the shadows, and showed this Skeet the error of his disgraceful betraying of an ally. For the Noble Armflem could not stomach it anymore . and Skeet beheld Guinness with Axobongo and Armflem standing together,, along with Thor, who rode in after the demolition battles, yet in time, he had joined on the eviction party to liberate the oppressed people of the cult of Skeet.

Skeet was banished from his home in respect to Armflems request to show mercy to his old leader, until he could convince the worthy of the refugees of the cult where they would be better off . Yvaipor and Violet both resisted, for they believed in Skeet who had promised union with the massive clan of The Ministry Of Darkness,,MoD. It was they, and those who called themselves Swords of Power (SoP) that were the dominate clans and tribes moving those lands. and Skeet ran to the one called the Dark Horseman of MoD, who he had earlier plotted with to betray Axobongo to.

Dark Horseman dispatched a troop of attacking riders to Axobongotown. where they were met , and he lost most of them, the few who returned home , returned with stories of fierce warriors and hopeless battle. Axobongo met with Dark Horseman personally.. Chief to Chief,, and explained things which turned the tide.

Skeet was interrogated by the Ministries men and found guilty of disgraceful conduct and booted from the land of MoD. His home in shambles, he vowed his revenge and wandered off and was soon murdered by barbarians . his farms were now Axobongos. and Sir Rodstuntman of the Cabbage clan reclaimed his rights under Axobongo rule. and Armflem was the winner of the title 'The Red Hand' which was sacred to his heritage.

Zerglin joined the tribe. As did Farzadsa, who's lovely cultivation of the Axo-Herb further helped the tribe improve.

-----------Ditty of lost Axonas -------, by the Bard Beefheart of the Harp plunk twang

The Count of the cave, young Contecavo, opened his door, and flew into bits.
It seems a ram, thrust by oily fire and brawn , separated his parts ,
and the door at his back, and ruined the lawn. from a surprise attack.

~--------------- ~ ~ ~ ----------------------~

~--------------- ~ ~ ~ ----------------------~
~--------------- ~ ~ ~ ----------------------~

THE BARDS CORNER Was a section in the town squares of traditional Axo design ,, it was where the wandering bards of the land tell the history and tales of the people.

Someone asked,, " isnt this section about music??"
To which Axobongo replied "Bards aren't simply musicians,, musicians are Bards. As are poets and story tellers , and keepers of Lore. The Bard needs no music to spin his magic, a Bardic song may be sung or spoken , or only written. ... and if he is very talented, he can fart his wisdom in puffs that illuminate."

the Berserker Fearisf Unny added his view:

"A bard is a master of words play as well as swords play for his word bare a reflection of the conternance of his soul and its a bards juty to spin a tale of woe and deceite which can only be overshadowed by the brillance of the character in overcoming these atrosoties and proclaiming victory or fall without a moment contemplation. every story hides a hidden meaning but not all storys are meant to. but to be a bard you must learn that a story is just a fabrication of an okld truth long since decended and forgotten, yet held in the mind of throse who recall it. names may changes but words still hold value the same."
~------------ ~ ~ ~ -------------------~

in the time of Nion, of the Ash tree, most sacred Tree of the Axo, and time of the Adder, ( most sacred to Baldrick, the god of Turnips) the young High Chief Axobongo had to venture through misty bogs of Swathsmoot swamps where on a dry island lived an Axo Oracle seer, Who would speak the Auger of the new High Chiefs Destiny.

Oracles,, what they say while in trance can take time to figure out,,, if one ever does,,

Unsmoldered Things 30.03. at 20:42
..............a vision of the seer *Toe Fos-klaino of Ulmff *(also known as bright fart )

The raven of Ruis with wise eyes glistens in stars that summon the dark veil of smiling gods to envelop the howl of coyote and wolf which sing the song of thunder and train lightning with the winged cloak of the ages of eternity- and teach the Axo the ways of the earth, giving passion to the lava and steam of cold mist a home to whisper their wisdom through horns of the stag. of dragons, the power of ancientness courageously steadfasts the moving time unimpeded , with the wild beasts and druids herbs we spin the coil of ages , that sing to our core the healing way from whence we came of robust and boisterous joy of the ages, and ages, never begun and never ending , always there a strong companion , a love unbound through natures physical embrace and let Axo be victorious by being human with grace. *

* NOTE: This turned out to be an accurate and clear prophecy as one may detect.*

~--------------- ~ ~ ~ ----------------------~
The tribe began to flourish,, even as the shadow of Oz grew on the horizon. Axobongo and Guinness took out enemies in the west. like sir Slappsalot . who had no chance against this pair. Although he did defend quite well Axobongos initial assault. he fell as quickly as the others who found themselves on the wrong side of Axo swords.

Lameco, the Golden Stag , who spoke an amazing dialect of the olde Axo tongue, became friends with the high Chief Axobongo. joining forces and strengthening the tribe even more. Axobongo often enjoyed visiting Lamecos home and drinking his mataxaxa , and partaking in the lovely girls at the arnis club.
The Wolf eye Bard Dark Kai came into the tribe, Axobongo had helped him and his small band escape the clutches of the Dogs. a ruthless tribe from the far lands.


Dark Kai on 28.03. at 05:47
While wondering through the lands, I took refuge in the village i now controll, it was here where i found my love, and she inspired me to created this peice for her and she told me to provide it to you all, to show you and remind you that although we are fighters, we love one another.

With the sway of the trees,
Wth the flow of life,
You brighten my light,
With each passing day.

With no feeling of hunger,
No feeling of hate,
No time for sadness,
Only love for today.

You heighten my future,
You ease the past,
You live in my present,
Its the promise you made.

I know that I love you,
My feelings are true,
With you by my side,
There is nothing to lose.

Without your friendship,
Without your love,
I'm just an empty shell,
So come pick up.

To my AXO friends, I love you like the family i never had.

Axobongo on 28.03. at 08:08

,, this Bard speaks true. when wanderer has found the Axo, he has found his home. When he drinks the juice and nectar of Axo wimmin ,with love in his heart , his blood flows in dragon fire , and he is Axo. and loved as one.

Axobongo on 28.03.
--- plus, Axo maidens have such an amorous reputation and sexy look, how could they not fill the heart with passion and desire? or not stir the loins and soul like thunder and lightening?

~------------ ~ ~ ~ -------------------~

Joyful battle continued. victories followed victories. the word had spread. and enemies faltered.
In these days, it seemed as if Axobongo was always rebuilding his troops.. and recruiting new joiners. but the Hunter people from the south were rising fast, Lord Oz had joined his forces with them. and MoD was still growing.. but SoP were fading. . and the Axo had a fierce reputation, although they were still relatively small. Axobongo would have to devise a plan .

He first decided to destroy his old nemisis Lord Oz. but to do this, he would need help. He had come to realize that the mind of the Dark Horseman , King of MoD was feebled, limited by contamination from dark practices. So instead, Axobongo sought the other worthy leaders of this MoD tribe, and proposed a great assault on this Hunter tribe. By gathering the warchiefs and laying out a plan of action, MoD people began to see the worth of this little Axo tribe. They followed Axo willingly into battle,, and overwhelmed Lord Oz and bewildered the Hunter tribe.

.......................... The Ozian Wars...................... as told by the Bard Gitmo of the Holly.

It was a dark day, the day of battle, for the enemy and the Axo alike.
The High Chief , Axobongo , had done his duty - and spilled the blood of animal sacrifice over the altar of wood and stone in the sacred grove of his people.
and the omens were favorable.

the Chief and his first Paladin , Brian Boru , known in the land as AxoBoru. celebrated in grand form. Drunken orgies to please the Gods. but they did not sleep, such was their robustness. and such was their bane, for a series of events that led to some vital orders being misplaced, that led to the death of many a goodly knight.

The captain of the catapults , in AxoBorus troop . over slept, a man who could not handle his mead. a man who awoke to find he had missed the rally. and came late with his catapult units. a man who got pierced in the neck by enemy arrow as he followed far behind his fellow warriors , those who charged in glorious form to meet the enemy at his own gates.

They fell, the first wave of the Chiefs troops met a bloody end, but chopped the defense of the loathsome lord Oz by a third.

Fighting side by side with the great knight of the Cow brigade, the mighty Asharp proved to be a fierce storm the enemy could not contain.
Heavy horses, light horsemen, and battle cows , rode into the city of Oz and toppled his walls.
The losses were many, and the way made clear for the realms Champion , Thor of the mighty hammer , and the allies of the Axo to sweep in hell and death to the nemesis of our people .
With great sorrow , we watched as the great Paladin Boru fell , without his catapults to bolster the attack, his men were cut down. His wounded body was brought home,, a shred of life lingered in him. but news from the healers remained grim.

It is said a magical light filled his chamber, as he walked in the Underworld.
The Gods of war and Death favored this mighty hero of the Axo. and he was given a magical gift of a charmed Axe. a double blade of supreme power, unbreakable, and with the ability to boost the strength of all axes that enter battle with him.
As he lay dying. this gift he gave to his son O'Boru. now known as AxO'boru.
The Paladin bearer of the double blade of the Gods.
Paladin Brian Boru , his father, was burned on the pyre in high honor.

And what of Armflem, the Red Hand, and top man of the Axo? it is said that the most terrible storm of snow and ice fell upon his homeland. And the pass from his mountains to the lowlands of lord Oz was completely blocked. The great Armflem never made it to the battle, and failed to support the central stronghold of the Axo tribe. which took the brunt of the massive force of the Ozians.

It was the most terrible battle ever seen in these lands , over 2400 swords and 2800 spears of Axo and ally, fell that day. not overwhelmed, but facing a poison wind of terrible luck. two more Paladins in the Axo alliance , and of the famed Red Cows fell that terrible day. but Axobongo himself faced lord Oz , who rode with his massive force of near 3000 axemen , near 1700 horsemen , and 100 catapults. At the gate of Axobongotown, they both met through the melee of soldiers.
Axobongo himself , choked Oz with one hand , dropping him to his knees , before making him taste the hot steel of the great Axe in this other hand . the Chief of the Axo, it was , who ended the pretender. it is said the tongue of Oz got to taste both sides of Axobongos axeblade at the very same time, as it split his skull from crown to chest in one magnificent blow.

The rest of the Ozian troops fled in fear after having witnessed this. but to return to what home? the great mercenary force of the sacred brew had completed the decimation of the city of Oz. and the great Spartan king, Legend of conquest, ally of the Axo would end up chopping down the final remnants of the Ozian force.

A day of joy and tears. Axobongotown was covered in blood , bodies and body parts, carrion of the crows. the taste of victory can be bittersweet. the funeral pyres were said to burn for a week. Darkening the skies with smoke , a plume able to be seen by the moon.

The people of the city of Oz became liberated of a tyrant. and his crony , the marbled mouthed joe collins fell that same day. his last words as unintelligible in dying as they were in life.
But the little Munchkins dance in their red slippers on the yellow brick rubble. the ding dongs of the bells toll the death of the wicked. The little people will be exploited no more . and there ,in great jubilation is the fin of a saga of peril and treachery that ends with the triumph of the Axo!

Long live the Axo! we raise our cups to the dead, pour a drop for our homeys , and sup on the hamhock of prosperity. to the Axo, a toast,,,SLAINTE'! HURRAH!
Let the revelries begin!
~ -------- ~ ~ ~ -------------------------------- ~
SilensPatronus saved by the Axo's from the hands and hunting of The Hunter tribe, said this: "As one who witnessed this drama from afar and only hearing whispers on the wind, i am overjoyed to hear it in full. i am proud to say that i am now part if the Axo family."

march 27 during Fearn, of Fox and Alder
Again and again , Thor ripped through enemies and won glory in the land. often charging even before Axobongo gave the order, The Chief would jest that it was hard to hold back this fierce and joyous warrior whose belief in diplomacy was only the rule of attack . and his attacks were always a thing of beauty,, he danced and bodies fell apart, and the eastern lands became his domain.

Thor9000 on 27.03. at 10:34

Whispered tales of gore, of how we tamed the tides of war. ---- Axo expansion Begins-----as told by Hempgoode the Bard----

The magnificent and fearsome Thor , champion of the Axo people , won great honor and glory for his people on countless occasions , but none so important for the tribe as the first conquest of new pastures! the noble lord from the land of ice and snow was celebrated by the Axo people for weeks. They danced in the streets both night and day, and they awoke in the streets only to pick up where they left off when they passed out in their Dionysian ecstacy. the minstrels of the Axo composed songs in his honor, The 'immigrant song' being of the most popular, composed by the most favored musicians of the tribe. He was said to have devoured his enemy in but a single persuasive gesture, ,,,which was the smashing of the little kings skull with his warhammer! and crushing of his army by berserker and vikinged forms of persuasion. and the people were demoralized,, and in awe of their new lord. and welcomed his rule.
it was an easy victory for Thor, said to be the 2nd of the 9000 he would one day rule.

-----------------------Chronic Chronica Noblingus. the 6th , Treasure chest.----------------------Huir Duir of the Oak'n Phallush

king kwhite was qwhite the warrior. a seasoned soldier of foreign wars, and king in his own right. his small kingdom spread in defiance of many threats. Tho' he was not known for being so bright, he had withstood attacks from the allies of the Axo. which puffed his chest, and made him over confident, but he could not withstand against Thor of the Axo, whose good allies sent, , along with Thors Axo tribesmen, and the chieftains cavalry ..over hills and valleys from afar , small forces to tremble the tunic and boots of kwhite and his little kingdom tribe..
its said he was praying to weird foreign gods of unnatural and malicious dispositions when the last of his troops were trampled under hoof of Thors elite cavalry. Thor led his charge , it was said that upon seeing the king , Thor leapt from his steed and flew over twenty man to land a blow- that popped out the chest of king kwhite . sending its contents upon the royal doorway of his court entrance , with such a force, they deeply embedded ,so that it is a permanent decoration now. enhanced later by the fine artists of the Axo , a magical painting that link the worlds. and appear as a stylized warhammer.

The splatterings and crumblings of these minor kings only began the rumbling earthquakees that would be the trail of the Axo. a tribe destined to rule the world. and ensure good hygene and water bisquits for all the children of the cows and tormented newts that rolled sailors in the alleyways of the encrusted architecture in the desolate regions of the earth giants belly.

Thor9000 on 06.04.

Thank you sir, an accurate and eloquent description. Though I wish for stronger foes, there was much joy in exposing this one's foolishness.

if you were a sky giant, and you hugged the land as Axobongo, you would have Thor as your right arm, and Guinness as your left arm. if you laid n your back,, Guinness would be your right arm, and Thor your left. either way, the three of them were a triquetra of power. Asharps mighty cows were the meat. Armflem, the red hand was of the heart, Sir Rod and Zerglin were the legs that helped in the stand.

-- Chronic Chronica Noblingus, the 7th------------------by Eric the bat, Bard of Lughscup

The power of Guinness and his stout, sacred brew and elixir of the Gods , fuels the mighty cavalry of the Axo Chieftain. it is said even the great steeds piss the black holy water over the victims being trampled under their thunderous stampedes. The wise Chieftain bided his time and built himself overwhelming force,, and laughed in defiance at the threats of bigger tribes whose outposts were mercilessly pummeled in his jolly massacres. as he did to the king and high Chief of his tribe , ghubbard the spartan.who had no idea what a wall of destruction was coming to his town. he scrambled a fellow king and all the troops he could muster.. but with the ease of breath, and the simplicity of lifting a single finger, When lord Guinness entered a town, it fell quickly to the charm of his lance and wit. it is said that he pierced two kings with a single thrust . and pinned them to the mighty Ash tree which took the lance tip to its center , and held them fixed in place for a week , amusing the townsfolk who welcomed their new lord , and decorated their old kings with maidens clothes and fruit from the vine. When the kegs and Barrels of Guinness rolled into town, the people rejoiced at their new status as Axo.

~--------------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------- ~
Bards Corner,

Dark Kai

Deep within the hallowed abbey in which men of AXO reside after a long summer's campaign, the soldiers have time to rest and be carefree through the whole of winter. We can tell that everyone deserves there rest and enjoyment, but we can also see that they have not lost thier humour.

As Champion Of The Realm, Thor thanked AXO for providing us with shelter food and fire.
The rest of the men sat quietly eating their mutton stew, it was full of root vegetables,and the only flavouring was a bit of onion. It was washed down with tankards of Mead.
Sparks spat out from the fire grate as Lalog dropped another chopped log onto the red embers.

Asharp shouted "What did you do with the mutton stew Lalog, show it the meat, I cant find any in mine."
A wave of mirth filled the room.
Lalog did not react for a while, he continued to build the fire, then said" I can't put meat in if I haven't got any Sire"
Axobongo shouted " Then why didn't you call it vegetable stew?"
Lalog replied " Nobody likes vegetable stew" and picked up another log.
Armflem said "I thought you had put the meat in the porrage with all the lumps in it"
Lalog replied " That would be the stale unground oatmeal young sire"
Armflem said " Wow, there was oatmeal in it then Lalog ?"
Smiling, Lalog lifted a large water filled cauldron and hooked it onto an iron hook in the huge fireplace and said "They might have been wood shavings I am not sure"
The fire continued to spark, and laughter echoed around the room.

Axobongo on 28.03.
Notes on the Hallowed Abbey: -" it is a vast cave, pierced with natural light , where flows the purest of water from the springs that speckle it. and sits connected to a small circular valley surrounded by a protective range of smooth cliffs with a look of having melted like a series of interwoven stalagmites . and a waterfall of sparkling mineral water cascading down it like a dancing woman of Urrthog festivals. It was so named after the giant bear that inhabited it in the old days. The mighty bear Abbeyissingoruf , king of all bears, was said to be 15 foot high with all four paws on the ground. The Axo honored this place with offerings and care from time immeasurable . There are some that preach that there was an ancient deer named Abbey,, the Deer Abbey. she was said to fly with spinning horns.. but this is a fairy tale for children. "
------Bard of Lore , Omero of the Meat thistle

The Fool & Bladder Pub,

SilensPatronus oon 13.04. at 19:41
Word on the wind is that the enemy, Apex, draws nigh. The one known as HCToni is within striking distance and has set up several camps just below our great leader, Axobongo, and myself.

What shall we do about this inevitable tide of doom and destruction?

SilensPatronus on 14.04. at 08:48
when you are up against HCToni, there is no fight. he will noble you in 2 attacks. i've seen it happen, which is why we must either collaborate or flee.

Guinness1759 on 14.04. 2
this is what I'm also trying to express in our current situation. going on the offensive and attacking Toni, while it might be productive in the short term (and I mean short), it will be a losing proposition in the long term. he can stack villages...we can't. and once he stacks the villages we have our eyes on, we'll be in bad shape if we launch our armies against them and lose all our troops. wars against powers like Apex are won on defense. pre-nobling, recapturing. that's the key.

bluejay15 on 14.04. at 09:37
Any chance of a diplomatic solution? Might be worth a go after HCToni starts to attack.

I'm new to tribe, thank you for the invite :)
Axobongo on 14.04.

no talking to him,, no diplomacy,, no point to it.. ants dont talk to elephants.. planctum dont talk to whales,, we need nobles, and presence and tactics,, and hold our ground until his problems below him divide him,, and we need to grow to take him up here.. but negotiating with This giant guy would be folly.
april 9,
The seasons gave way to the time of Fearn, time of the Alder tree and the Fox, and the Spring equinox. This was a time when the Axo High Chief would seek out the Oracle Seer in the cave of Mount Wainscotting , Axobongo and the Bards tried to interpret the strange words as best they could, but it would take hindsight before they were fully understood. Here then is a copy of those sacred utterances:

---future vision on nightshade---------------------the Bard Wheatabix of the Gaul Stones

imagine the writhing dragon in silicon ecstacy churning the butter with the screams of a thousand whores on a midsummer morn on the bog potted fog laden frost bitten similitude of the mexican springbreak tv show. That was the souls tasty bon bon of muted colors on the palpitations of the former rock. a muddy swamp of deep love melded with loathing in a yin and yang'ic tango fandango dance at the earthquake ceremony and coming of age ball, sponsored by Wheaties . but injected with a severe strain of synaptic explosions that would pale the sun. your ever flowing river drapes the vast sputum and jetsom flotsoming for life , and washes clean the pins and arrows from cactus love/family programming and remote control devices. sincerity being the only real key to the socket,,, of energy that makes billions of nuclear blasts,, or a single eye ball. like miners who dig deep in the minds for a morsel of oblong gottas that suckle with the poison of treasures. we all carry the buckets, , , transporting our water being our greatest work. soiled but better for it. when minors leave the pits they find the true treasure. ,, which is ,, simply being ,, outside.
~------------- ~ ~ ~ -----------------------~

Earlier that year ,The Axo gained the warrior Bard, Silens Patronus ,who was shown Axo support in the hard days of his Hunter tribe falling to Apex. The dark empire that was migrating to Axo northlands.
Kura had been killed by barbarians. he and a band of 20 men were chopped down and thrown in the river by a horde of a thousand ,, Kura had taken nearly half, as the legend goes.
the times were bitter-sweet.

Bards corner,

~-----------Fall of the Turtle,---------- by Bard Whisk of the Gust---~

Kura, The Turtle General was a founding father of the Axo expansion. a friend of the High Chief from the early days. A wise man of few words, but an infectious smile, who was said to have rock hard flesh , as arrows were known to bounce off him, and swords rendered dented as he stood his ground sturdy in the torrent of battle. encroaching barbarians from afar troubled his lands for many a year. and his sword felled many upon many a barbarian family tree before they could take root. it was a flooding river in the time of storms that changed his fate. and he was divided from his troop , with but a small unit, in enemy territory. taking the long road to the next bridge , the great general Kura, was overwhelmed by a hoard of half starved brutes , who clubbed and stabbed the life from him and his small band , letting their carcasses float redly in the river . which, when found later, disheartened his people. who fell or fled from the primitive barbarians driven to migrate from a lack of skill to carve their own civilization ,, a lack of dental hygiene , (hygiene in general), and no proper language, and a scant ability to create a decent cup of coffee. these barbarians brought little more than bed wetting skills to our lands. The body of Kura, the Turtle General, was brought to Axobongotown to be sent to the otherworld in high honors. The passing of a great warrior of the Axo.
Axobongo on 29.03.
,,So, i was asked why before i had mentioned how Axo wimmin stir the soul and loins like thunder and lightning,,, it was that some words from the Warrior Bard- SilensPatronus,,, were resting in my battered brain , and soothed the troubled neurons with a light breeze of redirected thought.

to clarify, allow me to share with you all one of the pieces i found on his table, and he let me borrow them to accompany me on my journey to the south:

Thus he wrote:
Rain Taboo

What is it about thunderstorms?
When you are young, you're told to stay inside like it's taboo
Do they know something that we shouldn't?
Do they know that these storms and passion share a deep connection?
Maybe it would awaken something inside us that we are considered too young for.
The lightning passes over but we stare out the window, longing to be in it.
The rain touching our face, our lips.
The wind brushing through our hair.
An electric tingling at our fingers and toes.
As adults our desires wander elsewhere, but I stand fast against them.
My wish is to dance in the rain and experience the sensation that was forbidden.

Chronica Noblingus The 12nd, Emerald Palace Blues-----------------by Gitmo of the holly

The son of Brian, the Paladin AxO'boru , with the great Axe in hand , the noblest of warriors from Axobongotown, now fought by the side of the Chief Axo . They sang heartily as they rode south to the merry old land of Oz, to beat down the uprisings of upstarts and bitter rebels , and the usual type of nasty bastards that take advantage of broken cities and war damaged people. the slavers and pirates that threw the city of the Ozians into dismay and peril. And who vowed revenge on the Axo.

The time had come to rule. the good Ozian peasants and the pale as snow munchkin miners had been pestered too long by these masterless villains ,. even Thor was fed up with the wait, and joined in behind the charging axemen of AxO'boru and Chief Axobongos first Nobles , who chased and finished the rebels in the mountains. to return later to hang the last of the oppressive landlord villains atop a grand 300 foot Maypole before an adoring populace. The pole was of an ancient stock of giant Willow, called the Saillesstri'e. and the body was put to dwindle at its top , under sun and rain , and beak of Crow and Raven , to symbolize for the people that from death comes new life. it is always so, and will ever be.

AxO'boru vowed he would be known as a just ruler of that city , and defender of his people, 'til the day he would die a warriors death.

~-------------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------- ~
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-------------ditties of lost Axonas--------- -- Splonglebird of the Beansptout

Farzadsa,, Lord of the Sacred leaf, tended the Ganjja farm.
he would walk at night, to gaze at stars ,unburdened by fear of harm,
Howls of Coyote, Jackal and wolf, to him a magic charm,
it was a bear, that took his hair, and stomach, leg and arm,

Dark Kai

while sitting in my village thinking hard while drinking the finest mead i have, i devised a poem relating for my ancestors, i thought id share it with you:

Odin tried in vain
to change his fate.
He bound the wolf
to escape confrontation,
you can change the journey
not the destination

Three years of winter
three cocks will crow.
Sun and moon, no longer glow.
All bonds break - the wolf is free,
the Aesir tremble from his fury

And when the deed was done,
His vengeance spent,
He turned from the battle.
Vidar's sword rent
His back and through his chest.
Finaly! sleep!
Eternal rest

Dark Kai on 04.04. at 15:08

In a season past. My weary travels have been recorded in my journal, i thought i might reveal just but a single section to show how different warriors live:

The black robed man led the forlorn procession along the tallow lit corridors, the yellow flickering lights barely enough to light the grey stone passage, as they made their way to the solid iron bound wooden door that barred the exit to the outside world.
The heavy footfalls and scrapes along the flagged floors and rough set stone work walls echoing as they moved along.

Guarding prisoners, executing sentences, that's the reward for a seasons hard campaigning. Its to remind us of the laws of our Order, he was told, the healing lash and hot iron scars on his back and shoulders chafing under the robe and armour as he walked, another reminder of his sins.
Unlike the three prisoners being dragged along behind him by his men, Brother Kai considered his own punishment lenient.

He reached the door, it tapered to an arched point barely the height and width of a man, its black iron work holding it securely into the carved stone lintels, white light and the wind fighting for a foothold under the door.
The Black robed man banged the door several times, with the pommel of his sword which was already in his hand, the dull banging not resonating on the thick wood. Moments later the code was answered by a scraping sound as the sentinel outside drew back the iron bolt.

The door swung open, the cold immediately biting at the face of Kai as he stepped outside onto the snow covered flat roof of the North east tower, its enclosing stone battlements doing little to soften the cold easterly breeze, or the softly falling snow.

Brother Agathon's black hood, shoulders and the scarf pulled across his nose and mouth to keep out the cold, were a stark contrast to the white flakes settling there, his eyes shining like jewels set in his pale face.
"The bastion is secure brother and ready for the prisoners."
Kai glanced off to his right, the rest of blue section were moving away from the burning brazier and the pile of chopped logs next to it.

The sky was dull and grey with a watery orange sun rise to the east. Looking out over Vanaheim and the Vindisfjord to the north One could consider the scene that of a typical winter solstice, festive,longing for roaring fires hot food and drink. It was so cold even the smell of yesterdays carrion, hanging in the iron man shaped gibbets could not be sensed, the frozen eyeless bodies, their agonies captured until the spring, or their difficult removal to make way for another cur, on their journey to Hel in Nifelheim.

The only sounds on the roof were the plea's of some of the prisoners, and the chastisement of their escorts coming from the passage, the iron gibbets swinging, creaking in the breeze, and the loud crowing, and heavy fluttering from the wings of Odin's messengers as the Ravens gathered for their morning feast.

Kai walked to the battlement and looked over the top at the white landscape and Vindisfjord far below, wraith like smoke finding its way through the roofs and windows of the waterside town, the only signs of life in the frigid scene, for a moment he watched the snow settling on his robe and armour as he checked himself, preparing for the grim task ahead, with a solemn look he turned to see the three condemned men being led onto the roof by the men of red section.

The prisoners were shivering violently in the freezing cold morning air, wearing only woolen pants it was already taking its toll on their recently scarred, and bloody unprotected flesh, the handiwork of the the Orders inquisitors. The men had been found guilty of spying and of being assassins, attempting to poison the food in the refectory kitchen, breaching guest law and maligning Fenris.

The brothers felt no pity, but took no pleasure in administering the justice that awaited the prisoners, who deserved an afterlife of torment for their cowardly intent, they were given the choice of the gibbet or skinned alive neither a good choice, one of their number had selected the latter, and his screams were heard throughout the tower as brother Bjorn the Butcher expertly administered the gruesome task, he had chosen the quicker death, however Fenris or their own ancestors had blessed these three with the bitter cold to speed them on their way.

What dark places exist in the world,
The Axo live for the pleasures of the world. we take no pleasure in slaves and torture none. what slaves we have are treated well respected as family and given dignity. it turns the stomach of our boisterous and fun loving nature to realize that we may ever fight to rid the world of those who would force us to think like them. our people are varied, our beliefs are many,,, but the cults that seek to destroy mirth and humanity are the enemies of Axo,, and humankind, and our earth. this Bard has travelled far through the dark places. let us hope the bright chariot of the Sun which carries the Axo spirit can light the way for those trapped in the shadows.
~-------------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------- ~

Minor wars took place, the tribe progressed , and suddenly, one day some very sad news came to Axobongo, His young apprentice was said to have been stricken by nature after a victorious battle...

~-------------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------- ~

Dark Kai

A dying man's wish.

Many years ago there was a man who took pleasure and pride in defeating the weaker rivals. Across the lands he did see and did conquer. With his travels he caused hate and he cause destruction but he also brought a smile to his village and to his tribe. During his spare time he used to write up songs and poems and spread good word within his people and with his friends. As with life, everything has a way of coming back to you and this man could no longer fight the battle, his rivals were stronger and his life was gone. With his last words, he did not tell his wife he loves her nor his kids, what he said was, May the members of AXO live forever and claim the lands as thier own. The man died with a sword in his hand and had a seat waiting for him in Valhalla, he wishes everyone, if you do not defeat everyone that you may someday join him drinking the finest mead and stout there with him and share tales of life with him.

I am truly sorry I have to quit playing TW.. I wish everyone the best of luck growing and everntually become the best players in TW. I hope you have hours of fun :)

Kai x

Farewell Dark Kai We will meet again in the place of the Gods.

Your name will be our battle cry,, VICTORY FOR KAI! your spirit is Axo forever.
Farzadsa had fallen, by a bear in the woods near his farm. and several other of Axobongos original band were now dead. among them Lalog, and Contecavo.
The famed warrior-Bard Kai had killed his fair share of enemies with his mystic band of berserkers, until being killed by a rock slide on the edge of the mountains of the Craggmorpse.

----------------------------A Warrior-Bards Earthy End-----------Gitmo of the Holly

Some warriors and great heros don't get to die in battle, Dark Kai , much beloved of his people fell this way. returning home from a festive visit with his Chief, Axobongo, a rock slide fell upon his retinue as they wound their way over the Craggmorp Mountains. the tumbling boulders sent him and his mount down the ravines side, and his body was broken. Some believe it was dark magic from the overlords of the dark forces which lord Kai battled from his circle of Druidic Bards, those of the Wolf magic had long waged a spiritual war in the ether- mist to protect our lands on deeper levels then stone and steel . he lay dying long enough to be taken back to Axobongotown. There, though his broken body barely allowed it, he was given his sword in hand , still bloodied from enemy veins . and bid his Cheif and people farewell. One The Axo battle cries "BUAI KAI!" was born that day.

Oz was dead... and the great Paladin Brian Boru who was by Axobongos side from the earliest days had fallen too. His son , the Paladin AxO'boru ruled well the Ozian folk and the Hunter were thwarted up north . The war was deemed a success. and within a year Legend Conqueror and several MoD men sought Axobongo to merge into and enter a new era with. Dark Horseman had went mad , he could not pledge to Axobongo as his generals had. And so Thor had charged into the Horsemans castle town with some of those ex-MoD generals and finished the rule of Dark Horseman.

----------------------------- Black Horse Droppings ---------------noblingus lore--- Bard Clotbeard of the Twig & Gitmo of the Holly

The life of a Chief or King is not an easy one. Yet , for the bad chief or king it is even harder. in these hard times of the dangerous world all fraught with danger, mayhem . hard weather and wild beasties, menstrual cycled wimmin with swords, death from primitive hygiene technologies , not to mention the ever popular death by walking into a wall ,,, and a myriad other medieval mortifications from massacre to madness. and the Loch Ness monster , too. it is important for a Chief or King to keep his head. Black Horseman didn't keep his.

His own people saw it first. His officer to the East , the great one they call Legend, And his officers to the Southwest, the rogue Zerza and his lover Gywidon , watched as their liege fell into madness. (thought to have contracted a venereal disease from doing unsavory things to horses)
It was a great day when these fine warriors of Axo meat found their way home, and met the Chief Axo at his estate. harmony with the other heros of the ministry of darkness , Mortalcoil of the glorious name, and Steinke Phil of the glorious smell, and others of the elite and lesser lords too, chose the brighter life of the Axo. whose Chief tried in vein to invite the Blackhorseman into the power of trust and unity.

But the madness of the king clouded his reason,,, and the Blackhorseman plotted the ruin and downfall of the Axo tribe. he scrambled for allies, and was willing to abandon his loyal people to join other tribes for to have revenge on the Axonas people . who would have given him no reason for revenge had he not plotted against them. and his right hand man Ethan of the tucker,,(born of a mother tucker )..who may have weaseled ,,or yet may have been Axo sincere , got caught up in his kings fate. the enigmatic Ethan never explained himself, and his actions concurred with secret plots found in letters to his lord. And the council of Axo voted his demise.

it was a time of glory, and a time of mourning

there were songs of these times:

A fall into madness , the Black Horseman did ride, but drove not all his kingdom to that fatal tide. he's violated the mares and foals, taken sick from blight, in rituals of dark ministries that doused his light. To betray the Axo , who called themselves friend, calls forth the beginning of the bad kings end. They say visions of demons tore through his head,, and each morning, urine soaked sheets were found on his bed.

Legend tried to save those he could, those lovers Zerza and Gywidon knew where theyd have it most good. Phil and mortalcoil saw the right, they and others soon joined the Axo might.
the death warrant of the horseman, was decreed and sent, tied in poor Ethan of Tuck, to the Chief Axo's lament .
Lord Thor and Lord zerza with force took the town,, and brought the insane black Horseman down , then in chains, they took him to stock, then offed with his head , on the towns chopping block.

~-------------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------- ~

From MoD ...General Bluejay , and Sir Luis Couto , Legend, Mortalcoil, Stinky Phil , Rovin and others were notable Lords who helped the Axo flourish in those years. Until one day , Zerza and Gywidon , vile lords of the further eastern rim of Axo territory. rebelled and tried to userp the Chief and his people. But they were loyal. even the promise of recognition with the Apex lords could not tempt them, instead they were disgusted at zerzas vile speeches and vomiting on himself in the court forum.

--------------------The death to wankers code----------- Unkus Remux of the Ebony Log ,, transcribed by Jarboe the swanleaf

Even as the dark forces of the core adopted the evil half human creatures into their fold, like the twisted cannibal dwarfs called qualmies, the madness reached even the happy lands of the Axo.. what possessed zerza , worshiper of the dark overlords of 'southron blight',,to go mad and coddle visions of usurping the Axo and destroy them from within? he had plotted with his bended buddy Gywidon , since before he even entered the tribe. it is believed the madness of his former king was a poison from which these two supped. Forsooth, both their lips and bottoms wore the boils and pustules of diseased necrophilia and sodomy rituals of the southron blighters. A dark and greedy leadership that bewildered good men like general Bluejay, an Axo who was raised in the ministry cult's arena, but made his way back to his ancestral lands in time to see the storm that is the Axo rage against rebellion.
All the clans joined as one that day,, from Cabbage to Cow, Phalanx to Dragon, the red hand , the Champion and Chieftains ,,all led by the high Chief himself, who initiated the charge,, a rally of which these lands had never seen before. for the lands in the far eastern rim of Axoland were rich , and the townships many.

What raised this war?,,,

Betrayal! Treachery! the sleazy pair sent assassins to destroy the wise and noble lord Mortal Coil as he slept, murdered his people, who never suspected their oldest allied tribesmen to turn on them,, even as the dark cloud rose in the South,,, it was insanity.

The vile zerza even got drunk and bragged about it in the court of the forum of the Axo, insulting everyone he saw,,assumed himself lord and master of all, and then vomited on himself before the crowd . the pathetic weasel slipped back to his lands,,escaping immediate punishment . as the people of the Axo were in mourning for their dear tribal Bard , the good hearted Dark Kai , well loved by his people, and personal friend of the Chief, since the day Axobongo rescued his people from the grip of the Dog tribe.

So war fell upon the Axo. in a precarious time, which should have been a peaceful time in preparation for the coming of the great war. But the greatest act of war! the law: being a wanker, was breached
and this brought forth the hidden heros of the Axo, ,,

who's tales i will tell when next we meet,, for now, its time to sleep,, before the roosters call in the new day,, and there is a warm porridge waiting for me in that nearby inn,,
~----------~ ~ ~ ------------------------~

--------Ditties of the Axo---------By Fritheno of the Tiger Lilly

The Phoenix Knight , Mortal Coil, travelled far, over sea and soil,
his town was razed, vile assassins raid, by his old tribal brethren, he was betrayed.
this mortal coil set free by gashes ,the phoenix will rise again from ashes

~-------------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------- ~

The Fool & Bladder Pub,
Axobongo on 16.04. at 06:27

Hrolf Ironbeard, an axeman went nuts when he heard of the actions of zerza and gywidon,, he went berserk and ran off to kill zerza,, all by himself,, we just got word,, he didnt make it.

spread the word amongst the tribe,, let no letter from those two be read,,it is a powerful weapon to employ,,,,also,,all troop count,,and attack , defense plans---- to be discussed in the mail only.

everyone. .. / if you write me on important matters,, and i dont respond quickly..write Thor,,or Guinness,,,,
zerglin9000 on 17.04. at 01:59

o_O Alot happens in a week doesent it?
So I am in a paddling competition tomorrow and sunday, not sure 100% on my activity during that time but I will get on as much as possible, or if preferred, someone can sit for me if we need it.

Thor9000 on 17.04. at 07:10
Remember LordOz? The Oz one. Ozzy. The Oz man. LordOoze. Oz, the not-so-great-and-powerful. Those were good times. There was at least an enemy that would FIGHT you and was worth fighting. None of this banging gong and no substance. None of this upstart pride and cowardly betrayal. Just a good, clean, fight to the death.

Axobongo on 17.04. at 07:26
your thoughts are well met, brother,, such is the way of spineless refugees who can't hold their own,,with mouths bigger then balls... Those of the ilk of Oz are far to find these days.

Guinness1759 on 17.04. at 08:46

I drink a pint and ten to that

armflem on 17.04. at 11:22

It really does surprise me how few troops they really did have what with all the blabber mouthing they did. Sup, sup and sup again brothers!!
~-------------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------- ~

The Tribe waged a war on those two , who had murdered their own,MortalCoil, the Phoenix Knight was murdered in his sleep. These diseased lovemates dishonored the tribe. And the Axo waged a complicated distant war on them. and they were finally smashed out after only a half year of battle, in non real time. they were spineless and inept in the end.

--------War in the Gywdzer lands------ Unkus Remu of the Ebon Log , Trancsibred by Elroy the Dyslexic

Over 20 towns were involved . the 8 main enemy towns fell quickly..these were those towns, and this is the tale,

zerzopolis , dibbitalbath , fetuseria , Gwydwun , Gwyidtoo , Gwydtree , Gywdfur , Gywdfif , (+2 southron)

Zerza and Gywidon had disgraced the Axo. Betrayed them, and plotted to rule them. and were labeled vulgar wankers.

The Tribe had had enough,the Chief was fed up with this disgrace and treachery, and called for war. ,,Zerza would learn the meaning of catapults, for he so foolishly mocked them in the forum.

Even as he was sending his troops out ,and leading the charge ,,the ever ready Armflem, the Red Hand, sprung into action, and sent his troops to marching. Gywidon threatened and charged back. but Armflem easily held his lands and chased Gywidon back.. toppling troops and buildings through Gywidons lands.

Thor in the vanguard further troubled zerzas townships, zerza was off toppling Adesalos, once an ally of the Axo.. who would have lost everything had the Axo not begun avenging and stomping zerzas lands. Then the Chief focused his chopping on township Gwydtoo,,toppling walls and burning halls.
and Guinness rolled into Gywdfif and halved the enemies noble strength. and the rest fled before Thors rear guard had got there to finish the few brave ones who stayed behind.

Lameco of the Golden Stag, stood by his chiefs side , and showed mighty worth on the battle field. surprising all who witnessed his fierceness in battle.
Thor then turned his charge on the forces on Gywdwun , Gywidons main town,, and he felled many a horseman with few losses, forcing the feint of heart Gywidon to retreat.
but he could not run to the town of Gywdfur , for the great champion of the sacred cabbage , Sir Rodstuntman , had rode in and wiped all the troops that defended it off this worlds face . The young noble knight was rooted deep in Axo ancestry , the Cabbage warrior clan were proud of their rising prince, who proved himself on the battlefield that day.

Thor at Gwydtree did the same, leaving bodies piled and buildings burning and the wall in ruins. and no survivors.
the berserker, Fearisf Unny, even travelled over the long distance to add to the war. and his presence was timely.
SilensPatronus and Asharp both added to the mix.. all the Axo made blows that cost the enemy.
Silens the Dragon Knight hit zerza hard in the flank. they say his mace alone felled hundreds of of men in a single charge.

zerza struck back at Chief Axo,, but to no avail. his scanty troops fell quickly at Axos gate.
Then Chief Axobongo hit Gywidon hard at his main town. whose walls fell , and wiped him out there, and his noble prince as well. it was said Axobongo would slice and spill 3 chests with each single swing of his Battle Axe . and that arrogant noble , zerzas own kin, was split in two,, provoking the Chief Axo to announce "Look here,,seems i've killed his half brother!" and the battle ended in laughter and mirth.

Within a week, zerzas fort town fetuseria was turned into ruins. a single Axo berserker could own the toppled burning town. Hrolf Driedsnotbeard was one such Axeman who held it for a span. he said he enjoyed the smell of such places ,but rejoiced when he returned back to Axobongotown.

Lameco chased Gywdon through two of his towns ,Gwydwun and Gwydtoo,, but Gywidon himself hid in barbarian villages,,in the fetid mud and filth . fitting,,, as much of those lost peoples ways were less human than the ways of verman.

Then zerza tried another attack on the chief in futility as chief Axo held his ground with ease. twice more zerza tried, and twice more zerza lost.
slinking back to his capital , zerzopolis , to rest and lick his wounds,, and nurse his nobility became his fatal mistake,. for there ,Bluejay the Lion came roaring in and slaughtered every last man of zerzopolis, and with his own sword wounded the diseased despot zerza, taking his eye and half of his left hand. zerza just managed to take a horse by the mien , and flee in time.
Bluejay had charged into zerzopolis , in true heroic form,, he took many losses.. but devastated zerzas defense,, and killed his precious noble . by delivering a mounted sword stroke that cleanly popped off the wretched mans head. general Bluejays courage and sacrifice that day was long remembered in song.
fate helped zerza alone escape the wrath ,,bloodied and distraught ,, one eyed and run to the masters of which he aspired to be lapdog to. and cried in their court.

And so...from the dark lands , came two attacks , The giants of the South decided to set aside some troops from their Southern wars to waste in Axo land. for reasons unclear. it is believed it was a fraternal gesture to the friend of a second cousin twice removed of the neighbor of an ally of the brother master of this zerza creature,, who should not have been ever given access to the ear of a great and massive tribe of old world people who have mastered the ways of their world. ah but sometimes giants take pleasure in concocting trouble for the promising tribes of less population. like watching gladiators to them,, they care not for weasles like the pair of Gywidon and zerza. Fools like them are pawns in the hands of Apex.

So the Chief Axo was hit by the high king of the Southron folk, emperor king Mitche. little known by the Axo, rumored to be a necromancer of the old dark ways,,, but who can say? at least his tribe was thought to be a worthy opponent.
and Thor had lord Glowbal of of those people at him.. but both to no avail . for they were feints to aid their insect refugee friends.

Gywidon tried one more feeble charge at the Chief , completely futile. it was said the battle did not even raise a vile full of dust.

Again and again,, the great Axo warrior Lameco hit back at them.. he hit Gywidons main town and kept it down.. but Gywidon still evaded. and zerza lurked through the lands trying to rally his scattered and exhausted troops. half starved and confused. he hid like a dog amongst barbarians,, occasionally losing small bundles of troops from Axo hunting parties.

Chief Axobongo and Thor stayed relentless.. Gywdzerland turned to the barbarians for help,, but ,, bit by bit.. their towns fell, bit by bit. Guinness threw in a quick hello of devastation, even as he toppled other enemies in his own backyard. no enemy ever withstood when the Axo cavalry Chieftain stopped by for a visit.

And Zerglin too, from his thick wooded forests ,did his part in support of his tribe, the Axo was a tribe of unity.
evading the Axo in the filth of barbarian towns , the pair were hunted and chipped at,, they could not evade the inevitable.

With one hand Armflem was able to cripple zerza down yet another degree,..and cripple his hope a degree more. with the other hand, he rode and conquered his neighboring rival,.. and took rule of that town. The name of the Red Hand was renowned from the early days of the Axo. and was growing in fame over the continent.
Asharp ,with his units mounted on Battle cows, splattered those returning troops trying to rebuild fetuseria ,, with lethal blows,, and yet , employing wise commands took minimal losses.

Then Asharp sent his mighty Bovines to stampede through zerzopolis , and dibbitalbath. He and his Heifers halved the hounds hopeless heros,, and his Bulls blasted the bloody bastards barricades ,, causing zerza to again abandon his capital in fear for his meaningless life.

Then , on a foggy morning under a grey sky, Thor sent his mighty forces and took Gywidons main town. and his own castle. as well as his ignoble noble.. . whose shoulders Thor rearranged to appear both on the mans right side. having sent the left one right through the heart and out the ribs with a blow of his hammer.. and Gywidon himself was found cowering in the barn in the horseshit and hay. Thor was said to have gripped Gywidons neck with one hand and held him dangling from the tower for for his townsfolk to witness, and chastised him for his crimes.
Thors prey loosened his bowels one last time before he was struck with Thors BattleHammer that sent him flying high and far over the heads of the crowd, to crash on the cobblestones splattered and resembling a crumpled , blood stained , human shaped cloak... twitching in a red pool,.. with a rack of ribs poking out.

The Axo descended again , in a surge upon zerzas capital. and to the southernmost Gywdzerland stronghold. to waste it before the southron blighters inevitable arrival there.
Lameco veered from his Chiefs side to swarm into dibbitalbath and demolish the barracks and zerzas reforming defense there.
Luis Couto and his small but heroic warriors fought at the far gates of zerzopolis,,and many of his goodly knights fell,, and his family Paladin was struck by a falling spear in the chest. but they also hit zerzas men a hard blow, before pulling back.

The final surge also had Guinness and his boys lugging kegs of good brew on their catapults over hills and valleys joyously and in good spirit. Gywdtree stronghold was falling fast. Axobongo would join them there after his rage in zerzopolis, where he toppled the nobles home
with pleasure,
"these halls are not fit for noble or dog" said the Chief, balking at the serious and the orthodox, as he took those halls down.
it was there the Chief finally found zerza. trapped from escape on the long stair steps to the towns main square where the last of his own guard became dead, he faced Axobongos wrath. the Chief Axo smiled at the dog. and tossed him tumbling down the stone stairs,,then chopped off his foot,,,," to match his wounded hand" , he said.
but found it wasn't quite right, so he chopped off his good arm,, still, it seemed not balanced,,zerza cried and begged, so he swung his axe and removed both legs,, just below the knees,, and left him lay there squirming while considering his next stroke. thoughtfully.. he puffed on his long pipe and contemplated.
before long, ,,,he stood over the twitching bloodied remnant of a man , and the agonized screams of zerza were finally put to rest when Axobongo lopped off his head with a downward chop.
He then stuck the head on a spear and let it be sent around the Gywdzerlands as a victory flag.

zerzas cousin ,,Zug the Sickly , was a noble of Dibbitalbath , who tried to over take Adeselos the Vine lord , with the last scraping of Gywdzer spearmen, and a handful of mounted knights.. unaware that Silens the dragon knight was falling on that hamlet. while Lameco had cut him off at home. and Thors men were everywhere.. the end came to them on a rainy night on the Sleithmoorre fields . There the last noble of zerza , Zug , lay gutted like a fish by the great Lamecos sword.
and howling like wolves in the night, AxoKai~berserkers hunted down those who fled routed . and the land was finally purged of the darkness that withered it.
The war was over.

And thus they sang:
Nobles, houses, and gywdzer knights goodbye,
the bugger boys were dug from out of their sty
gywidon was a dolt,, which Thor made to fly,
zerza was chopped to bits, before Axo let him die.

And the next day,, the sun came out again, and the dew covered grass awoke twinkling like stars in those fields ,, a fresh new day for the Axo ,,for the festival days of certain Axo gods had coincided with the final battle.
~-------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------~

The Fool & Bladder Pub,
armflem on 22.04. at 00:21

Ding dong the traitors are dead, the traitors are dead, they are dead
Ding dong their heads on stakes, their heads on pikes, their legs are off
Ding dong thier arms are gone, their arms are gone, thier eyes are gone
Ding dong though Axo bled, though Axo bled, we feel no pain, much to gain
Ding dong we're feasting well, drinking well and slapping thighs
Ding dong my heads just gone doodle doodle di, can't make it rhyme....

.............pass the mescal my good man, I'm starting to feel comfortably numb...burp, gurgle, drool, inhale.....

Axobongo on 22.04. at 00:55

CHEERS!! hahah! its good to finaly hear your singing voice, my friend! and a fine ditty spun as well.. here,, drink from my tankard,, haha,,

armflem on 22.04. at 01:05

Slurp, swallow, :)

Axobongo on 26.04.
Belly up to the bar boys,,i'm buyin'...

(did you hear that new slang for a horse and wagon,, "car'??,, the youth come up with the strangest terms..)

anyways,, some people think we need more rules and laws in Axoland,,and i am concerned about a compassionate social reality.
"An eye for an eye.." may be a good way, as suggested by some...
Kill a killer,
Rob a robber,
Rape a rapist,,
take away the car of a car thief,
sell a bag of pot to a pot dealer,
molest a molester,
flash a flasher,,
marry a bigamists wife,,
but its hard to say,,,

zerglin9000 on 29.04.

Lets have a round, on me! I say.
For you see, I was checking my toops today...
And as of tommorrow,
I have no sorrow,
For a smithy is debted to me.
Also I have tallied all the kings horses,
And all the men of course(s).
30 THOUSAND In number,
Riding strong.
For with them they bring the wind of tomorrow,
that we have waited for.... so long...

~---------------~ ~ ~ -------------------------- ~


In these years after the smashing of the rebels , things went well,. Stinky Phil had died. but his lands did not go to waste. the Axo would conquer other minor tribes and continue diminishing the land and regions of invading and barbarous warriors .

Bards Corner,

---The log that lagged---------------- dittys of lost Axonas----by the Bard, Owl Gum of the Rowen knot

When Lalog went to walk his dog,, he met some arrows ,, and shat a log,, their greeting was quick, and to the point..
"we hail your chest, and back we anoint " riddled with sticks,, and fiddled by fog,, and looking as an underfed hedgehog,
,,,he moved no more ,, o'er plain or through rain,,, his eyes last sight,, his town in flame

--------------..And The Wind cries,,,phil...phil..---------------Tsakali of the Membrane

Stienke Phil,, had taken ill,,sometimes a man will lose his will,
on his horse he took a ride, to view the rolling countryside,
woe betide!
in barbarian villages, he'd sup and drink,
but it was a filthy little maidens stink,
that made the great man sink,
they made love, she on her back, in the mud and hay for a bed,
the price for her charms was a blood coughing hack,
and a club stroke to the back,
of his head,
the robbing of his clothes, and horse,
and then being left for dead.
...of course,
dazed, naked and wounded,he clothed himself in dung,
it was said that he coughed, and a piece of his lung was flung,
wandering dizzy, he never made it home from the valleys night chill,
now mothers are heard to say of foul winds,"Tis naught but stinky phil"

armflem on 27.04.

For the lust of a maidens thighs
did Stnky Phil forsake his tribe and villagers
but behold salvation came across the hills
the mighty Axo's paternal hands came to rest
upon his towns and saved his daughters from
the dreaded barbarian swarms and swords

How the people rejoiced to be in the great protectors
fold, how they sang sweet songs of freedom and danced
before the rescuing columns and bands
For they knew the Axo's covenant and chant
Together we are strong
Alone thy will be undone.

(sorry seem to have an obsession with daughters at the moment!)

Axobongo on 29.04. at 01:06

lovely,, very, very nice to see when other bards come around,, and offer little gems like that.
i look forward to all additions and various styles being added here... don't be shy folks...its all good.

Axobongo on 29.04. at 01:17

(rule number one, never apologize for your art.)

"a Chief must always collect the rent,
a farmers daughter to me was sent,
the most precious of earthly gems to defend,
my favorite girls,,the ones that bend.

armflem on 29.04. at 01:34 it, that tickled me!

A toast to you sir:

"here's to the girl who lives over the hill
she won't but her sister will...
heeeeres to her sister!!!"

~-------------- ~ ~ ~ ------------------------- ~

---------Lemons on Mountain Bluffs--------------OValar Ui'Eru of the Two Trees

the one and only LEGEND CONQUEROR has done a great deed,
he has slaughtered a fierce enemy,, of a snotty ego breed,
he has founded and strengthened the mighty Helmas Deep,
after walking narrow edges, of mountains so steep.
he's done a great deed, he's made Leemon bleed,
even his steed, spreads the seed..of the Axo breed.
~------------~ ~ ~--------------------------~
The Fool & Bladder Pub,
May , Huath, Hawthorn and Owl
does anyone else find it odd and confusing that such big players like DR and APEX are just hovering outside our tribe lands? i'm not sure why, if they are so large and powerful, they don't just wipe us off the map. don't get me wrong, i'm grateful they haven't and i'm not calling our tribe weak because we are doing very well for ourselves, its just strange.

Axobongo and i have been discussing this . First of all, wiping us out would not be a given. We have a huge defensive advantage in how closely packed together our villages are. The speed with which we could shift support around and strike back at any villages we did lose would make it near impossible for them to take us out without a full-force war. Consider that spies are everywhere, and they are smart enough to realize that committing any significant amount of troops over such a great distance would leave them very vulnerable to attacks from the other big tribes. It's a risk-reward issue, and the reward for taking a bunch of villages on the rim does not balance out the risk of making themselves vulnerable in the meantime, added to the fact that they might not even succeed, and even if they did, the cost in terms of troop losses would be massive. With the setting on this world (slow slow slow), troop losses can't be underestimated.

armflem on 08.05. at 01:33

I think Guiness1759 has a good point there.
SilensPatronus on 11.05.
yay. i'm in the top 1000 players on world 45 ! a round of drinks on me.

Axobongo on 11.05.
i'll have one of those , with pride! " Hurrahkudo's " ,,, shluuurpsoich` , mmm tastey,,,
although i should be out there farming.. `burp'
~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~

But the true threat was rising from the south, for Apex had conquered the Hunter tribe, and the Axo would have to stop them at their borders. mortalcoil and legend were now dead. Legend and Axobongo had a disagreement and got into a duel, which ended up with legend in a bloody pool.

In the far South the Empires of Omen and One were about to go to war against Mingha and the Raki Empire, News of this reached Axobongo, who knew Apex would somehow be involved in this. The Axo were emboldened to face whatever battles would be needed against this rising foe of Mitsche and Apex, in a belief that their southern struggles would tax them from facing northern resistance and aggressive actions to their northern vanguard with a strong focus.

--- Axobongo read a letter from this Mingha, it was guarded for posterity. it reminded him of his own troubles with zerza, and how the world repeats itself from micro to macrocosm , from small scale to the massive scale of empires,, scale being the only real difference. But evidently, Mingha was in trouble,
on 22.05. at 21:40

Daethon, formz, Stalker, Mitsche have a secret!

Over the past few months I have been told things about one of my members who I had thought I could trust, so I largely ignored them. I brought some people in and discussed the situation and they too said I should probably trust him. So I guess here is an explanation, a true and real explanation of the events currently unfolding.

Now you ask yourself why I am the target of this war and not R4KI, why are no “key players” of R4KI being targeted? Well the answer is simple, after recruiting formz, as he said he began this plot in the beginning of the year. 07th February 2010 - 22:00:02 is the date of him joining. Let’s leave this fact here for a second I will get back to it.
He began to plot to overthrow me, he would have you believe that this was because I am a poor leader, I am egotistical, I talk a lot and do nothing. Now as anyone in R4KI can tell you, every operation ever run in R4KI barring one was organized by me, every war was organized by me personally, so that charge makes no sense. Now heavy handed? That is a charge I have that I am a tyrant, but look at the facts, who was I heavy handed with, Papimino, Budsirus, and simz, these are the people who I pushed the hardest who I expected the most of and who I came down on the hardest when things did not go perfectly. And every one of them is loyal to me. Every one of them formz approached to feel the waters, after I yelled at them, and every one of them told him they understood. They all remain loyal.

Remain loyal to what now? Well simply put formz and slawz wanted to start a revolution, they wanted to take all the barons with them and they have failed. Now let’s ignore all this for a second and go with their words.
I am a horrible leader, and an arrogant prick, okay so why are they starting all this in an attempt to make my leadership fail right now? Why now after months of planning, well the answer is simple, formz wants the power for himself. There can be no other reason, as has been long stated within the confines of R4KI, this week I was set to leave R4KI. I set up the leadership to take over when I left, with Papimono as duke. Formz knew this, so it makes absolutely no sense for him to start a revolution in the moment of my stepping down unless he wanted the power for himself.

Now why is formz doing this? I must have insulted at least him. The reason is simple. I have never yelled at formz, I have never told him he was doing something wrong. Formz has never approached me and said, you know Matt I think you are being a little too overbearing. It’s never happened in fact by his account; he started to plan this while I was in the hospital. So why then did he do this? Well look below
italyspaladin Left 13th February 2010 - 04:00 16,796

Matches the date of the start of the revolution, what does this have to do with anything? Well its quite simple I kicked Italyspaladin, why did I kick him and what does this have to do with formz? Well italyspaldin attacked a tribe member and attempted to noble him so I kicked him. And the key fact, formz and italyspaldin, are real life friends, not only that they are in fact business partners. So the motivation is clear two of the oldest reasons in the world, revenge and power lust.

So how was formz planning on doing this? In his own words, this was said to a baron who was playing along with his revolution for me.
[5/18/2010 12:16:01 PM] Alessandro Gerbini (formz): Well, what I had intended to do was bring the major R4KI players together into one skype chat and sell a big lie.

The little secret the leaders of the top tribes have is to take their friends or in their own words, their “best friends” and create a super tribe. Now for the math ladies and gentle men, there are 25 open slots, and over 200 of you. Where exactly do you think you fall? Are you in the lucky 12%? Or are you smaller and not the best friends of these four people? Note that formz has promised 5 slots to people in R4KI just to start.

So if you are taken in and lead by formz, and Mitsche what will happen? Well Mitsche is currently selling his tribe out, you want to know why R4KI has great stats against them, he made those members clear out their defense defending himself and the other duke, so that the players had nothing to defend against when we attacked, the attacking players being people formz wanted to bring wit himself, and naturally him himself.

-R4KI leadership

By this time Guinness had assumed his place as a royal Chieftain of the tribe. Thor was the Champion of the realm, Armflem and Asharp honored Chieftains. Axobongo had befriended Warlord Hector and would later become bloodbrothers with him. Hector led a massive tribe of mixed peoples, many of a branch of Axo people, but Hector spoke a rare ancient tongue , for his people had a merged history. Axo had overseen his lands when Hector went away on deep travels . and their alliance was strong.

Bards Corner,

-------------Fall of the Legend, Spring of the Axo--------- Gitmo of the Holly

Strange days in Axoland , the sunny season and sky heat worked to burn the edges of the tribe . spring cleaning from the Goddess of Maids and Housekeepers, Eoliiresha of the leafy broom, took on the meaning with significance that year. She is the yearly visitor, who before you know it, cleans your house, and things disappear in the process. but she leaves you purged of weights that held you down.

It was also a season of rites. Chieftains, kings and knights had ritual tasks to perform and survive, quests and rites of passage into the higher stages of the spiritual leadership which the ancestors decreed was integral to hold positions of power.

The knights of the Axo were kings of their clans, and each clan had different ideas and beliefs about those ritual obligations.
some Axo climbed high mountains . and spent death defying challenges in rituals of fire and ice.
some had to travel far and find their power items.
for others it was rituals of marriage and fertility rites. which sir Bluejay bestowed happily on his little kingdom. and his people rejoiced.

The Cow people of asharp had a long and treacherous cattledrive to undertake.
for the people of the sacred red cows believed all cows must make a pilgrimage at least once in life to a mountain lake it was believed all red cows were originally born from , for it maintained a reddish brown hue like a velvet sheen inspirited in the waters body.

The high Chief, Axobongo, did not care for the heat. although he rejoiced in seeing his favorite woman walk through her day half unclad , exposing her shining shoulder and bronzed thigh , sweat moistened flesh that seemed to him to glow in the bright sun. her long ropey hair tied high to cool her neck. these gentle things
soothed the Chief.. but only in the precious moments between dealing with the affairs of the Realm.

His chieftain of the Phalanx guard.. the Spartonian Legend the Conqueror, had troubled him. Although Legend had done good deeds for the Axo,,he had evaded requests, disobeyed orders, failed interviews.. denied loyalty tests.. he remained suspicious from the days of the Gwydzer wars , and in the spring games , he lost, and did not pay his debts. ahh but the Spartonians were known for being opportunists. loyal to themselves and untrustworthy .

When these two great chiefs came to blows,, it was a guaranteed bloodbath.
in Sparta, a fight to the death became Legends fate , as decreed by the honor rituals of his people. Let the Gods decide who is right . Chief Axo and Legend faced each other in single combat. and it was a difficult fight, but Axobongo soon fatally wounded the Spartonian. thus enraging the Spartonian people.. who fell upon the visiting Axos of Axobongos home lands.. and many died on both sides.. even the Paladin OBoru was nearly fatally wounded by a Spartonian spear. but in the end , the Chief Axo had laid waste to Sparta.

And returned to his lands a victor, but a hard won victory at the cost of tribal chieftain. The other Chieftains were surprised at the spontaneity, Thor frowned , but they were loyal, and finished the job in the far kingdoms of the once great Phalanx Chieftain.

asharp on 16.05. at 08:37

-----------in talking to Cows, i heard a good one, allow me to share it with you-------------


mooo, moo, moo moo mooo
mooooo, moo, moooo, moo moo
mwaaaw ...
Edited by asharp on 16.05. at 08:38
cssjhs on 16.05. at 20:23

translate please

SilensPatronus on 21.05. at 03:06

Storm Cathexis

I love thunderstorms
I love the electricity
The building energy
The touch on my skin
The dense air all around
So you ask, "What is it about thunderstorms?"
I say it's... you... on the wind

Fool & Bladder Pub,
sagsin2k1 on 27.05. at 15:12
hey, can somebody tell me what happened to Legend Conqueror? I don't see him any more... he helped me a lot in the beginning....

SilensPatronus on 27.05.
he was banished from the land and his villages were cannibalized to make us stronger. something about disobeying Axobongo and doing as he saw fit with out consulting others...

Guinness1759 on 27.05. at 22:39
it is true. Legend was not a team player, and it was unfortunate, but he was removed from the tribe and we took his villages. in the end, if we don't work together, what's the point? he didn't understand that. he just wanted to do what was best for him, regardless of how it affected the rest of us.

Axobongo on 28.05. at 08:11
i liked him too,, but he was evasive and aloof in many areas, ignored his chiefs mail, and tied in with a personal ambition, and possibly linked with enemies. he failed the test . was a likely spy. he also refused to fulfill the '*tribal requirements*' .. which all new members should take as a warning,, they are requirements,, or you are suspect.
It was also a time of plague,, the smiling Khakis,, the Khaki plague. From all around the known world,, heros and kingdoms were falling overnight. they would disappear from a mysterious illness. a once Axo knight named Muldie, of the platypus clan, and the bridge between two tribes of Axo, and the Raki empire was struck ill,, and died overnight, and the emperor of the Raki, Mingha, betrayed Muldies people and let them die by barbarians,, and did not honor the agreement and favors done by the Axo people, nor could he soon, for he would be suicidal , and his death was imminent .


---------- Lamentia for the Platypus Knight -----------End of the first age chronicus--
----------------------------------------- by the Bard Oakus La Noxia of the Grass blade

Among the eldest of Axo clans, the Platypus people produced great heroes, Muldie of the Zeal, was one of the best.
He was a hero in these lands before most of the Axo of these days were around,, few are around to remember him now.
in his time he was one of the greatest Axo. his Raki tribe were cousins ,, said to be distant Axo with a common root. although the
Raki High king wove suicidal, sadly,,and he betrayed the Axo and Muldie. and let the barbarians over run muldies lands.
even though he walked honored in both lands. but even the best ones fell to the smiling khaki's cold hand of silent death.
as with the passing of all great knights , There were songs of remembrance composed :

Muldie got moldy ,, he was a good time oldie
he was the wise one, from the Old stock and ways,
of worthy lineage from the early days,
He was an Axo knight, of the Platypus Clan,
he was great legend, a hero of man,

The Khaki Death plague amok did befall
His lands and families could not fend it at all,
He watched as his beloved world was doused
the great conqueror never more was aroused

~----------- ~ ~ ~ -------------------------- ~

At The Pub,
zaaboo on 24.05. at 00:10
ahh, i think i will have one for the road.. a quick bevy and its on the long road to the Druid gathering ,,,,

the Volcano of the Gorgonxs nipple,, where great stones have been erected at its mouth..
.. and these will be tough rituals.. i hope i am not the one appointed to poke the stone duck statue..

Hey zaaboo, you still here? i have heard of those Druidic rituals.. you have to cover yourself in animal fat,, right? and make a running jump and insert yourself right on target in the statues yonihole? sounds real hard,,(excuse the pun) , don't some slide off the statue and plunge into the volcano?

zaaboo on 24.05. at 03:26
yep, that they do. it is said the statues hole leads to the heart of the volcano. but also, last year a Druid brother penetrated the opening and discovered a hornets nest. nasty business at times.
and don't worry, i won't be late,, i know a short cut, over the tree tops to the Northwest . so fill my cup again :p
and i will give you this bag of fresh oregano.

zaaboo on 24.05.
at least the statue of the stone duck is easier to catch than the stone bunny,, but many crack their teeth on the carved tail feathers .

sagsin2k1 on 25.05.
hey all,
i am throwing a party on reaching 1000 points... all are welcome...
come, have a drink and a dance

Axobongo on 25.05. 1

428/82,, nice coords! i'll join you in a jug and a jig, sir sagsin !,
i sent a rider to bring you an alabaster cup , and some party favors.. let the celebrations begin! soon we will be launching our catapults and smashing the enemy back to the dark ooze in which they crawled out of! xxaxa,!, mmmm *burrrp*,, sluuurp.
~----------- ~ ~ ~ -------------------------- ~

The day came when Hictoni of Apex and Guinness clashed in the southern regions. Thus bringing about the War of Axo/Apex. The Axo attacked ,and within a pair of fortnights , Apexer people became scattered. Hictoni could not resist the onslaught, ,,Mitsche who ruled Apex ceased his northern assault on Axo southern borders , and headed west.
~----------- ~ ~ ~ -------------------------- ~

Bards Corner,

---Of Bread and Plagues, Deep Magic & the Transmuted------by Imbolc na' li the Slag of the Wood

it was the eve of the great war , the Axo people had been preparing for years this , as the southron blight of Apex moved closer to their lands.
Axo and HCtoni had clashed , not long before a Plague began to greet the new days.

HCtoni of Apex took ill.. it seemed as if the Gods were smiling on the Axo tribe... but then,, others fell , neighboring tribes and allies all began to suffer losses, for a plague it was that swept the land.
an ill wind of sickness blew in from the south,, some thought it to be the masses of dead bodies and the rats and carrion that feasted on the diseased corpses ,, or the will of the dark lords of the south that preceded their arrival , from old dark magic from the darkest of evil Gods that relished in human pain and vomiting.

Allies were falling left and right. great heroes of the world were gone overnight in non glorious death , without warning, their friends and family would awake to a new day, and see their dear ones frozen in a rictus sardonicus , stiff and dead as if a torment had come upon them,, their faces wearing a pained grin , and their skin colored a strange khaki hue... the khaki death it began to be called...or the smiling khaki's .. and it was an awful an unfightable enemy.

Even the Champion, Thor was thought to have fallen to this curse. He left his towns on a long journey to the deep oceans where large serpents were breeding.. as he had a lifelong vow to destroy the great serpent. A task which he inherited from his heritage. When people heard the thunder and saw the distant lightning,, they would say it was Thor battling the serpent.
but the khaki plague ravaged the Eastern lands where he was. and a story came to us about the death if a great warrior from the West. who wore great horns and wings on his helm.. and who fought with a war hammer. The Axo mourned, it could only be their beloved Champion that those stories spoke of. the details were unclear. Chief Axobongo vowed to travel East one day and find the truth of these rumors.

But for now, the great war demanded him. Guinness was still as strong as ever. As it was believed that the Sacred brew had conserved these two Axo leaders,,, as it resisted the plague.
Bread and Stout was the elixer of the Axo.

The overlord Mitsche was still alive,, fed by the death of so many.

It was in these dark days that the high druid zaaboo and Chief Axobongo undertook a treacherous magical expedition. High atop a sacred Volcano far from the Axohomeland.
the druids gathered there from many lands and clans of the Axo , and performed the most dangerous rituals and taxing magic ever devised in human history.

for a week, they prepared the energy.. pushing one another around the volcano in a wheel barrow fashion in spirals along the edges of the mouth,, jumping in potato sacks in lines from its base upward,, wearing blindfolds and carrying eagle eggs on small wooden spoons at a bolt , to drop into the deep abyss of the volcano. some of the druids had to cover themselves in animal fat, and run towards the volcano opening , which was encircled with stone statues of various animal deities, and leap over a fiery ditch , and propel their greased and prepared personal organic staffs into the carved femalenal openings of each idol . catching the statue in a tight grip, or plummeting into the deep gorge by missing or slipping. it was one ritual in which the gods did not accept failure.

The Chief underwent highly challenging feats of strength and torturous prayers as he was suspended in the air by crossing ropes over the very center of the great opening of the volcano mouth.
And he was made a channel of energy which shot up and down from him, sending the will of the magical prayers to the vital places where the gods could be reached.

It was believed by many that these very rituals it was that caused the fall of Apex leaders. the overlord Mitsche was said to have undergone a transformation as his tower exploded.. and he survived a changed man.. as if a great evil had left him. His top Lord had gone to oblivion.
No one knew why the explosion occurred . but they believed it was these very Axo rituals that fought battles in planes of existence beyond human ken.

So Mitsche returned to the world of men , humbled and born anew, and was taken in by the Raki, cousins of the Axo. Good men who fought long and hard against the dark forces of the olden days. Now Apex was gone.

And the Axo were renewed with inspiration. they prepared their catapults to crush out the remaining enemy advances from the old world. The high chief , weary from his rituals and long journey ,
bade his people to unify in action. The gods had smiled on them this day. but when it comes to the gods,, who could know for how long those smiles would last.
~----------- ~ ~ ~ -------------------------- ~


Asharp had gone on a far journey with much of his cows, and died facing foreign foes. this was a hard loss. but not as hard as the news that came from afar that the mighty and powerful Thor had fallen! He had left to go to the far eastern ocean and join in an ancestral battle against giant serpents,, their heads possessing some material that Thors lineage used in their war hammers that made them amazing weapons. He left his towns on a long journey to the deep oceans where the large serpents were breeding.. as he had a lifelong vow to destroy the great serpent. A task which he inherited from his heritage. When people heard the thunder and saw the distant lightning,, they would say it was Thor battling the serpent.
a description of his helm and armor, and stories of his exploits meant it could only be him. Thor.. the triangle had been broken.. the champion would not be coming home.
Axobongo travelled to the distant Sea, and returned to Axoland to give this sad announcement:

"Thor was one of the best Axo in legend, He left us to join his distant kin in battling a plague of giant sea creatures,, some sort of serpents i believe,, he never returned,, i have travelled and heard mighty tales of his exploits,, of the heroic battles he fought along his way,,and i hold a Helm, and Hammer, that i know to be his,, they say the hero who wore them was the greatest they had ever seen ."

But by now, Lord Guinness had grown, his clan had expanded and spread the sacred brew to enrich and maintain the Axo people. south and west, he began to own more land than even the High Chief had. Fueled by the stout drink , warriors joyously fought in his armies .

~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~

----------Drinking Songs of the Axo-------author unknown , transcribed by Blind Lotho the scribe --------

Chieftain Guinness, and his cavalry Stout, stomped through the lands,
stomping the enemy out,,stomping the rebellious bands,
they fought him in the West, He thwarted their best,'Twas said 'twas ne'er hardly a test,
he rolled down to the southy land, took 3 towns with just one hand, another stout storehouse is always so grand,...
His kegs loaded on catapults , as they marched to the eastern rim ,
a bit slower, but with song, while enemies fell in swathes before him.
faced by his stallion pike or lance, no man before him could stand,and another stout storehouse is always so grand....

~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~

A stupid war nearly happened between Axo and KTA. The Dukes of KTA perished, and the prince Static sought title and crowns, and instead of merging into Axo under the provisions of the Axo system, where no Duke-Baron-or-Forum Mod buttons ever get pressed for new members,, until natural leadership and harmony must be proven before one can be called Chieftain and allowed within the trustable and hidden forum ( there should really be a 3rd secret forum in TW !), this made Static very angry and untrusting, and good hearted Axobongo had to endure some insults from this king wanna-be.

Here is an excerpt from a letter archeologists found from that era, where it is interestingly stated ( and not for the first time) That the Axo Chief had early on made his goal to achieve for the Axo number 2 in tribal ranking. Thought to be the only way reasonable to achieve the highest ranking without sacrificing the tribe through disbanding or merging. and still,, quite a longshot.
Axobongo Told His Tribe:
on 17.05. at 07:42
A relationship breakdown is forming between Axo and Static1.. as he is abusively hostile ( wan*er).. he wants to be duke or baron or some such. so i doubt we will merge. Axo doesn't 'merge' anyways, we accept members ,and leaders, but we remain Axo until we are the 2nd most powerful tribe on the world. or we die. thats the whole point of the exercise for me.

once static is dead, i suppose i will re examine the taking in of kta members,, wazzup seems ok. but for now. prepare for trouble with Kta.

The terms ''Duke" and "Baron" simply do not exist in The Axo language. This was a tribe of older traditions, and only worthy Chieftains led their respective peoples .

Historical facts,
The Axo policy was to weed out 'the wanker ilk' , and to scrap the whole notion of 'Dukes and Barons' Axobongo sat as High Chief, there could only be one, the wise among them, and the sound, were called Chieftains, and only they could vote on controversial issues. However, The High Chief rarely had to bend to their will, though would be duty bound to do so if out voted.

All dukes who were to merge into The Axo had to accept that they would be Chieftains, and have to earn the final step into the hidden forum , by natural leadership skills, and no other means.

This seems a flaw at first glance, but those who had the temperament to accept such a system were the stock that made our tribe a thing of beauty, a harmony of minds. And in time, all were grateful with the system.

3 buttons would never be pressed for new members,, Duke-Baron-forum mod. ( i did make some secret Barons, to cover the tribe in case i got killed in RL or something)

Here then is the secret Baron vow ceremony of the playful yet deadly Axo tribe:


Do you promise and swear to uphold Axo law
and work only for the preservation of the
Axo people ,Axo Tribe and Axo Culture?.

Do you Promise and Swear to never
accept dissolving of the Axo to merge into
another tribe, and maintain the core
philosophy that the Axo will prevail, or die,
but never merge into any other tribe?

Do you recognize that all wankers
have no place in or near the Axo?
and must be killed upon recognition of
intrinsic wankerness within their nature?

Having agreed to these sacred laws. i bid you to kneel,
i take these Golden Stag Horns and Dub Thee
" BaronChief of the Realm!


i Give you this Crown of office, this bejewled
Golden cup, This decorative Shield for to place
high on the wall of your great hall.
i give you these 2 virgins and 2 concubines
to provide you many years of royal offspring
and pleasures of the seven delights.

i embrace you wholeheartedly in the name of Axo ancestors

Your duties are now expanded,
diplomacy , and Axo tribe internal relations
with our members , policing and keeping in touch
with them is a part of your new charge.

May you serve us well, and may we as a tribe, serve you well

*Thor, the champion of the Realm was the first 'Baron' Chieftain , and reluctantly so.

*Guinness, a worthy Chief, much time after the loss of Thor, became Baron, and he was always a Chieftain and advisor, and highly revered as a tribal leader by the Axo people, with or without the secret title.

*After the first cycle of the Axo era, The Axu were formed, and these Chieftains were Baronized:
Armflem-Nagel-Vordan-Shaman52-Hellfire306-Fatmanrunnin- .. and perplexingly,, unknown to the rest, Axobongos lover, Mishosa, a witch-woman healer who would become his favored lifelong consort, she would have nothing to do with war, she was Baroness of other things that needed governing on other planes of existence.

But that would be much later... at this juncture in Axo history, (and herstory), war from Apex was encroaching, and throughout the forums, Axobongo had to alter the thinking of even the most wise among them, and argue for a policy of catapult construction and use. it took time, but all the Axo's eventually agreed,, reluctantly at first, but upon learning more of their High Chiefs wise yet unorthodox style and strategy, they complied , and this proved to be a triumph in tribal policy that wrote a series of successful campaigns for The Axo tribe.

~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~
~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~
~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~
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Pub, During Wartime,
Axobongo on 25.05.
i am urging more and more about catapults... even the greatest warriors fear them. sure it is important to take a strong town,, intact for yourself... but the greedy path of the collector of towns is a hard one,, warriors become farmers..
we should shake these lands with catapults. make enemies simply leave,, or die.. cats break their spirit.

what do we want lads? a bunch of farming towns? or a bunch of victories?

i would like all the tribe to have a healthy amount of cats... why dance the noble dance with dance teachers? when we can just turn them into rubble?
this tribe needs catapults! The secrets are in quantity used, and targets selected, and intel of scouts, i have written about it elsewhere in the forum.
Pub, (Following battles and skirmishes with Apex)
Axobongo on 29.05. at 04:17

By the Gods but that was some good fighting!.. i just got back to town,, covered in dust and blood,, mud and sinew of fallen warriors,, and,,whats this? i have a piece of finger tangled in my hair?? no one told me?
aawe ffs,, c'mon guys.. it must have been there all day...

Guinness1759 on 29.05. at 06:19

By tonight I hope to have whole heads tangled in my hair!

Axobongo on 29.05. at 22:12
..( ah, Guinness must have PictAxo lineage,,in those ancient days, it is said they would chop the front face from fallen enemies, and tie them to their hair and belts. it really effectively freaked out their foes.
i don't mind if any of you do that... The old ways are still valid in my book).

Mitsche told the world this .. about the Axo:
"I began brawling with them about 2 weeks ago. They have put up a good fight to be honest. My ODD and ODA have shot up since we started fighting, which has led to essentially a stale mate."
Ol' Mitsche must be a clock maker, or a scientist, ",,, how often have i seen those overconfident in their calculations get hit from the side by incalculable surprises , illogic now rules reality in virtual worlds as it does in the non virtual real world. logic carries one further than carrying on without it, but its human folly to think things must be , because things are calculable , life continues to prove that its full of surprises.
In the time of Duir, The mighty Oak Tree, and the Wren.

The leader of Apex, Mitsche , it seemed , shocked the world and left Apex, and either betrayed his own or bewitched his nemesis and put himself in the service of this Mingha of Raki, who was thought quite insane,,or possessed of evil curses,,so it was commonly believed,, and Apex crumbled. Became broken and disbanded,The inglorious death of a giant. soon replaced by other giants, with Apexers in the form of this Raki Empire, And the FOUL.


--------Wars in the age of Animal Fat technology advancements---------------------by the Bard Eric the Shrubber, the traveller of Knee---

And so it came to pass that strange days in Axoland befell. One of the most elaborate funeral pyres and magnificent ceremonies and orgies were held
for the great Paladin O'Boru , high champion of his clan,
He had finally fallen in battle. spear pierced from under the jaw to his inner helm. in a charge that broke the enemies defense, and
It was a victory, for his men did not lose heart in the frenzy,And the Great Axe was picked up by Ajax ,who was his brother
(and who was also his son, due to the fact that Brian Boru was the man who fathered them both, but by two different women.
The youngest bride of Brian Boru , mother of Ajax, was wed to O'Boru shortly after his fathers death, and Ajax was ever after known as Ajax Mac O'Boru, The Axe Dragon)
but i digress...
Hictoni of the mighty Apex survived his lands contention with the khaki plague. but dented by it. and his men clashed with Guinness, as he tried to establish a friendly storehouse
of the magical brew to the South, rightfully trying to share it with the world and spread it throughout the lands. But this clash initiated the event of war between Apex and the Axo.

When the Axo attacked, a strange thing happened, Apex seemed to crumble.. Their people were killed or scattered. their beasts and half human allies fell back in the darkness,
their leader Mitsche had either possessed or been possessed by Mingha, the once noble high king of the Raki people. had Mingha become mad? or was he a disguised
dark lord of the lizard people, the ancient sect of evil masters bent on senseless destruction of the things of beauty in the world? Many people speculated the worst.
And it was widely believed that the Axo spirit broke the momentum of the dark force spreading North.

Zerglin nearly got himself killed. impatient and over confident he slammed into a Hictoni border town and lost a fine amount of troops, and a valued hero of his clan.
The Noble Zerglin made up for it later, as he put himself at the service of his tribe.
Bluejay the Lion was first to respond to the call of war, and returned again and again to the battle front.
Lameco, the Golden Stag also sent his might into the fray in a notable way, as he ever did. and Sir Rodstuntman added his strength, and enemys fell back before his storm.
Luis Couto of the midlands made several heroic deeds , and rose in stature amongst his people of the Axo. even the young cissjhis, The famous barber-sergeon , master of
knives, performed well for his tribe.

adesalos and karga both stepped up to do their duty , and like rovincool , sent some support troops to a village. but the Axo chiefs grumbled and complained at a lack of reports,, intense times of war emotionally straining their capacity.

The High Chief and the Chieftain of the calvary each took a town and Hictoni stronghold. then another, and another,, but Hictoni had many many men,,
and was a force that outnumbered the Axo, but his northern towns fell under mass attack,, and blood flowed in horrorshow abundance, and he abandoned
many towns to defend a few with tens of thousands of troops. Which Guinness faced with robust joy. while Axobongo tried to cut off support troops from behind.

it worked! Hictoni put up a fight at first, but within a short time, lost heart, They say he stood at the top of his high tower and watched as only handfuls of his once mighty forces returned broken and beaten, and the grief overwhelmed him. He threw himself from that tower holding smoking torches that were witnessed by all , as it trailed a black smoke behind his falling body, that crashed on the craggy bedrock slope at the base of his castle. Hictoni was dead.

It was in these days that Warlord Hector of the the grand Shadow tribe and Axobongo of the Axo forged a stronger bond of Brotherhood,
they had helped one another in the past and always with mutual esteem. Axobongo was once a guest in Hectors lands for an extended time, and came to
marvel in the culture of this clan of Axo stock known as DirgicShadow's. Their women nearly rivaled Axo heartland Wimmen, who were known for their robust sexual energy and scathingly lusty good looks.

They met on the battle field one day, Axo and Bluejay had cleared a Hictoni fort town of the troops residing , and Hector showed up ready to challenge Hictoni there. but found Axobongo instead. who gave his friend Hector the gift of the town. They pledged a unity that day and a ceremony was performed in which the two Chiefs cut themselves
on the palm of their hands . and held them together making the blood mix to create a blood brotherhood.
it was only unfortunate that Bluejays Noble man got riddled with Hector arrows and learned the news the hard way, when he came late to battle, charging forth in a daring night time raid,they charged to attack Hictoni, and Hectors men defended their castle but knew not with whom they fought 'til the morn.
and there was no hard feelings. "All in good fun" remarked Bluejay, who had a near suicidal joy at battle and boxing. and used his tall stature in sport contests during peacetime
to victory and fame.

Mitsche began to advance on Hictoni castles from the south, and The Axo clashed on several fronts. Guinness managed to defend against overwhelming forces and hold his ground. And in several counter attacks devastated thousands of Mitsches troops. And he took 3 more Mitsche castletowns in that region. wiping out large defense troops from deep within mitsches empire, elite units such as Haruk Duier spearmen got wasted by Guinness men.
the Axo advanced south, Axobogo and Guinness had quickly taken over 10 castletowns between them , and then SilensPatronus came down and took a key city and finished another group of defenders, but Mitsche was already on his way , and laid siege on the Wooded Grove castle , but Silens and the Axo held it, although at some great cost, for many men died that day.

Mitsches strongholds in the north nearly fell, but many reinforcements from the south began showing up in time, and broke through Axo offenses until a stalemate was reached, and the Axo pulled back.

Still strong, still ready. having conquered 19 CastleTowns including those in the hands of their allies. The High Chief of the Axo turned his attention to politics. for their neighboring allied tribe, warrior knights of the temple, were suffering under the loss of their 2 leaders from the plague. and the young prince that governed them was turning into a tyrant for power, willing to sacrifice his good people and chieftains in devising devision and war against the good Axo who only offered friendship and alliance. He seemed to have misled his people, and promised to deliver them to the dictatorship of their old enemies whom he plotted with for the lust of a crown he had always resented not having. or so it seemed from afar... maybe there was good in this prince, there were those of his people that thought well of him, the High Chief wondered if he could reach reason with this ally. for the Temple clan seemed to be suffering from inertia.

So the goodly Chief Axobongo vowed to help deliver the worthy chieftains and people of this Temple Knight tribe to a better life. and rode to bandy words in their public forum .
how went that negotiation will be told when next i return from my travels, for a Bards life is to never stagnate, and leave his audience ever wanting more.



Even as the first battles raged and Hictoni lost ground,,and Apex soon crumbled, Axobongo found himself in argument with the princes of the Knight Temple clan, a large mass of warriors who may have out numbered the Axo tribe, but sought to join with Axo after the death of their king , Eric the bay . however the KTA Princes bickered over terms, and showed themselves unworthy to lead , yet lusted for crowns.. in their public forum, Chief Axo stood and spoke with their lords , he boldly provoked their princes, who had left them without leadership, and would expose themselves as unworthy in their crown lust. He found wise lords among them , who forgave his tactless words. his friend Hellf, an Axo man related to the Guinness clan, had cared for the people of this Knight temple tribe from within it, and Shaman and Vordan were level heads when chaos fell on the tribes core. Many opted to join with the Axo,, some joined with the Ragnarok people further to the south . making a hopeful alliance between The Axo and The Ragnaroks. and the Axolands more than doubled.

But the battles with Hictoni would take years.. even though swift victories were being had by the Axo,, and their allies of Hector in the east, and some of their western allied folk were allowed to easily take Hictoni towns after the Axo flood and wake. and dark things came about when Mitsche and Mingha shared the empire, the Oney empire and the Omeni of the FarSouth empire were at war with The Raki, and it was said that Mitsche possessed Mingha with dark magic.. for Mingha lost his mind,, and his empire fell.
Some of his great generals joined with the Oneys , and some followed Mitsche,, who his enemies named Cho' (Choo in the spelling) which was a word for a small dark and vile place of poison gassy air and putrid ground of excrement. his empire would be known as ChoCho,, (an amplified version of the original word Cho) , and he spread like a virus and swallowed up the strongholds of Hictoni in the south.

in Mitsche, the Axo had several victories,, and several losses too. 4 strongholds bordered Axo homeland and the north portions of lower Axo colony regions. The Axo had to retreat for the first time against massive forces from the deep of Mitsches empire housed within the walls of those castles, Mitsche was said to have tried to spread a fog of cursed magic over the lands , in poison letters he dispatched to all the lords of the Axo , but in the end to no avail. it was here that Axobongo first met Mitsche.


They stood and spoke for a short while. an uneasy meeting a sort of truce was unofficially agreed upon, for both men saw a worthy adversary, maybe even a warriors respect of the enemy with the full knowledge that there would be no option but to totally destroy the other. and both had lost many men in the last months. Axobongo was unpossessed by the spells of Mitsche, nor intimidated by his size, and he saw into the heart of the man, and knew he could never trust it, for it was a Cho' , and it believed itself a god,, But as well, he perceived for the first time, that Mitsche was a man of grace, there was wisdom in his eyes and a surprising gentleness and bearing that seemed to counter all the things he had heard of the man over the years. Both were men of power, Axobongo a Shaman~Druid, Mitsche an Alchemist, who may have well had the power to divide and conquer through mysterious arts , but were they the dark wizard arts that the folk of the world claimed it to be? Axobongo could not say, for he was never so possessed, and this man seemed too graceful to be evil. But nonetheless, Axobongo would not accept a position in the empire, for it would mean the crimminalization of his own culture. And Axobongo would not betray them or his ancestors, and he would not be a mere Lord among those some within the little empire that were cruel, and oppressed the masses with a sick pleasure. After the meeting, The Axo High Chief wondered if he were not possessed a little afterall, for he found he liked this man, in another reality, they could be friends. But he also knew his duty would be to rally his troops and the worlds people with the ongoing rhetoric of disdain and brandishing of his character if the underdogs were to ever have a chance. He may even have to kill Mitsche, as some augers foretold, if by chance they ever met on the battle field under the banner of war, yet he knew now it would not please him to do so.

Axobongo on 29.05.
it will be said in history that the Axo were the mighty straw that broke the camels back,, for the back of Apex has broken,, they fall now,, have fallen,,

really, .. Apex is no more.

i raise my cup to the fall of a worthy tribe. Although merciless tyrants, they had many powerful warriors, a warriors respect to his enemy of worth is a shameless path.

To this HCToni,, we fight on.. he and his foul remnants of Apexers still threaten our lands. addicted to blight. We can only expect trouble from them. they will be known as the Foul.

Remain steady and true, good Axo soldiers,,, Our battle is just.

Axobongo on 31.05. at 06:38

ahhh,, back in town after another wave of successful enemy killing to moisten my parched throat..
hoo, thats nice,,,, So there was a glorious bit if fighting from my men,, we dazzled the enemy with infantry fakes and they never knew what hit them,, we took some losses,, AxO'Boru the Paladin has been mortally wounded,,a spear caught him up the neck into his skull.. Ajax O'Boru picked up his brothers Axe and was magnificent to see ,,and we killed 5 nobles, and another full brigade !,, ha! The Axo triumph! .. keep up the pressure lads,,
as an additional pain,,my scribe lost the report!!,, inept swine.. he worked on it forever,, then said a wolf ate it or something,,
anyways, we mourn for the great ones who have fallen,,

any offerings of iron to help pay for the Paladins funeral orgy would be appreciated.

Axobongo on 05.06.

it is an interesting junction we are at these days,, is it not? the wars and strategies we have been building up for are now at hand.. these should be exciting times, my friends,, i for one , am glad to set down my plow and pick up my sword and axe.

Guinness1759 on 05.06. at 08:38

y'ar! I fill my stein and toast to victores...may more bless us soon

Axobongo on 05.06.


Drink heartily my Brothers!! raise your cups,, zerglin has taken the tonitown! bluejay has taken a tonitown!,, Guinness has taken another one!,, Hictoni has but a handful of weakened strongholds left!

We have broken his spirit and pushed him down! make no mistake,, our cutting off his head caused the fall of Apex! once the Axo got into the picture,, their world became over stressed,, we did it.,, slurrrppp,,!glug, glug, glug,,,

ahh sure , mitscscschhe is still around,, and Raki are on the rise,, but we have witnessed the toppling of a giant!,, Apex had shook the lands and frightened the children and loomed as a dark cloud on the horizon for ages,, and now. we enter a new age, a new era. until the Axo become a supertribe and usher in a new Aeon. Let the Gods continue to smile on our path.. and may all the tribe awaken to the strategy of teamwork that guarantees success and survival.

Who joins me in this toast?

sagsin2k1 on 05.06. at 15:10

i wouldn't miss it for hell....

Guinness1759 on 05.06. at 17:38


Axobongo on 06.06. at 12:25
Nice Zakynthinos,,polikalo,, now we fight together,,! , gia sou!

yehia, today,, a toast to a great victory!! we have destroyed some mitsche nukes !!,, he was lured to a trap. Let us hope he finds the other lures we have set for him. ±) be merry! but be ready,, soon we may have to make a push.

έτοιμος ?
zakynthinos on 06.06. at 12:29

always ready!..

παντα ετοιμος..

armflem on 09.06.

The sun is setting on HCToni and it has an orange glow.

They didn't think that Axo would hold the line or force the meet; Guffaw!! for Axo conquered Mitshe to be King?

No questions need to be asked. Our virus spreads.

The Red Hand.
at 10:17
Huzzah!!, i am glad to share a drink with my old friend, armflem the mountaineer!
and he comes with a victory song! that deserves a full tankard ,, haa!

on may 25, i says to Guinness, says i " We will see the end of Apex"
to which Guinness says,,says he " lol"
he then replied, he did " yeah,,2 years from now"
to which i said, said i... " 1 month"

And what happens, ? Where is Apex now?,,within weeks we gave toni and mitsche a fine thrashing , my brothers , we took 17 towns, including 2 or 3 we cleared and pre nobled for our ally. it was a good push,
and we are hardly wounded and still prepared,, and we should raise our cups, be proud,, (ok, even though 1 or 2 of you are in serious jeopardy for not responding much in a time of war).
let us sing our victory songs, and make the victory orgies,,

wheres Lameco? bring the Mataxa my friend!

Warlord Hector was fighting a mysterious illness in his Realm,, a lesser version of the plague had befallen his Eastern lands. He was frequently traveling to the nether regions in search of cures,, but the common belief was the dark magic of Mitsches alchemists had been behind it. his southern generals had begun defecting to the enemies ranks , as was typical ,, for Mitsche always sent out Harolds to bring messages of ultimatums to all the generals and Chiefs of his enemies,,, messages on parchment befouled with charms and curses that clouded the thinking of these good men,, and turned those of weaker minds , making it so that brother turned to fight brother , and divisions were created ,
tribes fell in the wake of dismay and betrayal.

With the Axo , this was not the case, they were a strong and proud peoples empowered by the reemergence of their culture. The Stout from the Guinness brewers and Cabbage from the cultivators of Rodstuntman were the motivational mana that inspired their loyalty and good cheer, as well as their string of successes in battle.
except for karga,, who had came from the south and was taken in by the Axo, as he deceived them, his heart was not Axo, he disbanded in fear from the coming of Mitsche who he worshiped , but to no avail. it was awhile after he left that mysterious attacks from strange southron folk began ambushing the High Chiefs realm. and Axobongo saw into Kargas heart,, and knew there was a connection. and so karga was soon destroyed by Axobongos fury .

-------Traitors Unloaded~The Dis Karga stomp--------------Zaphod sparrow wort of the Dewflappashacky

He tried to trick an old trickster,
But Chief Axobongo vexed his diabolic mixture
Karga's twin ruled as him , the small villas of a far southeast rim,
He had come to the farnorth in Axoland, in disguise as an Axo man,
He gave his tribute, and was granted land, ,, then tried to play his tricky hand,
And hide in the shadows, and did not help the tribe, or answer the Chief,
From tribal requirements,, he tried to hide, to blend, or be blind,

Then there were battles with Mitsche, who makes the meek flee,
Or causes a madness which turns brother against brother, ugly to see,
And spineless karga did naught but flee, and left the tribe , a traitor was he.
Then ordered a cowardly attack , on the Axo chief, from the far south rim back,

With the troops of little lord Frank,, made to march across the world
For frank had died, and in his throne,, kargas twin did sit, disguised

But Axobongo surmised and deduced, kargas crap could not be allowed to roost
Karga sent spearmen support to one of Axobongos towns, thinking this would fool the Chief
From taking him down, it did not and he was stomped into the ground.

He joined Mitsche to attack Axobongo from the back, karga the coward,
Karga the traitor, karga the worm full of lack, watched his world cave in so quick
A fly in a sack, it made him sick,
Word came that his twin karga was killed and conquered by the Pubbers of Southrim
His 7 cities fell,, 1, 2 , 3,, ,, he lost his troops and his brethren ,

He was caught on the road between his burning towns,,deceived by his hound,
Dressed as a woman and trying to hide in a group of peasants unbound
Trampled under the Chief Axos stallion . till he was barely alive on the ground
His angry peasants tore him asunder , and scattered his bones all around
He was a traitor to The Axo people,,
Thus turned to mush for the worms and maggots to lunch
And carry his infinite spirit to the dark and itchy parts of the underworld,
And such.

Meanwhile , Axobongo was not only fighting war with Apex, he was also arguing with the KTA leadership about the details of a merge seemingly falling apart, and overlooking Warlord Hectors Lands and Tribe, and coping with the spineless betrayal of Karga, Axobongo was grateful Mitsche had weeded out for him one of unworthy stock ( with the circular mail that frightened karga to disband from Axo).

Axobongo made several moving speeches to the KTA people, at first raising their anger, as his first layer was always something to get through before people could accept and appreciate him, as sven Golly once pointed out, but later the wise among them saw the truth of his words.
At one point Axobongo quoted his Uncle in one such speech, Remo of Sauthin'Teach, who said,
"Ever'thing would be wonderful if it were not so familiar" adding "We folks is got a mighty one sided way of lookin at things,,, if you could perch somwhars an' see things like dey reely is, an not like dey seem ter us, i be boun' you'd hol' yo breff an' shet yo' eyes".
... and so it seems, the familiar part of what is familiar to you is but a tiny fraction of the phenomenon you are witnessing.

So its time to look at things as they is,, Our Eirishian ancestors have a saying,, it translates to something like " Open yer eyes, and join the Axo"
you have some mighty fine and worthy members, but when i see them calling for help on this forum,, i ask, "where is the cohesion? where is the leadership?, i scratched my tribe out of the dirt from one little hamlet.. and now we own a continent and are beating down the rise of HCToni,, Apex never gained a foothold in Axoland, and now they fall.

My point being, the worthy among you,, even the new and learning, if very active and well meaning, have a place for you here in the Axo. i think you'se should consider it. i don't know who you are calling leader nowdays... i am sure its not the whiny brat called static1,, but if any wish to join in Axo, please write to me or Guinness.

the time has come to make some choices. either way, i wish you all good luck and joyous battle!

Axo go Brauggh!

*Some representatives of the Axo Shadows tribe were present in the KTA forum that day,*

Allied Forum
~SHDW~ - The Errant
An bhfuil tu go maith.
Me auld stock, tis an irishman

~SHDW~ - Sven Golly
Ah tis a mighty fine speech ye gave there mo chara! ((( chara means friend))) (i am your friend,,i am bo chara))
Although, with a name like Axobongo, I would have guessed it would be in Fang or Cuban/Spanish.:D


~SHDW~ - Warlord Hector

My dear friend I'm even in doubt that any KTA member even is still reading this forum since no one is even answering...

BUT I wished that KTA and AXO should merge and started the negatiations between both tribes. Sorryly sometimes people dont realizes that "it's more important HOW you and your tribe act, then your tribes name". So If we are thinking in the same way then it's not for me so important if its this or that tribe, also not important who is the Duke or Baron...
KTA - Hellfire306

I for one read every forum daily. I know not what to think of the merge overall however.

*** (Note on Hellfire306:

Hellfire was in the tribe Stomp with Guinness and Muldie, Muldie was a Raki the Axo protected as a favor and also a true Axo man of unwavering loyalty, and a pleasure to know.
Hellfire was a fun presence of fine experience, only problem was that he was located several K's from the Axo Heartland. He was recruited by a certain tribe in his area **NR**, and with reluctance , we had him join them for a stint for his own protection and what ever interesting information he might glean, of course, but there was a real danger he would be attacked by his neighbors if he didn't join them. yet spying was not the main intention as the tribe he joined was no real threat... and he was not a 'spy type' of guy, who often pointed that out to me.
We missed his positive spirit and light humor, and as a true Axo, he too felt out of place, and missed his family.

The KTA tribe killed and/or merged the *NR* tribe into them, and Hellfire (Hellf) then found himself in a stronger and neighboring tribe, Axobongo instructed him to be helpful to them, He was eyes into them to warn of any hostile intentions toward AXO, but as both tribes had a mutual enemy rising from the south in the form of Mitsche and his gang, AXO hopes were to cultivate a strong relationship with KTA. But getting him out of KTA was our new puzzle,, if he quit to join AXO, they may take offense, so a merge had extra motivation to get Hellf safely back in the fold.)

When the founders of KTA were lost, 2 young princes argued for the crown and high rank if to merge into AXO, in the end, their wise joined The Axo, and the prince , Static , joined another.
And so Hellfire finally came back home and we all rejoiced , and maintained a strong guard of AXOs furthest western rim.)***

~SHDW~ - Warlord Hector
Good to know brother...
But why is your KTA tribe so quiet. loosing strength and members shouldnt take your morale so low. Most of us will happily try to help.
A terrible war is going on. But we try to hold on...

AXO - Axobongo
These are wise words, and the mark of a true leader. True leadership is not in titles, or the power to disband. in the Axo, it is a Chieftains council, hidden forum, where the Chieftains meet to discuss our preservation and details on running the tribe. the title of Chieftain is most honored anyway, and respected by the tribe. disbanding members come from the advisement of the wise leaders who suffer the extra work it takes to ensure a healthy tribe.

~SHDW~ - Warlord Hector
Thank you...
I have seen wiser men then me tough ;)
its a honor for me to speak with you...

AXO - Axobongo
ty,,i am humbled,, having felt both honored and privileged to have been working with you, ,
and some of the fine minds and voices i have seen in your group show i am not alone in feeling this way.

AXO - Guinness1759 today
Whether under one banner, or many, this is a time for action, and for the strong to find more strength together. We can defend our lands in the north, together. And communication is our biggest weapon. Our enemies to the south have no hope if we work together. If you're reading this message, just hit reply. Say anything...even one word will echo against the words of us all and let us all know that we are to be reckoned with.
~SHDW~ - Warlord Hector

You know the difference between evil and good???

Evil is always alone, or alone in hard times. I say we are PURE...

So as most of you have should noticed. We are supportting each other even brothers in different tribes. But you can see this not much on old Apex players. that why we have a chance and why we are good. Apex players are just like jackals tring to feat over a fallen. But in defence they are not together and let themselves by their own.


--------Lore of Axoland----------- as told by HighChief Axobongo at a party during the festival of squirrels

There is an ancient relic sacred in my castle, it is the Helm of an ancient warrior ,, on it is etched this:
ΗΟΣΝΥΝΟΡΧΕΣΤΟΝΠΑΝΤΟΝΑΤΑΛΟΤΑΤΑΠΑΙΖΕΙΤΟΤΟΔΕΚΛΜΙΝ = whoever of all these dancers now plays most delicately, to him this vessel is his prize ,,, it has been guarded by the Axo Chiefs since time before memory, in the far olden days when The Axo were as famed as The Atlaniseans, before the invaders trampled the northern world for generations, and the Axo were a scattered and wandering tribe, with only a vague sense of identity. This famouse and legendary helm, i wore in my youth , when i was on my quest to find the warrior generals to help me reunite our peoples, and by the Gods,, i did! we have been reclaiming Axolands and vanquishing the foreign scourges and have reclaimed at least half of what our ancestors lost.

The Helm was said to have been a gift from The Gods to the greatest warrior in the world, heroes came from all across the globe of the flat world , yet died by the score. An Axo was said to have travelled to those lands and won the prize. his name was Axu , who was raised by ckoyotes of the cactuscan mountains. he suckled at the glorious titty of a mama ckoyote, and was said to chase down and kill his meat in the nude and eat a full raw dear in a two day frenzy, then need no more food for a month..
By the time he was 20, he was so hard and tough, instead of shaving, he would hammer in his whiskers and bite them off from the inside,, He was found and raised by a Hermit , who was a master of weapons,, and when he heard the wind speak of the fist planetary competition to win the prize of the Gods,, The wise old druid hermit sent Axu. who was said to have torn through demons and beasties,, slew thousands of champions , and climbed an impossibly high mountain butte , and when he reached the cave, and won the final trial by tongue twister , There was a most beautiful regal lady bearing 3 treasures, She was Queen O , the goddess of the mountain, magnificent to look at, tho' quite short in stature. he was offered to pick from the three. They say he chose a fourth treasure,,,

And its said, they fell in love, and came to these lands to make a family,, Queen O got taller each time they lay abed together, until one day ,,her head hit the rooftree of the house, and her middle he could not span.
She grew to a towering hight , but this still did not cool the fire in his blood. as if her hight excited him further, he returned to her now outside bed again and again,,, until she was grown to match the size of mount Crelm, it was then she gave birth to a new clan,, hundreds it was said came out of her, until she returned to a normal size,, not too short or too tall,, the last born was said to have been the first in,, and the rightful heir to Axu and O , and it was to this Axo that the helm and other two treasures were given, for Queen O took with her all the three prizes when she left her native land.

And these treasures are all that is left from those ancient times. the line of the Chiefs was born, and the
Axo of today are said to be descended from this legendary union. and there are many out there who are , and yet do not know it.

vordan on 12.06.

Vordan sits down and lights a pipe of a fine English blend. The game is changing, but beware Mitsche he is a dangerous beast and might yet come raging into our feasting hall like that foul Grendel in the Tale of Beowulf. He will take a lot more killing before the tale of W-45 is done.

Axobongo on 12.06.

what a day,, all kinds of new members,, and new attacks, new life injected into the scene in spades eh?

finally a bit of chaos,, it will wake you up in the morning, sure!.. so its time to celebrate the recognition by Mitsche in the Cho' ! you should by now have the skill to realize if there are nobles being sent, most seem to be ram speed,,
"so you should be fine. i am inclined to continue nobling these 4 towns,, then either dodge or stand when the attacks hit, if we must retake a town, we will".

shaman52 on 12.06.

Guys the incoming attacks maybe fakes but after checking out the scout reports on the KTA RNK AXO thread, and seeing the number of spears in each village (thousands), I am uneased by the obvious lack of axes and I mean thousands of them are missing.
Careful your villes might just get hit by more than a ram or two...!! I ram and 8000 axes with HC as dessert.. Be wary, I´m going to be dodging the first couple till I know what the pattern looks like

exactly, a defensive game is the best way here, and when we detect noble trains, we stand ,snipe, or as a last resort we can pre noble our towns to under 30% and let them kill their own troops and nobles,, then retake the towns. if attacks continue, we can backtime and such. but for now its a defensive strategy to follow.
~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~
Axobongo on 13.06. at 07:21
Remember when we were just one town? and there was a nearby town that we knew,,we would have to take it down, before it took us?

remember when we were part of a little tribe,, surrounded by many little tribes? with one or two nearby tribes that looked like they would end up dominating the whole land?,,and we had to find ways to take them out?
some just dissolved,, some we conquered,, but we all plotted like little tribes, scrambling to survive each other even while giant tribes slowly made their way to our backyards?

we begin a new age now, we who have survived. The age of the super tribe dawns this day.
strategy,, goals,,familiar actions, have altered yet again.

we begin to need to think bigger,, our opponents will no longer be easily devoured. positions,, stratagems,, diplomacy and alliances all take on a different meaning.

to become big, we must think big,, we survive into time, time creates biggerness.
allies must act as one.
great warriors need to unite..
infiltration becomes inevitable.
trust, sincerity, and honesty become more vital.
working together and active, communicating tribemates of worth become the truest key to survival, that as a tribe grows,, it must remove those who fail in this. to make room for those who team work.

the question of catting, and nobles sent to die, or to take a catted town simply for to push away an enemy changes in meaning at these bigger levels,, philosophies alter,, just like changing from swordsmen to heavy cavalry. minds must expand along with the expansion of property and relations.

we are ranked 17th , in a world of near 1,000. and it is still,, only the beginning.

shaman52 on 13.06.
sorry catting ??

Axobongo on 13.06.
cat-uh-pulting,, ... meow.

Personally I used to like the form of catting around that involved going out on the town. Now that I am a old married guy the only catting I get to do is in this game. In W50 I am getting murdered by persistant catting attacks. they are pretty effective when repeated.

Axobongo on 16.06.

lol,, yeah,, it was a sad day when they turned the local cathouse,,, into a catfish.. it just laid there doing nothing, getting smelly,,

shaman52 on 16.06.

vordan on 16.06.
Yeah that image does require a drink, good thing we are in the Tavern....make mine a

cssjhs on 29.06.
Is it 3 noblmen per village

Axobongo on 29.06.
yes Virginia, there is that in the good ol' days we let minors in the pub ,thing.

cssjhs on 30.06. at 07:25

hey I have found out how to use the color button

shaman52 on 30.06. at 07:31
Good.. .. that will help you to nobel a lot quicker ;-P
There were giant structures throughout the world that housed meetings of world leaders in a world forum, Axobongo rarely went, and when he did , he did naught but observe. There was a truce in those places, no battles would ever be fought in it or the surrounding lands that could draw blood. No leader had ever betrayed that law, nor ever would. There was this list posted on the wall by Mitsche, Axobongo found the Cho leaders view and assessment interesting.
1 One - Sure proved themselves fighting R4KI. Picked up some nice accounts from that war. Once they clean up their inactives and the rim, it will be interesting to see what they do. Congratz Des!
2 Omen -Merging with Cats was a very nice move and nicely times. Good territory, but lots of cleaning up to do
3 ChoCho - My tribe, no comment. Just would like to note that we have half the members of any of the other top tribes
4 P-Ctrl - Simply Fremen under another name. They had a nice PnP. Since they took in so many Fremen members, I am sure their culture has changed
5 SRA - A nice coglomerate of the 3 north east tribes. They better unite fast before their neighbors come calling. No room to grow
6 R4KI - A ghost of their former selves. All inactive members at this point I think
7 =DARK= - Significantly weaker than the top 5. May benefit from a war between Omen and P-Ctrl with some good diplomacy
8 RNK -Decent looking Rim tribe. As long as ChoCho and P-Ctrl stay busy in the core they may have time to blossom...
9 Pub - Will slowly be eaten by One!
10 ~FOUL~ - Bunch of Turtles waiting to be made into soup with ChoCho has nukes to spare
11 WB - Should merge with Pub... maybe they can avoid the same fate as so many others
12 HOWL! - Don't expect much action down there. Once Omen turns their gaze to the rim they will be in trouble
13 ~SHDW~ - Nicely wedged between ChoCho and SRA. Will either merge with one of them, or AXO. However, they have held around for a while
14 ~SWW~ - Should be merging with HOWL before to long....
15 _RE_ - Has nice control of K78, but Continental tribes have not been holding in this world of super tribes
16 AXO - Just sucked up KTA players. Personally, they have been a pain in my butt for a while now...
17 T.L. - Given their location (Due south) I imagine them being ignored for a long time. If 2-3 players emerge from the tribe, they may merge into Omen
18 ~LOOK~ - I can't even find you on the map, so... good luck
19 Fremen - Ghost of a tribe. ...
20 URGE!! - It is embarrassing to have a tribe like this in the top 20...
The Chieftains of Axo grew in numbers as new warriors joined the realm. And warriors such as Shaman , Vordan , Lemb , Tobynmoca , Lilian, Zulu , Helf, Biruk, MetUnlan , ,, and many others from the Temple Knights of KTA proved themselves true Axo and bolstered the Axo hold ,, soon the Na vi tribe was put down.

Rodstuntman was lost when he went on a heroes quest , he won his challenge,, but died from wounds, and never returned home.

Hector had left Sven Golly in charge during his travels , Sven was a fine man and good soldier,, but ruling had challenged him, and he faltered,, the stress of Cho soldiers attacking his people led him to madness , and he gave the Sceptor of kingship to Soumalinna, who was a capable general,, but suddenly finding himself a royal changed him,, once on the throne, he halted a merger which Hector and all the Shadow royals agreed upon, and chose to rule instead. He caused the fall of many good Eastern Shadow people. a failure as a ruler, his top advisor Jordi, was really a Cho spy and traitor. and in the end, death came to Soumalinna through the betrayal of Jordi. the Cho's of the East began over running the southern borders of these people.


----------------The People Of The Cabbage----------------By Nuria of the Shrub Root , Bard of the Cabbage Tenders .

When Chief Axobongo was young,, and struggling to find likely warriors to form a defiance to the invaders of his northern world,
he had freed Sir Rodstuntman from the clutches of a terrible cult led by a malevolent cretin named Skeet, it was then that the once great
tenders of the sacred cabbage to the Axo ancestors had a chance to reestablish their cabbage kingdom , Rod was their Prince, and he led them
well and was one of the driving forces that helped the Axo get a strong foothold in the land,
he never shirked his duty, and always answered the call to war and support.

The cabbages flourished in the land again,, as did the ancestral sacred brew of the Axo that many thought lost to time,, for the people of Guinness
who were the only ones left in the world who kept that culture alive , high up in their own stronghold, they were a clan that was never over run
since the ancient days. Once the kegs and cabbages came back to the Axo people,, their manna,, their medicine,, they became empowered,,
and their ranks grew , until they took back lands that were lost generations before.

Gardener warriors were among the most revered , and Rod was among the best. in time, many of the great heroes of The Axo people fell.
prince Rod grew into a man.. and was kinged as Chief of his clan , he grew his family. The Axo prospered.

Word of A Heros Quest came to the land. The most beautiful Princess in a far far away kingdom was said to be imprisoned by
a dark lord who was said to have giant blood in him, as he was said to be of a great hight, his name was Frostbort.. and many champions had lost in a bid to free her,
She had really nice tits , her father offered a kings ransom for her safe return,, all his champions had failed. when word reached Rod,, he realized she was distant kin to his
Cabbage heredity, and vowed to travel far to rescue her.

And he did, it took him months of siege until he found the means to scale the high walls and enter Frostbort castle, and battle the giant man .
He had managed to get the portcullis opened and his troops came in and finished the castle guard,, while Rod himself battled the giant,,
it was a long and furious fight, Rod had sliced off Frostborts sword hand, but it slowed down his foe not. in frostborts left hand was a mighty club that
struck Rod in the midriff and sent him flying off the second floor balcony. Broken but alive, Rod managed to pull up a fallen spear and heave it at his enemy,
this pierced Frostborts shoulder area.. and Frostbort the giant faltered, but came charging down the stairs with his club raised.
Rod managed to use a small table as a shield,, but it was soon splintered,, it took Rods last ounce of strength , as he was on his knees feeling as emptied and
hollow as the dry straw of a wicker man. but he leapt,, he leaped with a final charge of of the dregs of his vitality and thrust his sword,,
,, and it went right into the mouth of Frostbort. whose minds eye caught a close up glimpse of the pointy point of rods sword before a single twist scrambled that brain
matter of Frostbort. ( the brain was thought to be a form of cauliflower , which the Cabbage people also were said to have mastered the cultivation of),

The distressed Damsel was saved.. Frostbort was dead,, it was time to journey to her fathers kingdom and claim the reward.
But the journey took its toll on the internally damaged Rodstuntman. before long, his men were carrying him on a stretcher cart. Life was leaving him.
His closest sidekicks decided to take him to a witch in a high cave in the iced mountains a fair travel from the princesses fathers kingdom.
They came back alone. it is said he died before they even reached her,, and when they finally did. she could do nothing. so she said. ...
and curiously, instead of burning his body in a funeral ceremony, she chose a cave burial , where he would be in a shroud and in a place of honor,,
and his body would not decay as it normally would, this was the tradition of those lands,,, and his personal guard and friends respected it.

He was left in her care and they made their way home,, a sad journey and of heavy heart. but Death was seen as a passage,, a happy return to the cycle of return,
a new beginning. and they found their songs,, and the funeral orgies were held , in the land of the Cabbage tenders , there was celebration for their hero.
he will be missed. but he walks with the Gods, and we know that is the best party of ecstasy that is beyond our earthly ability to capture.. or even explain.

Our beloved Rodstuntman, is dead.

He did come back to us, in the form of his last words , which he wrote as a final act.. his words were these : LONG LIVE THE AXO!!!!!!!

armflem on 16.07. at 02:42
Aye well said.
Goodbye dear Rodstuntman my friend who followed the same path as the Red Hand into the warm embrace of Axo.

Sub Chapter : Art vs. Science

vordan on 05.07.

I light my pipe and lean back on the bar, drinking a good strong beer. In the main forums they are ready to crown Mitsche King of W-45 but here in this place we are the free men of W-45 and we say different.

cssjhs on 08.07.

I am about to get an Academy 1hour and 20 min

vordan on 08.07. at 04:09
cssjhs wrote:

I am about to get an Academy 1hour and 20 min
Cool! You will be a giant in no time, I will raise a glass of Vodka to that.

shaman52 on 08.07.
yup keep it one leads to many more and soon you have hundreds of villages and no time for anything else.. Lookk at Mitsche, I think he is drip-fed and permanently at the computer.. Maybe linked up like Matrix....... no sex no drugs noooo rock and roll... (only kidding) go for it mate..

shaman52 on 08.07.

cssjhs wrote:

hey I have found out how to use the color button
It all came about after you found the colour button

Guinness1759 on 08.07. at 08:07

fantastic css! let me know when you've picked out a target and i'll help you noble it :)

Axobongo on 10.07. at 00:54

well,, alot of rams on the way will wake ya up in the morning,, eh?

when a fresh merge happens,, he sends a fake wave to cause new members to have second thoughts about their new tribe.

A quick bevy and im back to war,,, ahhh,, is this not what we signed on for?? is this not we have been preparing for ,, all this time? training and building?... who the hell wants to be farmers all their lives?

WELCOME TO ADVANCED PLAY,, get used to the little X in your corner,, the crossed sword,, imagine if you had 100 towns,, it would always be there,,

focus in on all the things you know to do,,, win some,, lose some,

remember,, most tribes and individuals lose by quitting,, not getting conquered.

... oh hell, fill me another cup barkeep!,, i've a long ride ahead,,,

----------------- The Walrus moons the Dark Side--------- by Uncle Meat of the Yellow Snow ,,, ( songs of the eastern falls )

Mjro,, who they called 20 ,Mjr20, was said to fight as 20 men,
'till his knees fell off one day when an ax fell on them
and his favorite eye, the one on the left, exchanged its own socket,
for a spear tip of led, likewise his mop top was dropped and flopped
in a pool of red,
surrounded by the Chotoilet tribes elitest men, and the plague that earlier
ravaged the towns of his kin , proved too much to resist again against
the attacking generals on the eastern rim.

out he was worn,,his shirt was torn ,,,when his spine were halved in two,
a pain in the back ,,would no longer attack in the spot where the sword went through,
under a pile of corpses, he was left to rot and brew , unto a fetid broth of maggot stew,
a lovely man in life , but war denies us that, his time reduced to this pile for the rats,
thus is how it always comes to pass, lights get snuffed or melt like candle wax.



In time Hector returned, ever faithful to Axobongo,, he sent all he had , along with chrhjelm, and broke the stronghold of Baron Jacuzzi,, they killed over 50,000 troops,, but sadly, Hector was killed by a spear through his Chest, and an arrow in his ankle heel. He had died as gloriously as he had lived. that stronghold was a key position for the enemy, and had tormented Axobongo with its presence for years,, since the time of Thor.

Mitsche began the great war again, on July 10. The War of the Rim started with a tremendous assault on The Axo , Mitsche tried one more time to get Axobongo to surrender peacefully,, to which the High Chief only laughed ,,, saying he would hate to disappoint his people who were eager for Cho blood to be spilled.

and spilled it was,, The Axo's were underestimated by this arrogant emperor , 100's of thousands of Mitsches soldiery fell at Axo gates, hundreds of Thousands fell from attacking Axo blades and arrows thrust upon the enemies castles.. Mitsche lost ground and only regained little of it. The Axo gained ground and only lost a little.

the Axo Chieftains distinguished themselves as among the most worthy warriors , and the world watched as mitsche recoiled and retreated, but the Axo did not retreat.
and even had to contend with upstart lords, like Tronix of the allied Won people, who also was beguiled by promises from Jordi, they were a small and useless group, with only Rockbo as a worthy lord, who was uninterested in turning on Axobongo, although tempting, he was torn, for Axobongo had met him during his travels long before Rockbo pledged his loyalty to the Won people. he joined Axo.

Zaaboo, the beloved high Druid of the Axo had died a year before in an attempt to penetrate the northern stronghold of Baron Jacuzzi,, but his paladin Kjartan II had run things at his city,, and performed greatly for the Axo,, until finally being struck down deep in Mitsches territory after a glorious battle where his men slaughtered the rest of a believed impenetrable castle of Mitsche,, where Lemb lost many, but weakened it. it was a blow to mitsches plans.


------Druids of Zaaboo , and Heroes cut in two------------ Historicus Chronic, by Rasputinax of the Ice River

The Druids of the Axo had a curious armor,,, it was of the hardest polished wood of a dense yet elastic quality, and was inlayed in spiral fashion with a type of stone that
protruded enough to deflect and dull the weapons of man. even the metal woven through the druids armor was forged of an unknown manner. the secret of the stone and wood
would die if the druids did. But it was said that theirs was a stronger armor,, and lighter , than ever had been or would be in the world.

zaaboo wore his blue druids armor as he returned to battle after the long trials of magic making at the volcano called Arghllantliloc , mouth of Dos, where he suffered some mishaps that wounded his body.
There was the knee and ankle damage he suffered from a ritual that had two druids tying together one of their legs, making the pair travel as one with three legs.
they then had to send pairs of 3 legged druids down each face of the 4 directions of the volcano to its base, the amount of times they fell and rolled would be calculated in
the numerology of later rituals. but zaaboo twisted his ankle and tore some cartilage ,,, later , when they were doing spinning energy prayers, they had to place their foreheads on a sword hilt
that was fixed in a stone in the ground and keep it there while running a circle round the sword several times ,before having to run along a narrow ridge , in a relay fashion,, sadly, zaaboo took a fall and cracked his wrist. but the magic making went well and the druids celebrated for days with their mushroom teas and orgiastic debauchery .

Tired wounded and shagged out after such a prolonged squawk is not the best way to enter battle.. but the wars of Apex had begun, and and the border regions needed attending too
as the Champion of the realm who governed those areas was on a long quest. the Baron who migrated near there brought a sizable force.
And so zaaboo set off to check the region, and meet this baron jacuzzi. but the baron was well defended, and heavy horses stormed at the druids men. zaaboo cut down many upon many,, though greatly outnumbered.
and he was trapped in a canyon and cut down eventually , after a valiant stand. He had wounded the enemy magnificently,,
but from a hidden cave emerged a paladin and knights that stabbed him through and chopped down his men from the center of their formation.

and he was but one week from retirement.

---------------They Slew Zaaboo,,,,you bastards!-------------- dittys of lost Axonas by Stargut of the Placid Mucus

Old zaaboo,, had things to do
A Druid with many worlds to travel through
He mastered the trees, and magical plants of the land
Yet Druids need battle spirits of the Air ,Fire, Water and Sand

Ghosties of the air, phantasms of the night
Elemental beasties and demons to fight
The Druids gathered , far away for these magical deeds
And zaaboo suffered trials , for good of Axo needs.

What to do?, we lost zaaboo,
Great warrior and druid, too
In treacherous lands he travelled through,
With his fighting druid retinue

In the high mountains of jacuzzi's land
Zaaboo was taken in a final stand,
They killed so many, 3 times their own, !
But swords in the chest, and severed bone,
Stopped zaaboo and his men from coming home.

-----Ditties of lost Axonas--fire drool of Rovincool--- by Tarr Sarnet of the Juke Joint

Rovincool had lost it all,
when from high walls he took a fall,
when his catapult flung a fiery ball,
it neglected to reach over the wall,

instead of flying high over his head,
it hit his own rampart, and now he is dead.
his men cried "woe betide!" and fled,
Rovin of the Axo , no more a dread


Css had taken his third barbarian town, this was a third offense to the law, for barbarian towns were under Axo protection and not meant for taking.
Axobongo reluctantly took action at the behest of Guinness, who was the Sheriff ,and tired of this young tribesman breaking the law.
( Axobongo hoped the example would be set for zakynthinos , whose love for barb taking was gaining him infamy)

Axobongo said ..."css,, hes like our puppy"

Guinness1759 replied

"he's small and occasionally funny but he mostly just sleeps and pees on the rug"
~Guinness was a most helpful and benevolent Chieftain and Sheriff, but he was just as stern in discipline when he needed to be.
Cssjhs was banished from the tribe, and Vordan and Shaman had pity in their hearts, he was secretly allowed to be in the COW tribe created by Axobongo and Asharps legacy, to act as a diversion and scout during truce time with Mitsches empire. Vordan tried to guide the young ex-Axo lord as a secret apprentice.
armflem on 12.07. at 02:37

I think I'll just stay at the bar and....hic...damn suppose its back on the horse!

shaman52 on 12.07. at 03:47
I´v got a bar built into my saddle bags,, hic hic.. and velcro pads on my bum and saddle to keep me falling off when I have been looking too deeply into my s-bags

Axobongo on 12.07.
lol,, good system Shaman,, of course you know, it is only the Alchemists of the Axo, in the whole wide wurl,, who has stumbled on to the invention of velcro,, ( trying to turn silly gold into iron, i think..)

meanwhile i just returned from southern battles and brought back some good 'gear',, i hope the alchemists improve the gauzes soon,, my pipe is quite reamed,, (no surprise ,, it was a gift from my Aunty who is a Priestess at the Temple of Lapdance Arts,,)

armflem on 12.07.

Shaman where can I get one of those????

shaman52 on 12.07.

Send me lotsa support and you gat one free and a night with one of Bwana´s beautiful amazom bodyguards

vordan on 12.07. at 15:00
Ah, Bawana's beautiful amazon bodyguards, I'll drink to that pleasant thought. It is a better one then all these attacks coming in.

armflem on 12.07.

Right then...though not sure about the dame she might eat me! Or would that be inappropriate?

Axobongo on 13.07. at 03:17
in this moonth of the Unicorn, we will continue with the harvest festivals,, prepare your breads and grains and cakes to offer AxuLugh ,, the AxuLughnasa will continue dispite war,, in fact because of war, let us thus be more robust in out offerings ,, The Gods take notice of the joy in life energy we muster, more so than the solemn and stern,, accomplish the joy in life energy, and you will always be blessed by them,, get all sterile and stern and solemn,, and you are catering to those lesser gods of suffrage. we wont attract them, this war is a joyous time, what better way to shift to the other world if it comes to that?
The front lines Axo,,Lilian and his Giant Tree Knights, Fatmanrunning and his wombats, Tobyn and the Chimaeras , Vordan the Green Knight, Shaman with his mighty Paladin and his elite squad of dark warrior women , Guinness and his cavalry,Lemb of the Wolf Eye, Armflem the Red Hand, they all distinguished themselves in battle,, most took Mitsche towns,, some lost one or two. but the losses on Mitsches side vastly outweighed the losses on the Axo side. The High Chief was more on his horse than on the ground for a half a year,, he even slept in transit on his steed on occasion, for he went East and West , to manage the troops of lost friends, and bandy words with lone lords and neighboring tribes,, and fight some battles ,,and defend Axobongotown, and several of his other cities.

Folger , on the far Eastern front was overwhelmed ,, she lost 3 cities overnight,, then 7 before the month had passed. she was a proud warrior, and fought hard within the frey,, but never called for help , or her pleas were lost on the road, for the roads were treacherous , and communication between the clans lords of the east was cut off, Ploy, chrijelm,
and istvan and Nagel were unaware of Folgers plight until too late. She became dismayed, its said she went mad and sent all her troops away,, and when Al the Prince came to her gate she charged at them all alone, her sword raised high and screaming the battlecry of her clan. she was riddled with arrows, spear tips and pointy swords before she toppled from her horse in the crowd of prince Al's brigade.

But word was slowly getting through to rally the Eastern flank. chrijelm was weary and isolated, but he ruled over one of the largest realms of Axoland. istvan was a rock, and between them, a solid defense, it was for Axobongo to rally new aggressive generals to populate the East.

chrhjelm fell. earthquakes and floods ravaged half his lands, and the earth swallowed him up before the enemy could,, Silens Patronus met with an untimely end,, Mjr0 also.

Sven went mad and suffered the pox, he was found hanging by the neck in his court garden. Ploy was raided and murdered in his bed.
but the Axo pressed on,, destroying so much of Mitsche, it surely made him reel in pain each new day. The generals of Cho were amazed and shocked that their great leader could not make headway. the world took notice.

Bushi and Axo debated in their forum, in the end, several Bushi members showed severe flaws in thought, and diminished the goodwill with AXO, their leaders seemed unable make important decisions on this matter, or curb the tongue of some of their untrusting members.

Bushi-sudjok on---> 10.<--07.2010 at 21:50
We will surely join in the fight, but we need a little time to gather our troops and defenses, after the battle with Cho Cho. We need some breathing space to reinforce and than counter attack. I think we will be lying low for a while. Well thats what I think, lets hear from the council.
Axobongo on 10.07.2010 at 22:16

thats what mitsche got us to do,, it worked,, we backed off,, and shdws was fighting alone,,

the time has come for us and all the surrounding tribes to mass attack mitsche,, everyone we can muster,,
, we are under a mass attack by Cho,, and we are the worlds best chance to noble or damage mitsche,,

with multi tribes attacking only mitsche,, we could damage Cho,, and hope One decides to move in while they are buckled by mitsche losing ground.. lets all send fakes and spin them around.

Axobongo on 11.07.2010 at 04:22

seriously,, now is the time to get mitsche inundated with fakes,,cat attacks,, nobling,, the more we get doing this the more mitsche can't deal with them all,, we all can really damage him,, and that will seriously damage Co.. get everyone in on it,, attacking mitsche is the key to all our survival,, now that the Axo are doing it,, and his focus is up here,, you all have a chance, block his mail tribally,, and go for it,, we are your cover fire,, if we fall,, they reach the rim,, and you guys are done for anyway. its the same as support troops,, the more who pitch in,, the easier and safer it is..

Shaman52 on 11.07.2010 at 07:19

At least send piles of fakes...are we allies ?? Of course the others are sniping ambushing , we need a little space, we have started clearing villages of his but we need the enemy confused and occupied so he cannot stack against incoming attacks..Show him we all work together.. THis is important, if we are weakened you are as well
sudjok wrote:

We will surely join in the fight, but we need a little time to gather our troops and defenses, after the battle with Cho Cho. We need some breathing space to reinforce and than counter attack. I think we will be lying low for a while. Well thats what I think, lets hear from the council.
Shaman52 on 11.07.2010 at 07:22
A fake is one frikking ram. I am sure each of your villages can manage that..(sorry about the sarcasam,, just your answer got stuck in my throat) 1 ram from every village mate

Axobongo on 11.07.2010 at 07:34

and 1 to 100 scouts are all bringing back info,, i am getting a nice list,, so send me any scout reports,, and i will send you the tally.

Bushi-PSYPharm on 11.07.2010 at 10:19
The problem is your tribe has not had half of it taken away. We have about 15 members we are the cleverer stronger players from RNK and we're surrounded by ChoCho and P-Ctrl. We are building a strong foothold before doing anything, yes we are allies but we must think of ourselves first.

K12 is lost K22 we have a bit of a chance, but k21 is our home and we are getting clustered and as tightly packed as possible! Yes 1 rams nothing but while we are trying to strengthen our defences ChoCho will be attacking us will nukes. Which will not get us anywhere, if we want to survive we need to do what we must.

Yes it may seem like we're leaving you to fight the war but, would it not be better to strengthen ourselves than to fight half of what we could be?
You got a point... sorry ..just checkedout your tribe.. Good luck.. Let us know how we can help..apart from keeping our mouths shut lol. IF A COUPLE OF YOU WANT TO MOVE INTO K13 I could offer and prepare a village or 2 for you...

Thanx for understanding! We should be ready for action in a couple of weeks. And our forces combined could inflict damage to Mitsche and co. But let us rebuild and reorganise first.

Axobongo on 11.07.2010 at
your bid is to delay the inevitable,,, and the inevitability gets strengthened by trying to delay it.

Bushi-PSYPharm on 12.07.2010 at 18:00
We are doing what we must.

Axobongo on 12.07.2010 at 22:77
we are getting some reports on ROAD KILLS,, and he is sending out his offense troops,, start a thread, and we can add to it.. for that lovely day you lot are ready,, ;)

~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~
~-*** Another week later...
~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~

Axobongo on 19.07.2010 at 21:23

well, i dont know if any of you sent fakes to mitsche,, but he has slowed down his attack,, he lost quite alot of nukes,, some defenses,, and some towns,, i think he got one of ours.. we held our ground,, and he may still be working through some fakes sent up from the far south,,

*after receiving a note complaining about Axo ennobling more towns in k12 , closer to the action with RoadKills who was troubling these allies..
Axobongo responded:
to powr>>with due respect , i thought you wanted help with road kills?..this is part of what it takes. also,, you have members in k13,, so i think k12 should also be mixed,, you need to make some concessions for an alliance, now. old rules need to give way to new ones as we enter a new era of super tribes. and please, don't be underestimating roadkills and cho,, i will see and recognize k21 as sacred if you see and recognize k4 as sacred,, thats as far as i will go.
apart from that , we as leaders should be trying to find ways to bond our tribes,, not divide them. we need to see if we (and who we ,,) can rely on in battle.
clearly we have a mutual enemy,, and behind that,, One and Omen.. i sincerely believe we have to blend together tightly on the edges of our tribes and not allow enemies to pass to the rim. sew it up. i see angrim owning k11 , and i worry,, is there an apex NAP you and Cho are loosely honoring? R4ki and apex both would have soon betrayed that Nap,, and they are both gone anyways. be careful with mitsche,, divide and conquer is his game, he uses his size to manipulate and intimidate, but even he has limitations,,, he would entice you to fight us as he tried to do with me. as i freely told you. because we need to form trust and work as one tribe. our border members really need to fight together and support one another. together we are a supertribe.
i really hope that you fix that problem in k11, i implore you. it is more important than you may think abut the rim advantage. and a true alliance between us is too.

Bushi-iwhookiddd 20.07.2010 at 00:43

Holding off a few attacks from them as well. I would say they lost at least 10 nukes this past week. We will launch some strikes on specific targets very soon!

~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~
~-*** Another week later...
~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~
Axobongo on 28.07.2010 at 05:31

hows it going in BUSHIland? and why wont P-ctrl respond to my letters? if they and Bushi and us joined together,, we cold drive a wedge between east and west Cho,, and take mitsche off his high chair..

this is a good time for such things.

Axobongo on 28.07.2010 at 06:04
., . , . , . and congrats to skapunk! nice ennobling of angrim!!! ;)

Bushi-sirpatoloco on 28.07.2010 at 07:10

hey there everything is been really quiet around here for two days..... how are things in axoland? any new villas of chocho taken?

Axobongo on 28.07.2010 at 09:00

first, allow me to quote :

some AXO wrote:

vordan on 26.07. at 14:40
Quote Edit Delete
I love to read the main forums they are a source of amusement. Mitsche was bragging about having over 500 villages then he started his war with us and had to mention that now he was below 500, he didn't give us the credit. Then if you look at his profile conquers + - we are the only ones who are attacking and taking villages from him except one contribution from Foul. It was interesting that all of his recent conquers were his absorbing a tribemates account. He couldn't stand being below 500. Actually a good chunk of his villages have always come from absorbing the villages of former tribemates.
Guinness1759 on 2.07. at 18:15
Quote Edit Delete
Exactly. That's why he's #1 in points but only just barely in the top 10 for OD. His war tactics also reflect his inexperience. He's just been in the right place at the right time, and he spends 19 hours a day on his computer playing tribal wars lol.
,,,There were some new Mitsche towns taken since my last post. But in the east, cho takes former shadow/Axo inactives and one or two active villages. ,,

some of us had continued attacking him, otherwise, there was a break between Mitsch and us,, while in the east, things have heated up. now Mitsche sends a wave of ram speed attacks,, if Bushi adds to the mix,, it might be a good time to respond.. what do you think? Together we stand?

~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~
~-*** 4 Weeks later...
~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~
Bushi-jamesxyz on 24.08.2010 at 20:41

i agree,for what it is worth.
Historical Note: in the end, the day that Bushi would add to the waves of attacks with cat/ram fakes at least,, never came. Next week, in 2 weeks,, in 5 weeks. relations only soured. and in time became pointless. Let this be a lesson to you all.



-------Death in the Summer------------------ Dittys of Lost Axonas--- Bard unknown

Silens Patronus , went on a trip
Said his farewells , and bid his well wish,
He mounted his steed, and rode off alone,
Horse tripped, he fell, and broke his neck bone

He was a Bard, a warrior, a hunter and Dragon Knight
He made enemies suffer , found victory in the fight,
His words would be remembered , a Bard of dark and light,
The Axo did mourn the loss of his unique Bardic sight.

They found him looking as if in repose laying in the grass
But dead with a faint smile as if he'd enjoyed his last gasp,
Looking to the sky , his last written words fallen from his grasp,
A Bard to the end, his art filled him to the last.

by ~SilensPatronus


The sun shines warmly on his face
As he lies in the swaying green grass
Clouds float gently overhead
Insects lazily buzzing through the air
He wonders at the amazing vastness
Of the sky as he lay there peacefully


-----A L'mbless howdy doody --------------by Denney Bigboy of the yellow rose waffle house

The great warrior L'mb , of the Big Yella T ,,
stung ol' Mitsche many times ,,times 3
he flung spears and arrows , and thwarted the giant flea
his choppings created a Chocho'y bloody sea,

But war was a crazy insanity, it snapped his mind for all to see,
he found Mitsche on the road, and invited him home,,"tea at my place?"
and mitsche politely accepted his plea, and used a pike to skewer his face,
drawn and quartered his host , a bad guest, without grace,
what went wrong?, the party was a mess,
He tried to doe-see-doe, but got himself Limbless.

----------Strange fruit on a Shadow Tribe tree------------- by Baldric Smegrimmer of the Red Dwarf Adder

Sven Golly was wise and jolly, until he advanced in rank,
The pressure of command unravelled in his hand,
Diseased and afraid and unwashed, he got dank,
With his feet,
He ran up in his tower, he saw enemies advance,
His eyes nearly jumped out, and he wet his pants,
Oh it was awful, what he went through.
His people were falling , from spies and lies,
His brain knew not what to do,
So he ran to his friend, and gave him his crown
Soumalinna, who then brought his tribe down,

The khaki plague infested him, enemies were everywhere
Hector had died that year by spear,
He circled his room , and his garden so fair,
Saw only gloom and nothing left for him there,
Then Sven scratched his face , and tore out his hair,
Reduced to a frustrated wreck,
With a good hemp rope, he wrapped his neck ,
And hung himself from a garden tree
Near the orchids in the back,
By the deck

--------- ~ --------
Historical Note: Mitsche dispatched a 'friendly' note to the Axo Chief , this below , as one of the first communication between the two leaders. Axo policy blocked the mail of war enemies,, unless Axo held the advantage, and little banter passed between Axobongo and enemy leaders. The Axo Chiefs mail did not block Mitsche at this point. And what words were shared in these days were cloaked and careful with slight elements of confrontational spirit subtly involved.
at 03:43
Now that I took out lmb001, who do you think I should attack next?
Do you have any preference? I would be happy to take out some of the players who are not participating in the war.
Those are the people I really want outta here!
at 04:05

yes, i have already noticed how you prefer to take the inactive ones who offer no fight, you must be proud.

lmb decided to stop wasting his life in front of a monitor,,,
watching his body decay, rarely seeing the world outside, saving his prostrate from endless sitting,, draining his testosterone factory before the electric soul sucker machine,, burning out his eyes,, he said he was losing track of the real world. i say the real world was losing track of him.
but he has a point though, i think in the future, humans will be nothing but a brain in a clear jellyfish body whose body functions will be mostly run with micro chips , , , a couple million years oughts do it....

***(Authors edit; i then ungraciously added the suggestion that mitsche is now probably hooked into the machine physically , and i told him the Swahilli word for 'Toilet' , which is a fine word to look up. meaning to be witty at the time, on hindsight, i feel it was a bit harsher treatment of a worthy advisory than i would have preferred)
------- ~ --------

-------Gambags bag sag-------------------- by Luiggi the sheep shagger

He did not usually eat a stone brick, except once, with a ram, affixed to it.

he saw a nice wall,
attached to his hall,
learn to fly
& so briefly, he wondered why
and how?
stone brick came to answer, so his teeth did politely bow
it went through his mouth and came out with a glurp
sort of widened his ear hole with one final burp.
and his mind was opened
but a little too wide in girth
like the back of his head gave birth

gambags once said this lovely quote..
Give me the money that has been spent in war and I will clothe every man, woman, and child in an attire of which kings and queens will be proud. I will build a schoolhouse in every valley over the whole Tribalwars. I will crown every hillside with a place of worship consecrated to peace.
gambi :)

-----Ploy n ploy got his bye n bye----------------by Bimeby of the Briar Patch

Ploy was great, ploy was fine
ploy got choked from behind,
an assassin stole into his ranks
and choked him through to his shanks
then opened old ploys gates

For his people it was slaughter,
Including his daughter,
As she did not what she had oughter'
Stealing past those who would guard her
And opening her legs to an assassin marauder

------------The hew of Lord double Yew---------- by Mama Yetu of the Moebius Plank

Lord washington took an axe
And gave a tree forty whacks
He would use the log ,
To make a ram,, and some false teeth
It fell the wrong way
With him underneath


armflem on 18.07.

Hic...gotta get back my main is about to be attacked...slave bring me my horse...Long live Axo!!!!

Axobongo on 18.07.
lol,,, shaman,, break out the magic velcro for my brother armflem,,

armflem on 18.07.
I'm back...pour me a large one Chief, just wiped out 5 nobles from Lotech all sent unescorted. Thirsty work, but lol or what, what was he playing at the mind boggles!!! Slurp...ahhhhh.

Axobongo on 18.07. at 22:53

lets see when his nobs hit mine,,

armflem on 18.07. at 23:12

Indeed. Fingers crossed its the same result.

Lady Mareona on 19.07.

Regard your soldiers as your children,
and they will follow you into the deepest valleys;
look on them as your own beloved sons,
and they will stand by you even unto death.

Now I will take a drop of that amber colored libation you are passing around.

*sits happily, sipping and smiling in anticipation.....*

shaman52 on 19.0
You want to try a Bushmills instead of Kentucky burbon.. That relaxes..

Guinness1759 on 19.07. at 21:01

Now you're talking! I love the bush

Axobongo on 19.07. at 21:10

bush or shaved,, same for me,, being a bush doctor,, i like a Tusker and bush in my pipe, but if you want to cut to the chase,,, get some Poitin in ya's .

shaman52 on 19.07. at 22:43

Poitin for the unknowledged

Poitín, anglicised as Poteen or Potcheen (IPA [ˈpˠotʲiːn]), is a traditional Irish distilled, highly alcoholic beverage (60%-95% ABV). Poitín was traditionally distilled in a small pot still and the term is a diminutive of the Irish word pota, meaning "pot". Traditionally distilled from malted barley grain or potatoes, it is one of the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world (renowned for its ability to get the drinker intoxicated the morning after drinking it by drinking water and thereby bringing the remaining ethanol back into solution), and for centuries was classified as illegal in Ireland.

armflem on 20.07.

My Dad always used to get it in Lucozade bottles!!! Slap inta ya. Course you can smoke in here...none of those right on health gurus here thank you very much..otherwise I'm off to the cellar..again!


------A Dogs Death----------by Phineas Wheel of The Hemp Leaf

The Father of Dogs they called him,
for its said he owned a thousand,
he growled in battle ,
and would bite out necks,
in a berserker frenzy,
his troops ran in packs,

one battle on the ice,
spelled out his demise,
it cracked and split ,
they fell into it,
and froze in the icy wet pit,

but a dog on the shore,
pulled him out in time,
'tho those teeth ripped some flesh,
from dogfathers behind,

and the drool that went in
to the wound , had did,
a misdeed,
for it planted in him,
a rabid seed,

zerglin9000 on 02.08. at 15:37

The tales of the treacherous Mitsche...

And at once there was a cheer,
that all could hear.
Because the very small had done a good deed.
Hopefuly it will stay in the ears
of all who drank the mead.
at the after party
party... yeah

SO it seems that the joyous village fool,
who had never done anything reputous,
has now claimed a mitche village,
and the suport it has.
The merry zerglin, of Axo, has taken this village near.
And this merry zerglin, of axo, is buying the next round of beers.

The attacks have stopped coming, and his enemies armies wait...
to kill all of the Axo's enemies, that come to visit the bait... >:D
This treacherous army of Mitsche, for some reason not so sane.
Has decided to take refuge, in this place of pain.
Now they defend the Axofriend.

~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~
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Historical Pub Note
***vordan on 26.07. at 14:40
Quote ****
I love to read the main forums they are a source of amusement. Mitsche was bragging, I know I should write down where for reference, about having over 500 villages then he started his war with us and had to mention that now he was below 500, he didn't give us the credit. Then if you look at his profile conquers + - we are the only ones who are attacking and taking villages from him except one contribution from Foul. It was interesting that all of his recent conquers were his absorbing a tribemates account. He couldn't stand being below 500. Actually a good chunk of his villages have always come from absorbing the villages of former tribemates.

Guinness1759 on 26.07. at 18:15
Exactly. That's why he's #1 in points but only just barely in the top 10 for OD. His war tactics also reflect his inexperience. He's just been in the right place at the right time, and he spends 19 hours a day on his computer playing tribal wars lol.

Fool & Bladder Pub
vordan on 20.07. at 04:40
Well I need a drink now to celebrate, I noticed on the W-45 world map it shows the control of K-14 going from Cho Cho to Axo.

Guinness1759 on 20.07.
Definitely link to the map as we raise our glasses. All should see such a thing of beauty. Slainte!

armflem on 20.07.

Slainte! Indeed; we'll have none of that yankee bourbon muck at the offense lads! Just off to the cellar to see if I can find another bottle of the finest Bushmills. Still blind mind you!! HIC!

Axobongo on 20.07. at 23:07
good luck, last time i was there,, i stumbled over a bunch of empty Lucozade bottles..

shaman52 on 20.07. at 23:10

Okay who spiked this village..I´m pissed off

Give me a sip of the black bush.. so that I`ll be pissed not pissed off

armflem on 20.07. at 23:17
No politics at the slap intaya!

armflem on 20.07. at 23:19
Right, thats it! Whose been drinking my lucozade?!

shaman52 on 20.07. at 23:26

oh sh+t caught again I thought you were blind??

shaman52 on 20.07. at 23:27

Axobongo shouldn´t have mentioned the empty bottles

armflem on 20.07. at 23:35

The blindness is temporary...damn poteen...I still have my sense of smell and hearing. I know when I trip on an empty bottle. To your sword shaman52! Burp..where did I put the thing? Slave, sword, horse, war..whatever.

Axobongo on 21.07. at 11:05

seems like i haven't been off my horse for a month,, riding back and forth across the land, tending to 100 things,

i have killed some troops, and dropped some enemy structures,.. ah. but have you good people been following the success stories from our warriors on the front? !! outstanding work!

we have taken ground and towns and killed hundreds of thousands of Mitsches troops more than we have lost. his nobles dwindle, we have lost few towns against Mitsche himself, iHaZZAH! , sure its only the beginning, but its a good start eh? or what?

Hahaah aah ! the tally has grown faster than our scribes can follow! i am proud of you , lads, i raise my flagonmug steincup to you all! a tribe that attacks,, supports,, uses attack id's ,,( and the more of us who do it, the safer we all are ), i salute you all.
the MORE of us who act, the LESS targets form us they find. enjoy the success,, and prepare for more.. Slainte! and SlanJaahhh!

History, The skies opened in a spiraling spectacle of light and color , an omen, a sign, marking the end of the second age.

The Eastern flank was shaken,, but it had not yet fallen. and one day,, the sky changed colors,, flashing streaming lights strewn through the clouded orange and green heavens,,lightning was seen spreading silently and rainlessly in all directions,, spirals of clouds began spinning in place,, people feared Ragnarok,, but it was something far greater,, The Druids said it meant The Gods had recognized The Axo.. and They would all be welcome to join the Gods for eternity,, Stars would form a depiction in the sky for them to be always remembered,


on 15.07. at 05:04
------excerpt from ' The War Of The Rim ' ------- by Dewhickey, the Stamen of Anther

.... '" Mabon Larux Star Steam is an AxoWitch that was nearly burnt at stake in Acutterlaws main town, she had a habit of ranting at the lords and knights for their treatment of the barbarian people, most were a problem, but some barbarians co existed in peace, and showed a willingness to learn basic human skills and decency that separate us from the beasts, like holding their member when they pee,, or cleaning themselves after they defecate . Mabon was from a people such as these, a slightly more advanced lot. when knights and soldiers returned from their resource gathering missions, she would yell out at them it was "INJUSTICE!!"
she would admonish them, saying " You dare refer to what you do as farming?!? it is not, foul sirs,, it is Raiding!.. it is thievery of those who toil and farm! their lives continue in squaller while you become fat and fed!!"
alas. running a war and maintaining troops was a concept lost on her. the lords of Acutterlaw were fed up,, and took her and bound her, and in the main square, set her up to be burned alive , thus is how it can go when the high lord is away, Acutter was off tending to his other townships and hamlets ,,, Tobynmoca happened to be in the town that day, enjoying the market ,,and a good thing it was, for these are truly Axolands , and thus Axo law overrides Acutterlaw laws as made by the little lords and mayors of his towns. and burning alive a witch is so repulsive that it is an offense of Axo law. how these mayors of Acutterlaw could decide witchcraft is illegal is a strange thing. but sometimes, certain peoples had bizarre ways of viewing the world.

Tobyn was appalled , he leapt into action and beheaded the torch bearers,, then signaled his men to rally,, Axo troops soon smashed the guards and by the evening owned the town, Chief Axobongo was visiting nearby in the Witches Playground, , when word came of the ruckus , he was shocked, and grateful for Tobyns heroics, for Mabon was close to his heart, as high Chief, he had duties that often had him in ritual orgies with covens of Witches,, and he had become quite fond of this fiery Mabon , their personal rituals extended beyond the magic circles of the Witches Den. Tobyn was unsatisfied with the finishing of the bad mayors and lords, and continued his campaign to the next town. where he faced a resistance of the assaholic lords of that town, but suffered it not, his superior tactics and skills soon had them on their knees.

When Axobongo rode into town to recover Mabon, he fought a small rebellion at the gate,,he toppled them without a loss, and inside , tobyns men gave the town over to him to rule, he offered it to Mabon,, but she only laughed,
uninterested in such lofty things, she asked that it go to her brother, Eric, who had learned the mastery of shrubbery at the academies of Axo masters. . Acutterlaw had paid the price of losing two towns, and was
bidden by Chief Axobongo to better educate his people. at this time, Axobongo promised to halt aggressions,, suggesting Acutterlaw rebuild. .

But Axobongos visit to the witches of the west , with news of the tidings of war , caused them to decide to enter the frey,, and so AxoWitches would preform deep magic,, while AxoDruids return to the volcano to the East. Wheels will be set into motion, all tribal lords could help,,,
so they say,, they asked of all the Axo people to do this odd thing;
... The High Priestess sent these words " The diminitsche Mitsche spell; see mitsche within your mind, he is a small dot in your hand,, blow on him .. blow him away in the oblivion. "
it was known that soon mitsches map was scattered with red dots where his troops had been,
tens of thousands had died , yet, the High Priestess promised that tens of thousands more would fall if the Axonas continued to weave this diminishing spell. "T'would make him go away" she promised.

***(Authors note: some say that not long after, he did go away for about 9 months, for reasons of alchemical mastery. and left some figureheads in his stead) **

The war of the Rim raged on, Axo would continue to surprise the enemy.... "'


armflem at 02:51

I have of late, but wherefore I know not lost all mirth forgone all custom of exercise; and indeed, it does heavily with my disposition; that this godly frame the tribal earth seems to me a sterile promontory; this most excellent canopy the air, look you, this brave o'er-hanging firmament, this majestical roof, fretted with golden fire: why it appears no other thing to me, than a foul and pestilent congregation of Mitche. What a piece of work is Axo! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and attacking how express and admirable! in action, how like a conquering angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the tribal wars world, the paragon of animals!

(okay so its not all my own words I've just adjusted it a bit)

Axobongo at night

-------------------The High Chiefs Triumph Town------by Gitmo of the Holly

The final battle between Axobongo and Mitsche which began just after AxuLughnassa festivity riuals ended and drew on for ages,had the far AxoWitches and eastern troops beginning the assault, as they reached closer, legion after legion of Axobongos personal army joined in. Then from the west they descended on to Mitsches northmost stronghold, a mightily reinforced castle that once was Hictoni's,, and where the High Chief lost many men years before when he and Mitsche first met. the men knew what they were facing, but all desired to take this place,, to raze it to the ground, it had blighted the good land for too long. but near 50,000 elite men and heavy cavalry behind fully fortified walls was no easy task .

over 20,000 of the High Chief's troops fell in under a month before Mitsches men showed the first sign of weakening, large full attacks and smaller raids by outland Axobongomen proved to break him down,, catapults from Axo kept coming, they rammed and pummeled ,, within the castle,, it was turning to rubble,, and Axo men died in piles,, but kept coming,, led by all the nobles of his house, the royal Axu house ,, and 10 of these fighting nobles would fall before the end,, Mitsches troops began falling in droves, both within the rubbled demesne and heavy cavalry outside the walls crushing the catapults , and meeting their bloody end in the process,, thousands more of the Chiefs men fell,, and fires raged in the forrests around the castle,, the air choked those within and outside the besieged castlestronghold.

the non soldiery of the castle fled from the awful assault,, and when Axobongo finally stormed into the place with Ajax Mac O'Boru by his side, Mitsche had already ran in fear for his life,, thousands of troops were still coming behind Axobongo,, who left the seemingly conquered town to head one of his south most towns ( the Juakali masters place) on the trail of the fleeing Cho's , and his nemisis Mitsche.

But alas, mitsche was swift in his flight,, and word had spread to his generals of the south, to whom he was bragging about the ease of which he would beat down this Axo chief , but now was begging for help. Mitsches own men began swarming northward,, and lines of general Gooner's ,,thousands of elite heavy horses began streaming north from far southron regions, deep in Cho land. This was the symbol town of Mitsche ,,where he stopped the advance of Axo in the olden days, where he stationed his paladin and often called his favored castle. and as it lay in ruins,, thousands of Cho men began to reclaim it, first a band of dark rider elite came through the broken walls and cleared out the few Axo guarding within,, then coming in in bands of a few hundred,,or over 500, and as Axobongos men arrived,, fresh battles began again,, some returning survivors found they had to turn and charge back to the hell they barely survived,, the crazy neighboring village of the Peyotes went back again and again,, their sacred cactus charming them beyond the bindings of fear.

And again and again the clashes raged on , night and day,, one battle finished , leaving few survivors from one end or the other, before troops arrived from one side or the other,, slaughtered those and in turn were killed by the arrivals from one side or the other,, out in the wild surrounding the place, they hunted each other, and more thousands fell. Nobles from both sides would take and lose, take and lose this town in a macabre dance through blood and bodies.

Axo Nobles were arriving with their elite,, some being chopped down quickly,, but knowing Axobongo and Ajax would soon be returning gave others the spirit they needed.. they finally blockaded all incoming traffic , and trapped within the inner walls the final remains of heavy cavalry and spearmen who didn't lose heart or life.. and the Axos chipped them down tho' they were well defended in that corner of the castle. in the end the nobles held it,, Axobongo rode in, and a bloodbath ensued,, they broke through the barrier and finished the enemy, but at great cost, much of his personal guard fell, even Ajax , with his magic axe was fallen upon from above where a natural ledge within the walls provided cover for halberd and pikemen who leapt in a knowledge that all would be lost.
They sliced him through the left shoulder and got a pike through his kidneys, before he fell and the axe fell from his hands,, but even so, he was not finished,, he rose to kill 2 more of his attackers with his strong arm,, breaking the neck of the first,, then backfisting down the other and stomping through his neck and skull with his ironized boot, he had ripped the Halberd from the next man and managed to whack him down before stabbing him through. a spear landed in his thigh and 4 more enemy men were charging him,, a lone survivor of his squad,, when Axobongo who had doubled back reached him and leapt from his horse,, picking up the Axe and dispatching the first 3 in a double blow. and dislodging the head of the fourth in a third stroke.

The last of the enemy where being picked off all around them, Axobongo and Ajax spoke for a brief moment, then Ajax had died. Axobongo was now finally lord of this cursed castle, Had it ennobled and still more enemy troops arrived to support it ,, Mitsche had most of his men turn from the battle and return, defeated , yet Gooners men were still arriving,, but with their swords down,, the surrendering of mitsche of this place meant an end,, and their men were allowed safe passage , to stay in the region and then return home. thousands of Goonermen would arrive, and not fight, were made to vow and pledge to defend Axobongo during their stay or return to the far regions over the lands. far far beyond the wooded grove,,.

So it was a strange time as enemies laid down their arms and took refuge,, they were charged to clear their dead , along side the Axo's who did the same. and burial ceremonies took place among enemies side by side , for now , they worked together, and drank together, even lapdance women entertained them,, in truce they were all men. and women, but they knew that one day, they could be facing each other as battle opponents. In time, it would be that Gooners men far outnumbered the Axo within the stronghold lands, but such was the way of honor,, that none thought to attempt dominating it. Axobongo was being summoned by angry Druids and AxoWitches to make his journey to the sacred place and do his duties,, the sky was churning in strange colors none had seen bafore. `ahh,, but he had delayed,, yet this battle was won,, and Mitsche made to fall back in shame. he returned to his chieftains and Knights and masters of the guard of the Axo, he spoke again to his beloved brothers, and bid them their final charges,, to set up the house of Rangers and patrol the land,, the Axo would need a defensive stance for a long while,, and the Chiefs absense would test them to their final limits,, but it was a time to rebuild, to regain the touch of their loved ones,, the war with Mitsche had subsided for now,, in the east,, many Cho had slowed their attacks, but still thousands of troops were still besieging those dwindling Axo. those who remained were strong. but only time would tell the rest of their story, and time for the High Chief had now come to claim his charge,, as high Chief, he had a final stage to complete,, he would carry the magic axe from Ajax , and spend years away from his cherished people. but would return before the relics of the Axo could ever be lost,, the Druids had foreseen it. it would be so.


The desert wanderer, in prophecy IV, LIII
tears of blood reign down his face
to fall into the empty place.
between he liines of the heart and the hands.
to lead us to the promised lands.
Fortune fades, and seasons change.
and the minds lost in years past come to last
in the lines and souls of years to come.

armflem at 02:29

The tale of the great battle between Axobongo and Mitsche will live long in the annals of TW history.

nagel22 at 02:30

Remember everyone...history is only as the victor tells the story so we've got work to do

zerglin9000 on 13.08. at 18:55

The prophecy of doomsday.
When you see the swarm closing in to consume your soul. You think. To run? to hide?
We must fight.
We must win.
There is no other option.

armflem on 13.08. at 22:51

Good to hear you zerglin9000!

and to all who are still with us:-

Whose limbs were made in Axo, show us here the mettle of your pasture; lets us swear that you are worth your breeding-which I doubt not; for there is none of you so mean and base that hath not noble lustre in your eyes. I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start. The game's afoot!
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry "God for Axo, AXU, and Saint Bongo!"
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~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~ ~-------------~~~------------~
Recap and farewell

The People Of The Axo~ were carried far , and against the odds , by their Chief, and by Guinness,, and the mighty Chieftains. They returned from obscurity,, and recaptured and re-evoked and reinforced their ancient ways.

They emerged from them heros of legendary fame, the Axo had achieved at their height becoming the 7th strongest tribe and culture of free peoples in the world. stories of their glory spread even to the farthest reaches of the flat globe.

From humble beginnings,,, just one small village, Axobongo of the ancient lineage determined to return the Axo to the pride of a living culture,, their Magic and Arts would not be lost. because he found Thor,, and then he found Guinness.

The Trio of Axobongo-Thor-Guinness was a powerful beast of might and wit. Although , in time Thor became lost,, Guinness shined , and grew into possibly the greatest warrior the world had ever seen.

Hellf ( Hellfire) ,Armflem, Lameco, Rodstuntman, Zerglin became famed in their time, Hellf was of the Guinness clan Axo's , and surpassed the odds with his wits many times, having lived far in desolate regions. Armflems early friendship with the fledgling Chief Axobongo had been the key in securing those first legions of AXO warriors who set the spirit for the millions of recruits that would eventually follow.

Of the Modmen Axo's , Luis Couto rose to become highly revered , he outlived most of them, and was seen as among the most noble of them. always joining the battles heroically.

And, the Elite of those trained in the Knights Temple, joined the cause of regaining their Axo ancestry,, and the tribe flourished and prospered.

And the great Oropus,, he was the lone survivor of two previous tribes,, survived while surrounded by Hctoni,, and Mitsche,, such a hero was he, Axobongo was honored when he finally joined into Axo ranks.

Shaman, Vordan , Tobynmoca, MetUnlan, Lilian, L'mb , Zulu were a magnificent 7 of KTA,,, who reinvigorated the people, as did their stout brew and cabbages,, they became the unbreakable base of which the House of Axo stood. Zulu would be killed,, and L'mb too,, but when they fell, Bwiens, the berserker Fearsf Unny, and others would take up the mantle.

The great Fatmanrunnin also emergend as a legendary hero of the Axo people, he was from a deeper root of ancient Axo, who lived in a more indigenous way with the earth and land. He had led the Axo in many of their famous battles.

And of the Axo~Shadows tribe, only the wise and mighty Nagel would achieve the highest rank beside the High Chief, and out live everyone else to fight by the side of Axobongo until the end of the world.

Axobongo's friendship with the famed Warlord Hector saved some of Hectors people from imminent destruction, of them , Nagel, Istvan~the mighty rock, Lord Boulton and his dear Lady Mareona. who Axobongo fell for and often tried to cuckold Boulton with, little success of these attempts were ever recorded. And the dark beauty Zwingli , who also captured the High Chiefs heart,

..And it was widely believed her offspring was of his royal lineage. for one day , her youngest son would rule the Axo many years after the High Chief took his seat among the Gods.

War from giants and the southern empires came to the wild Axolands, and Axobongo and the Warchief Guinness ,, who was also the Sheriff , led the tribe into many glorious battles that shocked and damaged the enemy.

Many seasons had cycled and turned. and that fateful day came when the skies opened up and danced in aurora and colorful spirals of storm without weather. For he had reached a certain age... The Druids of the high order skryed the augers, read the signs in the sky , and knew the time had come for High Chief Axobongo to be initiated into the final stage that all High Chiefs of the Axo must complete. The secret power of the Axo had always come from adhering to the old ways, and the High Chief was the link to the spirit world and the people, he vitally represented both, and thus, had sacred duties, some of which waited until he achieved a certain age , and grey came into his beard and long hair.

Then, and only then , could an Axo High Chief learn the deepest secrets that solidify the connection of the Gods to his people . He would have to journey far, and climb the highest mountain in the far wastelands where no people lived.
These were the sacred lands beyond the known world. the Realands where only the Gods could live.

The Druids announced the time had come, ,, had he lost as little as an eye,, or finger or any limb before reaching this age and point, he would not be eligible . but to age intact, and complete could he be considered true, and finalize the rituals. Rituals which were said to be the thing a tribe could achieve and attain for their place with the Gods would be guaranteed,, and their power on earth eternal.

Axobongo wanted to protest,," what!!?" he roared,,"Now?!! , when we are in the middle of the greatest war we have ever known!!?? when we are finally showing the world what our catapults and will power can accomplish!,, and we WiLL succeed,, i can feel if at my core!.. now you want to take me from this? " but the sky crackled and bent above him,, the Druids solemnly nodded,, he knew what he had to do.

"Great warriors will replace our fallen,, and allies will join the Axo,, i know we will vanquish an empire and one day rule the world.. i have seen it in visions,, how could you tell me to leave this at this point? to do this now...?" but the answer remained the same, the Druids were firm, the signs were clear, the decrees of the ancients left no choice,,to refuse the honor would be a curse, and blight the land,, and so, sadly, he knew he must go, travel and live for a span far from his people, and complete the training and rituals ,, and it would be an ordeal to survive. but in time,, he would return to Axoland.

High Chief Axobongo, for the love of his people, would submit and make the journey. They were a strong people and they were imbued with all the spirit needed toovercome.
many changes would soon follow, but they would keep alive the traditions and the Axoism for many upon many generations, no matter where they travelled, they would migrate and establish Axo in far off unknown lands, and always history would be touched deeply by those of the Axo meatlines and bloodlines , and knowledge and Arts.
the worthy and creative spirit of humankind will ever be rooted in the Axo spirit.

Before he left, he would say his farewells,, try again to take Lady Mareona abed,, return to Axobongotown to give his true love, and queen, Mishosa of the mountain, his farewell gift of the seed of his vitality and nightlong embrace...

and then,

The High Chief put on his wide brimmed floppy hat, donned his cloak, took up his staff and overlooked his kingdom one last time.
and mused,, waxing poetically:

"the turning of cycles is inevitable, the Axo torch will always be passed to generations of the worthy,, as it is in the course of Nature".

Axobongo at 22:53

ahh,, but its been fun!
In smacking down mitsche, my troops are off on one more glorious attack,, and we are going to break his strongholds of 468/110 and 460/114,, but the sky still churns in its strange formations,,, the Druids still wait for the journey,,

Boulton!,, Lord Bear,, heheh,, let me buy you a tankard of fine Axo stout,, and a double serving of mutton,, and roast beast,, your fine Lady will not leave you for me!!,,try as i might,,i will just have to accept things as they are. while i am off riding, i beseech you to never stop seeing to her well being, tho' i have a feeling i maybe should also ask her the same in regards to you,, hahahaa,,

Drink! Smoke!,, i toast you all!

and i toast you too, Luis Cuoto! you have risen in the ranks, showed much valor,, and i am proud.

ahhh,, and Lameco,, come here mighty one! drink with me,, i have been honored to have your strong arm by my side!,, brave Lameco, The housespiti of the Golden Stag will live long in glory from your fine work!,,so drink! yehia!

ahh , yes zerglin, i see you there,, from the early days,, having you beside me has honored me as well,
you too have risen, and outlived many of us from those early days,, i toast you and bid you long life!

to the Red Hand,, the Blue Jay,, i also raise high my cup! honored to have you'se as friends and mighty chieftains along this ride!

i have about 40 hours before my latest battles are complete,, soon after that,, i charge you all with new duties! We enter a new age,, and the Axo Dragon Rangers have the sacred duty of preserving our culture, the land will once again know hard times, our relics will be hidden , and yet our spirit never will be lost, you will ride the lands and carry our torch throughout. Protecting the good free peoples.

When the enemy goes soft, and least expects it,, we will rise again,, even stronger.. you all know what you must do. your noble hearts mean the will of our Gods stays always be by your side. This is a new beginning.

The great TobynMoca,, Armflem , the Guinness people, nagel,, and the hardy fatmanrunnin,, shaman and Vordan,, lilian,, wither you go,, you will always be AXO,, and do us justice.

of the 5 noble houses of the Axo,,,
Axu,,Axonas,, Axon,,Axion,,and Axium,, you are entrusted ,, with honor,, preserve. protect the people.

'Dragons of Axu, the Noble house of the Axo High Chiefs
keepers of Axoland, the rangers that preserve,
Rangers of the Dragon, Coyote, and World Cow

Keep cool, now

i can only say,,
This is a game
This not a game,
Life is a game,
Life is not a game.

and now, if i dont take care of other stuff,, the game of life will get more grim.

at 06:30
Survival looks bleak in this world without the great Axobongo. I might not survive long myself very weak from a month of constant war with Cho Cho, for I never quit fighting and am attacking even now. Our enemies will be upon us like vultures and Mitsche will think the victory his and will gloat. Any new tribe will be weak in comparison, I am afraid that all you will find are vague traces of those you knew if you return after disbanding the tribe. If you can leave the tribe intact then maybe we will survive but certainly it will draw you back. What I have discovered is that every thing is but for a season and the heady taste of it to be enjoyed while it lasts. in the height of everything is the seed of it's ending. If this world and playing in it has brought you joy even for a brief season it is a gift to be cherished. If you feel the season of Tribal Wars passes for you then so be it. Whatever you decide I will support you.

Guinness1759 on 02.08. at 18:29

Farewell Axo. It's been a pleasure. I also will be riding off, and unsure if I will return, at this point.

vordan at 14:28

Guinness you were like some great hero from legend and a true joy to be in a tribe with I will miss knowing you. Axobongo you are like a brother of the soul to me, no one else could ever of created what you have created here. Life will be a little duller now that this is ending. We have been as grand of a band of samuria as any who have stood together against superior numbers and almost won. I think we might even of won if you both were not leaving but things are what they are.

nagel22 at 19:04

It is not over yet...don't give up brothers...we must continue the fight out of respect for those who are leaving.

armflem at 19:47

God Axo that really is a shock. I have been with you from the start but I can understand. As you say it does take up a lot of your time as I have found out and been away for long periods at times. Its a shame. Going to have to let it sink in and will be touch again shortly. Its been fun in any event.

shaman52 at 20:02

You know my thoughts and...May the sun warm your face gently and your way though sometimes rough be true. Let the winds be your companions bringing balmy days back to you..


The chronicles of Guinness i will tell another day, for he too had mighty quests to perform, his worthy sons and brothers would see too the protection of his people, while he rode off to establish colonies over the lands , and across the western ocean to the land of faeries and mythic beings, his adventures became the legends that taught children and rulers the noble way. and when he and Axobongo met up again, their deeds would become hailed as the greatest stories ever told.

many other Axo became kings of man, and found adventures in far away places , and made discoveries that benefitted the earth and Gods alike. the sound of their songs would reach to the end of times, somewhere , their call would always be heard deep within all the souls of the world,,


Endfin of PART ONE
-----------------~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~


~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~
~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~
~--------~ ~ ~---------------------~


The Age of the Riders of Axu began .

Dragon Fire

Chieftains Of Axo
None can Put Asunder

Axu Rangers Ride
Are in Wonder

Do It

Axu Bards Pub
armflem at 04:15

So it starts, it begins, it is as it is.
The day glows and AXU comes of age
From the true seeds of Axo we rise
We have lifted the mantle and grasped the sword.

Liberty is expensive we make it cheap,
Struggle is hard, we don't give up
Maybe not today or tomorrow or next week
One day maybe but they will remember.

"As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods
They kill us for their sport"

Onward AXU....forever!!!

vordan . at 15:01

We stand back to back together, those of us who remain within our rain of fire.
Seeking to destroy us the enemy comes upon us like a fierce storm,
It is a dark night for us all,
Our existance a scream of defiance.
If just one of us stands in the morning light
We will count that as victory.
Proud we all should be to stand in such a grand company,
This band of bloodied warriors that even their enemies respect.

oropus at 04:49

Silent are these noble halls
Defeated are her warriors
Fled are the stout defenders
Dressed in rags they sit,
begging mercy from the conquerors.
None dare remember
But none can forget
The glory that was Axoland
armflem at 02:28

I raise a toast to the Great Chief, possible one with a tear in my eye when I reflect on the long and dusty road we have travel on and to your tales of the mighty Axo. Also a pint of the black stuff with you Guinness!

vordan at 00:47

I had to stop in for a last drink in my favorite cyber tavern. lets have a Red Stripe with a shot of spiced rum. I will fire up my pipe one last time in here perhaps a bowl of the Prince in honor of Axo.

Well I don't know about the rest of you but this war thing fairly puts a thirst on ya. Place is very quiet? No Guinness no Axo. What no guinness barman?...get your act together. What? Mitsche has blockaded delivery of the black stuff and the Bushmills whiskey?!!!! Right thats a step too far, I don't mind him taking my villages and destroying my troops but blockading a mans stout and whiskey, thats it. Slave!!! Horse, shield, sword...gonna kill him!!!

I have a tale to tell of cowardice and courage bartender. There are those who when things get rough stand their ground and then there are those who look for the easy way out. I lift a toast to those who have some sand, to those will go down fighting when others run away. Well break out that dusty bottle of old scotch, this round is on me.


"They'll be running round the mountain when they come, they'll be running round the mountain when they run..." hic, burp good scotch vordan, but still gonna get that Mitsche for blockading the good, good where's that cellar key barman. I know..hic..your hiding some down there.

If there is anything worse than a blockade of the black stuff its turncoats, leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Barman give me something that will cool my temper. No doubt the man in question is right now sitting in Mitsche's blood soaked halls spilling his guts, currying favour by divulging important details of the tribe. Hell hath no fury I say...God think I'll get drunk, its been a long night and will be again. AXU expects that every man (and woman) shall do their duty!!!

Nay Mitsche is making him crawl and beg one day he will realize he has forfieted his pride for survival in a mere game. He is being played like a fiddle. The grand thing about this game is that it reveals your inner self more truely than a tarot pack.
armflem today at 01:24

Aye tis true dear Duke, the glass is not half empty with the likes of that..tis just empty. My horse..once more into the breach my friends, once more!

Soon after, the Axu Chieftains as Rangers moved beyond these lands. Some relocated near the Black Pool , where their camps hid in its mist. But for a time, The Axo Tribe beame incognito and left a void in Axoland.

.....,.Time passed.,....

Slowly, Bards began to show up again in old Axoland, through ghost towns and scorched earth they trod , in small mountain Hamlets and refugee camps they began to wander , and would begin to teach those wretched survivors the lore , little by little, they would revive a populace with a new hope.

Bards Crumbled Corner

A Wandering Bard unknown date, at 06:24
Come hither, for there are few left now to hear my tales..

i am the Bard Dagda Smeghawk of the border twig , whom they call old man traveller on rocks,,

i have returned from afar,, and i behold the dust of bones in these streets where once was such mirth.
in the mountains,, i have found Axo people living little better than barbarians, but for their knowledge and hygiene,, and the
continuance of their arts,, they live in caves and as nomads,, scattered and living from the land, but unable to mine it,, or farm it,,

in these towns we pee on ghosts in empty streets, the putrid food of foreign lands served in our eateries, foreign tongues spoken in the public squares,, and only a handful Axo villages where they hold to the death the rich culture of their forefathers,, for once revived , it shall never be lost,, though it may fade, or survive incognito,, the children will be taught ,,

i have been to the farthest edges of the world,, and i have seen things you would not believe, and i have seen Axo, even there my friends,,
one such who had the bearing of a king,,
at a place they called the tavern at the edge of the universe,, he entered in a wide brimmed hat,, a dusty cloak and boots of Axo make,,
though i did not see clearly his face, at first,, i knew i had heard the voice,, he came bearing a giant skull,, he called it a dragon, but it looked more to me as a giant fish,, no matter,, the tavern keeper was happy to trade it for his shelter, food drink smoke and wimmen,, of which this traveller partook robustly! ,, his hair and beard longer than ever,, he sang stories as a Bard , i knew this man,, he was Axobongo.

.. yet he would not give me his name,, he said only he was the grey traveller ,, and he spoke of the spirits of the all.. a Druidic concept, the 5 that govern our spirits,,
that of time,, of place,, of ancestors,, of tribe,, and at the center, the spirit of the journey. the latter being where he was to dwell ,, for in the nether regions of real lands , time-place-tribe is forsaken,,, ancestors are kept within,, and the journey is his task in a physical sense, and that when he returns to these lands where people dwell,, his task is to find a lost relic.

when i mentioned the name Guinness,, i saw his lips tense, then melt into a wry smile within the shadow of his hats brim.. " ah,, the sacred brew of the Axo.. the art will never be lost, though hard to find these days,, hidden in the high mountains of Axoland,, there is a stronghold which was never taken through the ages, nor ever will be. i had a friend from that very place,, he is gone now,, over the sea he went ,, "

he finished his warm crusty brew and was set upon by a nude wench of the darkest ebony skin ,, who pulled him away to the chambers of beds,, and i saw him no more,, the following day, he was gone. why he ventured into this world of men i have no clue,, but i believe he travels to these Axolands in disguise and completes the sacred rituals of his charge as a Chief. then slips back to the worlds beyond where his battles and sacrifices to the old ways have been ordained,, he did once say, "the best way to gain,,is to let go,," so one wonders if he walks unaffected among these lost towns of Axo glory ,, if his heart remains light though the knowledge that some of his greatest generals were now dead,,
where there was such mirth and revelry in Lameco's arnis club .. the great Lameco is no more,, and the mighty general Bluejay ,, his castle toppled and family fled,, they died a heroes death , in battle and in glory,, the lovely lady moreona and Nagel,, chased from their lands,, but surviving in squalor , yet upholding the Axu spirit and protecting the handfuls of wandering Axofolk ,, rangers of the dark pool ,, they have suffered much , but the world is stirring under the skin,, the lull before the storm,,mighty empires become stressed,, and will one day clash.

who will emerge from the carrion and proclaim themselves great? what rebellion will change the face ?,, until the end of time , the law shall be CHANGE.. as long as we have freedom to teach our children ,there is wisdom , the small will inevitably dominate the large.

now...give me a piece of moldy cheese on leather,, a small rip of bread,, yesterdays ale,, or a tarnished coin ,, for now, i am humble.. we join and support the lords of the land when it is vital to do so,, but when they fall, we do not fall with them, for we preserve the knowledge of old.. and would raise its banner again when the day returns and empires crumble.

-----Swamps Song------ By Bard Oropusimbri of Vordanu Green House (Vordan, with musical accompaniment by Oropus)

I have heard a song sung by sparrows in the a winter blackness of a swamp
A song of distant spring
A tune that they can hear for sparrows know the secret
That rebirth is everywhere
It comes unbidden
When the thaw comes even the sparrows find themselves soaring upon the spring wind
Surviving the winter
Is the price of soaring.

---------Tobyn Moka-------------by Gooby Mofo of the Sepia Ant Leg

Toby had been a top general in the ranks of the mighty Axo, Songs were written over his heroics.
When Guinness and Axobongo went abroad in travel, and the chieftains led the Axo people to other pastures, Toby enlisted in the ranks of Onoez, of the Omeny empire . He distinguished himself there in no time, as did Lord Fatmanrunnin , and Sir Bwiens . But they say Toby's heart wearied of war, the displacement of the Axo people dulled his world, battle for him became the motion of duty, without the gusto it held in his youth.

The old general ruled over his people well, of them there were many, and Axo culture lived in their hearts even as they were loyal to the empires bidding. But on an Autumn day, as the leaves fell, so too did the mighty Toby.

They say his final battle was a thing of glory,
His enemies fell on a day quite gory,
He took an arrow ,on left shoulder and left hip,
His right thigh was pierced by a lances tip,
He fought on, bewildering the many more he slew,
He fought on till his mounts legs were cut through,
Toppled and on foot,
his sword broke in two,
He swung his axe,
Arms and heads flew,
They stabbed him and slashed him,
But still he stood and wrought havoc
His captain charged into the melee rat pack,
And Toby just managed to mount on horseback,
Then more arrows in his back, as they rode from the site,
Then his captain was gutted as they took their flight,
By a sword thrust up at an angle just right,
A furlong further , before to ground he would alight,
Aware he would never last through the night,
He took down another 50 of the enemy thrall
He was the last of us standing, we saw this from the wall,
They fell on him and stabbed him, We saw it all,
For his efforts meant our town did not fall,
A statue of 'Tobyn the great' , in the square now stands,
The Axo chieftain who died saving these lands.

------excerpt from "The Song of Tobytown Castle."-- author unknown~-------------~~~------------~

Axoland 03.01.2011

----------Zerglin of the early founding was lost to pointed grounding--------- By Bentcock Baldrick of the Catnipple Wood

Zerglin of the black cat guard
Was light of heart,
But ended hard,

He was one of the first to join his chief in the forging the golden era of Axo glory.
He was a popular lord, and festive , happy to party and happy to charge into battle.

Young prince zerglin grew as an Axo lord, then an Axu Ranger ,
And saved much of his clan, leading them away from danger,

He fought with Vordan, and Armflem ,
And helped the efforts at Black swamp camp,
Til' the Rangers were routed , and fled
giving Zerglin an unpleasant cramp

A cramp from being gored near the gorge
As he charged for the moors
And left his mountain doors

His men galloped into a swarming mass,
As they left the narrow canyon pass,
Zerglin was pierced by spears,
And risen up by lances
From off his horseback
Down on to red grasses
They tumbled in masses,
The Black Cat Guard thus passes

His stronghold was raided,
We lost most of his clan
Its said his family,
Escaped to new land,
Guided by the Ranger of the Axo Red Hand
Edited on 11.01.11:22


By Kronus the Chronic chronicler of Khroown

High Chief Axobongo spent years in the Druids distant camp , crossing in and out of the real lands and through otherlands of otherworlds.. eventuall, he was deemed fit to return, as successor to the legacy to the deepest Axo magic secrets. He had travelled many worlds, and was called the grey wanderer at times, he generaled for mercenaries and distant kings,, was trying to aid a far and troubled land with his old friend, but lost the taste for such a useless endeavor,, out there he met Shaman fiftu, of the AXu rangers, one of the fabled AXO generals from the glory days.
it was a sign, and the Chief knew it was time to return to his homeland,, Axoland. though now over run by the Omeon Empire., Axobongo still had the honor of his people and culture to care for.

from what he could discern, this list he gave me of the known fates of some of the greatest Axo heroes ever known who rode by his side.

Guinness1759 (Cavalry Chieftain) ~~~ travelled with Axobongo twice during the first two years, when Axobongo left the training camp of the sacred shamans , their adventures are chronicled,, But later, he went over the ocean to the unknown . his people brew the elixers in their ancestral stronghold, hidden from the empires reach.

Chrhjelm ~ his lands became isolated, most of his people lost,, he was gravely wounded, and crippled , but survived, sent his people to the mountains and bravely built a small stronghold in the heart of old Axoland, lived as a warrior hermit. with only a small band of loyal elite soldiers. He fell from a great hight of a stairway with no guard rail while drunk one dark night, shattered, its believed he died, but his men will not present the body to the Axo druids.

TobynMoca (Chimaera Knight) *,,, ( he joined Onoez, and remained loyal to Axobongo,, but died in a glorious battle

istvan62 (Amber Lynx Guard) * stood heroically for a long time,,a massive defense culture, the Omeons eventually took him and in his last days, Axobongo came around , wandering alone, and visited him,, istvan spoke of imminent doom ,, months later, the last great one was gone, he had survived the longest, of those who remained in their lands, and long beyond the passing of the rangers

armflem (The Red Hand) Yet Lives, travelled far away as Axu Ranger , heroically stood firm against Empire oppression , and saved and protected countless Axo people, led them to new pastures.

ploy889~ DEAD ,assassinated in the night , his castle breeched ,at the onset of the Omen Wars

shaman52 (Centauri Knight)* Led his people to safety, and looked after many lost Axofolk , wanders far away still, as a Ranger chief

zulu09 (Winged Stallion Knight)~~ DEAD , He died As an Axo chieftain, while high in the mountains during the wars with Chomen

rockbo (Black Panther Knight) ~ dead rangerguard squatter, he refused to budge,, they say he was captured and beheaded in a public execution.

lilian33 (Giant Tree Knight)~ ,,,DEAD , also died , so they say, while on a distant journey,, before Chomen over ran the land, an Axo chieftain

fatmanrunnin (Craz'd Wombat Knight) *, joined Onoez, a loyal Axo but bound by service to the Empire

lmb001 (Wolf Eye Knight)~DEAD. died during the wars with mitsche and Cho, tried to negotiate with mitsche, was decieved and slaughtered in his own castle.

nagel22 (Banga Tiger Knight)~ Yet lives, and carries the Axo mantle , nagel had endured, and rebuilt more so than any other, he had trained some Nem peasants in the heart of Axoland, he guarded the sacred Axo sites and kept alive the Axo spirit among those displaced clans, he was finally routed by Vermigli and Mitsche, for no good reason but the madness of mitsche, and took refuge in the far rim of Oneyland. he rebuilds, and vows to fight to the end.

mjr20 (Barber-Surgeon )~ DEAD , Cho wars

Sven Golly (Red Deer Knight)~DEAD, highly revered, but lost his mind and committed suicide just before the Cho/Omen spread to the eastern flank.

Vordan (the Green Knight)***true AXO went far away. a ranger chief with many people protected , he had led the Axo in Axobongos absence , and led the Axu rangers to the Black Pool camp. where they resisted and led what operations they could , but natural disasters struck, the last Axo high lords then split, and led the people to new lands far beyond the rims . in the spirit fire, he heard the call of Axobongo, and answered, he returned to this land, an Axo Chieftain to the end.

Folger7~DEAD, defending her final castle in the Ch0men War,,

thedogfather (Black Mastiff Knight)~ DEAD , died in the Mitsche war, from wounds and rabies,

met.unalan (Unicorn Knight)~ DEAD, died as a ranger of Axu and the Black Pool. a Ranger of distinction.

Biruk (Wild Boar Guard) ~ loyal Axo to the end , Biruk guarded the Axohouse and Axoland while the High Chief was away, in time, his lands and castles were over run, and he sailed south, vowing to return, but found himself shipwrecked at sea, and food for the sharks.

Hellfire306 (Grey Fox Knight)*** yet lives, but has gone far away as a Ranger, he may return some day.

fearisfunny (Beartooth Berserker) thought to be DEAD ,believed possibly mentally imbalanced , as a fierce berserker, he led the Rangerguard under his command on a far , and crazy mission, no word ever came back.

zerglin9000 (Black Cat guard) DEAD, Died as a Ranger of Axu, served the Black Pool clan , but died in battle defending the Mountain refuge against the Empire .

Salvatrucho (Flying Eagle Knight),,DEAD, was a Ranger of Axu. thought to have died leading a famous rebellion of northtowns against the Empire.

bwiens (FalconShark Guard)Dead, always loyal and helpful, joined Onoez and fought alongside Fatmanrunnin , They say he acquired a gum disease, and became very sick, and whilst being taken to the high witch of teeth healing, over the snowy crest of the outishmoor hills, they were attacked by barbarians, yet bwiens was made of tougher stuff, and survived through his gum poison, two arrows and a stab wound,, he travelled on horseback alone , they found his horse with a broken leg embedded in an iced over stream, and a half mile further, the frozen body of bwiens,, his canteen ,empty of its fermented liquor , apparently he was drunk, and froze to death in his sleep.

zakynthinos (Olympian Bull Guard), fell out of favor with the High Chief, argument ensued and he was banished, and later fell to ruin, angry and alone, died a pathetic waste, beaten to death in a bar fight by a wandering dry fish salesman )

Lord Boulton (Grumpled Bear Knight) .. Dead , He had become very fat, and age was taking its toll, still, as a Ranger of Axu, he guided many to safety , and cleared the way for Lady Moreana's escape from siege , he was ambushed on the road by empire men, and taken down, after a bloody battle they sing about in empire circles and outsiders alike, for he was said to have felled 40 men with his bare hands, the songs call him Old Bear hands Boulton.

SilensPatronus (Dragon Knight)~ DEAD, died on a fair summer day , on an average ride from a fall by his horse,

rovincool (Hedgehog Guard)~DEAD, Cho Wars, but died by a mishap of his own catapult, while defending his falling castle.

Lameco (Golden Stag Knight)** Died as a ranger in a heroic famed way. One of the Great Axo Thrallic Lords, always eager to serve, watched the back of the High Chief
and turned the tide more than once., he held the heart of Axoland during some of the hardest times when the Chief was away, cut off and isolated, he never gave in.

oropus (Rock Badger Knight) travelled as a ranger far away.

turokrev (Raging Oryx Knight) Dead Ranger

luis couto (Brown Hare Knight)* Loyal and Honorable warrior,, he rose from obscurity and always did his best, Died as a Ranger

adesalos (vine Master) Died , and abandoned as he abandoned his post on al too many an occasion

Lord Washington (Cherry Tree Guard)~DEAD, mishap with a cherry tree .

Thor9000 ( Champion of the Realm)~DEAD, One of the greatest heroes the Axo and world had ever known, He was lost early before the Omeon empire rose in the north,
His hammer thwarted many an Apexer attempt, but was lost when he went abroad, killed by a giant sea serpent, so they say.

bluejay15 (Lazuli Lion Knight) VERY loyal and willing to sacrifice it all for the tribe,,,he went far away as a Ranger

sagsin2k1 (Neemian Horse Guard)~ seriously lacking in warrior prowess, but was a nice fellow, joined into a peaceful mountain clan, but Died a year later from illness, and Axobongo took a town of his,, at the standing stones

Blade 867530 (Meat Bat Guard)~ Died as a Ranger

zwingli~ lost her people , but raised Axobongos son and retired from the battlefield .

gambags7 (Snapping Turtle Guard) Dead Ranger

Lady Mareona (Red Wolf Knight) She had saved many of her people, and settled far away ,

zaaboo (Ghost of Axoland),, ~ DEAD, casualty of War

* * *

The time of the Raven of Ruis unfolding its wings from within the Elder Tree, Axobongo would begin the journey back to Axoland of the North of w45
~------------------------------------------- - - - - ~ ~ ~ - - - - - ---------------------------------------------~

---------Biruks Tale--------By Gitmo of the Holly

Lord Biruk was a giant man from the mountains of Url . He could out drink and out fight all men who challenged him. He would intimidate enemies in battle with the head of a Wild boar on his helm and the bear fur cloak that made him appear as a wild beast from the snowy mountains.

He spoke few words, but fought like a bear and ruled his castles well,
his men were loyal to him and he was a proud keeper of Axoland. He became famed for his valor and loyalty to his Axo people and homeland. When all the chiefs led the nomadic bands of Axo people to safety as Rangers of Axu, Biruk guarded the land,
when chieftains and heros fell, there stood Biruk, guarding the land, When the high Chief Axobongo was away on his long journeys, Biruk guarded the land and protected the Ancient Axo relics .

Axobongo had travelled through the other side of the Reallands, he survived the training of High Chief Shaman , and returned to find Axoland had been overrun by the Omeno Empire, the tough soldiers of his personal clan held the Fool and Bladder Pub as their stronghold headuarters. And Axobongo took new castles before it was time to journey again.

The Chief had passed through to the Otherworld and into new treacherous lands , fought as a mercenary general at times, and survived many rigors in a small outpost in a lawless land overrun by Rogues. But in time he returned again, He had met Shaman fiftoo (52) in those far off places, and and heard tales of Vordan,, and Armflem,, who were now lost their with clans far away.

Brave Biruk oversaw the lands when Axobongo travelled, yet his own castles were troubled, Barons of the Empire angry at his stubborn refusal to open his lands to the Empire kept at him, and for years Biruk fended off their attacks. but slowly , he lost a castle, and then another, and so on.

His people finally regrouped in Biruks last castle, and they became slowly under siege by the enemy, who could not yet take it, for there was a fire in Biruks people. The word came that a secret hiding place of an ancient Axo relic,, a very powerful sword, was soon to be discovered, for it was in a cave on a high mountain called Sibrax, in the far Url range, and it was said the empire wanted to build there a beacon fire.

Biruk decided to get there first and retrieve the sword , and his people believed that with it, it would save their castle and preserve the people. He set out on horseback with 200 men and slipped past the troops of the empires lord they called Lord Roadkill , who was persistent in his problem with Biruk, not used to such resistance .

It would be a long journey, and old Roadkills troops were everywhere. 300 miles from home they ran into a brigade of 2,800 knights and footmen of Lord Roadkill, and fought through them fiercly,, by the time 80 of Biruks men fell dead, 600 of the enemy were scattered in their blood , Biruk rode for the mountains, and the enemy gave chase,, he led his riders uphill until the cavalry of the enemy were far ahead of their footmen, then Biruk turned and charged downhill and they killed 400 knights ,, losing only 50 of his own.

Now they were 70, followed slowly by 1,800 soldiers, 300 of them were cavalry, Biruk travelled swiftly and they climbed high on the mountain trails. Into the snowy blizzards and through a narrow canyon trail . there they camped and tended their wounds.
It was in the morning, when Biruk arose to have his morning piss that he saw a gigantic beast staring him in the eye. it was larger than a bear and with 2 long fangs like daggers from his face dripping saliva from its mouth,, it was shaggy with a ridge of fur on its spine , and it looked to Biruk something like a giant cat, but with a bull or yak type of torso and massive arms.

This thing sprang and jumped at Biruk, who fell back and luckily managed to use his feet to to hit its chest , and fling the beast over his head , onto an icy lake that caused the clawed paws to lose their grip and scramble to get on its feet. Biruk had a few seconds to leap towards his tent and grab the lance that stood in the snow by his tent door, as he reached it, the beast was clawing at his back, and ripped the bear cloak tearing a double scar on the back of Biruks head and back at the shoulder blade. he flew from the blow and landed near a fire pit , he grabbed and threw a burning branch into the face of the creature,, which made it flinch in pain,, Biruk scrambled for the lance, and got it in time to stab the beast between the neck and shoulder.

This made it very angry, Biruk leaped into his tent for his sword and shield, as the creature screamed and pounced in a circle, then leapt upon the tent , crashing it on top of Biruk, who saw claws and fangs burst through it and scrape the ground before his face. Biruk stabbed through his tent, his legs pinned by the weight of the animal , he struck its heart, and the beast leaped high into the air and fell on its back,, when Biruk came out of the mess that was his tent,, the thing was rigid and twitching for a brief moment, then still and dead.

Biruk was not badly wounded, but he would wear the scars for the rest of his days, and also the two fangs he made to wear around his neck, enhancing his legend even more.
His proud men had a meaty feast in his honor, some were said to describe the beasts meat as tasting a little like chicken.
others thought of bear meat with yak tongue,, but it was a good feast for all, it renewed their strength.

They followed the canyon to its mouth, and began a slow climb towards Mount Sibrax, it took weeks of hard travel for the horses,
but they arrived at the site where empire soldiers were building a stone tower to be a fire beacon,, but the work had only just begun, there was only a small circular wall , and just about 50 men , working relaxed and off guard.

The cave of the AxoSword relic was so close to the building site, it was amazing the empire men had not yet discovered it.
Biruk stormed into camp with his 70 men and destroyed them all, then went into the cave and climbed through the narrow
passage , like a shaft, and into the chamber where the Sword of Sibrax still remained.

When he put it in his hands, he felt a burst of energy go through his body, the Sword felt as if it was his own arm , as if he could touch its point to an object and feel what it was as he would with his fingers.

He emerged and they made camp there on the sacred ridge, where they felt compelled to clear off the bodies and works of the enemy soldiers.
3 days later, his men spotted the 1800 down below, cutting off the only exit way from the cave site. Biruk caused an avalanch of stones to roll down the hill and damage hundreds of the enemy, including killing their commander.
then they charged to break through the line and had to fight a block of 400 spearmen , with the mighty Sword in his hand, Biruk cut through hundreds of them, 350 of them fell in total, but he lost 24 men to the spears, and 12 men to the enemy knights, 80 of which he cut down before they made their escape.,, now 967 of this brigade left to chase them, but would need time to recover. giving Biruk some head start time.

He made his way to the lowlands, and came to the gigantic lake of LadyMar , from the massive and towering 900 foot waterfall called Spasibudemo , this was the source of the great river that that led to the Sea . The same river was not far from Biruks lands. Cargo boats and small ships were becoming more often seen as the empire grew , but up here, there were none. Biruk was cut off, and would have to follow the river back south towards his castle.

The first week of travel went well, but when they arrived to the rivertown called Dockside-on -the-Hump ,,(or Humpdock) , they found trouble.
Rivers were not widely used as boat making was not much of a refined art in the Northlands of the world. the docks seldom had more than 3 boats at a time, but here there were 8, ..4 of which were used to transport a retinue of 80 empire soldiers each, which means Biruks enemies were plentiful,, and they spotted his riders and cut him off, flanked by the river on one side and the soldiers on the other,, Biruk charged into Humpdock town,, and towards the boats,, they fought and toppled all the soldiers in their path, and stormed through the docks fort on horseback and wiped out those guards.

They held through the night and into the next day, they were outnumbered 20 to 1 , and the 900 that pursued them would soon be arriving. 4 of the boats had their captains and crew hiding aboard, as they lived in the boat even at dock, Biruk convinced them that his swords were sharp and they should begin transporting his men immediately, but instead of taking 2 boats, enough to transport the 62 men he had left, he divided them among 6 boats, and set fire to the other 2 boats as the enemy came pouring into the docks.

They rowed the 10 oared boats with all their heart, but were lucky that they were going downstream with the wind at their backs, Biruk lost 4 more men to a hail of arrows that rained on them from the shore, but made his escape.

In this way, they made the final leg of their journey without incident, but for twice encountering enemy transport boats, 20 oared vessels ,rowed by slaves, headed upstream. In each case , Biruk and his men grappled the passing boats with hooked ropes, and leaped on to the enemy boats in groups of 10 , and killed the 80 soldiers that guarded the special cargo meant to supply the outposts.

He captured these large boats and promised to free the slaves , who now rowed with a joy in their hearts.
Upon reaching Birukland, they found the siege on his castle had strengthened. There were escape tunnels that led to a stronghold nearly a mile from Biruks castle. and this is where nearly all of his surviving people had fled , he discovered this after having left the ships and fighting his way into the castle through the siege,, with the powerful AxoSword, he was able to kill many hundred enemies,, but by the time his castle guards opened the gate, only 19 men from Biruks original 200 survived to make it home. and only a handful of guards now kept the castle.

The castle would be lost. Now all he could do would be to protect the Sword relic and save his people . Thousands of them were now nomadic wanderers,, but his family and clan , who salvaged what they could from the castle of Biruks treasures, were now sheltering in the stronghold,, and he took all his men that night, and slipped through the tunnels and joined them.

His plan now was to unite them with the boats he had ordered to be hidden among the trees , and hope they had not yet been discovered. the final battle he fought in these lands was when he had made the connection and was loading the last of his people aboard the boats, they had managed to steal 3 more boats in a midnight raid, but this raised the alarm, and ended badly,, it was a bloodbath for enemy and Biruks people alike. but they escaped in the end,, and packed tightly, with little room for supplies,, they followed the river all the way to the sea. the empire had no navy to stop them, and he had many archers holding back a few attempts .
They made it weeks later to the ocean ,, and turned South along the shore. reefs tore and sunk one of them on a tragic stormy day,

For a long sickening month, they endured the waves,, until landing ashore on the south Western rim. a rich land , but dominated by the other great empire of the world , the Onee Empire, who were at war with the Omeno empire. But Biruk would build a stronghold there near the sea. and hide the relic sword and not use it as a common every day tool. even the barbarians he needed to clear he did with his trusty axe and bloodline sword.

------Ballad of Biruk-------------By the Bard SmirnOn of the Yellow Snow

Biruk , Guardian of Axoland, was now far away,
Keeper of the relic , An Axo Knight, He kept the dogs at bay,
Tho' his lands were lost, he rescued the sword,
for his loyalty would not sway,
He builds again, he trains his men,
And back to strength, to Axoland, he would return one day
From out the sea, his spirit will heed,
what calls from Axoland the people need

~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~

~----------~ ~ ~---------------------------------~

Axoland circa 31.12.2010

--,,,Travels Of Axobongo,,,- w53
---The Chronic Chronicling History of Axonian evolution ----------by the Bard, Gitmo of the Holly

The High Chief of the Axo people, wandered far to a distant and troubled land. He had been sent by the High Druids into the 'reallands' , to complete his rites and face the final challenge of his training of being a High Chief and Head druid of all the Axo , it was required of all high chiefs. He lived in solitude for many years in the thick bush and mountain forrest , with only the occasional visit by the Shaman of the wood, an ancient beyond ancient man who would guide lessons and set the tests.

Axobongo faced down many struggles, and in time , was sent back to the worlds of men, to seek certain relics. when the day came that he returned to his beloved homelands,, he witnessed the Glory of the Axo had faded. the lands were overrun by empires from the south. his people had split and divided, some few rode employed by the empire. but most had become rangers to guide the nomadic wandering Axo people to a better life, others secretly guarded the sacred relics of the Axo, the culture and arts and knowledge hidden in secret strongholds of Axoland, and pockets of Axo people coexisted with these empire people
and held their culture undercover.

Axobongos own farms and lands were still there, of a sort, although most of his lords and generals had fallen, or disappeared into the mists. the brave Biruk oversaw the lands when Axobongo travelled,, and travel he did, through the treacherous Reallands through to the other side,, and into new worlds.

He made his way , fought giant beasts,and rogues of dark cults, and hired himself as a mercenary general at times. eventually he found himself in far southern parts of the new world, where he used magic ways to summon the Axo spirit, The Chiefs call went through the land, and an old friend answered. Shaman Fiftu,, Known simply as Shaman, was one of his top generals in the old days. Shaman had led a group of Axo folk to these wild lands a year before, for here, many lost Axo's and those of Axo ancestry who had forgotten their roots scrambled in these barbaric places for a foothold. this world was filled with nomadic warriors and rogues, but no empire had yet emerged or tamed it .

Marajax had distant Axo ancestry, he had met Axobongo in the Oldworld, on one of the High Chiefs journeys to the south < although Marajax was a chief for a clan that supported the Onee empire, he longed to bring his people to the new world. and here in this forbidding place, they had a happy reunion. Marajax was leading a nomadic band of staunch fighters in search of a new home. with him was the warrior queen Lady Renee, a feisty chieftess with legs from here to yaya,, Axobongo was soon smitten. by her side was a worthy lord, Juicetin , of the Omeny empire from the oldworld. and fine warriors from a clan of Cow people, descendants of the Cow clan of the Axo., soon joined their worthiest swords with Marajax, led by their Chieftain Startdark, a mighty warrior who was once a rogue himself in his early youth.

Shaman Fiftu learned through the augers, that he had another path to other lands, and Axobongo released him to follow it.. yet remained with this ragtag band of heroes, ruffians and noble blooded clanspeople determined to carve a place in this region of the world, and attempt to tame it while preserving the good folk who had joined this journey.

Juicetin was untrusting of Axobongo, for his Lady Renee had become smitten with him, when it became known that they were lovers, Juicetin's frustrations came out in the council meetings and he and Axobongo had harsh words for each other, until the cuckold Juicetin slunk away and returned to his fortress , ,, Where Axobongo showed up to make peace and also to share the Ladies bed while deciding if he should stay in these lands, for these people would need some help in leadership, as their chieftains were troubled.

So the old chief built his stronghold,, a small outpost on the edge of a sacred mountain with a slight view of the distant ocean. He recruited and trained, preparing to war,, but, war had a tendency to come before one is ever ready and prepared enough. the land was becoming overrun by rogues in green clothing. Axobongo mused to himself, that if their new lands and people were slaughtered by these fighters, yea, if even he lost his own life to ones such as these, it would be an honor, the gods would smile on a warriors death. ,. for these Rogues were a worthy bunch.

But Marajax was a wily leader, and he led a band of fierce fighters,, there would be no reason to summon death by expecting it. All warriors crave the worthy adversary, and for now, it was a time of growth, mirth and plenty for most of the clans, but for some, danger and destruction came to their door and their homesteads burned down. still, the Rogues were not invincible, they suffered war at their backs , for even biggest tribes are subject to falling, change is the only truth. much greater tribes than them have fallen , and will fall. Axobongo looked at his new companions and wondered,, will they stay united?, and with that use the greatest weapon that ever existed? ,, that of unity. as he knew that any tribe can surpass all others with nothing more than that.

And a tribe of resilience they were determined to be, tribal chiefs of other clans in the lawless lands began to meet, and join forces against the ongoing advance of the rogues. the rogues were mighty, but as happens more often than not, when rapid initial growth makes the ground tremble, it unifies alliances between those who would be fighting otherwise,, and the new giants face a collective foe ultimately larger then they are, a common enemy brings together the worthiest of the clans who would not submit to rogue tyranny .

One day, Juicetin and Lady Renee led their warriors to storm a Rogue castle,,a rash attack , they took it and there was great mirth, but no sooner had they returned home than they were assaulted by great numbers,, and lost everything they had,

When the Lady and her Juicetin lost their stronghold, due to attempt , rather than remain in the fold of the clan they stayed far away by the sea.
as if in humility, and a few others, such as madkiller the mad, would set out, on their own , seeking safer climbs. in the end he found only destruction.
They were a people of mixed ancestry but often linked in deep roots of the ancient Axonas,( the mythic fathers of humanity, from the origin of time), yet unaware of their noble heritage, and only Axobongo in trance as shaman could detect their lineage connection. The local barbarians called this clan 'the crazzies' .. from beyond the crazz mountain range, and they saw all outsiders as insane, for they were a primitive lot. Yet they were not a tribe as yet, and had no name.

But this collection of clans could become a tribe, and would redefine themselves, and create a banner. and ride proudly to war against rogues, and any other challenges facing the destruction of their new homelands, they would forge a name that would live on beyond them. they would own the lands and bring peace in the region, and expand,, but first, they would have to thwart the invaders, and battle in epic glory to carve their name deep in the world.

But their best warriors were brash and overconfident, Axobongo had his doubts. Their cause was noble, but their odds were stacked against them. This place was gloomy, and some of the lords of Marajax ignored the advise of the Axo High Chief, as did Marajax in some crucial cases. Although Marajax was wise, and most able, his leadership lacked discipline , They say the woman he companioned with kept him troubled and distracted,, , and an undisciplined people are hard to lead, and they were stationed far apart in divided outposts, thus Axobongo found his orders unheeded and several clan lords keeping to themselves and remained absent from the council.

There were those that fought valiantly, but many who ignored the battle calls. or were too far away.
This was not the position strategy of Axobongos design. ., he could not lead them, only aid in their plight until it became pointless or The Mighty Nature changed the tides.,, He fought and defended them, brokered deals and rallied the people as he could, and he stood firm as others fell, champions that cost the tribal morale , and many of his good men fell with them.

---Changing Tides of Chiefly Rides-----by Alolita of the ScrubBush, Scribe and Consort to Axobongo
EXCERPT -from her Traveling notes ;,,Travels Of Axobongo,,,

..."The wandering High Chief , Axobongo , now but a general among a scrambled people in a new world ,
sat on his horse and surveyed the land, The clans were joining again, the winds shifted,
The Ipon people from over the hill and the Marajax gang had forged a pact,
a new Tribe would be born. But the old Axoman cared less and less for politics, and trusted less the Ipon chief.
he would often ride far, leaving his stronghold for days on end, and council with nature.

He would observe this pup chief, Carsin, and Marajax, and see if the fire in their hearts would inflame
this gang of warriors to excel further than what appeared possible. and he would do his duty, for a time more.
But he would often find peace when he carved sculpture, or lived among the trees, in this crazy fledgling land,
there were no brothels, and dark dancing wimmin he knew in far gone journeys, the Art and food in this harsh land
was bland for his tastes, and the Druids of the region often demanded his time, as a chief shaman, he had many duties.

But the long rides cleared his head. The time for battle would never end, but in times between,
the warriors friend, living life to the hilt, was the style of him. the Axo way, the way he was built."

§-------Axo Ballads, Sunset Jam ----§
--arrangement for harp and flute, by Axobongo of the Coyote Axe

And i stood there in foreign lands, Behold the fate within my hands,
My people i find , Wherever i ride, Oppressed in nomadic bands,
Doing what they can and joining other clans, to Ipon hills they ride,
Axobongo stays behind,
And watches the sunset pierce his mind,

-( chorus)- Chun- chunga Chunga , imon bunga bunga bunga
wit der noodle from dem poodle mit der splatten onyer cap.

-Chunga chunga Bunga, Axu waxu pon a funga widee giggity snap.-

I sit in meditation , For a day and a Night,
Watching sun and moon, and clouds in flight,
The signs betide, The time to ride, is soon within my sight,

And voices call from other worlds, The reunion of the soul,
The High Chief hears what others don't, And sees what they don't know,
Where he stays, And where he goes, Is ordained by cosmic flow

-(repeat Chorus)-


Travels Of Axobongo,,,5. Return from the New world, w53
---------------There and There ,and Then There ,and Then Back Again-----ChronicChronicalling by Gitmo of the Holly

Axobongo had came to these wild lands of the New world at the behest of Marajax, who had brought his closest clansmen to homestead and colonize it. Axo people were known to be wandering these regions, and Axobongo wanted to establish an Axo gathering place for them,, to bring his people 'home'.

But it was a land of treachery and misdeeds, a land of rogues and slavers and wildmen.
Marajax led what remained of his people to join with the Ipon people from over the Ipon hills , for he had lost several of his top chieftains , Lady Renee and Juicetin were destroyed and killed at their new stronghold by the sea.

Lord Juicetins head was found on a pike among the dead, the Lady had perished in the fire that razed
her stronghold to the ground, many bodies were detected among the ashes, including her half burnt & halved corpse.

Lord Madkiller had been toppled from his horse and chopped into pieces on the field before his people were slaughtered or enslaved.

Sir Martins was invaded and smashed. and Chieftain Startdark held on by a thread. Even Marajax had suffered a great loss at the hands of a giant child chief, they say was 9 foot tall and strong as a horse, who led a band of marauding cutthroats through Marajax land while he was off fighting the rogues of the West. the lion share of his troops killed and his home fortress sacked

Sir John Sim had returned to the old world after surviving the annihilation of his entire brigade and clansmen, a wise witch had preserved his life, but not his will to continue with this futile effort.

So Marajax joined with Chief Carsin of the Ipon,, Axobongo did not, he hesitated, smelling in Carsin an incompetency and conniving nature . And so sat for a week amid Mushroom and felt the flow , he walked in the cosmic places to discern his path, and the Universe spoke to him. He would return to his beloved home of Axoland.

And then, Marajax disappeared. He had been last seen leaving the court of Carsin, after a heated exchange, and the next day, his men could not find him.

There was no proof that Carsin was the cause, and Axobongo felt he could not justify sending his men to destroy Carsin. But he hesitated to leave these Godsforsaken lands, as honor was another force that often affected his decisions. and a treacherous assassination of his friend and Axonian cousin was a crime,, a crime in a lawless land.

But the Oldworld called to him. the empires were at war, he still had people to attend and sacred relics of the Axo to guard. He decided to leave behind the recruits he had trained from this world , under orders to avenge Marajax if proof of treachery was uncovered. They would be led by his paladin Eric the Sausage.

He left his outpost and travelled the long year back to Axoland.

Lord Biruk had guarded the lands in Axobongos absence, and met with many a hardship, he had lost his castles and become displaced to the far south. Yet had managed to rescue one of the 7 sacred relics of The Axo, and upon their reunion, Axobongo had promoted Biruk beyond royal Guard to champion and Knight of the Realm, and there was great festivities .

The Omeon empire and their Onoez lords now ruled the North, the High Chief of The Axo pledged Autonomous loyalty to them. His tribute would be sincere, as his people were now mixed in the fate of this massive empire, and if the Onee empire managed to break into the north, he would fight by the side of the Omenys.

The Omenys took more land worldwide Than the Onee , but the Onee were taking out more of the Omeny lords and lands than the Omeon empire ever expected. Axoland was fairly quiet in these troubled times, the far north was not yet a major battleground. But Axobongo ordered his clansmen to put down their bitterness towards the empire that changed their world. Saying "we had faced worthy adversaries in them " , and the battlefield is often where respect is forged.

The Old world would one day give way to the new. All things would end and change is the law. biggerness would be the inevitability the wise ones spoke of. A bigger world of bigger societies and inventions and ideas , and bigger elements of change,,would mean more obscuring of the Axo culture . the end of this world felt near to the aging Chief,, he felt young despite the wisps of grey in his beard, but when the end days came, if he still had life in his veins , he would preserve the Axo Way in a new world. He would teach the children.
_End of Part One and a Half_
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Axobongo was away, the remaining Axo became BS inc. Blackwater Swamp clan at the Dark Pool . and as the land was overrun some led their people to safety and away, others perished heroically .

This Then ended The Axo era until Axobongo returned and re-evoked it from a dying limbo.

Thus begins the 2nd saga of 3 and a half parts
a new cycle of The Axo

in the time of Beithe , the Birch Tree and the Stag

Axoland on 08.01.2011

----------The Return of War in Axoland----by Scribe Leafstem O'labia of Pissbread Thwait-------

Chief Axobongo might have ended his days quietly raising his children and enjoying his wives and overseeing the welfare of the Axo culture and displaced offspring of his people.
Might have, were it not for the malice of one of the Omenner Lords,
his name was Pimpleton Roadkunnyform of Cornholet, but he was known as Roadkills , as he was known to eat the maggots of the dead animals found at times on the roads , speeding horses and carts would sometimes collide with the critters of the wild from the richly populated woods. But for Roadkill, it was a magical ritual of his dark sect... so he said, but was known to eat maggots and boogers and dingleberries since he was an infant, and never grew out of the habit.

The Omeonoez Empire had populated the entire north and vastly more over the world. and warred with the Oney and Twous of the south. But most of the lords of the Omenners were reasonable men. The captains of MarcusOpus set about take the stronghous demesne of the Axo Wizard known simply as ism , some called him Axoism, but Lord ism was famed for his kindly healing skills and helpful to the needy, for in his youth , he was a warrior druid, and once captured a fortune , a cache of gold and gems , while fighting the Hunter people. And the homelands of the high Chief were finally overrun by the Omenners who came to aid Mitsche , who gave them this empire,, and became their King. it was ism's castle demesne and the Fool and Bladder Publians who kept watch over Axoland when the High Chief was off on his long journey.

Lord ism easily defeated the 10,000 strong brigade of MarcusOpus, and Axobongo rode to speak with this Omen Lord, Who was a wise and capable man and accepted the Axo autonomy and at heart, respected the Axo culture. He had been many a year in these northlands, and was rumored to have a love of the exotic Axo wimmin , and Art. he was a cultured man. and one of the most fierce generals of the Omenners.
So Marcusopus was graceful at this time, and agreed to cease attacks.

Its said something of Mitsche died shortly after the epic Axo wars , and he had become as two people afterwards, it was thought by the common Axo people that he took a knock on the head that epic day Axobongo routed him out of the northmost stronghold of Triumphtown, but rumors such as these were abound of the legendary Axo and exploits of their chieftains , yet, as facts, were often difficult to prove.
But Mitsche was now not the same man Axobongo met that day they stood face to face and parlayed on the hill. when Axobongo had returned , he had occasion to win audience with the King of the Omen-onoez empire, and a'times, Mitsche would be joviel and friendly, and welcoming to the old Chief, praising the Axos and Axobongos strategy during those old glory days of the last great war of the northern world, when magic and the old ways still enriched the world and guided the people. The Axo were said to be the last of these people,, they were the first and the last, as the myth is told. But who could ever really know.

Mitsche would pour Axobongo a goblet of wine and say "you did a hell of a job in the past I must admit,, You were the one who made me and Matt troubled silly!
Good old times, during the early days of Apex you warred us. Refused to give up, were a giant nuisance. I have forgiveness in my heart, for those who deserve it. It was war... And no one else had the courage to attack us, or come directly for me"

And King mitsche would claim he would give Axobongo grants of vast lands if he would lead his faltering generals and lords at the front of the wars with the Oneys.
He said he wanted Axobongo to " do to them (One) what you did to Apex" , for in those old wars, mitsche was beginning to see something he had never seen before, a loyal to their kind tribe that defied odds and began to cause the old king Mitsche some worry and great concern. A tribe whose attack was non traditional and thus unpredictable.

Axobongo agreed to do this sitting, to return to war, in battlefields larger than the world had known before, under conditions of autonomy, but later,, Mitsche would look at Axobongo as if he did not know him,, his eyes were vacant, and he would not speak, this was when Mitsche became possessed , it was rumored, and thought himself a god of the underworld. He called himself S`Cott, and would speak only to his top lords in back rooms,
and issue his bidding.

It was in this time of the High Chiefs long rides to speak with the king and lords of the Omeonez that Roadkill attacked the kindly wizardlord at ism castle , and razed and stormed much of Axobongos lands, the old wizard and defiant guard at the Fool and Bladder brigade held and destroyed many upon many of Roadkill men, the old wizard was spry and youthful of bearing in his polished Druidic armor . and fought with what appeared to his men a glowing sword and staff that dazzled the eyes of the enemy.

And many warriors and soldiers of neighboring tribes and even of the Onoez would stay in the great town of ism , an old place which crumbled some from the ancient days, but was built to house and train extremely large amounts of men, it was popular for many reasons,, and many Onoez who shared in Axo ancestry felt at home in these parts, the Guinness elixer brew flowed and the old rituals renewed and empowered those fortunate enough to be stationed there.

Axobongo found he had to ride again, to speak with Roadkill, who looked single minded and dull witted, a bit brutish, but with small girlish hands, what Axobongo did not know was that Roadkill had lost his brother and some cousins during the Axo wars, and held a grudge. and when Biruk had made a fool of him and blocked with avalanche the entrance to the pass where he wanted to build a beacon fire tower, and stole his boats, and cost him dearly in the days of Axobongos absence, he held a double grudge.
But mainly because he was an inbred dullwit with a very short temper ( and a perverse attraction to torturing small animals and children,) that he could not follow the logical and wise offers of good Chief Axo , and was unswayed by the friendship Axobongo had with the High Lord of the Onoez , named Owengeto , and the famous fatmanrunnin, who was from the Axo wildlands and a clan of more indigenous peoples who lived hunting and gathering , semi nomadic lives, and became the noblest of lords when they attained such things.

So RoadKill was angry that he lost men when he attacked,, for he ordered that "all troops should abandon their posts, and when Roadkill men came, to not resist ". But the troops of foreign origin so loved the castletown of ism and their Axo friends that they did not leave, even though Axobongo sent word they should do so, as he rode to speak with Mitsche and later with Owengeto. and they delayed until word came that Roadkill man were on the way, and they realized that if they left, they would still encounter the Roadkill army , and it would be a fight, so tey defended the walls,, and won, again, Roadkill insisted Axobongo give up his autonomy , and bow to him, but the old Chief would not do it, 20,000 troops of the Roadkillians fell , and then 30,000 , the old wizard fought in the thick of battle with his men, but finally, the gates crashed through, and there at the entrance, he was stabbed through and beheaded by the first wave that made it through over the bodies of their fellows who fell to the mighty defense,

It should be noted, that also the team of Vermigli and Poledra lost countless battles against this seemingly easy target of Axobongo,, due mainly to sniping and very lazy attack styles of this Omen pair. they got so very frustrated that they began piling in troops and nobles, and losing a plethora of them in the process.

But the defense had dwindled, many of the Onoezians had withdrawn,their people facing southern battles,, and then the fool and Bladder was finally over run,, and now there was only half of the 10,000 axmen and several thousand cavalry of the castle of ism,
And they charged to recapture the town of Fool and Bladder , but they arrived too late, by the time they arrived, there was , twice their number in heavy cavalry, who were not believed to be Roadkillians, but it was there , on that bloody day , that one of the greatest elite Axo axman forces ever known fell,, and isms cavalry as well.

One of the great Chieftains of the Axo, Lord Nagel, who had amazingly survived what all other chieftains had not, from the far reaches of the Shadowsland and near the Hector mountains that were once home to a mighty Axo clan and allied
tribe of Hectors people which lost all but Nagel , to the mighty Rangers of Axu, who died or led their people to mystery lands beyond the known world, or built hidden cities in the deep mountains. or tried their hand at long boat journeys to the lands beyond the sea,, many fell, but nagel held on. They say he guarded one of the 7 sacred relics of the Axo, and it provided him with luck , but that remains a rumor no one has yet proven.

Axobongo and Nagel had a happy reunion, in a meadow between their lands, for now Nagel was close to the heart of Axoland,
He was ever loyal, and sent many of his men to ism, but when Axobongo returned, and saw the lack of troops, the Onoez gone and his elite axmen headed for Fool and Bladder, he sent out all foriegn defenders, including those who had just ridden in and were eager to fight. Axobongo knew they would all perish, and had not the heart to allow that. his old friend and teacher Master ism, was dead.

Axobongo commanded a mass evacuation and dismantling of all resources and anything of value , he rode to all the towns he knew were expecting Roadkill troops, and razed and ruined the towns , and emptied them as he could,, Pimpleton Roadkunnyform would not win any prizes for destroying an allies rebuilding homeland, this was as fratricide , as Axobongo had pledged his men and council, to the Omeonez Empire, was famed and respected by many, and also ,sometimes, by King Mitsche himself . And Axobongo had devised a plan to help them strengthen this north region and tame the smaller tribes, giving them industry and meaning while serving the cause of the empire.

But as happened many times in Axobongos life, when he offered new ideas to those who did not know him, they cared not to listen .
And if they would not invest the time to get to know him, they would lose the council of a legendary Chief, high Shaman, and an Artist and traveller, all things which were most highly revered in the tribal ways of the old days before the empires brought the technologies, and advanced boat travel and trade, and a complacent attitude and irreverent to passions and beauties of human ancestry, as they grew out of dictatorial war culture, even those wise lords who did have a respect for the old ways , still rarely championed their preservation,
That what the Axo fought for , and Axobongo revived, what he didnt know, that due to his efforts, far far into the future, the people would re evoke the Axo spirit, for from this time on, it would become blended and evolve with the worlds cultures, and the knowledge was preserved over many millennia of time , during which, Axo cultures from the scattered clans would rise and rule over the brighter times during the ages of man.

Axobongo knew none of this, only that it was foreseen by the seers. as he looked around in the cities dominated by the empire culture, although there was much to enjoy, it lacked slightly some of the essence of the truest beauty he he knew the good earth provided.

Those of his clan, now displaced by Roadkill, he led to some of his old strongholds and estates southward from those lost towns, and towards Nagels lands, those people from Giant Tree who felt a loss from leaving their beloved giant tree, for it was the biggest tree known in the world, rejoiced when they discovered the giant Knobby tree situated in one of these estates of Axobongo. not quite as large, and indeed knobby ,but much much larger than whats normally ever seen , clearly as ancient as the giant tree they left behind. for this was a very sacred area of Axoland, he had developed the estates over the ruins of ancient Axo, who used these deep lands for training Druids, Witches and Artists , for it was a mysterious thick wooded and canyon region, where many of the Gods were said to orgy and swim and frolic and speak , these were misty places but comfortable and oddly dry, despite the mist .

He liked this land, it was rich and lush, and seemed to be a good place , and it felt far from politics, for he was now disgusted at much of the stupidity he realized in the Omeon lords, those who could not see sense , and the folly in their war strategy, he feared it would cost them dearly. Much of their great kings were dead and gone, the old generals from the military machine of Apex had passed the torch to lesser men, Knob headed malevolent lords like Roadkill, and others Axobongo knew of, including jerassuHeinrichs (the twin brother of the cretin called Juicetin, whom he met among the Marajax expedition and was equally as rude and ego bloated as lord juicetin had been to him), ,, Axobongo would still fight for his brothers, and defend the north, but he feared the Oney would win the war, in the end, They were of a more ancient and traditional heritage not unlike the Axo, but had grown into an empire, and their culture advanced and absorbed knowledge and became powerful. The smug Omenners would need luck, in the mind of Axobongo, for if the catalyst he sensed were to strike, they would topple fast.

------~~~Enigmatic Twists of Fate~~~-------------- By the Bard Drakewing of the Placid Pond

A darkness now consumes the land, a new plague, brought on not by hygienic errors of practice, but by the sickness of Mitsche , or dark possession which destroyed what shred of his humanity and spread among the masses like a wildfire. His only desire was the end of the world, and he had corrupted the leaders of the Oney empire ,, and others,, he had even poisoned the drink of Owengeto , who turned into a slave and lost touch with reality like so many others.

Even fatmanrunin ,seemed to have disappeared ,,or refused audience with Axobongo , he was either far away fighting the Twoos, or ,Axobongo feared the possession had captured him.. but in time fatmanrunin did return,, and the Axo people within his ranks longed to aid in Axobongos efforts, but there were few not fighting for the Onoez cause. Mitsche had proclaimed himself a deity, and used his sick and twisted religion to oppress and torture all people, including his own, and they became forced to obey the doctrine to destroy all the world and all people within it. Like an obsession , they began poisoning the waters and burning the wilds,, and spreading what infections they could concoct.

Thus Mitsche was now gaining other names among the worlds people,, Mitsch-ooguna ( also spelled uguna) , which was a southron jungle term for a despised one of strange eating habits, since eating feces was a sacrament in his cult, No Ball Mitsche (rather than Noble Mitsche) since he was rumored to have lost his a testicle and member part in a battle during the AXO wars, spear of Nagel , so they say.

Axobongo revealed that in meeting mitsche these last times, mitsches face resembled a smear of waste material,, for it was covered in a smelly like undulated texture and pustules and blister matter, discolored as a grey turd. He was a changed man from their first meeting, many years before. and where once there seemed an air about him this Axobongo had once respected, he now seemed warped, and Axobongo could no longer respect this vile leader who seemed to only wish for the demise of The Axo and all the free people of the world. He had now been hunted relentlessly by Omen lords .

Chief Axobongo had to consider moving his people south and east to where there were some known Axo outposts,, and near the rim of the freedom minded Oneys who were not beguiled by Mitshte, or remain and continue resisting to a sooner demise for his people. the north would be reclaimed one day, if Axo spirit continued, the Sleazebag Vermigli Lord of snot, was hunting the land furiously for the High Chief, the Axo heartlands had magic spells to remain intact , by the highest Axo magic known, Axobongo knew that no empire could prosper there, in those small patches of Sacred Axoland, they may try, but even with no Axo human present, the land would resist. this had been a proven fact. so Axobongo resolved to go south and east,, he had friends south and west also, but with the world in such turmoil, who could know their fate.

Surviving Fool and Bladderians still kept safe the secret of the sacred Guinness brew, and Axobongo had travelled far and wide , he supposed that was in part, the gods preparing him for this move.

And then, an amazing thing happened, A rider came in to the sacred Grove and lifted Axobongos spirits with the most interesting news,, in the southwest , in the land where Marajax was from, a land where many Axo had settled, a tribe rose up , the brother of Marajax and Axo people claimed their heritage and broke from the falling empire of the mighty and Noble Oney, not all its leaders were possessed, They had evoked the legendary name of Axo Bongo , in whose honor they named the tribe, and invoked the spirit of the Axo. they would be known as the Axoo , and vowed to uphold the honor of the Axo to the end.

The high chief had little time to decide, that area was west and under heavy fire, and yet, Vordan and Hector were in the east , an outpost was needed there
Note: Hectors eldest son, also named warlord Hector joined this AxOo Tribe to lead it for Axobongo, He was a Yac Rider of Hec.

We have tamed the wild Yak
To wear our armor and spikes
And carry us in fierce attack
And trample enemy pikes

The Yakriders of Hec , Came down from the Mountains snowy peaks to this new land in migration and in search of a better life,

"Unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder."
said our greatest ancestor
Millet hayatı tehlikeye maruz kalmayınca, savaş cinayettirax
The Warrior Gardener of Hec

,, and old nagel had just left the lands of the Axoo,,ironically , at the behest of his Chief, had the news of the Axoo come a day before,,nagels story may have turned out differently. He had then bid to put an outpost in the north, in vermigli territory,, the irony was heartbreaking, but travel was now dangerous, if they were to ever be settled near one another, it would be a hard journey to pull off. They say Axobongo smoked his long pipe and spoke to trees, went on long walks, and agonized over this decision. the Axoo were quickly being known of throughout the world, There was stirrings among the leaders of the free tribes, and murmurs among the empire , what the Gods had in store has always been an enigma.

Axobongo on 06.02.2011

right, well,, i have been fighting for several weeks ,dodging, out flanking and riding hard,, in a couple hours, i will be back at it..

it has me thinking the north is lost.. anyone in thick Omen land will have a harder time of it,, i dont know why i keep fighting,, it would be better to get rimmed now, before the world closes,, and we no longer get to return to this world,, and then go south west .
Axobongo found himself in deep thought, his lands being ravaged and the bizarre treatment to him by the leader and figurehead leaders of Omen had him vexed, this changed Mitsche he had met on the hill of the Hall of Skyps and warm words and praise were followed by a snub. offers of friendship and sitting in some missing Omen lords seat staved off no continued attacks by Roadkills and Vermigli. Sweetness turned into heartburn flavor , and his alter-ego, the one at the controls , was also experiencing perplexing and hostile crisis in the RLands.

To have battled such a worthy opponent for so long and with so much heart, to have watched him who had it easy struggle in his helm and detect changes in the tone of his written voice, was to know he also lost sleep and invested passion and stress over those bloodiest times of our wars,, and this tempts a bonding and a deeper respect than ever a foe cares to examine too closely in his opponent .

Emotions are dangerous for a Chief, and yet a fiery passion was necessary in facing a larger foe. And just as the only real true alliances are forged on the battlefield , in blood and sweat , so then may a brotherhood be forged between royal rivals as well. Axobongo felt both embraced and booted by the empire Lord, that he was well anguished and perplexed,, but then he heard of a dangerous cult that had become popular in the royal courts. And he knew how easily minds could be warped, he feared this is what spread like an infection and had these Omen overlords so hellbent on destruction , so obsessed with total genocide and ethnic and culture wasting bloodshed,, This cult explained the diseased motivations;

-----The Omenous Fecal Cult------------by Lungflame of the Frothy cup

Mitsche , the great emperor, the conqueror of most of the known world,, was but a figurehead.
he had been reduced to a drooling senseless diseased wreck of a human, who should have died years before, but was kept alive by some unearthly enchantments.
They say he lay all day in his chambers resembling the coughed up hairball of a sick cat , creating an ooze of foul liquid that puddled where he lay or sat, and soured the air with a nauseating stench.
Now he was said to cower in his chambers shivering and talking senselessly to himself, There were 3 men who were the real power, they would only rarely expose him to public view, or sit him on the throne where the high priests of his religion would perform the deepest rites of that unsavory cult, bathing in human feces , rubbing it adoringly over their entire bodies and that of the living pustule that was now mitsche,, eating the turds and drinking the diarrhea lovingly , stuffing all their orifices with the 'sacred' fecal matter .

Of the 3 who posed as Mitsche , one was always in the shadows, his name was unknown,, he sat with Mitsche daily , in the dark, and there were few who even knew what he looked like. The other was Seean Pilly, a fat little man as pale as bread dough, He was said to be the most amiable of the 3, and it was he who would consult the general public who sought audience with the emperor , Yet Seean had little more than a forked tongue, so they said, his words could not be relied upon.
And the main power was held by S'nottSphincter , known in the south as hammer-hoid Snott , He was odd looking, with a rail thin emaciated looking body holding a fat and oversized head over its sharply pointed shoulders of so narrow a frame , that it was a disturbing sight, known to frighten children, His head was twice the size of the norm , and his withered looking body twice as thin as one would think possible.

This S'nott was a nervous and paranoid character,, when Axobongo had come to his court to plead his case , man to man , Chief to Chief, S'nott would slink in the shadow, nervously peeking out from behind curtains to hear Axobongos words as he eavesdropped , but never daring to speak to him directly, for he was afraid of the Axo chief, as afraid of his spoken word as he was of his famous Axe . S'nott would act as if he was too high and mighty to condescend to speak to such a small time Chief of a small tribe of the old ways, but in truth, it was the honesty in Axobongos presence that made him nervous. So the door to communication he closed to the AXO High Chief.

So Axobongo was forced to live as a renegade, an outlawed chief being hunted by various Omenner lords. His stronghold was discovered by Vermigli spies and assaulted,
the Chief survived by the skin of his teeth that day,, lucky that a troop of fighters who enjoyed the hospitality of the old wizard of ism in the old days came to his aid,, lucky that advance warning allowed him to utilize his now shrunken force of warriors to the utmost and strategically ride out to flank the nobles of Vermigli and take down 2 of their battalions and nobles, shifting the battle and making Axobongo win the day .


-----Prince Ako----------- by Sherplok of Wisteria Lodge

Young Prince Ako of the honorable ~SC~ warriors was one of the leaders of a small tribe who gathered in council in the days when Chiefs of the free peoples gathered to speak on surviving the oppression of the empires. He and Axobongo became friends , for he was an open and honest soul, of a good nature and energetic spirit,
it was during one of these visits when Ako came to Axobongos halls with a small retinue of his personal guard , that Vermigli attacked, Ako and Axobongo fought side by side that day,, and those few troops of Ako were the key that allowed Axobongo his flank maneuver that would end up saving the day.

Most of the defenses of both men fell during that siege , but the heroic bravery Axobongo witnessed in this Prince impressed him. Axobongo vowed his tribe would be as one with Akos people,, and they became Brothers.

Ako was of the same clan as S'nott , his half-brother was Sondog, Head of the ~SC~*(~Sec-Cha~,,derived from the term "Sek on dee chancee" , which meant "people of the marshes who come again over rocky roads with alot of laundry for the wild geese of the north to stagnate in on tuesday''),, Sondog was directly related to S'nott , that clan came from a distant world beyond the ranges and waters that divided the planet , and so there was a kinship among them, and S'nott allowed the ~SC~ clan to flourish with immunity , and so the ~SC~ became like a shining light in a darkened world for many a refugee caught underfoot of the empire wars, and unlike many, he was not a member of the fecal cult Snott demanded of his minions .
South Axolandia 03.02.2011

An accounting of the great Empire wars :--------- By Phaluk O'Gitmoholly of the Ceiba Tree

The ONEy Empire was an old race from the far south, where the climate was more temperate. In the old days, the Omeny and Oney tribes lived close to one another,, and the mighty Raki tribe further north central. And further to the south, where the desert land was so parched, but mountain lands hid secret forests and jungles where pockets of water from ancient times still reigned within the great mountains bellies. it was fabled that ancient Axo,,long before Axobongo was born, had settled there in the weird southern land, and that the people of a tribe they called 'Heat' ( people of the heat,, or heatiers, ) and had distant Axo ancestry, There were similarities in culture and arts, enough to baffle the archeologists who studied such things, for the distance was most extreme , from North rim to South rim were they parted .

The Oney were fierce warriors since ancient times, they and the Omenners, along with Apex toppled the Raki empire ,long before Mitche ever even uttered the word Cho,, when he was given the leadership of Apex in the south and was molesting the Axo in the north , he had stretched thinner each day as the defiant Axo vexed the north and southern Apex fell in decline, Mitsche joined into the Raki tribe, and it was believed assassinated its king, and from the ashes of Apex and Raki he made Cho,,( some say Chocho,, some Choo ) ,, and travelled north where he faced the Axo wars, which cost him dearly in some regards, for the southern Omenners were a technologically more advanced civilization , and had been pushing its culture further north. And had been breeding , its children surviving with lower mortality rates than the Cho culture,, which was perhaps more of a cult than culture, a military cult of grim lords of ruthless nature that worshipped mitsche as a demigod , powerful dark magic was said to be behind it, fecal in nature, but unable to withstand the culture of the masses of people that were in the Omeney domain.

It spread into Cho country, and Some such as Baron Jacuzzi could not resist the pleasures of the civilized culture and its delightful fruits, He was one of the first to join in with them, in time all the Cho became Omen, and Mitsche its emperor. And the Oney empire held an alliance , the Twoo people of Marajax in the south, branch of the Oney, and the Onoez people of Owengetto in the north, branch of Omens , had to face each other in a long and bloody war so that Omeny and Oney empires did not clash directly. And grit their teeth giving smiles and hugs to one another, while taking out their frustrations on the small people, and the indigenous tribes, and peasants of their empire. The Omeon empire and civilization became darker and grim under the Cho lords, and blighted the world with a heartless destruction that began to lose meaning , it seems they were driven to annihilate all the people of the world and hasten its destruction. Axo snow people in the far distant Fyiords of Thorsland believed certain gods were trying to hasten Ragnarok,, the end days.

Marajax of TWO tribe was dismayed , and sought to find a new land for his people to migrate, and travelled far to the outer worlds of the wide earth, but to no avail, Axobongo tried to help him, but it was not to be, Marajax had disappeared ,,and when Axobongo returned to 45, he found the Onoez were thrashing the mighty Twoos , the high Chief was heartached over this, for he knew Axo ancestry and cousins of his were on both sides . Axobongo was pledged to Owen,, the Onoez and the Omeon empire , of his sword and axe if ever it was needed, and he could have offered so much more as an experienced leader and veteran of many a war. But in time, the Omeon lords feared the old Axo Chief any growth of strength. Rather than respect a worthy adversary now surrendered and harmless but proud to maintain autonomy of his people and their culture , rather than respect with the chivalry of the warriors respect of auld , some lords coveted the status of their names in the history books as the one who killed Axobongo, but the wily Chief was not easy to kill, Even Mitsche had stopped trying and sat back in a respect for this Axo Chief, he had agreed to let Axobongo live out a peaceful existence, but that was before a change came over him, and mitsche was a to become different person , something took hold of him, and he sent his lords out to perform genocide on the people of the world. Even as Oney Barons began assaulting the Omeon fronts,, all small tribes of Omenland were being wiped out.

Following the AXO wars, Colin the slayer took Axobongos last town, the Temple Ganja Farms,, and two new Axobongo towns rose up beside them, Later, MarcusOpus had given it a go, but Axobongo survived that and Marcus lost a fine retinue of nukien soldiery. He rode to Marcus to discuss terms , and found Lord MarcusOpus quite a reasonable man.
These were lords of a better stock, they did respect the old Axo chief and the glory days. But Roadkills was not of the same temperament , when he lost men, he piled on more,,and more . As did PoledraVermigli, who seemed to cultivate a grudge at the Axo chief for having been so difficult an opponent .
Axobongo had mastered the building design of his castles to mount a wise defense , and slaughtered tens of thousands of Roadkills men, before finally being forced to take flight , in a rage, Roadkills took out 5 of Axobongos towns and strongholds , but Axobongo managed to establish three more, Things were changing rapidly in the world, Yet Vermigli decided to take a shot at finishing this Axobongo , he attacked,, and took three towns that were burnt to scorched earth by the time he got them, and another Axobongo stronghold still remained.
.. Surely, there were no more nobles with Axobongo, surely he had no troops,, he was an outlaw in the woods living hand to mouth,, surely ..but not so, Axobongo was living well, but hidden from view, when vermigli found him , he also found the destruction of an entire brigade and his favorite general at Axobongos gate ,
12,000 men died attacking what appeared a small hamlet keep, out of nowhere Axobongo charged on their flanks, and hit them from three sides,
By the time word reached Vermigli, a new Axobongo town had arisen. And in the south, a new tribe of Axo rose from obscurity and claimed their legacy, known as AXOo .

Papoomio of the ONE Empire was the strongest and wealthiest lord among them, Axobongo had long admired his career as a military man. There were several great generals and lords of amazing military skill among the Onee,,
They had finally declared war on the Omeon, as the Twoos faltered and lost ground to the Onoez,, the Oney plowed into the fronts of Omen and took vast swathes of land from them , militarily,, it seemed as if the Oney were winning. The Omenners were still plugging on with their 'genocide plan' , gaining extra territory in out of the way places, their lords relished the easy kills, and avoided the big war,, after all, they had Onoez attacking relentlessly,, Onoez warriors fighting their battles while afraid for their own skins from Omeon tyranny, even the heroes who secured Omens glory were under threat by the empire.

Owengeto , their Chief and Duke of Onoez, would abandon them, and Axobongo , and all others he had befriended, woo'd by Omen , he re-joined the empire, entered their courts, and was granted land and pretty clothes , for it was now custom for the Omen Lords to dress in the clothes of delicate Ladies,, dresses and ribbons in their hair,, powdered faces and beauty spots, and always, the perfume made from human excrement , or dingle berry turd earrings to adorn their person in respect of the religious cult in which so many of them belonged.

Papoomio was of the faction of Oney lords that had slowly become disciples of this cult, so some would say , though the Oneys avoided the actual fecal matter in their rituals. There were a growing group within the leadership of Oney that argued for surrendering to the Omeon , yet several of the Onee leaders vowed to die first.
Still, Papoomio looked at charts and statistics more than to the fire in the eyes of his people, and surmised doom was imminent, he was also dissatisfied with the inactivity of some of his Lords , and felt his war machine lacked . Few understood this reasoning , and many of the common folk suspected it stemmed more for a love of Omeon culture or hero worship of Mitsche , for Omeon lords were often secreted into Oney court forums and allowed to observe, so it was rumored. Eventually, the day came when Papoomio left his valiant tribe behind, and rode to join the Omeons, which caused a stir and sent ripples through the land like nothing had ever done so before.

It was said to be a daunting moment for the Oney lords,, several followed Papoomio, like Whometuthri ,with enthusiasm,, but many went in a daze . Some, like the great Uhakem , joined into Omen, but upon seeing up close the inner courts, and swathes of men dressed as ladies, and smelling of poo.. he could not stomach it. He left them and returned home and held a council with the other lords who could not bare to abandon their people and customs. All knew Onee culture would be destroyed and outlawed by Omeon mandate.

Iustinrapid also began to join Omen, intoxicated at first , but cleared his head and joined in the council of Uhakem,, and the great Bazhabit,, and Elfspice,, two of the strongest and wisest Lords ever found in the world refused to join the Omeon, for a great while, wise Elfspice advised for the merge , but when the time came, he had too much honor and joined the secret council of the Onee Lords which rejected the Omeons.

These mighty lords,, the worlds last best hope of leading an alliance to oppose the empire, with millions of warriors ready to fight to the death for them , made a decision that would haunt mankind and history , and hasten in the ages of darkness over the world.

They made a suicide pact.

Bazhabit said:
"In my eyes, suicide is the only way of not losing, as in the end, the only people that come away with any credit from this world are the people that have stayed true to their tribes and not those that bailed for some ‘hall of fame’ glory. I never really bought into the ‘hall of fame’ garbage anyway"

Elfspice , one of the most respected and beloved , and one of the worlds best swordsman and general it had ever known, seemed to feel remorse at advising Papoomio to merge. in the end, his life he would forfeit , to die with honor.

Bhandtay was very angry, he was one who had overcome mighty odds and obstacles and endured much loss for his people for his tribe,, when Papoomio merged, Bhandtay, who was a witch lord from the tribal regions of Oneyland,, put a curse onto Papoomio, wishing death and serious illness to all the children of his line.
Left bitter, he initially also agreed to the suicide. but would take the poison later after attending to some things.

Lord Rock was imbued with more of a sense of life than the others, and gave a passionate speech:
''What is your soul worth??
What is the difference in being a spy and or, selling out to the enemy?
Would you turn your back on those who have fought beside you, who have looked up to you, supported and followed you?...
...Whatever reasons and justifications people can come up with I can never understand (even if there is only one person active in your tribe)
how anyone can turn their back, on those that trust them and follow them to the end...Cry 'Havoc', and let slip the dogs of war ''

Iustin rapid proclaimed:
"i was moving in omen for one day but i saw that like Rock said i couldnt lived with myself if i stayed there''..."Better die standing than to live life on your knees"
.he joined the suicide pact.

Axobongo rode to some of these lords, and tried to stir their warrior spirits out of anger and into fortitude, but it was grim and not to be. He spoke to Uhakem, but could not sway him from the suicide course he had laid for himself. To see these great men in such a state was one of the most disturbing things he had ever witnessed,, it was as if they were hypnotized with a death wish,, in a dark trance ,, and unable to snap out of it.

On a cold and misty day , they brought the great table from the council hall, and set it upon a central hill in the heart of Oney lands, where rituals and sacrifices were held from ages back, and there , they sat, Bhandtay had prepared a poison cup for each of them,, Lord Rock did not join, or stay to witness the ritual,, he returned north to fight.

They completed the rites, drank of the poison, and sat facing each other, until they were struck rigid by the poison. and there they sat, dead as stone, looking as statues of men sitting together in silence sharing a cup , picnicking with their great table on top a hill, Under the table, tinder wood had been arranged,, and the fires were lit.
A strange sight indeed, Axobongo witnessed it, it was like nothing he had ever seen,, these men, sitting frozen in place around a great table under the open sky , cups in hand,
and all alight burning as if they supped in the Hades of the underworld mentioned by the Ionic travelers . at first , there was little smoke. only a clean flame enveloped them, later, a black smoke rose furiously making the small hill appear as a miniature volcano.

it burned like this for a day and a half, and in the end, in the night the skeletons within the fire were visible still sitting at the table . By afternoon of the next day, of them and the table there was left no traces,, but a black patch of scorch and some smoking ashes. The Oney people spent their next few days in a daze,, walking as the un dead would walk,, phased to the core at what had just befallen them.
In distant parts, some other One lords would follow suit. including Roadtrash, who did himself in a month later.

There were those who would still resist, like Lord Rock , but that many had lost their will meant that the Omeon overlords would inevitable rule the land in entirety.
Axobongo knew, however, that one day, the darkness would clear,, this was no Ragnarok, the planet held other worlds, and it may take generations to get through tyranny , but the spirit of man, such as kept by all The Axo, would one day return to flourish in harmony.

So Axobongo was now in the Southwest . Biruk was lost at sea, Yet Vordan had returned. Nagel was far away but returning to a position closer to his chief and friend.
He had found Css employed in a Legion tribe of Omen resistance , when he went to speak to their leaders. They were at a breaking point, for duke Ako had convinced them to join into his tribe ~SC~ and be protected by the order of Mitsche . So many did join, mainly the spineless, Axobongo would say, as he was certain they were a doomed lot, unlikely to gain respect of their Omen benefactors as a tribe of shelter seekers.
Css was visibly now more hardened, it was amazing he had survived to now. Css had travelled far over the land as a soldier for hire, thought he had found a good family with these Legioneers , but they were to disband, Axo would take a few of them, Css decided to try his fare with his old Chief, for he was a true Axo at heart.

Axobongo recruited a few new members, Coolsummer, Flapsinthewind, Maarjo , Basilfox, Searus , Swaathishree , a few others.. His tribal goal was to try and grow it strong, rather than big.
Negal would join Schmuly and Hector in the AX0o tribe for a time, but later rejoin The Axo and Axobongo near the ruins of the Ancient Axo High Seat of the SouthWest. When Axobongo discovered this, he began surveying the land and revealed artifacts and ruins bearing secret Axo marks and evidence that Axo ancestry had even reached these odd corners of the round flat world.

cssjhs on 12.02.
Axobongo how long does it take you to post these and how to much free time do you have?

Axobongo on 12.02.


cssjhs on 12.02.

,,,3 what?

Axobongo on 12.02.

exactly, css,, exactly .

also,i got vermigli freaked out, he sent 30,000 troops at least,, about 4 nukes and 11 nobles,, the last 4 ended up fighting themselves and their hefty escorts,, heh, all for an empty 1,100 point town,that ended up a 889 pointer .. with no rally point..
and i catted down at least 18 levels of buildings of his, and scouted and faked 3 other members,, had them a little jumpy.. lol,, ,,

yes,,11 nobles!!,,
its a good day!!! cold as it is,, VORDAN is in the house!!

Welcome brother !! fill your pipe, i will take care of your flagon , ( actually, there is some rather nice pipe weed around at the moment,, crop was good in the south)

vordan on 13.02.
I never thought to fill my pipe here again and drink the good brew of this pub but anything to help my old friend and chief. Aye here' a glass to all the fine men who have walked these halls.

Axobongo on 16.02.
,,, its a bit quiet,, that suit everyone fine? otherwise, any ideas?

Well we don't have very many options here except to try and build quietly. That was the problem we had last time was that they would not let us build once the Axo resistance was crushed. In this world the big players don't fight each other enough.

true,,the disgusting hypnotism employed by mesmeric mitsche and his cushion of points.
( and the Axo is a sharp and pointy point) ( a pin in a pile of points) the disgraceful system of making brother fight brother in betrayal, but now the lines are drawn, and fixed, its omen vs the world,
anyone who thinks otherwise is under a false impression.

-------Axofriends don't fear their ends----- By Oont Mugu, The Fool of koyote House

Before Vermigli returned
To the taste of southern steel
In Axobongos towns
They gathered for a meal,

They came from the south,
And from small tribes of the free
To fight for the Axo
In the grove of Knobby Tree

Where was Owen? where was fatman?
They left him on his own,
But in the end, there grew a trend,
Axobongo was not alone.

Roadkills tried to take Axobongo out
But suffered great loss of his men
And gained not but cinder ash and Gout
And burnt out towns in the end,

Vermigli gave chase, and met the same
Razed towns and piles of dead men
Each time he thought he had up his game
Axobongo escaped in the end

A renegade, an Outlaw, Axobongo of the wood,
Nemesis of Mitsche , from days of old 45
He stays alive, His banner is good
Mitsche will be a failure if AXO survive,

Vermigli of Snot , we called Snot-Vermin
He hunted Axo in the wilds , and trees
So vexed, he sent over 30 thousand
But Axobongo sailed on the winters breeze

On boats of Biruk, he sailed the rim
To a place where Axo dwelt
In southern climbs, to build again
A hand anew is dealt

Nemesis of Mitsche,
From early in 45
Mitsche meets a failure
If Axobongo and Axo survive.

Behold great heroes & Outsiders who fight
Who would vex, what Omen contrive,
Keep hold your sword , use all your might,
We miff the Mitsche, Axobongo is alive

Axobongo is wise when he doesn't pander to his alter ego too much..
or visa-versa, the law of contrary opposites and such,
its wise,, and this is just a hunch,
one should never eat moth-balls for lunch.
or keep all your eggs in a bunch,

Moth balls for lunch? They are very tiny and would require quite a few to make a sandwich. It would also be the intense sobbing from the male moths that would sadden me when harvesting them.

yeah,, thats barbarian food!,,

, maybe because we take most of their resources,, ? ,, hmmm,, bares thinking about, but those Barbs make a piss-water grog that hammered me last night... (i hope there isn't real piss in it! ,,surely 'Bat piss' is just a name,, right?)

cssjhs on 02.03.

I would test it first :)


They came to find the greater meaning,
of life, honor and luncheon meats
while assembling in the Axo halls.
In their cups of fine Axo Ale they found good courage
and decided to forget about the other trivia and meanings.
They sang, "Heigh ho away we go!" and staggered off to battle.


Ravenhall of Luncheonmeat and The Rune Torr of Vakim were taken and established by Axobongo , marking a substantial set of holdings in Axobongos realm, his 7th and 10th villages grew while the rest of the outsiders declined, and One still struggled against Omen on the battlefield . He would soon conquer the Sandrake bridge and important river towns, Sinapse-on-the-Twine and Sigmoid Flexure bend and Sundries Incognito river docks, reaching 3 of the ultimate 5 k's he would span and clump his strongholds in. The Ancient Axo High Seat of Ahhree, Ogham Cow Ritual Site,, the Orchards of the marsh and Oblong of the Wood preceded the triumphs at the river. Later he would take the southern Thwaitlands and span the rim from k40 to k71 .

vordan on 08.03.

What's up with that Axo they let you get over a 1000 points without getting nobled?

Axobongo on 08.03.2011 at 07:33
either they assume i am stacked,, or maybe they like me now
.. or else they're all to drunk on that fermented diarrhea swill they are so fond of that a little harmless speck like me seems too far away to bother with. ...
...heh ,.,
,,,tsk tsk ,,, ( if i were them, i wouldn't think such foolishness, however ,, i would be worried about the ol' Axo Chief)

(*** Authors note: Axobongo had no friends from ONE stack him, he was indeed tempted to ask, but seeing as how they helped him with resources and a clearing on his way to his 4th town , and they were suffering alot of attacks ,he did not ask for help (until the final week or two).. By this time, Otto-matic , his enemy neighbor, was sending out scoutings,, Axobongo did , however , have some of his towns stacked with all the spare scouts he could get from rich friends, thwarting 1,000 plus scouting parties, and giving the illusion of a fine stack..thus this bought him time to build).**

vordan on 13.03.
Well, who has the next suggestion for the jukebox?

Axobongo on 13.03.
.. you realize , of course, the juke 'box',, is a large box made of 'Juke wood' ,, and one face of this rather large box is made up of iron bars,,and its where we put minstrels and troubadours who have caused some sort of ruckus or calamity in their frequent drunken sorties and inability to pay their bar tabs...

yep, they stay and play,, until enough of us toss them sufficient coins to pay their debts,,

----ditties of Waymoot Axo------ by Ironbreath of Ismus Wood

We live our ism, like Dragon Jism,
`We spread the fiery seed,
And birth the light in winters night and thwart the dismal breed ,
With boisterous joy we feast and feed, and thwart the ghouls of greed ,
We share the blade , we share the steed, as we share the mead,
and the lust,
This is how we thwart the sow that rolls in the mud of mistrust.
And take our ism powerfully through the schism , of a world that would leave us bust.

hey guys just a heads up that I'm not allowed to play video games on the week days.

lol,, okay,, i am not even going to explain what that means in this pub,, the joy stick part would freak out the fragile ears..

thats okay css, balance your life and enjoy the real outside world ,, computers and vids are a sort of poison ,,, and an addiction.. its warping the creatures formally known as humans...

It is not like a species that has delighted for thousands of years in finding new ways to torture, maim and kill it's fellow members can really be warped much further. Compared to selling tickets in the colosseum to watch people get torn apart by wild animals or staking out a captive and flaying them alive for amusement, what further possible harm to the human psyche can video games do? But all dark negative comments aside, school and work are more important then games.

good point,
i am more concerned about the human bonding with the machine to the point where we end up re-evolving into a new creature,, jellyfish like, with our computer chips organically grown within us from nano implants that code our DNA to make it so we need to 'plug' in with our soft boned stick like finger into central programming that hourly updates the knowledge of how to cope with new technology that advances every second a thousand times more than it does today..

we are on the threshold of an evolution of our bodies , which in a million years will not remotely resemble us now,, except for our mugs, and the silly looks on our faces when we fart .

We have already started to become more gracile and less robust as the need for physical strength diminishes. We might end up looking like stick people who behave more like cyborg ants then men. Personally I don't believe the current level of technology is sustainable and the level of civilization we enjoy will collapse before that happens. The more complex the system the more complete the collapse. A massive collapse would be like a series of dominoes, famine, toxic enviroments, disease, and social anarchy all triggering population crashes. The only voices in the cities of man might end up being the wind.

man, thank you for using the word gracile..

It is hard to work into a I get bonus points?

in these days , Axobongo was very busy visiting the allied forums and making long speeches. He had many forums to visit. And in some, people began to trust the soothe say of his words, yet few could muster the courage to attack the empire ,,as a cloak, and as a defense.

cssjhs on 18.03.2011
well I need one for this next week

cssjhs on 18.03.2011 know what. looks every one is following Axobongo advice

Axobongo on 28.03.2011 at 01:34
damn,, i am rummaging the basement of this pub looking for Armflems old stash of lucozade,, i need a drop of the good stuff after seeing the TC forum,,

it somehow joggled my brains and i need a break now,,lol..

Flapsinthewind on 28.03.

That was YOUR good stuff????? opps...... um..... wel in that case... i hid it behind the old wooden crate marked QUARENTINE i only had a little and it was pretty good stuff... so i hid it.... you'll also find a stash of peanuts and swords.. and a bag of gold...

Axobongo on .03. at 07:41
,.,, ahh, i'll just have a drop of the black elixer..,, )

'The Black Elixer' is one of the many terms we came up with in reference to the stout beer invented by ancient Axo people of the Guinness line. One of our greatest heros and top Chieftain ( Guinness ) , left secret breweries and storehouses throughout the world,, thus, this old pub is never without it.

Axobongo on 05.
As i see it, that picture of 'the Paladin' equipped with his weapons is irritating a wee bit, as he looks sort of like a cross between captain Picard and john malkovich.

Flapsinthewind on 05.04

Holy crap!! he does!!

Axobongo on 08.04. at 08:16

Well lads,, (and m'lady ririplus) ,, its been a hell of a day. ..(..Oh Where are the Bards? )
today, whans realized he did not have what it takes. Asgaurd snapped under stress, even as i speak, lionman and dunn of the enemy are thought dead and gone.. a few other Omen members are thought dorment, or suffering the plague,, the khaki plague,, so its a time to both celebrate and mourn.

anything can happen in this world.. eh? ,
where are the damn Bards?.. we need a song!


''Oh' a thief's best friends are luck and speed, alertness cunning and stealth...''

An Historical Note,
Of Statues found of Axo make in Northern and Southern Axolands: Of statues you may have seen in the lands where Axo dwelled, you have likely seen those of the top 7 Chiefs,..Guinness, Thor,, Armflem etc. and also that weird little wicker and clay figurines they sell in folk shops of the Axo Barber~Surgeon Cssjhs . And that big statue of Millyin the south , who once saved the Axo people from blight and starvation when first they arrived in the south lands, as did Asgaurd who has some statues of Axo make dedicated to him, as well.
And yet there are a few statues of Omen Lords, Those of Fatmanrunnin you may easily understand as he was a true Axo, and honored thusly.. but why,, you may ask, is there a statue of Baron Jacuzzi ?

The Baron was an admired rival to the Axo, said to be of distant kin, he lived among the Axo long before any of his Empire tribe-mates, for he early on set up a stronghold that Axobongo could not break for years,, Zaaboo had died trying, and it eventually took a massive concentrated effort by both warlord Hector and some Axo Chiefs to finally take it, but by this time, Omen doom was rolling into the North.

He was one of the most respected of the enemy , as he treated well the people of his vanquished foes, always with a respectful and graceful manner , he was known to feed the hungry and shelter some war torn Axo refugees , as it is believed he truly appreciated the Arts and culture of these ancient peoples.

For this reason, you will notice the inscription at the base of the statue found in the town of Thistle Thwait:

~---Baron Jacuzzi---~

He was a traveller , a drifter,
Became a desert fighter
Joined the Samri rebellion army
Mastered his trade, burned like wild fire
But where to go? where to go?
He joined the empire ,in the time of Cho ,
Later presided over the Heretical branch
-H- for Chiefs who lost their chance

But back in cho he was bidden
And from cho he joined Omen,
Long roads he has ridden,
With robust laughter in his heart,
He turned his wars into an Art

This enemy of Axo, and Shadow
We admired as we fell to him
For we knew him as a fellow
Most likely of Axo blood origin

From the line of our ancient kings
That disappeared to the southlands
Long long ago,
From the mythic time origins

For all the children,
Who do not understand,
This is why there is a statue,
Of him in Axoland.


hey Axobongo do you remember the good old days?

,, ah well, now,, just vaguely.

by the way what happened to them?:(


1. They're here, but we just wont notice them 'till later
2. Desert cults split into 3 factions, bred like rabbits and screw'd up everything beautiful,, like decent art and getting a look at womans legs... and freedom.
3. Thor never came back
4. Good old days go in cycles
5 When we stop making love to nature,, and start making love to technology, we perhaps lose the fundamental of the meaning of the goodest of good times
6. The good old days may still be out there somewhere,, wandering in the woods,, or hiding in a cave, and wondering,,"what happened to the good old future?"
7. Of course,, living in the past is hard for me, self abuse makes my memory blurry,, so its up to the Bards to remind us.

I actually have never been sure just what the good old days actually were. Sure I miss things like times with my family since most of them have passed on, but a time in history being designated as the good old days I am not sure about. Humanity is pretty bad in all generations but selective history can blur the reality. Near Circleville for example is a marker for an old Shawnee town which fails to mention that it was also the site where the Shawnee tortured captives to death as a fun public spectacle. Old time cities often were full of horse poo, smoke, people were ignorant, generally stank, died young and most were poor. The times like the 1950's if those were the good old days have segregation and above ground nuclear testing. Life is what you make of it today, tommorow always has the potential of being the best day ever.

cssjhs lost me;)

Just saying that there is no such thing as the good old days.

Bravo Vordan!,, ( didn't lose me one iota) i love the canto !


----------Saga's Of War and Axobongos Long Rides--- By Gitmo of The Holly with Bill Mahar on Harp

Where once ancient Axo kings held a high seat, by the wild wet ocean, in the wilds of the Westlands the High Chief of the Axo guides his people.
Many are young and unseasoned , some are wily and independent , and a few distinguish themselves in his eyes. But the times are treacherous, The enemies lurk everywhere, and the Oneys who have survived the crashing of their empire have struggld to keep the west and persevere through many hardships .

Asgaurd had been furious with his brothers, for some had lost heart and fled, others abandoned council, and when he exclaimed he could not take it anymore, he broke from his people and was taken in by Onoez lords to , who thought to indoctrinate him to the fecal religion of the Omenners. So many a decent man corrupted,, Axobongo hung his head in sorrow. He had spent the better part of a year traveling to the castles of the lords of the world to council with them , from the warriors of the south Heatland to the minor princes to the kings of the Oney, he had bandied words , and made passionate speeches , even stood in the great world forum, before all the kings and lords of the world, including mitsche and the Omeni lords,, and called for rebellion, a daring ploy bound for grave repercussions , but it had to be done, someone had to say it,, for the good of the world.
He advised many great leaders , some listened well, while others knew not what to make of this wild looking Chief from the far north, with only a rag tag group of tribesmen in his realm, but they all gave him respect, for his reputation had spread.

A plague had again besot the world, the Omeny empire suffered its share of loss. The south of the world had high snowy mountains and forests, but so much of it was deep jungle and hot deserts , that to travel in some regions was treacherous .
Lord Dunn and Lord Lionman of the Omen Empire both succumbed to strange illness that swept their troops and holdings.
and the jungle began reclaiming a massive section of Omens land, and the empire was helpless to reclaim it. Dunns troops were taken over by a lovely Omeni general originally from the south. It was a large area between the Oney and the Heatmen , but too savage to be conquered even by them, which would have sewn a wedge between the empire if they ever could have.

Many Axo people had survived there and adjusted to the ways of its nature. Now living as wild and indigenous tribes of the wood, and jungles and desert. For ages ago ancient Axo kings had migrated south. And so did some bands led by the Axu Ranger chiefs of the north also end up here, so when Axobongo travelled through these places, he was among friends who aided and guided him in ways to be swifter than any empire troop could ever hope to be.
And travel he did, for he began to spend more time with the Heaterians of Heatland trying to inspire their over burdened chiefs to keep heart and hit back at Omen. Axobongo had many ideas for them, and was asked to oversee some of their holdngs whose lords had left to go beyond the hot southron sea. So he began to get caught up battling the enemy from there and controlling large amounts of soldiery.

He was on the battlefield the day Barcarob finally fell, one of the greatest warriors the world had known, in defending, he had killed over 46 million soldiers of the empire , and others, including the Oney, who were once their mortal enemies . his men were hardened and loved their Lord as a demi god. His falling would cause a ripple through his people and his entire tribe, his falling would ripple across the world .

Thousands were routed that day, tens of thousands of the enemy died that week, hundreds of thousands during the fortnight ,, yet more came, for all the Lords of Omen were now coming south. Axobongo had rode for more reinforcements , and returned, joining Barcarob too late, with too few,
for a sudden wave of enemy troops of Lord Endergedd , over 400,000 men stormed over the hill, smashing elite battalions
and defenses .

Barca and Axobongo had to break through a massive force which back flanked them and cut off a safe retreat to the closest 2 strongholds to the field . Barca rode a magnificent horse, and his armor was gold and highly plumed, and it seemed to sparkle through the haze of dust that may have been a dust storm or just the plume of battle, but it rose several lengths high into the air. And the wind was fierce. As they were regrouping , Axobongo saw him ride up the hill towards him looking as a small golden sun glinting light, then he saw a band of Desert-Axmen ( a most feared elite mercenary sect of wild desert men who had mastered the art of Ax flinging), emerge from the rocks as if by magic and rain down horror upon them , Barcas horse toppled and it and rider went rolling down the hill in an agonizing and bone crushing tumble that seemed to go on longer than possible. As Axobongo and Canna rode down to him, Barca was pierced with 3 arrows in his leg and half standing while being hacked at with axes, his shield shoulder was half severed. Lord Canna and Axobongo managed to kill off these axmen at the base, and coming from the high ground, their troops killed and routed the rest, but too late for Barca.

He was not dead , but severely wounded , they took him and from there and made it to safety into Heatland and his main castle. When Axobongo left , some part of Barca still held on to life, but disfigured greatly from his wounds, he would not live long, unless the shamans made a miracle , and never would he again return to battle.

The Heat lords were wise, they knew their business, but they had been in a state of defending for so long, Axobongos bidding to them to make an offense was a challenge to their psyche , they did not object, but the High Chief suspected they were not adjusting their catapult building at his behest, even though he was given honorary warchief and Baron rights to general as he saw fit. The forum council meetings were often unattended by the high lords , for they were often busy in battle. there were ways for these people to improve their chances , if they would only listen.

But Axobongo would also have to frequently return to his own land, and the fresh forrest lands near the wild wet ocean,
for the tyranny was just beginning to take hold in the land of the Oney. The mighty Lord Rock had finally been vanquished, his head and its long beard brought back to the palace of lord Whoome who it was that took it. The northern part of Oneyland was falling, and several Oney lords had abandoned the tribe and headed for the thick hills in hope to hide,, or were disbanded for failing to join battles.

Chieftain DraJax ( known simply as Jax, who was the loyal brother of Marajax) and the AXOo branch were also under fire, he had begun to lose cities by the score in the Marajaxian regions, Dohc had already been reduced , and even Hector got a visit from Baron Jacuzzi, but it turned out to be a reunion of sorts, for in the old days, ,,He , Axobongo and Hectors father and the Axo had all met the Baron on the battle field, and with some great effort, expelled him from his mighty fortress on the mountain. Jacuzzi and the Axo people, Which Hector and his Shadowmen were part of, formed a mutual respect. In fact, there is a statue of Baron Jacuzzi in Axoland, as an honored rival, who has distant roots to Axo ancestry.

The mighty Vespa, a grizzled warrior chief of distant Axo ancestry, and was a cousin to the Marajaxians, was raised in the
Legen and Pictrl warriors. by the western sea of Mar.
Legendians were widespread over distant lands, and the PiCtrl's were a fierce tribe that once spread a tremor through the lands. Lord Rock was of this clan, and several of the Twoo and Oney. Vespa had broken from the Oney and tried to launch a highly offensive fight against the Omen , Axobongo had befriended him and tried to muster troops for his cause.
but in the end , Vespa could not accept any support as he could not breath the air or drink the water of the living, for the mighty Vespa had become lost.

Vespa had failed to gain support and aid in his campaign waged against Otto, a minor Omen lord who held vast lands, but was shy to war. Otto was an obese man more interested in food than armor . In their meetings on Mount Kushy, One leaders including Asgaurd and Axobongo had agreed that there were other Omen lords of priority, and tried to get Vespa to agree to put in with a planned attack,. But Vespa had his own reasons for wanting Otto's head, so he simply rode off and attacked Otto alone.

He was outnumbered, but brave, and a formidable general , so he plowed on, and Otto was dented. But over the course of time, Vespas personal force was left isolated and surrounded by the enemy, and cut off on the plains of swathsmoot , its said his men were whittled down , and in the end, Vespa and less than 100 men were captured. he still had thousands of troops guarding his cities,, but they would eventually fall without their beloved Lord and Warchief. Idogen and other Omen lords joined with Otto and a genocide of Vespa's people.

He was tortured and kept alive, they say, as a party favor in Ottos court, They would hang him nude and upside down from the rafters of the great hall, and pummel him with fruit and eggs. He endured this way for months, till finally being dragged down into the dank dungeon and left to rot and become rat food. a bad end for a heroic spirit.

When Axobongo returned to Heatland, he found he had to fight his way through a sizable force besieging Belcaves. He burst through with his retinue, and found the tribe in disarray. He set about dispatching troops , and defending what walls he could, but word had come that Sir Eddie was riddled with arrows and sliced in two at the waist by a northern Axman of Baron Jacuzzi.

Northern Omenners were coming south now, Eddie was the last of their High Chiefs to fall, the well worthy Canna would have been next, for he was among the oldest families of the Heatarians, and just as eddie had been, he also was charged with over seeing other Chiefs soldiery . So it was quite a blow when General Endergedd chopped him down. Canna and all his castles were taken, and the survivors had all took refuge in his final stronghold called Upper Hutt , where Endergedd himself came to the fight, after days of hard fighting, Canna still held his ground. He came out on the battlements and confronted Endergedd,
saying, "Well it's all over for me. I'm just sorry it had to be at the hands of one of the gutless that went over to omen when there was at least an even chance of victory with a hard war.
You guys are infamous now . But with no honour comes no glory. You might win the world for a time, but at what expense to yourself? And of course I don't expect you to understand any of this , so i say it for the generations who follow!"

They faced each other again after Endergedd had broke through the main gates, and routed the last of Cannas legion , now little more than a squad, When Endergedd burst the final barrier, he had no time to exchange words, though he had hoped to, for Canna attacked as fierce as a wildcat, and was stabbed through many times with Southern made swords , but not before he had a piece of General Endergedd. He had lunged at the general in a final stroke of the long sword of northern make which he used , and Endergedd's right cheek was sliced through, and two crown teeth lost to him, with others chipped and destined to be a painful reminder to the General of his meeting with a noble hero.

Ultimately, the lord Endergedd would die from a prolenged gum disease illness in under a year after that fateful day when he rose Cannas head over the gates of Upper Hutt and took charge of Cannas stock.

Axobongo went in incognito to this place to investigate, and it was impressive, the enemy soldiers and tools of war were vast and organized , a small city was growing around Upper Hutt as if over night,. But its said Axobongo could not stand to see the head of Canna displayed like that, so a rich adventure followed, where he tried various attempts to retrieve it, once by hiring young wall climbing thieves , who bungled it,,one falling directly onto the spear of a standing guard. Then he tried to hire some archers to shoot the rope it dangled from, this was a disaster, none less than two arrows had struck the head itself, and the commotion of all the arrow attempts caused a great chase , but Axobongo got away, and later, ended up simply bribing the guard at the gate to let him pass, retrieving the head was another challenge, under cover of night, he was nearly discovered on the rampart of the gate and avoided it by jumping over the wall and holding on to the very same rope that suspended the head.

in the end, he made his escape stealthily and the head was given full burial rites, and Axobongo was soon back in his saddle and Generalling what troops of the noble Heatland people he could muster. Their lands were burning.
Even the outposts some tried to develop in the far wilds were under siege..

But some of the Heatland Lords still had fight in them.

So Axobongo rode for the west, by now he could make the journey in a week, it would take months for any army .
Upon entering Oneyland, he soon discovered cities of Macloud emptied or ransacked. As he rode closer to this fabled lord, first of his clan, he heard of the demise of the great Macloud. From the High part of the highlands, his people were famed for a particularly large swords, Claymoots and Fraggoths they called them, and it took a strong man to wield such things. Macloud was by far known as the best wielder of all time.

How does a man such as this fall? for in combat, scores upon scores of enemy men fall around his tornado of death blows.
Its said a single Javelin thrown from cover of the woods over the embankment which he was traveling between camps
on, with a small group of his top generals , landed directly into his upper back and pierced his spine and heart and he thus toppled from his horse.

When the enraged generals chased down the javelineer, they found a young man of 20 years, half mad and lost, as his javelin brigade was from Marcusopus, of the North, javelins were rare in war, but these northern conscripts were apt throwers, but seldom were war hardened, and all his mates and brethren were wiped out in one of Maclouds victories.
so this young man found himself hiding in the woods, afraid and separated from all hope of return to safety, for he was surrounded by Maclouds men deep in Oney territory. He had become a madman, and did not even know who it was he killed.

The generals proceeded to lose the next two battles,, and the people of his clan lost faith, they began to split into factions as they could not decide who would take the crown of Macloud. some fought among themselves violently,, thus the great population of Macloud became fragmented, and the Empire rode ever deeper into the once untouchable lands of the Macloudians . The Macle wall was breached.

Axobongo regretted the loss of the many fine men he had befriended. His friend Mooray, who some called Thunderbunny, and the amazing warrior woman named Mazulite, were among the last of the great landholders of the Oney people.
She was a dark beauty, a champion sword fighter and respected general,she was a warrior queen of the Oney. she wore a black leather and black armor, her accent was exotic and music to Axobongos ears, for her intelligence was evidently as fierce as her fighting reputation , and yet the way in which she spoke the common tongue was flawed but strong, and it lilted oddly sexy to Axobongo. She had once asked the High Axo chief to take the vast lands of one of their aging Lords. yet Axobongo hesitated, his duties were growing, and he feared his infatuation with this woman might distract him from his jobs.

She was of a people from the edge of the once mighty ASH tribe, named for a fabled Ash tree where a magical bird was born from which bore the first egg , and contained the ancestors of all humankind,, they were called Asho by some,,,,,,,Axo by others. So her dialect was different from most of the Oney leaders,, Nebeski , and Mooray, and Golferts ,, Musat , were now the last of the great Ones ,.
Lady renee and Marajax,, john Sim, Mathew Lemiestresmith several of the heros of the wars that toppled Raki , and Apex, .. were now gone. or beaten to deaths door. The allies of the world , and friends were under heavy pressure.
Even sir Milly , who had served under Axobongo in their stint aiding the colony of Marajax in the new world beyond, had been strained and communication to his lands were cut off for a time. Papoomio was now attacking his old brethren , and Milly was bravely doing all he could.

Axobongo found he had to fight Otto at times. The mountains in the area made the passage between the territories rough going,, but Otto was making a new road, which was slowly getting closer.

The High Chief mused , once the Heatpeople fall, and if the Oney and their Queen perish , the Axo will be all that remain of the great old tribes. The only culture of peoples left standing between the empire and the outsiders. The Seers , Deviners, and Oracles say that one day, the world will be over civilized, and consumed and violated and sapped , , leading to its ultimate downfall. But that traces of Axo will remain , the knowledge of living direct from the wildwood and nature , the Arts and soul songs that sustain us more than they ever get credit for, the Arts of communing with the Gods of the wood and Animal will be passed on, to sustain our children for the time in which we return to that life , of the indigenous man.

He bid his family, and all his people "Learn the real world , kids, The one on the other side of walls and roads, the one we came from."


Axobongo on 17.05.2011 at 21:41

well lads, blood and gore has come back to Axoland.
some of our beloved tribe mates have taken some hits,, but we preserve.. we get rimmed, and try to restart near k71,,
Good job all of you with a 'never say die' attitude! come sit by the fire and have some warm mead, you deserve it.

so, here is a site where you can see amazing things (TW Stats),, type in the name of a player, click on it, and check their conquers,, it shows gains and losses,, if you click ~SC~ tribe, and click 'conquers:' , you will notice that Omen has turned on them.
its puppycide!

How loathsome if those of Omen must have no honor in this.
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----Axobongos Limbo Swim-------- by the High Chief of Kaiote Lodge

i saw the soldiers and knights readying themselves for battle. The air was thick with smoke as all fires within the castle were burning , from hearth to smithy forges , to the peasantry camped along the inner walls cooking up supplies for their sons and daughters bound to follow the soldiery and supply them their needs.. perhaps for a bit of coin from the spoils , or bit of luck in scavenging the dead, peasants were always part of the ratio , be they camped behind the troops, or fighting among their ranks.
Narrow cobbled streets, rock built walls with iron torch holders lodged in them and sustaining fires that only added to the smoke . i coughed as i strode past the green moss covered northern wall, fire lit and moist , the dusk of night was as crisp as dry birch wood, and felt as if it were poised to snap as a brittle thing might.
i sat against the wall under the stars for a final pipe-load of the good leaf and a moments reflection before i would call for my steed and ride to inspect the troops. But as i sat, something strange occurred,, at first, i was rendered catatonic , i was frozen in my seat and cannot say if even there was the pulse and breath alive within me,, for it seemed as if the world had stopped.

Time itself was unpresent , in its place a sparkling chew toy for a galactic baby dragon being swallowed by a goliath blowfish many thousands more the size of the dragon, who fell into the vast gape of the blowfish mouth like dust falls into
a dark well , its destiny bound for restriction .

What did this mean? this vision and ringing pitch ,constant and unwavering , that held me in limbo was but an eternity glimpsed in a second. it faded within my flesh and bloomed like a black hole. i could hear words i did not fully understand, and hear sounds i can only mimic as high pitched 'blips' and 'beeps' ... words about 'servers' and 'nets' .. . . images floating through the haze before my eyes saying 'CONNECTION FAILED',, 'system diagnostics ',, 'airport on' ,, 'server failed' ,, 'internet failed' ,, and all around me were items of a make i could not understand,, i was inside a room and surrounded by materials i have never seen , in forms of things i could not grasp ,and little lights here and there,, making numbers or looking as glowing red mouse eyes on black boxes of fashioned metal.

This otherworld was frightening. ,,(And just earlier , i was less nervous as i prepared to go to war),, it bustled with humanity and people, had amazing and scary music came out of boxes, machines of metal were everywhere,, even in the sky. the people complained of 'no internet', and the slow service of those who repaired such problems,, . And though the air was choking for both the lungs and ears ,,, and even eyes ,in many ways this was a fascinating world. The shoes of wimmin were sometimes brilliant . And everywhere a myriad display of details that stimulated all senses sported themselves unashamedly.

Though some part of me was actively involved in this place,, as if i had always been,, there was another part as in stasis
,, inert , frozen in place , and only in the minds eye could i just grasp the continuance of tribes at war and the noble Axo in mortal struggles in a lush world tainted only by the malevolence of the human drive to kill and conquer .

i could only catch glimpses of battle flags, the glinting reflections of sword and armor , horse hooves stomping through bloodied mud over fallen lances and broken arrows. And the purity of the clear water streams and exceedingly starry nights that i see hiding under the surface of the waters and skies of this world which i can only touch through a foggy and blurry mist , and mine own body felt just as unsubstantial, as if i were made of said mist, soupy thick , but ethereal in nature.

And then, suddenly, i was back , sitting on the wooden stool against the mossy northern wall, a week had passed and in the castle was pandemonium and hubbub, .. ruckus and hullabaloo abounding , as my men ( and ladies) knew not where i had been, and mfraange was sending attacks.

Word came that the Orchards of the Marsh had fallen, had i been here, i could have so easily protected them.. but alas.
..some evil sorcery took me.

"To arms!!" i yell, "fetch me my horse!" let the trumpets bleat! an army is about to march..


Axobongo on 18.05.2011 at 00:41

its easy to groan at those who cant spell , or have a near incomprehensible grammar...

but what kind of example is being set within the system? when the genius's come up with a message like this:

This action may not be performed by the account sitter because the account has been sat more than 120 days days within the last 60 days days.

Question: how many days-days is a day?,, and further, how is it one could have 120 days days within 60 days days?

cssjhs on 18.05.2011 at 01:09

ironic isn't it

,.,.,.( sorry about tracking in mud, my dear barkeep,, send some drinks all around,, i'm buyin'),.,.,.

Hello lads! just came from a glorious battle,, killed about 11,000 of ottos troops.. killed about 7-8000 of mfraanje's 2 days before. .. but this was the second 8000 axmen nuke i killed from otto,, plus all their scout attempts have failed,, plus i re took the town mfraanje stole from me when i was in limbo, and i killed the troops that took Searus town to avenge him.

now only 32 attacks coming in from the poxy Redeye Shith,, mfraanjes little buddy. he sends ram trains to look like nobles.. silly boy,,
He does not know i use the big map and attack ID's ,, ha!. if i keep my damn troops alive, i will be ready for those snotty Nobles.

So drink up my fine friends!! we just got some new kegs in from the Guinness cache, ( the secret one, not the famous one),, and there is a fine nectar for those of you who prefer it,, from a jungle fruit i imported from the south.

------------The Song of the Pantheon of Endy Days-------- by Froydslip of the Cocoon Testis

Tha Axo Chief rides near and far, across the burning lands ,
He counseled with all the kings and queens
Who fought with heart against Omen demands.
The story gets harder and harder to tell,
One by one, the great ones fell,
Barca rob was chopped with axe hits,
eddie was embedded with arrow bits,
Canna beheaded, mitchnoble dis-legged
Thus the Heat tribe got trimmed and imbedded,
Belcaves and Leahlu saw their lands get reddened.

Of the Oney, Lord Rock got the chopping block,
Asgaurd and Arwen were bewitched and turned,
Dainish and Teddy were slashed and burned,
One day Macloud was pierced without sound,
And then the unthinkable happened, Nebeski was fashioned,
Into the shape on the ground,,of a bloody crumpled horse trampled heap,
And Musat began to splat, after all of that,
for he joined ~SC~ at their cusp of it being put to sleep.

Prince Ako of ~SC~ was stabbed in the back,
Assassinated before Omen did attack,
all Thralls of Omen, end betrayed,
We wonder'd when Onoez will be irreverently flayed ,

The exotic Queen Mazulite held her ground,
The heart of Axobongo, to her was bound,
Their lust would shake the fibers of sound
And burn the sky of the dark Omen cloud.

But the great Mooray, had met his day,
Dismounted in a less than dignified way,
Lanced in the chest, his horse dragged him away
Dragged through the mud, to the horizon, they say,

Word came that Milly was beat, his armies killed,
He lost his seat, with a handful of men, he mounted his beast
And escaped death riding to his cabin in the East.

The Marajaxian house and family was slain,
Dohc and his warriors took bloodbaths of pain
Other allies such as Yakov and Flip,
Spread their wings but got them a clip
The UsFians expansion did splatter and rip.

The High Chief of The Axo, and his lover the queen
Vowed to fight to the death for their breed,
On hillsides of mist, they planted the seed,
Axoism will live beyond the Dream.

Axobongo on 24.05.

i have some info from the Omens who have communicated with the overlords of the sky, the Tw Mods,

This then was that message:
"TW's have informed us we need to get the world under 500 players to get placed in the final phase, once in the final phase we have 3 months to remove all the remaining players"

So either, this thing will end much less than 3 months.. or, if those who are with 0 villages are still counted ,,
it could take awhile

unless this is erroneous info .

Axobongo (***Commenting on the ever silent and mute Basilfoxes brigade)

if you look outside the pub door right now, you will see a 500 strong brigade of mimes marching silently, they all have the same white expression on their face, no visible weapons or armor or banners,, even the riders have no horse,,

and had i not pointed it out, you would not likely have heard them pass. for they are quiet as ghosts.

vordan on 26.05.2011 at 06:56

They are as eerie as the ghosts of Axo warriors.

------- One way to go------ By Stubblemusk of Burpington lodge

Lord Golfer , Mooray, Lady Shanda. last of the standing Onei people,
The rest had been forced out of their lands, killed, or joined other tribes.
Mooray and an Axo spearman held his last stronghold of Chillaxing town
Lord Golfer and Lady Shanda were stormed upon and beaten down
Milly rode with the Axo , somehow glory bound
Asgaurd and Arwen went with the Onoez hound,
Bound to be buried underground
Mazulite leads her lovely tribe to not be pushed around

The eminent end of the end of the demise of the Ones imminent ending is near done
i hope this world was alot of fun. for those long gone or on the run.
These fights not ever in vain , but in vein and artery , in blood and heartery, in moon and sun,

Mooray was gone, Chillaxing fell, Oney lands got scorched to hell
The once mighty One tribe, is now gone.
Lost to the void of oblivion
Hail to the mighty fallen,
Hail to the great Ones

Axobongo on 10.06.2011 at 10:52
drinks and party favors on me my friends! mitsche is now ranked number 2 ,
Papoomio done the extraordinary .

Axobongo on 11.06.2011
it looks like Omen have finally turned on Onoez, they kill their faithful dog who they pressured to fight for them so hard in the wars with One and Two, its kind of sad,, especially when there is plenty of room in the Omen tribe. its a pity.
not all Omen lords are evil, i have spoken with a few fine ones, but the policy of killing everyone so that when omen win, as few as possible omen tribe members only are to win the premium prizes, and gain some concept of admiration and prestige for being a tribe of 30 who owned the entire world when its not even a requisite for a prize,, that is a bit evil, its all about ego.
they want the world to end quickly,i say one way to do it is get rid of 20 people to battle by putting them in the omen tribe. and putting another 50 in a tribe, and being allies with that tribe, leaving only 220 or so people with single villages and few troops , a weeks work if there is no restarting.

rules state that if 2 tribes own the whole world after no restarts, the winner will be declared.

but they will take extra time, when most of their members just want it to end, extra time to fight down all those who can't be part of their final 30 or so , the leaderships personal goal.

i would be more proud of sharing the wealth and satisfy my tribe with a quicker ending.

~~~~~~The Bemusement of Ogham Cow ~~~~~~~~

------ By Yrwynn Belfor , Bard of the dry clay-------and speaker of the Alk

Finally, i was settled with a frothy mug of the finest ale , i sat cleaning my old longpipe , on the dusty oaken table in the old stone tavern down the road from the gates of the Ogham Cow Fortress. a community at these walls was a building up nicely, the gentle slope to this southeast gate offered a fetching view.
I sat contentedly, travel bag still by my side for i had not yet even inspected my lodgings.
It was a long weary journey on foot, my boots still bearing the marks of scorched earth from the razed towns i had traversed on the long road from the Hermitage Estates ,
far beyond the Wafflingaard mountains. Along the journey i had been hearing of the exploits of the Axoian High Chief , Axobongo, and his mysterious brigades of what they called mystic warriors,, they were mythic in legend , but ever so often some tales one would hear had seemed overly exaggerated, giants and wild unearthly beasts and Witches magic would often color the stories , bewildering and delighting the audiences , but sometimes leaving me with the sour taste of deceit. For i am a chronicler of truth. I was once the top scribe and a bard of the Belcavian court, of the Heatrian people, and have little stomach for invented embellishments.

So i came west, For several Lords of the mighty Heat tribe , which once ruled the south rim , had come this way after their falling . All they built over generations was now destroyed, and much of their people now wondered in search of a safer life , i among them. Yet i chose this path out of curiosity,, to see for my own eyes the Axocrafts and mastery of wood and stone,
the famed metal craft and armor of their Druids. And to discover for myself the truth behind the legends.

All day long, i had been noticing small groups of tired looking soldiers returning to the fort from some distant battleground , straggling in from the main body of returning soldiers camped some distance away. Some would stray from their path to stop for pints of the good brew , and a warm potato , here in this very tavern on the hill.
And then more of the personal force of the High Chiefs warriors bit by bit trickled in, choosing the embrace of the tavern, its ale and chimney fire to the warm embrace of their families and loved ones at their own hearths after a long campaign away from home.

The atmosphere got lively hours before the dusk of sundown would echo its distant harmony into the fiber of the sinew of the core of all living things for its brief reign, the stories of the battle found voice among the Ogham men, and i listened intensely , writing notes on my parchment that i could recall it all. then more arrived.

Some of these men were indeed unusual, they were a mix of clans and exotic customs. There was even a humungous berserker , red haired and black clothed as of the Kai, and from the town of UlricsCunning , what looked to be a shaman in a deep blue armor, and leading 2 wolves also in armor,, apparently these Axo really did contain frightening secret weapons in the form of warriors with a variety of skills from the old ways . and then came some wild looking axmen in furs from far northern climbs,,, and 2 half sized warriors, who carried slings , a highly unusual war weapon, but said to be incredibly accurate and effective,,apparently , there was an entire unit of these short men they called Ozian Munchmen, , said to be from somewhere in the north of old Axolands.
Deer horned helms and also those of other beasts and masterfully woven patterns adorned the armor of the Axo warriors, unlike the sleek grey armor of the empire, or the softer elegant artistry and plumed helms of our southern tribes.

The tavern master who rented my room was a grizzled old man , who seemed very tired , i felt as if i had woken him from his afternoon nap, and his houseboy was a mute of distorted features, so i forgive him for his lack, as he neglected to inform me of a very meaningful news sensation that any tavern keeper of any worth would be anxious to share with new arrivals as a matter of course. i had heard rumors, and did notice the land and town was somewhat quiet and lacking of populace, so i should have realized it ,,there was something brewing.

The revelry picked up,the Ogham Cow men did indeed have some magnificent tales of the distant battles they were returning from, where others had tales that seemed of conflicting information, i realized that many of these men weren't returning from a battle in a distant place, but recounting their battles on the way here,,,,
they were coming here, , , as reinforcements to this very town! That meant that the battle would be here! we would soon be under siege! i cursed the old man for his sleepy head and perfunctory manner, then realized, little difference it would have made to know, if empire soldiers were to take ogham cow, i would be in the same boat as if i had turned and walked out of the town, i would not get far. So at least i enjoyed the view for a time, which i likely would not have had i known of the impending battle.

As we reveled and spoke, and filled the pub with smoke and singing , massive armies were forming on the opposite wall in the northwest, preparing to face the enemies arrival there. It was expected to arrive in the early morning. i was relieved the battle was to be fought on the opposite side of town, maybe that was why here by the southwest wall, things were quiet and seemingly relaxed. Just earlier i was enjoying the soft light cresting on the leaves of the Sindaerann trees against the rolling hills that swept behind the distinct thatched rooftops of Axo make, and the puffy clouds and birdsongs were a pleasant reward from a long travel on foot. None of this indicated that tens of thousands of clanking soldiers and horses and catapults and hubbub was taking place on the opposing side of the town and its fortress.

Then an unexpected thing occurred, as the stars were just beginning to gently reveal themselves and the first torches were lit, the blast of distant horns were heard to blare .
i could just faintly but distinctly hear them when i went outside for air and a long relieving piss, but inside they sang and laughed and heard nothing. i assumed it was some Axo pre battle ritual , as the horns resonated in pitches foreign to my ear, but low and earthy compared to the whining high pitches of war horns.

A half hour later , i heard them again , but this time audible from within the Inn , and i began to hear higher pitches of a more urgent sound. the warriors began to take notice and stood and stirred,, they were being called to duty. outside towards the fort gate, a resonating drone began, above on the high walls of the gate,it was the Bladder Pipes, they grumbled and purred as a lion and whined as a fevered cat simultaneously , an exquisite sound of a trembling power. there were drums also, then the whining sounds came, before even half the warriors left the place, there were frantic horns bellowing from the eastern edge of the fort. i knew these sounds, these were the screaming horns of alarm.

Men began to scramble and some drew their weapons, outside the earth rumbled with the stomps of running feet. shouts and orders were being barked, , , and then all chaos broke loose.

Riders on horses at full gallop tore down the main road to the gate , then turned towards the hill of the tavern and sped between us and the tavern barn and into the dark back road behind us. i cursed that i had no horse! having lost mine in a gambling accident on the high road , many weeks before. I smelled smoke and scrambled outside to notice a fire on the roof of a small cottage, as i scanned the night scene, there were torches everywhere, and other burning roofs , and also, fire falling from the sky,, by the gods!,, burning arrows!

I had wandered to the main road in a daze , By Carthlianns mottled beard! if only i had a horse!,, but i did not even have my bag, just this parchment and a brooch pinning my cloak , it was a very special brooch, given me by lord Belcaves himself, and rather expensive, as it was bejeweled and also of a style known as a Clingon ( also Klingon), for its clever design insured it never slipped, and a clasp system that you could pull tight extra cloak and feel as if it were 'clinging' on you.
i held it over my head and called out " A Horse! A Horse!! ,, My Klingon for a Horse! " .. all around me there was running,, no one stopped or noticed, it was murky through the dark and dust, smoke and moving torchlights , and warriors everywhere.

i ran back towards the tavern hill, remembering my travel bag, i tripped over something and fell flat in the mud,, it was a body, bloodied and sporting an arrow in the neck.
i became aware that the clang of the clash of swords was in the air, and before the tavern door there was a mass of fighting men,,apparently fighting. i could see what looked like a line of men suddenly break and burst back, some flew through the air backwards, and out burst enemy riders , their long swords hacking out lives and body parts as they rode. To my left, the tavern barn was burning , and it sounded as if horses were trapped inside , my mind told me to go there and find a horse, for i was now in the middle of a battlefield.
But between myself and the burning barn, what seemed like hundreds of men in mortal combat. along all streets i could perceive soldiers were embattled , and between the cottages small alley ways there emerged the giant black clad heavy horses of the Axo ,and their massively armored riders, and it was all i could do to avoid being trampled. I ran and rolled to the side of the stampede just in time, then lay there for a moment catching sight of the stars above.. how beautiful they seemed,, the smoke swirling about edged my tunnel vision through a clear spot above me.

A dead man i could pretend to be? A dead man then fell on me. he landed on my legs and woke me from my trance. i got up and saw Hrolf MacHardbeardsson , one of the Axmen of the north who earlier filled my cup and told a tale of an attack mounted on an unfortunate Axo enemy back in the tavern before this chaos broke loose.
...was that not 10 minutes ago..?
He was busy dispatching two empire men ,thusly ,, the first took a deep cut through the collar bone,,, and the other got stabbed in the throat with a dagger surprisingly appearing in Hrolfs left hand, i think it was sheathed in the axe handle!.. My but these Axo axmen were a tricky lot.

He recognized me , as i struggled to my feet, he laughed and recommended i find a sword.
then said " Twas a surprise attack on the eastern wall, they are coming out of the woods everywhere, i am sorry friend,, main defenses are headed there, we here on the edge will be fooked to frag if more of the enemy try to come through here "
He turned and yelled some orders to some men ,to head widderwise, whatever that meant, but six or so men went running off , he turned back to me, and suggested i stay close by him, and pointed behind my right shoulder, there was light cavalry headed towards us, glints of burning light revealed the grey armor and orange tunics of the empire men of Otto ,
"Fall back!" Hrolf shouted
and i wasn't sure if he was speaking to me or the fighting men 12 yards from us, but i sure as hell fell back. clumsily,, and saw a sword beside a fallen man, i stooped to retrieve it then spun to see the advance of horsemen, one was falling from his steed struck by a spear thrust, and i saw Axo spear and swords falling towards these riders. Hrolf was joined by a three other men , his axmen drinking mate Flaarkmott and two swordsmen ,

The flames behind the silhouettes of the riders turned dark to my eyes as they approached.
i saw lances lowered , and only yards from me the clash.. it was not pretty, horses legs were chopped men fell quickly , both mounted and on foot , Flaarkmott was gutted by a lance,and then i saw Hrolf was pulling down a rider with his hands, his axe fallen from his grip. the horse toppled and He somehow killed the rider, and rose up yelling at me to take the horse,
i ran towards its reigns with my hands reaching out, dropping the sword, but the horse stood up and bolted by me,, then it stopped and its back legs gave out for a moment,, it stumbled to a stance , and i started for it, but it ran off again, only a few yards though. i heard a scream, i turned to see Hrolf picking up his axe , and heading towards me a cavalry knight swinging a fierce looking mace, .. heading towards me!?!, his helmet suddenly flew back as a flash of steel that was Hrolfs thrown axe took half the head off the man and saved me from a certain fatal damage experience that would be impossible to explain later.

Most of the enemy cavalry were now busy with the footmen, and we saw enemy swordsmen coming around them . Hrolf pulled a horn from his hip and blasted a note, he turned to me and yelled "run!" .
and so i ran towards the horse and the gods were with me, for i reached it, and then mounted it, finally, i had my horse! ride! ride fair beast ! fly like the wind! it snorted and seemed to take a ginger step forward,, "Fly, damn you! run!" ,it would not move,, i kicked frantically , whistled and hooted, it stood there , i felt absurd at this, then the beast sat, first with its back legs, and i held on and urged it to rise, then it lowered its chest to the ground, still i remained mounted , unwilling to concede. it was panting quite heavily, and it was wet with blood, this poor creature was dying, it fell to its side and we laid like that for a brief moment , i took a deep breath and stood up, dejected and aghast .

Men began running by me, Hrolf grabbed my arm and shouted something,, we ran towards the gate of the fort , but appeared to be getting cut off by some of Otto's men brandishing swords and axes, i saw maybe 50 of us heading towards them,, and i knew we were being routed from behind ,
i called out to Hrolf " the barn!... Horses!,," .. he stopped and looked towards the tavern barn, it was burning but horses panicked whinnies were still to be heard.
then we were fell upon by swordsmen, and Hrolf and his men were fighting for their lives, i picked up another sword and held it before me,, this was not my skill, these things were heavy, and sharp.

Hrolf killed five men with an ease and grace before getting stabbed in the side, he took off the arm of the sword bearer by a swift backstroke, but then quickly had a long sharp swordpoint emerge from under his chin and thrust towards me ,splattering blood in my face , we locked eyes for a moment , the sword ripped loose and Hrolf fell forward , his hands twitching out rigid as he tumbled. his eyes still burned within me, as for the briefest moment, just a second, his eyes seemed to say " i have had a long life and travelled far and survived many battles like this, but this time i am not going to make it and i want my kids to know , if by chance you happen to ever find out who they are, i want them to know i always tried to do my best by them and their mother, even though i know i am not perfect, like the time when i brought home from the Eastlands those wooden toy boats with plague on them, or when i brought home that wench that tied your mother to a post for two days, but i did my best to see you fed and housed, except for that time when i was on the loco root and mead when i joined the carnival people for a summer,, your mother was furious at me for years after , i'll say, but i brought her that fine thatched roof from north Umber and showed her the meaning of love making as often as she could handle. and beyond. i would ask you all to remember this " and then they glazed over , and he was dead and falling to the earth , half decapitated .

i turned and ran, i ran towards the barn and didn't look back. i dont know when it was i dropped the sword, but i know i arrived at the barn. Beyond belief.. i made it inside , i had ran into the fire as a salvation , it was half wood, and half gone on one side from the fire still blazing there. a nervous black Mare of magnificent stature was stomping in its cell,
i opened the gate and bridled it as quick as my shaking fingers would allow, she let me on her and i was about to emerge from the burning barn door and ride at top speed,
but was confronted by a giant of a man, with bright red hair,, it was the Berserker from the tavern!,,
"Thats My horse!" he bellowed, his grip firmly holding the reigns,
i quickly wrapped my arms around the mares neck, " in no way possible would i get off this horse ! " i exclaimed
" suit ye'self" he said, then swiftly mounted the beast at my back, and took the reigns and prodded his steed into action, we sped away rapidly and i could see the Axo were cut down where i had been, and enemy troops were everywhere .

He rode us south away from the fortress, past surprised enemy soldiers and dodged through the cobbled market area and then off to the dark woods which appeared void of soldiers. we trekked through the wood for a bit of time before turning right and headed for the western hills behind the west wall of the town. Through the darkness we went, until finally i saw some fire light beyond the valley in the treeline. we headed for it ,, This man was named Fritz Kukamonga Jr. , and he was one of the largest men i had ever seen, in girth and muscle
as well as hight . We were headed for a camp of his fellow Berserkers.

There were a couple of hundred of them,, most all were big men of mass and bulk, but not all, some of the shorter ones looked doubly athletic and muscular, and all were naked and greased with oil. There was drumming of intensity, and a large bonfire emitting a wretched smell. Their leader was a stout old man,, his beard and hair very long and grey, but not white, i don't think,, for it was a muddy clump as he was caked with clay, oddly painted and spotted with feathers in his hair

This was something few had ever witnessed, the rituals of the Berserkers before battle, for they were preparing to fight at sunrise.
Hunger was one of the first elements to their rituals, for hunger was what drove them insane , that and furious trance and depravations . To combat the lack of food and compensate their body, there was a drink they took. It tasted quite foul , they gave me some to revive me , for i was noticeably exhausted , the effects were mild, but i did feel less hungry and somewhat less dismayed at the prospect of a sleepless night. The drums began to pound more furiously and the fire was built higher, their deeper rituals were beginning.

The Berserkers were chanting some monosyllabic grunts as they circled the fire Their leader circling within them adding substances to the fire and causing a reddish smoke to surround the camp. i sat with some men who were polishing shields, or so i thought, i soon noticed they were coating the shields with some syrupy liquid, and thus coating all the weaponry gear and laying them out for the Berserkers, there was also a pile of animal furs,, of wolf and bear , each being passed over smoke of some powerful smelling herbs,and then placed in a cart. The men were each receiving body paints by their chief and and herb beatings , and some things placed in their mouths.

The drumming picked up its fury, and the Berserkers continued their grunting chant, now a variety of different 2 syllable words, or some Gods name , or some such sacred utterances from their cultures archaic past. They were each given what looked as a large drinking gourd, and left the fire circle one by one and walked into the dark of the wood.
i began to hear screams from there. One at a time each man left , there was a scream.. until the last. Then , they all came back, one at a time, in a row, and tethered at the waist by a sturdy connecting rope, connecting each one, as the slavers connect their commodity .

They were formed into a circle . from there they were ordered to make ritual moves, ,, they would stick their right leg in towards the center of the circle, then they would bring it out,, then they would put it in again, and shake it all about. They then repeated this curious action with their left leg and each arm, their head and their backside. Then they would repeat that action, again and again.
I could not see what object lay in the center of that circle, but to say it looked like a cactus plant,, or possibly a soufflé or knish in a clever design to look as a cactus. as i got closer, i saw it was a mandrake root, and it appeared to be dancing, at least its root arms and legs were swaying with the music of flutes and drumming.. or maybe it was the wind making it seem so. my mind was jostled from the monotony of the berserker dance.

Something in the smoke was making me woozy feeling. Uglukfafmir Osulliven had been preparing shields and talking with me, giving me water and the Agericks brew of revitalizing herbs , he now urged me on to a cart, as there was movement of the camps people who were pages to the Berserkers. through the fog of smoke i could make out the Berserkers being led out of camp, still holding their gourds, and still tied together. A cart ahead of us all , burning that pungent smoke in abundance , the Berserkers on foot, and we in the following carts were choked by it, and it caused a glow of red light like a beacon , or perhaps the flame that draws the moth, a glowing hazy beautiful red light that was hypnotic, and yet somehow awful, and sickening.

What i cannot say is how long all this took, we arrived at the Berserker camp what seemed as less than an hour ago, but still at least 9 hours from sunrise,, was the journey 30 minutes? or hours?,, what was Uglukfafmir saying to me?,, something was odd, as sunrise was soon upon us, and we were rounding the north wall where thousands of troops, be they enemy or of the towns guard, were audibly clanking and barking and either at war or preparing for it. i could not say yet..we were near , but not close enough . The caravan halted, and something like a new camp was assembled, torches were placed around the clearing by the wall, and these couple of hundred berserkers were now drinking from their gourds and seeming to enjoy the music, drums and jig jigs and pipes and spoons were making a jovial sound. They drank and laughed and called to the sky or howled. Then came the women.

Beautiful girls, nymphs and seductive just post-adolescent perfection within diaphanous cloth showing their perfect un-tatooed skin glistening in the firelight, ,,and there were alot of them, where had they been hiding? they removed their cloths and began love making to the Berserkers, their generous mouths seeking out the most sensitive areas on a mans body,
they were highly trained and amazing to watch, at one point, they all were working on each berserker with a climax inducing intensity, then would suddenly break off and run away, back into the dark wood, or to some wagons in the back of the caravan.. but each one eventually ran off, leaving each berserker blue balled, stifled on the verge of conclusion, aghast and frustrated,, ( the Berserker secret?) and they each reacted in a brooding and violent way, slowly they stood,, their muscles tensed beyond belief,, some tried to break free of their tethers, and were tackled down and covered with an animal skin, bear or wolf. once covered, the man lay still, as if the cloak put him to sleep.

The lead shaman went to each man, who was now fighting his tether, or screaming , or pounding himself or the ground, some would howl.. but each collapsed when the chief covered them in a skin, and fastened it on them,, and laid beside them their weapons and shield. this went on until there were all of them on the ground under their animal skins.
I walked near to one of them, he was shivering distant looking, drooling a small puddle and pale. Uglukfafmir took me by the arm and led me away , warning that it would soon be dangerous here.

The first ray of sunrise lit the top of the castle walls and morning birds song, and a flock of migrating geese honks filled the air for a moment and then all seemed still. the ruckus around the corner of the north gate was also quiet. heartbeats went by, and all those who had helped prepare the Berserkers had backed off and sat waiting behind the wagons.
Then, the horns blared.
hundreds and hundreds of horns.
several of the Berserkers jumped up,, their leader had pulled loose their bindings,, many were biting their shields,, some biting their weapons,it was odd how they chewed and chewes on their shields,, or biting an axe or sword like that.. did the shields taste so special from the honey goop the pages coated them with, i wondered? , they certainly chewed at them with a gusto. but also they howled blood curdling roars, some pulling at their own hair and beards. I saw a flag waving high above on the northwestern castle wall. the sunlight was beginning to illuminate the treetops , and two archers appeared from behind the berserkers, we now had a view of some section of the enemy ranks of their western flank.. the archers lit their arrows which burned the red smoke. and shot them high over the Berserkers heads towards the enemy. When they hit ground among the enemy ranks, these arrows seemed to explode and a bright red light hovered in place glowing ominously. When they saw this, all the berserkers ran towards that glowing light, screaming wildly.

They were off, Uglukfarfmir sighed a sigh of deep relief, he had said sometimes it goes bad, and Berserkers fight each other, or turn and tear into their pages and fellow tribemates.. but this went well, they were charging into the west flank of the enemy, the damage a single berserker could do was unearthly, but the Axo had found a way to unleash hundreds at a time.
So, there were Axo tricks,, and some sort of old magic involved, i see no giants or witches , or flying horses,, but what i had seen up to this point was unusual. i determined to get a better view of the battle. i made my way there,, the air was thick and felt like soft leather against my skin, and cool steam in my lungs, perhaps magic was afoot after all.

Nothing could have prepared me for what i saw that day on the battlefield before the northern gate of Ogham Cow . The Berserkers were tearing and ripping through the enemies side, it seemed as if no enemy weapons were able to puncture their half naked flesh, and Ottos men fell in scores. from atop the walls, suicide cows jumped and fell down upon the helms of the enemy. When they hit, they popped and a poison gas came out of them and what looked as 30 or 40 men fell dead for each cow that hit.

Enemy rams had crashed most of the gate. and as they sped the rams for another hit, the heads of the rams suddenly came to life, the giant poles of tree trunks had giant metallic ram heads rearing back and frightening the ram bearers. they dropped their burdens, and this ram headed pole creature began to half slither towards the enemy ranks, bleating a goat like scream , and i noticed legs, like that of a centipede were moving it from either side of its half rigid body, still treelike, while the portion with the snarling head had moved like a snake or salamander. it charged into Ottos men and tore them down.

But there were thousands, Axo troops stormed out of the broken gate,, Heavy horsemen , Spearmen and Sword fighters, axes and cavalry,, thousands of them were coming out,
and the clashes were frightening, men were being cut down, gore was flowing and they were getting very near my vantage point, so i made for a tree that stood alone on the edge of the field. the curious thing is, i am not sure how i climbed it, i just know i thought to float up to its top , and then i simply saw the tree top get closer, until i was sniffing the flowering at its apex. i was there, in the treetop , watching the defenders wipe the front axmen of Otto, and i could see the light cavalry of the enemy charging in behind them.

There were so many, it was plain to see they would slaughter many an Axo foot soldier. even though several seemed to be toppling from their steed due to stones flung from slings by the half sized men of Ozlandia. The tree i was in was strange, twitching with shrimps in place leaves. every few minutes, one would begin to twinkle from their tails to dangling antennae , which would shoot a quill sized beam of red light and pierce a burning hole in one of the enemy. below me i could see one of the Berserkers , he was no longer fully a man, for he seemed part wolf , as a wolf with human arms and legs, in each hand he had short wide swords which he used to take the heads off 3 ,,and then 4,,and then 6 ,of the empires men. the heads each fell down and bounced about,Then began to bounce in a straight up and down manner ,, i could see there were springy coils of thin metal coming out of their necks , these heads bounced higher and higher with each bound, one then bounced just above my treetop and collided with a duck in flight , it hit the duck because it could not duck, so it got ducked, for the duck slammed deep into the heads mouth and was lodged there , as the head came down and hit the ground, the duck got jammed fully in there somehow, and the wings burst out of his ears backwards.

The head bounded up again , and before falling down, the wings flapped and it hovered there in the air for a moment. it awkwardly flapped over to me,, the head now upside down that the wings could fly it the direction which the eyes faced. , before me it floated , and began to utter something, ..

" flee,, the enemy,, ice near , the inner knee,, the flea and fly ,, or die.. young soul, spend your life in Sand... beef ree. beef areeeee... aleee ... ......hazel wood,,,,"

his accent was terrible, his words cryptic..his drool disturbing, he continued,

"without mercy,, pain is deeper for the merciless , when the broom sweeps, when the nocht tides panspermy for the jiggins,, unnoodled blessings for the toast of the skin of the walk.. fly thither young soul, saviors,,elf... saviors elfffff.... "

it flew off,, and i could see that there were many other such concoctions of head and bird with a spring coil pointing up flying over the battle ,, they would nose dive as a falcon onto the enemy cavalry, then swivel their spring coils at the last second, to cut into the face or neck of the empire knights , or land with their mouths and bite off their fingers.

There was a mist everywhere, getting thicker, but all was still visible to me. in an ultra vibrant and highly focused way, i was able to see it all. The battle cows of the Axo cavalry were famed from a certain stock from the Axo oldworld. i had never seen any until now, it was marvelous, But likewise,,the enemy had secrets of their own,, riders atop giant yellow ducklings, in their beaks were jagged fangs and teeth. i had no idea there was so much experimental breeding going on in these lands. Cow and duckling clashed, and it was awful,, for the most part, the battle cows beat the battle ducklings, though some cow riders got chomped in two by the mutated ducklings, the cows still won the skirmish and routed the ducklings into the mist.

Out of the mist, there arose a giant, He was twice and a half size taller than a normal man, and then ,there were three,, black skinned and thin , but all sinew and muscle. One was swinging a giant scythe back and forth as if harvesting wheat, and empire men fell.
Another grabbed an enemy horse crushed its rider , and shoved its head deep into the horses anus. it stood up with a horse in place of its head and it was quite alarming, but not as horrific as when he tore the horse in half and revealed that he now had the head of an elephant, covered in horse guts,, he stepped forward and made fire burst from his trunk,, the wide ears flapped, this was a real head!.. he blasted through the enemy searing them to char , and so many panicked and turned to run away,, but behind the enemy, there was now a block, it looked as a veil ,, or a fantastically long curtain,, red and billowing in the wind and stretching halfway around the back of the entire battle in the valley from wood to wood on either side. at its base were a line of people,,, lederhosen dancers! they were singing and dancing and actually telling a musical play of the story of the hare who lost his spectacles .

No warrior would brave trying to pass through the ranks of lederhosen dancers, they knew they would be mesmerized,,some turned back to face the giants and charging heavy cavalry of the Axo,, while others dropped to their knees dejected and spent,,some fled around in circles,, or headed for the woods, but with little hope there as the trees were burning in a blue fire, though they seemed unharmed as they did so. i climbed down from the tree, most of the battling near me had concluded,, so many bodies were strewn about. and it smelled of roses and thyme, between gusts of gut wrenching stenches and unholy smoke .

There was still fighting in the distance, and i lost sight of the giants, but as i wondered through the mist and the dead i came upon mime knights, ghostly white expressionless faces with black lips,, fighting and flailing invisible swords and spears in total silence. some of their enemies were invisible ,, but not all, i saw an enemy axman on the ground struggling to get up, when a mime knight clearly lifted an invisible long sword and stabbed it down deep into the axmans collar through to his guts, the axman sputtered and a burst of blood spat forth from his mouth, and he reached for the spot the mime had stabbed him, he fell twitching and died, there was blood on his hand and the stab wound from that invisible sword. this was disturbing,, i ran toward the castle, the mist surrounded me and i lost orientation for a moment, then a fine figure emerged before me.

She was a warrior woman clad in a light armor that hid none of her beauty, to face such a perfect female specimen in battle would daunt the psyche of many a hard man, leaving him slightly disadvantaged . She placed her sword at my neck and held me in her gaze , then to my relief, she smiled.
"A true Bard,, braving the battlefield , there is still danger, and maybe even Berserkers , if the madness still be with them. go that way now" she pointed with her sword " they will need help with the wounded"

i thanked her for some reason , then made my way. i then nearly was tripped as a group of mushroom hatted men about 12 inches tall, scrambled past my feet.
i kept heading the direction she indicated, but the mist was quite thick.

And then i saw it, the loverliest nut brown horse standing alone and peaceably in the mist over dead bodies. It was an empire horse, now , i think it would be mine. So i stripped it of it empire banner cloths and armor, it let me mount it and it rode to my command with ease, ahh a well trained animal, i smiled at this. We soon arrived at the gate, and there was alot of work going on, moving bodies and searching for life among the fallen. i stood back from the gate and watched for a bit, then i saw a tall large man of pale white skin and fiery red hair walking naked and crying as he went,, sorrowful and sullen,, by the gods, it was Fritz the Berserker! i came closer , it was indeed him, when he saw me he stared with an imploring look as if to ask "why?" he was a depressed wreck, and exhausted beyond degree,, and cut and wounded to some degree.

i got him on my horse and resolved to find him treatment, we rode to the gate, and were waved to go through. The guards kept ushering us on and i imagined to a field hospital of some sort, as fritz was covered in blood. We were sent along the east wall and there was indeed wounded being tended to. i offered to stop , but Fritz said no, he urged me to take him to get some grog. Grog, where in the hell would i get that? suddenly, he belted out "GROG! !" and slapped the horses rear and prodded it heavily with his heels. she bolted, and ran down the street at top speed for a span , until i finally got he under control,, we turned into the narrow town streets, bereft of people on the most part, some children giggled at the sight of us as we passed by their open window, and a very old man was sitting on a front stoop , but no others were seen until we came to the main square,

Fritz fell from the horse and crashed with a thud to the street , he moaned and wept there as he lay naked, some people emerged from their housings and came to see what they could do, and brought him in to be cared for. i could see they were tending his wounds, and a boy was sent to fetch some grog. i couldn't stay there, my head was buzzing with the interior light, and i thanked the kindly Ogham Cow people, and returned to my horse.

I made my way to the southeast gate, this was a lovely town, the people had strewn it with flowers and thoughtful and artistic building styles. Axo crafts and handiwork's, abstract sculpture and fine arts were everywhere. I could see myself living in a place like this, but in coming to the south east gate, i recalled the horror of the night before when the slaughtering ambush threatened my very balls and doused the lights of some fine warriors.

All was calm there today, as i emerged, there were pyres burning on either side of the gate, off away from the entrance and not too close to housings. and bodies piled before them waiting their turn. So much fire damage was visible, but the neighborhood was surprisingly more intact than i would have ever thought. one or two were already repairing their roofs with new thatch. i slowly rode the sloping rode down and up towards the tavern , whose barn i could see was thoroughly burnt down , but the tavern itself looked in decent shape.

i tethered my horse to a post and saw the old man on the patio stoop with a broom in his hands. i walked over to him and said my greeting, then asked if i could take my lodging this night, as i had paid but missed it the night before. He snorted once then said he would accept half price. "AH" i exclaimed " but i dont have my purse!"
The old man just looked up at me through his wrinkled brow, and shrugged, saying " why don't you look in your bag?" ,
eh what?
i turned and looked towards the table where i had sat the night before , and there it was, my bag had survived untouched the entire time. it was amazing.
"how the hell did that happen?" i uttered,
The old man scratched his head, and said " well, most people around here let things be if they know they belong to someone else,, and , i figured you'd be back eventually."

That night i slept, i slept for 2 days in a row, unable to stand firm after urinating, and so returned to sleep. By the third day following these extraordinary events , i was refreshed and fit feeling. It was time to scribe this wondrous tale to paper. Had i not seen it with my very eyes i would not believe it, so i don't begrudge you your doubt. but those Axo's beat terrible odds that day, and in a magical form that is mind boggling. i can only report to you what i saw, i cannot tell you how it was done. only, i was there, and this was real. and no one can tell me different.
Axobongo on 16.06.2011 at 01:15
note :
i cannot confirm or deny the truth of the tale just told by Yrwynn Belfor about the Ogham Cow battle, some say he was intoxicated, while others claim to have seen much the same things themselves . Its sufficient to say true truth is more often found between reality and impossible things.

Historical discoveries,
Some commentary dispatched during the final wars between Axo and Empire were recovered,,

The Hall of Gloryoddness
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i never made up my mind if this is a good topic, but i saw a report disappearing into the ether , and got an urge to fart it on up here.

Report not found.
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Asgaurd men seem to be wandering around ruthlessly marauding , .. all i can say is i believe we parted as friends when he left the chiefs council and his tribe ,, But living among the Onoez may have compromised that, its hard to say, he remains silent to me, but attacks willy nilly, as if he is not even issuing the orders, but allowing lesser generals to rampage in some of my lands.
The Asgaurdians had hit the south some.
And now they venture in the mid area.

i have asked my people to show no resistance if no nobles were present. But these Oblongians were woodsmen cut from a different jib.
~Report not found~
Axobongo on 03.06.2011 at 08:52

then they tried their luck at the swampy marshlands , .. in the fog, they hadn't a chance.
~Report not found~
Axobongo on 07.06.2011 at 19:59

Whomians. they had a tough battle strategy to beat, being among the more elite . But the barrels of Guinness were kept safe, and sent to safer caches.
They breached and broke our gates, 36,000 of us surrounded the town, then from the eastern side, a Whomian noble named Farfel came charging in with 50 Light Cavelry riders. spearmen thrust at them as they attempted to crash through, and a squad of Heavy horses sped to help. Farfel and his boys were slaughtered, even as we heard the horns blast , signaling that the western and northern flanks were facing riders.
Whomian Nobles rode in with their heroic Light Cavs , and met our spears. They heroically chopped through our mass, but no more than 18 spears and 3 Heavy Horsemen fell to them in total, before all 4 additional nobles were perforated to oblivion.
~Report not found~
Axobongo on 20.06.2011 at 04:55

i cant publish all these reports
really, i have no premium
too many reports , so use your imagination
some of these battles were glorious
the sequence of sniping reports wonderful to behold

~* explanations of Reports not found~

*the massive army that came out of one of bighowlingwolfs town,,12,000 axmen and 3000 LC,, all doing the noble train,, i luckily didnt try to snipe it with small troops, but lost that and another town

*but saved at least 8 and captured 3 more
*Poparoni attacked Ogham Cow with 4700naxe and cavalry, 123 rams and they died,, then 4600 120 rams, they died also, He came later with 10,000 and a noble, they died, and 4 more with about 200 axmen in total escorting them.

*at ANonWitty Named Town , his 9000 troops damaged none , but loyalty was weakened,
the next noble was killed by a squad of 50 light Cavs and 50 axmen , and a single swordsman named Hal Punter . the Axo squad all died, but saved managed save loyalty and kill14 light cavs, Poparonis next noble ,Forfer, punched another hole of loyalty, as did his following brother,,, but then 2000 Axo troops arrived and saved all killing the next noble.

*At the Miasma Wash House, a small defense was killed by 10,000 of Poparonis troops,and a noble got through ,, but all the next 4 nobles and their escorts were killed by 200 Heavy cavs and 300 light cavs working together,, a very elite squad ,, reduced to 237 LC and 158 HC , they did us proud.

*At the Axo high seat, 6000 and 215 rams fell,

*later more came, 9000 and Poparonis noble fell quick, and the other 4 fell as fast.

*At the Black Tiger Mill, another 10,000 of Poparonis troops fell fast,along with their noble, and his 4 brothers.

*At the Dolmens of Mar, 6 attacks came slamming in, sneaking in a noble with 8000 troops damaged the defense timing.. for thousands of Axo defenders were arriving in time to stop the noble train,, but loyalty was lowered in advance ,, so 3 nobles of the 5 train hit, and the town was taken,, the defenders killed the following nobles, and got stuck defending against 2 cat attacks by Axo black tigers,, the cat attacks failed,, the defenders left late,, and Axo nobles were on their way to reclaim the town..
2000 men of Axobongos elite died that bloody day,, Poparoni somehow raised a defense in time. the dolmens settlement is gone from our hands,, but the Ancient Dolmens remain, and will remain long after this empire crumbles.

*Elgu Joo-Joo Town got slammed with a violent attack, but the troops were dodged, still, Poparoni had managed a noble sneak attack, and loyalty waned, but riders were on the way, and set to slice the attack train 2 times with elite fighters, it was glorious, they rode in in the nick of time and smashed the attacking Poparoni army. Elgu was saved.

*Lord Whome was sending hack attacks, throughout all this, single 8000 strong armies pounding at the walls of many a town.

*The big fight was at the Sandrake Bridge, Bighowling had earlier taken Skidoo town with a massive 12000 strong axeman unit from a single town, with over 3000 light cavalry there also, he had nukes as escorts to his 5 nobles,, it was a bloodbath .

So the bridge was reinforced by many a town of the region.
and some rode in up the back flank of Bighowlings force,, he was beat, the bridge was saved,

*no sooner had we begun to celebrate than 64 new attacks were reported,, trains of 8 or 9 nobles, from 5 or 6 different towns towns , this means a nuke or half nuke with each noble.
The only way out of that would be to land a noble and nuke a second behind their final noble. in that case, its sometimes best to have no tech levels for axe or LC , as that is usually their noble escort,, when they own the town, your HC level 3 and spear level 3 have an advantage, because defense troops is what we mainly have, some of every type of unit should be in each town, at least a few to give you more options in timing with unit speed. if you are sniping or timing multiple attacks.

Axobongo on 21.06.2011 at 19:28

*-------Ogham got pounded,, its Nobles were out claiming new soil, and Ogham got hit with a Bighowling nuke,, then another,, then 2 more,, Some returning Ogham troops fought the 4th,, but died that day. loyalty dropped 34 points to 66.
next, his 3 half nukes with 3 nobles hit.. for a brief moment, they held the town. with 1000 axmen, 2 scouts,, 102 LC and 112 Hc..
3 minutes later, we rode in from the farm,, knowing LC and Axes had no smithy tech,, we smashed that defense!
Next a noble from Oblong of the Wood rode in and we got loyalty to 2,, on his heels a second Axo-Noble retook our Ogham Cow town.. a joyous win , except that the smithy and academy was ruined,, and the farm damaged.. still, the town remains this day free Axo!

*Eastern sandrake bridge is rubble,, no walls , no troops ,, hardly any structures,, yet a single spearman sent by the enemy chose that place to die.
was it suicide? did he walk off the bridge sick of it all? or was he maybe drunk and miss- stepped? , a single spearman in enemy territory all alone may have got easily gutted by a wild Axo maiden , or hacked by angry barbarian woodsmen and lumberjacks.
Axobongo on 02.07.2011 at 07:20

**Mfraanje, who is generally unliked and unlikable, came down here around 90 days ago, looking to be my nemesis , his town is well stacked, i never did get a good scouting. he took some other towns in the area ,,and Hector, Maarjo and i took them back. in one he forgot his troops and lost them to me.
He built and built, until he had his favorite full nuke, 5000 axmen , 2500 LC, and 400 rams,,,( when 220 rams knock down a wall, and they cost farm space,, 400 is plain stupid and bone headed of a choice )

He had disabled the Torr and it sat wounded with a very low loyalty , maybe at 3,, i ennobled a barb alongside it to look desperate, and i stacked it , sending every last available man, in a do or die bid, for he sent from this same troublesome stacked town in my k his shiny new neighborhood nuke,, this is what happened to it:
~Report not found~But it got wiped out.
this was our last battle, he is holding back for the now , any force he has will now be from far away , i killed his Paladin, which shows you the importance he put on this town, now its vacant.

Axobongo on 02.07.2011 at 08:13
Note: i think 220 is way too many rams also)

the Omen vs. Axobongo wars have subsided , last week , i had over a hundred attacks coning in, for weeks , new attacks or added troops never let the number of incoming drop below 80. the week before that, ,60 .
it built , then waned. the attack wave.. The final battle i just witnessed, Whome sent 5 nobles , my loyalty was at 90,,

*His first 2 hit, and loyalty was at 35 , but then , from one of my towns, they rode in 900 spearmen and a couple hundred HC,, plus some others.. and Whomes 50 lLc could not save their noble, then another group of my Axo troops showed from another town, and the next 2 nobles had no chance, but this very last battle, his LC fought harder, and killed more than the others,,

Although its not as exciting as the Mfraanje battle before it ;)

,,Axobongo on 03.07.2011 at 00:20

It was a brief moment of calm,, attacks from Omen stopped for a day. now someone using Whome23's account sends 14 nobles from 14 different towns ( each with a full nuke) at one of my lowly new barb towns.. (plus 8 other nuke attacks for good measure) , he sends 22 attacks (22 nukes + 14 nobles)

and Mfraanje sends some new attacks, lol,, but from 111 to 150 hours out.

nagel22 on 03.07.2011 at 01:58
My incoming attacks started 176 hours out. too funny

----~TW advice to Young People~----- by Arnie the Potato man of Olmekgulf

He was the oldest man i ever did see, sitting there under a tree,,,

The empire of Omen, rose and fell, the world swallowed up its parasite and self in vacuum of space ,
this was so long ago , my parents parents were young when the last wars were fought against Omen,
and those famous tribes like The Axo,, and Heat , and The shadows,, and One , and those who defended against them faded from the land and almost out of memory.

This ancient old man was said to be of those times, one of the Axo, who witnessed the final days of those dark times. which only got darker for the good people of the world, under Omen rule. Very few of the families of those mighty warriors of the free people escaped in those final days, although many of their tribal populations had escaped through the earlier years, and the Axo were said to be flourishing somewhere in the great beyond of other lands. so i sought them, as a scholar, and now that my homeland of W45 is gone.

This old man was one of them, my journeys had brought me to this amazing mountain lake so far from the void that was once W45 on your compass.. He had taken a boat and his family, and trusted friends into the reallands over the sea generations ago . I had braved a sea voyage in this direction due to my best calculations, and now have reached a caravan in this new and beautiful place traveling to some grand festival ceremony of these exotic customs. i was allowed to travel with them.

The Omen empire ruled over the entire known world of this continent , for only two generations. Then , they say it started from the north, from some standing stones
a thing that flooded the whole world with a crumbling into emptiness, a Ragnarok that ate everything like a hungry shadow.. we in the south heard of its coming , and had only days to prepare,, to get to boats and hope the ocean brought us to safer shores beyond. Some said the land would re invent itself, and flower again, that the Axu standing stones were cleansing the world to begin anew, one day, perhaps my children would return there to have a look.

So, as this old man sat there, alone, i took the opportunity to ask him his advise, as i had realized he was someone of importance and honor, and usually attended to by several people at a time,,

i asked him about best surviving in these times of tribal wars,, what advise could he give this refugee from a distant memory?

to this, he replied :

" the best advise i could give you is don't send an attack when you want to send a support. And learning to take care, and not care is the biggest deal that does the trick.
in other words, learning to not care but to take care means to do the stuff that needs doing.. whether you want to or not.

When you dont care, you are happier,
but if you say you dont care, but really do, you are sadder , because you are not attending to the what needs doing,
and you may be trying not to care, because there is no way to take care of a 'problem' , and you know its better to not care,
still, its not really good enough, unless you truly dont care,

Eastern philosophies usually teach this, and how to 'let go' to attain that,
although similar philosophies are to be found in cultures from all points of the globe, ,Amer-Indian types , to African types ,to Nordic types, to betweeners,,

the basic wisdom set forth by ancient persons of power , such as shamans , got mixed into the developing religions , which were also philosophies within the realm of the shamans, so, although often intertwined, they both sometimes stand independent. it seems, in general,, contentment philosophies,,and religions ,, and the mystic spiritual practices of the Shaman often seem as 3 different paths nowadays,,

there is alot of happiness and roller coaster rides in all things we do or believe in, but we are still not really taught how to attain happiness, as a consistent state.
except for the oblique ways they teach us to 'not care' . True contentment comes from no longer feeling loss at things lost, as loss = discontentment, and if you have this kind of contentment, you are not a psycho danger to society or self, and naturally do good works, happiness = those aspects.

i once read a prayer/chant from a very ancient and very religious sect , mystic in reputation,
it was "There is no God, there is no God, there is no God... etc." ,
the idea being that if you get into a trance chanting , you will experience 'God' and know there is such a reality..
regardless of what words you were saying,
that alone is a beautiful metaphor, at least,,
i never tried that one myself, but i like how there is a reality to experience beyond the futility of the words and notions we put forth.

i forgot why i mentioned it,,

but if you ever build your HQ above 20,, ( and a couple of extra levels do help buildings go up faster.. ) i would get it down to the minimum 20 , after i have an academy,
and if i am in a hurry to build,, some say it really helps, some think it spends time and resources to build that distracts from the slightly slower building.
the idea is to save farm space,, buildings and rams eat it up,,thus you have less troops. a town supports 24000 farm units, thats it,, the buildings equal a big chunk of that number,, and TW is about troops for advantage,, not buildings.. they are just tools for troops. "

And then he was silent, i had no idea what he was talking about,, but i memorized his council nonetheless , we sat in silence for a bit, he said he was waiting for his great grand children to return,, we shared a sandwich, it was a peaceful time i will never forget. I took my leave as we saw his family folk returning , and i would travel a ways behind their carriages and wagons for the rest of the journey , not likely to ever speak to him, or one such as he again.


Axobongo on 19.06.2011 at 07:07

Here in this dusty old tavern, i drink to the fallen,
maarjo i toast you, a salute! you have recently lost some fine towns, but good of you to noble out,, let me know more whats going on,, maybe i can help with a noble or two,, get you a barb is better than a re start.

i raise my cup to you all! you are a fine group of people to be entribed with , each of you are Axomen for having some quality or other that i am honored to be your Chief. stand brave as we witness , as the lucky few , that got to watch this world crumble. in this reincarnation we finally see the fall of civilization as we have known it,,we see an illusion of empire meet a dissolving existence,, we have seen many remarkable things , as mitsche lose his throne,, we have seen a myriad fluxurism of insatiable nuance spread sub erroneously the gap of possible physicality on padded earth.
we have partook and forsooth beyond ectoplasmic enumerations within our tiniest particle within.

So drink a loving cup,,

and be amazed at how we all communicate like petroglyphs , eye to object to eye , time and space is warped into a different reality, we span space and distance over a planet, and meet somewhere on a whole~nother level . One~efied ,, here and now,,
check your reality,,
and also beware of WTF!
it is part of the equation.

(note: WTF ! you all know what it means.. it is not a tribe tag i was referring to.)

cssjhs on 25.06.2011 at 20:47

NO MATTER how many times I get nobled I will NEVER GIVE UP

Flapsinthewind on 26.06.
Here here

Axobongo on 26.06.2011 at 06:31
i've got 107 attacks coming in ,, la la lahh, no big deal ,, but i have to admit 5 of those attacks are my own, as i am blowing up Sandrake bridge , on its eastern side, to impede the enemy ,, heh,, they wont be gaining from that victory,, it looks like 8 to 11 nobles coming in... to a demolished ruin.

They have been thwarted quite a bit,, and i lost about 6 towns so far, at least 4 of them, i barely missed in saving... ( old fashioned sniping is a fickle bitch goddess,, )
but the thwartings seem to have boosted their motivation. they pile on trains of nukes and nobles , sometimes stumbling over themselves,, 2 or 3 nobs sometimes with a nuke ( lazy pustulous mfraanj and others tend to do that)

... i meant 2 or 3 nobs being sent with a single nuke.

------The Swathing Smear ------ By Wolfstep of Wildberry Stem

Swaathishree , a fine man he , climbed a tree, to better see his fare.
His little town, so fine and round , was crowned with a fireball from the air,
it burnt the ground, and burnt the tree, it burnt him up to his knee,..and as well, his pubic hair,
Then Swaathishree, in agony jumped forth and out of tree ,to be free, but indeed ,landed unaware,
Beside the jibs, he lost his ribs ,on the horn of an ox tethered there,
Then the cavalry, made of the enemy, trampled over our Swaathishree.
Whose parts did rip and tear.

Our Barber-Surgeon , The last of them, is blended with the shrubbery ,
In bits and pieces, and spread about , he is mulch ,, tho' a bit flat and leathery.
What parts of him, are in the wind, floating worldwide when it gets wild and weathery ?
One goose pimple , 1,000 mile flight , did alight in the soup of a maritime eatery.


Axobongo on 27.06. at 02:21
wow,, the world is in rather rough shape,, no ones farming,, or plundering,,? i sent out attacks against myself, to damage towns i cant save,, i sent out various noble attacks to take barbs as an escape for others,, i might have farmed one or two towns,, but i ended up getting PLUNDERER OF THE DAY AWARD.
i guess that means i brought home more cash than anyone else..

Axobongo on 27.06.2011 at 03:53
Drinks all around!!, add smoke leaf and food,, and bring on the dancing girls! i just got the GREAT POWER OF THE DAY AWARD !,
but only for conquering 2 towns,, and i must hold it till midnight,, 20 hours or so,, and i may lose more than 2 towns this day,, but i may get another.. still, its a temporary award, but an award nonetheless,,

just another medal to pin to my cod piece,, as is our custom..

nagel22 on 27.06.2011 at 18:11
Congratulations my friend!

It is too bad that these awards and medals started so late in this world. Back in the heyday of the AXO, we were killing off hundreds of thousands of attackers...

Axobongo on 29.06.2011 at 04:54
thank you good Nagel, ;)
you notice, i am sitting in vordans favorite seat, filling my pipe and waiting our old companion to arrive, that we may toast our old Axo tribesman, fatmanrunnin. He has now made it into Omen.

He was the only one of all of us AXO who never was made to leave the north since the days when we owned it , and he never betrayed us to gain that, he never joined Onoez until after we were a broken entity , virtually disbanded and forced to take shelter in these fair southern climbs. He has been honorably loyal to his tribes , and yet, in times past, as a brother to me, his is a good man who deserves a place in the winning tribe.

As for me,, i have lost quite alot of troops, they have attacked in relentless form over this last month or so.. yet oddly, i went back up to 43 in ranking,, and still have 24 towns,, ( tomorrow,, 22 ) and apparently, there is not one but two pages devoted just to me on the Omen forum,,lol,, i am famous!
its said they are quite impressed yet displeased by my skills,,but i doubt in the end i will make it. there is still a price on my head,, and some in Omen who would cherish being the one who finally took out this old chief. .

But for now, we celebrate. with fatmanrunnin on easy street, the children of the Axo in the north will be taught our ancient mysteries and culture. He is a holder of an ancient Axo relic, keeper of our deeper secrets. although he is a lord of the enemy, he will remain an Axo~Pagan to the end, and our people will not be totally lost ,, its said there are hidden caves where his old Axo troops still practice our spiritual traditions . So, as the Seers have said, Axoism will be found again in the far future, never completely lost.
Cheers! Slainte! Axo~go~Braugh!!

Axobongo on 30.06.2011 at 21:38

heh heh,, and yet another award for my cod piece,, Noble Faith award, for defeating 100 nobles!

dats alotta linguini! 100 nobs, i had no idea it reached those numbers. hmm, my rank went up to 41 also.
who the hell gets massively attacked, and goes up in rank? Only Axo magic can see things like this.


---A Saga in 3 Parts,,,(and a little more,,)------- By Gitmo of the Holly, Wilbur the Ant , Conway Twitty and Blind Lotho the Scribe,

---------Part 1 ------ The Lords of Axoland in-Vexed with Flabbergasts -----

Axobongo of The Axo rode before his elite troops from town to town in support of their defense. for many attacks were befalling his tribe these days, Axo Lords were being chased and routed though they fought with heart, and across the world they spread in bids to divert the enemy and raise troops in foreign climbs.

Lord Roid had wild men in his ranks, always ready to charge the enemy be they 100 men against 6000 , they would happily die for their lord Roid, , and frequently did so, for they were attack trained all their lives, retreat was not their way, and if facing thousands could not intimidate a man, then life can not be long left to him.
but they also survived, and regrouped .

Maarjo had a fine kingdom growing and enriching troubled lands, but in time they faced heavy attacks, some roads were cut off for Axobongo to reach, and communication was impeded. in time, he was forced to move from these lands and try his fare in the east. There he met with more destruction, and Axobongo had heard he had been gravely wounded. thrown from his horse and gashed in battle. In these hard times, news was hard to get and verify. He would have to dispatch riders to find maarjo in the distant wilds to learn of his fate. When the riders returned, They reported that he had indeed been wounded, but not a life threatening cut. So Maarjo lived!, And would continue to fight, but for how long he could sustain the pace while trying to recuperate was unknown.

Coolsummer, the Wind Rider, was also missing in action for a time. Being hunted in the mountains far from his homelands, his small raiding parties would disrupt some of the enemies transports. One of his men returned to Axoland being scattered in a deadly chase,, and reported that it looked grim that coolsummer made it out of that alive, but he had not seen his lords demise,, only, there were thousands scouring the mountain woods , and his band of warriors was severely diminished . The Axo's began to lament these losses.. Then on a rainy day, Coolsummer showed up, his adventure was harrowing, but he and 3 of his men escaped by the skin of their teeth.

The guard of undying fire, Searus, who was gaining notability as he evolved nobles and new towns, had nearly lost his life a multitude of times. The Axo's had heard of his end several times, but each time , he returned from the wild woods and all rejoiced.

The High Chiefs old friend ,Milly , whose midnight raids on enemy supplies had them furious , was seldom around Axoland and the tavern he had owned where the Axo men took their free time to relax. They would hear of his exploits and sing his tales, but he was riding all points far away from such comforts and knew not of the songs they sung in his honor.

Css rode north, to revisit the old homelands of the Axo people, he had no sooner established a fort in a beautiful glade, than empire men came crashing in.. there was simply no where he could find that was not near the Omenners. he fought for his life though, and overcame what many believed in the old days, that his future would be short. This young Lord who was once disbanded from his people in the days of martial law, for breaking the code Lord Guinness had set forth, was now back within the fold and beloved by his people,, that he survived and outlived some of the greatest Lords this world has ever known was considered astonishing.

Flapsinthewind too had faced many perils, had been routed many a time, and yet continued to trouble the enemy , his sword never seemed to become free of blood, it became a continual dance around the enemy as they would find and destroy his forts in overwhelming odds, but he would pop up again, and the enemy could not contain their frustration . these Axo's were a most determined lot.

Axobongos oldest surviving Chieftain generals, Rangers of Axu , and close friends and confidants , Nagel and Vordan still remained true , though, even these most worthy two found it impossible to reestablish their power for long before the empire smelled them out and came a calling. Vordan had led a plethora of Axo people, disrupted by war, to safety in the great beyond veiled by the mist and wood, Axo culture would survive and prosper due to his heroic leadership , He had returned to these lands sometime after Axobongo returned and then relocated in the southwest. . and answered the call of his old chief to renew the fight, though against much more terrible odds. The chiefs call is a mysterious hum, its said Axo's can always find each other in the wilds , its an Art Axobongo had used in forming his tribe . Vordan was of the old ways, His Bardic voice was among the best of Axoland, The High Chief cherished every moment when between battles they would walk in the gardens and muse together over life's deeper mysteries.

And the Mighty Nagel, who was once all that remained with Axobongo after the death of Biruk . He and the Chief were all that remained of The Axo in the north and fought side by side in many a battle there , where Mitsche himself it was who pulled his royal sword to see to their undoing. But this pair was hard to kill. And Mitsche was said to have lost a teslical to spear when once meeting face to face with Nagel. He was as a brother to the Chief.
The Marajaxians of the south reestablished their ancient link to the Axo's and reformed into a tribe of the Axoo , and Nagel and Axobongo left together their beloved north to discover a more gentler climate and strong opportunity anew among this region beside the mighty Oney tribe,. Where once long long ago, beyond memory, ancient Axo's had lived and flourished.

Nagel and young Hector II , son of Nagels old Chief and Axobongos bloodbrother by ritual cut, both watched over the Axoo tribe , until after a span he returned near the ancient rooted Axoland of Axobongos rule, and they rejoiced.

He escaped death more than anyone Axobongo knew,,so often the enemy thought him dead and gone, 10 or a thousand times, and he would keep returning to trouble them, again and again. They called him Nagel the Resurrector .

Hector remained in the AXoo Tribe , which later began to get massacred , the marajaxian house fell and so did Dhoc's , Hector and his tribemates were hunted and so dwindled , Hector began making his way east, thinking of returning to the treacherous snowy mountains beyond east where he came from. but he also vowed to remain as long as he could, in hopes the empire would see the wisdom in not destroying such a rich and lovely culture as was The Axo.

History; Voices of the enemy:
A chapter from the library of the Omen Empire archives was copied by a scholar after the great wars ended. This edit, on the sound of frustrated Empire Generals is of these that remain. After a great fire one day claimed much of the historic records from the Empires central archive district.

Poparoni on 18.06.2011 at 17:08~I have had 4 trains using the "T" menthod snipped. I will resend mixing up the attacks
Angrim on 20.06.2011 at 04:58~I think his ego needs pruned
marcusopus~~~~~~~Guys, there are too many of his villas lying around
marcusopus on 23.06.2011 at 20:42~Dodged!
Whome23 on 23.06.2011 at 21:14~He just pre nobled his own village that my train is on route to.
marcusopus on 23.06.2011 at 21:30~Oh looks like he wants to blow up your train.
Poparoni on 24.06.2011 at 17:25~For someone who wouldn't attack he is showing remarkable skill. I have been mixing up my trains, but they still get snipped.
We planned a co ordinated attack against him so he can not switch defense around,
mfraanje on 24.06.2011 at 22:06~ one attack didnt get through. My other attacks will hit the coming days.
bighowlingwolf on 25.06.2011 at 17:09~Agree we need organizated attack times. I am getting tried of getting trains killed due from troops coming from his other villages. here is my recent lose and this was on his snipe (my 2nd noble). he also had troops waiting for the first noble.
please send your attacks and mix in fakes since he/she is dodging a lot. going to resend train again.
xenthyl on 25.06.2011 at 17:16 ~send noblenukes???
bighowlingwolf on 25.06.2011 at 18:31~yes need to do thay more. i did break up my nobles on this one. that was the way i destroyed all his troops but didn't have enough for my noble to survive,
Whome23 on 19.07.2011 at 19:34~How is this player still surviving. Are people following up on their claims?
dustin leighton on 19.07.2011 at 19:54~all thay have to do is tack it and how ever had the clam will end up with it anyway so go for it
*** ((( Axobongo note : Dammit! the word is 'ATTACK' not 'TACK'!! this guy never got that right !)))
Heinrichs on 19.07.2011 at 20:42[/I]~
Attacker: Heinrichs

Origin: 071 Cat Got Your Tongue? (296|525) K52

Quantity: 0 0 7309 15 2476 0 235 0 0 1
Losses: 0 0 7309 15 2476 0 235 0 0 1
Defender: Axobongo

Destination: TuGarrfin Cat Got you, ;) TWerp (123|684) K61

None of your troops have returned. No information about the strength of your enemy's army could be collected.
Damage by rams: The wall has been damaged and downgraded from level 5 to level 0
Seems he stacked a 1700 point village.
I'm starting to feel like someone is supporting Axo. The amount of D he must be using seems ridiculous at this point. 19.07.2011 at 20:47


----- An AxOo Chieftain goes Walkies--------- Amadeus Crumpp of The Oblong Wood

Schmuly Bonghammer , with bells and clamor came tripping down the hill
And through the grass until to pass a window in the house beside the mill,
And there he saw a lovely lass sitting on the sill , Her eyes were wide and black as night
Her hair as the ravens quill ,

Bonghammer was a warrior and wise jester , but no buffoon or clown,
Has went to war with clanking armor and bells upon his crown,
But when he saw this maiden fair, he dropped his sword aground,
Her breasts were bare , he stopped to stare, her buttocks both plump and round

So then in he went , his lust to sate , the 50 warriors he had sent, to wait beside the gate.
They did ...'til it got late,
Then he sent them home , they could skip the fight , There would be time to think about it in the morning light.
But the morning came so coolly , yet they saw no sign of Schmuly ,
This mill house was not far from his town, where his 50 men soon died when it was burnt down,
Since empire men the town they found , luckily schmuly was not around,

He shred his armor, and weapons of war, with 3 plump bottomed lass's, he drove a cart to the shore,
They found them a boat, for there was rumor , that other worlds existed , beyond yonder there was more,
He looked for peace, he would fight no more, a small house and his wealth of 3 lovely ladies to adore.

______Part 2 ------- Pala Dents the Wounded Weasel and Curious Meetings -----

Axobongo rode over his kingdom, the last significant development in the world of the outsider tribes. He had to manage hundreds of attacks upon 25 of his fort towns, some fell, others rose up in their place. the Omenners were amazed and dumbfounded at the strategies employed by the High Chief. He was thwarting them at nearly every turn,, sometimes they would think the battle over and done and a new town would be theirs, then out of nowhere, Axomen would rise up and battle the last invading force from within the town, and Axo troops would simultaneously be hitting them from behind, with Axo nobles at their heels.

Some Omen lords tried to have secret meetings with this Axo Chief. For he had won notability and admiration among the wiser of their empire. They offered him life, and riches, and a place of honor in their empire.. and told him with a sincere heart, that if he refused,, he could well die, beyond their own personal desire, there were some Omen lords who held old grudges and would be adamant in their desire to genocide all who were not willing to relinquish autonomy . the High Chief of The Axo politely declined , He was duty bound as High Chief to serve and maintain the ancient secrets of his people and culture.

Mfraanje was among the most loathsome of the empires men, he was a despised lord within his own tribe , his peasants were among the most oppressed and abused of all the world. This pustule of a man long ago had come south and established a fort town when it was learned Axobongo had been seen in those parts, indeed Axobongo was still establishing his second town, and could not muster help from the suffering One lords to deal with this Mfraanje town at the time,, Otto had piled troops there to protect it, and it was believed that before a year was up, Mfraanje would have there a devastating force. but Mfraanje used it as a base to take 3 or 4 surrounding villages, including attacks on Maarjo of the Axo. together with Warlord Hector of the Axoo , Maarjo and Axobongo took back those towns from mfraanje , yet could not even get a scout to penetrate the the fort where Mfraanje was holding his cruel court, stacked with Ottos men.

It came to pass, that after many battles from when Omen turned their full attention to the Axo, and Axobongo's fine towns , Mfraanje emerged from this terrible fortress with his great Paladin , known as Reemhole Jierkaffolot the shrew , along with his great creation of a full force of armed men..( and what Axobongo considered beyond folly and hideously stupid battalion of 400 rams )determined to kill Axobongo, and they were headed for the Rune Torr of Vakim .

When Axobongo heard the news , he was in a castle fort not far from there , his wounds being tended to by Lovely Queen Mazulite , during a respite from battle. She had fought hard for her people, and was also admired by the enemy for her skills, but by now had lost much more of her holdings then had Axobongo. Her vast kingdom was reduced to 7 castles, 2 of which would fall within days. They say he was smitten by this stunning dark beauty who was a warrior of a class equal to the high chief himself , for to watch her in battle was to watch the dance of a goddess in her prime, in reality, she had toppled more enemies and established a larger personal army than even Axobongo ever had. But rumors abounded, tho' there was never any public display of affection between them, save for those who would note the look in their eyes as their gaze met one another, or how they watched the other pass. And it was known that the High Chief would spend time meeting in her personal chambers, and those meetings would be late at night. And in the lush skeiyprian gardens they held 'meetings' , which were very beautiful retreats in her lands reserved for lords and artists. And a place for regal festivities.
They would talk and contemplate the future of the world in these places where nature added its voice.

Mazulite had longed to cross the sea, where she came from as a child . from a people who were thought cousins of the Axo from a distant strain of ancient mariners. It was rumored that Axobongo himself had desired to see those exotic places , for he was a scholar of arts and travel, and there was always something intriguing about the lands beyond. Others said he was interested only in pursuing this warrior queen who they say was too independent to be tamed into marriage by a mere mortal, even the legendary Axobongo. She would cross the wild ocean, and He would stay, for a time, yet often speaking of taking a sea voyage,someday, to establish new Axo lands for cultural preservation. And the peoples imagination would be stirred with romantic notions.

One of her last great acts in these lands would be the gracious sending and accompanying a retinue of her most elite heavy cavalry to aid the Rune Torr where mfraanje himself was headed,,(and doltishly slow due to his absurd burden of 400 rams) what walls were left there belonged to the Torr itself, and could not be loosened by mere rams . Runic Art carved and embossed on it, surrounded every square inch of this ancient structure, and the stone was said to be a mystery, even to the Druids, who could only say it came from some other land far away. This ancient tower had been abused, but survived the first wave of Mfraanje attacks, who now thought he had an easy victory and a vulnerable weak opponent there .

He was wrong.

He was ployed into a trap by the Axo Chief, who took a nearby barbarian village to appear desperately escaping. Mfraanje scouts could only report a weak and demoralized town, 3/4's of its populace claiming to accept changing loyalty to Mfraanje. So he chose this battle to initiate his shining new army of elite troops and Reemhole the famous Paladin with a sure victory and create in them a strong morale.

The Paladin of Axobongo, Axodion O'Shpongle , was with his High Chief waiting that day. They prepared to flank both sides, and hold the front line of the Torr, and from every town in Axobongos holding, they came to support. many knowing they would not even be able to return in time to aid their own towns soon under attack , but the chiefs call went out, and they answered. even soldiers not of the Axo, but of the wild wood, or of mercenary bands joined in, and Mazulite was there with her elite personal cavalry . Mfraanjes elite axmen ran head on into a collision with steel and stone, and were slaughtered within heartbeats,, enemy cavalry found themselves struggling as they were encircled by Axo forces and could not retreat. Mfraanje and his men were cought and reduced to a small group of 200 men fighting in the center with sheer desperation. In the midst of the frey , The Paladins met. Looking as Demi-Gods of mythic fable in their Plumes and intricate Paladin armor. Axodion of a golden colored armor, Reemhole of a silvery one, they faced each other, and all the warriors stopped fighting and stepped back to give them room, as was custom.

The rituals of the Paladins were a curious thing to watch. before they would fight, there was a series of strange salutes. starting with a nod, then simple gestures of hand and fingers, then the raising of a leg, and the placing of certain bones in their nostrils and long feathers in their ears, the pinching of their own nipples and making their steed do circles. it was silent and strange, but when the ritual ended, they were fierce, both charged at the same instant. Reemhole was the first to fall, toppled from his ride by Axodions lance , his own glancing harmlessly off Axodion's shield . all were surprised at the speed in which these two reacted, their armor never appeared to slow them their pace or movement. They fought fiercely . But the battle was dominated by O'Shpongle. Reemhole had had a gauntlet torn from him, and was dis helmed, revealing a red and patchy face of blisters, a sign of the fecal cult .. he was made swordless and kicked in the face by the Axo Paladin, and once beat, was skewered slowly from the nape of his neck through to his anus , where emerged the point of the long Paladin sword of Axodion.

In custom, the troops of the losing Paladin would usually then surrender, but these Mfraanje troops let out a blood curdling cry for their Paladin, and renewed the attack, it was folly, and also,, a diversion, for Mfraanje had somehow slipped by those enthralled by the Paladin fight. Axobongo was just riding up to the Paladins combat after finishing off the Light cavalry of Mfraanjes left flank,, but he saw the rider that was Mfraanje riding fast to the north west. before the enemy war cry broke out at Reemholes skewering.

only knew not that it was his rival himself.

He put the pieces together shortly after riding in to see the entire force of Mfraanje laying bloodied on the ground where Reemhole had fallen, and they realized Mfraanje was not among them.

Filled with a sudden rage , Axobongo wasted no time by issuing orders, but instead exclaimed profanities and turned his steed to follow that rider he saw leave the battle , and at a furious pace. He would be hard to track until reaching away from the scrambled earth left by the invaders. But he did find what he was sure was the track as it veered towards the direction of Ottos lands. over the mountains. The bastard was wounded!, drops of blood accompanied the tracks.

He followed for a day and a night, forced to camp ill prepared for the harsh and freezing nights of rain and hail , Knowing a wounded Mfraanje also suffered was his night solace , on the second night, He made his camp, ate some Mutton and drank of some surly Mercenary wine ,, then propped himself against a large tree, and drifted to sleep.
He was awoke in the deep of his slumber by the sounds of what could only be a tortured animal. some prolonged agony was evident, and he stepped through the dark mountain woods towards the sound,, he saw firelight, not so near that it would take a half hour to reach , and a gathering of people there , probably barbarians , and probably performing some arcane ritual he assumed.. and so carefully made his way closer to see more.

By the Gods, it was not barbarians, but empire men!,, and clad in the black and blue armor of Mitsche's elite. Mitsche? what would he be doing around here? his holdings were still far away. whatever it may be, these men were doing ghastly things to a wild boar. peeling its skin while it was still alive. Axobongo recalled an outlawed custom from the Raki,, or perhaps the Apexers of the olden days , where Mitsche was from, where they would do this in initiation rituals in advancing rank to the higher order of the military hierarchy . the general to be would wear the skin 'til it shrunk dry on his naked flesh, and he would envelop the bound and dying animal with his arms and legs and newly skinned body, and 'mount it' in its rear while biting and swallowing chunks from its back neck , until it died , in a belief that he would gain its spirit. Perhaps this was a cult of old Raki men still within mitsche ranks since the old days.

Axobongo backed off, and silent as he could returned to his camp .
There was a lone mounted figure there with a long cloak looking as if he were waiting Axobongos return.
The high Chief perceived that he was in a precarious position. if attacked his only chance would be to make it to his horse, for to be stranded on foot, with empire armies crossing these lands ,, well, he would have little chance at survival. But this man looked non threatening,, was even humming to himself. Axobongo pulled his sword and came out of the shadows under the dark of the morning sky only hinting at the rise of a new day. Axobongo wondered if he would see it.

A cool and graceful voice came through the dark from this mounted figure,
" Greetings, Axobongo.. i see you still have the same breast plate for your Horse, your Royal crest, The horse has changed since last i saw it though "
"mm, yes, horses do that in war time " The Chief was still unsure of who it was he was speaking to.
He laid down his sword and knelt to stir the embers and re evoke his campfire , keeping it in reach and ready to spring into action if need be.
" Come down from your mount and warm ye'self by the fire, the last chill before sunrise is sure to be strumming in its naughty bite these forthcoming minutes"
" Thank you, i think i will"
The man dismounted, and placed a small stick for kindling on the little flame mustered.

Axobongo eyed his new companion from below his brow.. he knew this man. ... could it be??,,

"Mitsche" ..
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( A note from the future , as seen and scribed by the Sibyl Seer of Long-Toad-on- Abraxius Stoi , who is never wrong in her pastry induced visions)

A future Authors
---------------------A History Lesson ------ by O'MacVanGitmosson jr. the 2nd, of the Holly

It came down to only two outside Omen , Mazulite and Axobongo , who maintained multi townships and forts . The last Chief and Chieftess of the old ways . Though she had walked in the most refined courts of the Onei empire, once thought to be the height of civilization , after its fall, she and her people returned to their roots and reclaimed the culture of her ancestors, which continued and flourished even while she had donned the finest of clothing and jewels during the long era of the Oneii empires dominance .
Now she wearied of war and so , for years , had been building ships to carry large numbers of her people beyond the known worlds shores .

The Omen empire lords argued among themselves, Axobongo had spoken with many of them , and offered soothe reasoning to the wiser among them , which was taken to heart , for their rampage had wrecked the world, and they only ruled over a bitter and suffering people. But unfortunately, several of their unworthy lords desired to continue to oppress the poor survivors , for it pleased them to do so.
The world needed healing now, and the creation of a sound infrastructure, no tribe could now take their power from them.

Axobongo had influenced the policy adopted by Omen to take in, rather than destroy the Onoez people, who were abandoned and set to be destroyed, but was unable to convince them of the need to cease the destruction of war and cultivate a new dawn upon the land. And the Omen leaders were strong of military, but weak in leadership, divided in allowing the voices of the scum of their tribe to influence policy.

The scum-Lords would say they were only 'following orders' of the leaders , the leaders would say they have no control of what the scum-Lords wished to do. Neither had any reason to deceive this Axo Chief, so he concluded that the empire was inept. Ironic, that under the right circumstances , the inept gain power, and hold it. Even the inept at leadership and wise policy making and sloppy or predictable in battle tactics can still achieve rank and honor, can still maintain a martial law and a massive military.

Yet it must be said , the likes of Mitsche, and Papoomio were rare. They were wise and fierce , and in their heyday they were substantially admirable. They each led their empires to success, but also at the high cost of sacrificing some of the best and wisest lords the world has ever known. Mitsche was said to have become a figurehead again, his crown taken by Papoomio whose Generaling has been highly acclaimed since the earliest of days. Mitsche returned and removed the puppets he left in his stead , but was aging, and thought more of retirement and his alchemical studies than good government perhaps, for a single man could not rule Omen completely.
Papoomio, who was once considered a benevolent and wise leader , had changed with age, from the betrayal many of his old tribe and several of his most beloved Barons felt about the partial merge into their enemies hands to allowing the genocide rampage to continue across the known world under their control. It was widely believed that he also had perverse thrills at the massacres of the masses, for he condoned it . True leadership took second place to the pleasure they took in destruction rather than production. although this was but rumor, the evidence pointed to it with a wet and boney finger. But who could ever know what intrigues were involved in a court the size of Omens?

Attacks had subsided for a time on the Axo High Chief, but were renewed through a policy change influenced by the lowliest of Omen scum, and permitted by their Kingduke , and the outside tribes feared this once wise and heroic man had succumbed to the bitter and malevolent spirit of the Fecal cult which was rampant throughout the Omenii empire people and the scum lords it was straddled with.

Axobongos lands were attacked from all sides, several of his towns and forts would fall , His tribesman and chieftains suffered the hunt, and a dark cloud again covered the world.

Axomen would again die at the hands of overwhelming odds. But the Axo people would never be vanquished completely, their roots were too deep in the land, they would preserve in a nomadic state and spread the wisdom , gems, and flowers of their culture , none of the ancient relics of their power would ever be discovered and taken, to the dismay of many of the scum-lords of the empire.

Axobongo was quoted as saying;

" The Omens may destroy their servants for ethnic reasons and malevolence , They may conquer every town and village known and defile autonomy , and squash the golden fruit from the gardens of the ancients, But without the strong leadership stemming from the root of wisdom , they will destroy themselves within a few generations. they will waste the land of its giving, and fail as an entity.
Even history will recall their disgraceful deeds , from Ones partial merge into Omen, to the genocide of their own resources in the form of racial and cultural antagonism .

Fear not , good souls of the world, learn to evade and survive, for your children's children will see a new age emerge and the fall of an empire unable to sustain itself by the lack of benevolent policy.
They will only be loathed for their crimes, they will write false histories of their grander, but voices will remain to tell the truth of their failings. They can build an empire over blood and bodies and betrayal,
But that is no foundation to sustain their house. The foundation of corpses will rot, and this seemingly invincible empire will crumble as a sand castle of any size crumbles to the washing licks of nature and its unending tides. Self destruction is the only course for the incurably greedy"

__Authors note:
My great grandfather was Gitmo of the Holly, Chief Bard of the Axo, these generations have passed, and the Omen empire is no more, as Axobongo had predicted. They remain disgraced and a stain on history in the eyes of many, from warriors who would have enjoyed the final war between Omen and One to have been direct and sincere , and of the warrior class.
Axobongo would point out that many upon many lives were saved through the merge. And that both Empires had some advances in technology that even Axobongo enjoyed.
But in the end, their form of civilization,, straight roads and strange excesses taxed and stressed the good earth and its ecology, cruel agriculture and unhappy masses would take its toll. And he would point out that Mitsche, Papoomio, Marcusopus , the true leaders of Omen, were wise and admirable men, that Omen held many great lords worthy of accolades and high respect , and the few that were despotic and cruel in their realms ( some of whom had taken over the realms of other Omen lords and ruled as them) had weight and influence and mighty forces, so the world suffered a ghoulish and razed existence for a long weary time, for better or for worse, the world became what they call civilized, and the burden of success brought about new diseases of the mind..
But now,,long after those strange times ,free peoples roam again in the world, Axo culture still enhances the lives of those who find it.

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---The Rocky Road in Home--- by Axobongo, trad. folk song for fiddle , jig-jig, bodhran, and sexy ladies. (***Authors note: Look up "The Rocky Road To Dublin" for a concept of the air of this tune, as its similar ,, loosely )

in the waning days of grey, upon the froth of bloodied corpses
All that went away, And all that ne'r needs droppin'
A bitter sweet display, From lords of feces rotten
Got poked me tarnished cup ! , They set our people up!
To cut us down again, and chop our smothered friends
over all we're to be over trodden !
As The Omens cry for ends , but not of advisable mends,
From what the high chief said, the offers he'd extend
And 6, 7, 8, 9 (Niinnnnnnne

O' Hunt the Hare in bed and garden
Turn her from the shard
there and then again

And they threw it all away,After all that we had gone through,
Axobongo soon dismay'd , though they so wanted him to,
His tribe he'd never trade !
And his heart was nearly flayed , yet bound so that he stayed,
Unto spritz the night anew, and watch it go askew for
What happened to Pampoo , me ol' friend and Mitschy too ,
Both so wise and strong , somehow ,both had got strung along
By the fecal Omen crew , desiren', o fiddlin' their diddle dong
And knew not what to do ,oh, but not to go along
With the wisdom words once said!, from the Axobongo head!
The writhing all would dread!, To live with what instead
might rot the worlds end with a
6,7,8,9 (Niinnnnnnne

O' Hunt the Hare in bed and garden
Turn her from the shard
there and then again

On the rocky road we play, From my home i star-arted
Battlin' all the way, New lands had i char-arted
With respect for Mitsche again so new, and ol' Pampoomio too,
The good and bad Omen crew , were vexed by those who re-started
Slow killing is what they'd do,Their shanks both raw and farted
Had torn the decent end, bottoms up they'd bend,
To kill the fettered end
With Death to all and all with hurting
10,11,12,13,,,, (...eeeeeen

O' Hunt the Hare in bed and garden
Turn her from the shard
there and then again

_______Part 3 ---------- Hunt For Reality------

..So it was Mitsche,,, !

As Axobongo recalled this face in the firelight like it was yesterday, when in reality, it was many years before,

a slight chuckle escaped him,, " its been awhile, Mitsche , ... i trust you are keeping well?"

" Well and fine thanks, and you good Chief of the Axo, how b'you these days, i hope all is well"

" Fair to middlin' , but all in all , not bad, ..there is crisis in my lands, but on a fine soft morning like this, who can complain?"

There was a light rain causing a stream of water to drip from his floppy hat.
"Indeed" said Mitsche.

They talked for a bit, recalling the old days, and the glorious battles fought between them in the Axo/Cho wars. it was as two old friends having a reunion , with the reality that they had been deadly opponents for years and years stepped to one side for a brief rest , and there sat two men, momentarily unburdened by the weight of affairs of their states and kingdoms and masses to rule, enjoying the company and warm fire.
Axobongo said,
" i visited your halls some years back, after my return to the Axo homelands,, i thought you had looked different from the first time we met, on that hill after that battle at Victory town. i saw what seemed your face, but spread wider on a plump and wretched body, was that you? i see you now, and have my doubts"

" My puppets, You spoke with my younger sibling, who was once a warrior by my side when we fought you up north, but has long since fallen into sloth and gluttony.. we looked much alike in the old days,, so i put him on the throne, under careful watch, and let him be a figurehead while i went away, i was gone many years, and have only recently come back." said Mitsche.

" And come to give me a visit? is it?" Axobongo inquired " Fancy meeting you here in the wild woods of the mountain, had i knew ye're coming,, i would have prepared a fine feast in my own hall,, heheh, but for now, this roast mutton is tasty,, here, try it" ..Mitsche shared the meat. and agreed at its fine flavor.
after a silence of speech ( exchanged for the chewing of meat) had passed, they spoke more and shared a bladder of wine, and soon Mitsche said,
" I would prefer for you to either survive this world or be the last man standing. Your fight was the most serious threat that my court ever had, and I respect you for that."
Axobongo lifted his head to look into the eyes of Mitsche , " i am honored , sir, You reveal a Grace of character i thought lost upon a time"

" I figure in this world you were really the only Chief who consistently fought back and stuck with your tribe till the end. There is a lot to be said in that persistence. I am sure on many occasions you had the chance to join Onoez or Omen. I gave you that chance when we were called Apex. You deserve to finish out this world. You need a retirement villa."

" HA! i agree with your assessment !" Axobongo let out , bearing a wide grin " i do indeed need such a villa, " and they laughed a hearty laugh together.
Then Mitsche said,
" i know such a place , already in your holdings, it is a most spectacular location, of the richest giving land i have ever seen , along side a mountain lake. There i shall leave you in peace. i cannot guarantee Omen Lords will still not hunt you, perhaps those of the fecal cult... founded in my name but unbeknown to me in reality ,,and is a parasite in my court, i should add.. ( Womans clothes and feces on the men! honestly, ,, with the likes of Mfraanje now its head priest ?, that man is despised by many, but tolerated , for his lands are massive),,"
Mitsche let out a deep sigh, " but It has changed things , this cult has. I will try to bring honor back to this empire. I have always valued Science over Superstition " He turned to fix eyes with The Axo Chief, and added,
" Some lords are upset that you declined our invitations, and there will still be the ethnic slaughter law , there will still be trouble for Outsiders.. yet you have fought off and killed hundreds of nobles of late, our lords are amazed and vexed, so i imagine you will not go down so easily, i have grown to admire your culture , and hope you survive to enjoy this fine villa , and the arts of the Axo are known to future generations."

Axobongo was aghast , never had he expected such a thing to come from the mouth of one who has always been thought to be an evil cold hearted lord of the dark ways.

" I am very touched by the gesture , sir, i have been honored beyond my imagination.
Respect among rivals is the best scenario in theaters of war. I am grateful to now be more aware of your fine character, of which i was only beginning to become aware of towards the end of our wars.

They spoke for awhile more, at some point Mitsche commented that he was interested in compiling a history, and invited Axobongo to bring any writings or knowledgeable Bards to his court sometime.
The days morning harbingers of the sun danced beams of light through the trees , the clearing heavens wept no more and morning birds sang in the bluing sky as Mitsche took his leave.

Axobongo sat in silence for a bit, filled his pipe and sat in repose against a giant Ash tree. No sleep, the wine, some fine smoke,,took over , he was lulled into a nap as the view over the sloping valley eased his internal soul. He slept,, and awoke but a short time later,,feeling still tired and in a slight daze, he packed his camp , mounted his horse,,
and began a slow gait downhill towards a small settlement he now became aware of, seeing the chimney smoke from his vantage over the trees.

There was no sign of Mitsche or empire men, the villagers had seen no soldiers , and Axobongo sat on the oak bench in the tavern awaiting his breakfast and wondered ..was it all a dream?

He tried to piece it together, He felt groggy but rested.. He had drank that weird wine from the Gyluit Mercenaries the night before,, he remembered earlier propping himself against the same tree he awoke to .. He recalled it was a long rough ride up the mountain , and he felt more tired than he should have, achy ,,although there were hints of grey in his beard and long locks , Men from his era lived longer, except for the frequent unnatural death part, and were robust and considered in their prime until the latter years of their lives when they slowed down with full white hair,, but few ever made it that old. Axobongo was more tired than he should have been, bearing what seemed like extra pains, and he remembered this prompted him to think about age , and a retirement villa...

,,And there had been, for years since he re-met this Mitsche , a nagging feeling that something was askew from when first he had met Mitsche, so long ago under a banner of truce,, they spoke briefly on a hill after battle , just before the grueling months Axobongo spent in the taking of victory town from Mitsche who held it personally. Mitsche, was a little older, he thought, and both were in their prime, easy to say, though not young, for even back then Axobongo was nearing a respectable age when a chief as chief shaman must learn some final lessons in a trial beyond reach of these lands and world. Nonetheless,, this Mitsche who he spoke with years later was now bulbous and mishapen, , pasty white,,like dough , and Axobongo was always bewildered by the transformation that ,after a few years and many roads , had come over the man he met on that hill.

This nagged him often, and was on his mind during the ride ,,,so was it a dream? A dream manifested from his days thoughts, and weird wine?,, he decided to return after breakfast to the camp spot, and search for a sign of the soldiers ritual.

He searched and searched, how could his skills as a tracker be failing him? He had found no sign of them. no traces of the night before, where he saw at least 50 men, and a bright fire.. he thought to re-inspect his camp, but noticed there was a road nearby, and it had a caravan of wagons passing on it , ,, so he descended to investigate.

There, raising dust to the orange sky, was a Gypsii caravan trudging along a steep cliff off a narrow winding road, came 3 wagons , and pulling tethered livestock walking along with them, tinkling and clanking like a series of many off tuned cowbells with lovely chimes intermingled. Axobongo thought to ask these folk if they had seen any passing empire soldiers on this precarious road . He made his way to them.

They had seen nothing, and passed no persons for a day, had there been soldiers, they would have seen them, the steep face of this mountain was persistent along the way.

At this point , the High Chief decided to give up his hunt for Mfraanje. The loathsome Mfraanje was wounded, he knew that, for he had followed the blood drops along the tracks.
but he was too bewildered with being unsure if he had met Mitsche the night before or had it been a dream? Had it been a vision induced by foreign drink? "Damn those Gyluit mercenaries and their weird wine! my head swims in confusion!" ,
He thought about the place the Mitsche visage had referred to, and he knew where it was. And so resolved to go there after attending to a certain battle , He had begun chasing this wounded rat Mfraanje while leaving behind his duties , he needed to muster a defense , and hope they arrived in time to this southern town some called the Lathe of Heavyn ,

Lord Whome, would call it Loathe of Halving , for there Axobongo did ride in with excellent troops to kill off 3 determined nobles .

He had spent several hours with the Gypsii people, made love to some of their daughters who were of a blooming age , and sang and danced with them , he offered them lands if they so chose, but could not insure there would not be empire men to face in them , , ,,then he spoke in private with their chief, a very very old man. When he left them, he had a new vigor, and sped to his task. and arrived in time to end Whome's rampage in his lands in a definitive way .

That battle was the last incoming that the Axobongo settlements were aware of. As he roamed his lands, there were no reports of enemy troops anywhere. This was indeed odd, The Axo and Axoo were still being attacked, he had lost tens of thousands of troops , and a swathe of good forts and towns , and his good Barber~Surgeon and warrior, Swaathishree, had been killed at his home. There was still fight in the old chief, but he could not sustain the pace for much longer, the strain of war would inevitably take its toll ,for the enemy numbers were too awesome. But they halted their attacks. possibly for they too had lost troops, hundreds of thousands, and over a hundred famous nobles. and a well known Paladin.

He rode to seek shelter with his wimmin.. his Ladies, the Queens of Axoland, They were safe, and also the children fared well, His personal Villa was unharmed in its pristine mountain
location, near a crystal clear lake, warmed to an even temperature by thermal heat of deep lava flows, but not warm or hot, but a gentle cool that softened the summers heat, but also felt warm in the bite of winter .

Axobongo had spent a week in loving orgy with his wimmin, and relaxed on his wide wooden porch deck that was built upon the mountain edge to overlook the vastness of natures expanse , as the world seemed to roll down from there beside the lake. looking as if it came out of the lake like lava from a volcano ,,
Way off in the distance, he saw what looked like a million silver sparkles, ,, what strange effect of the light, he mused, a forrest of silverradollieth trees must be there , their leaves glistened brightly in sunlight on one side,, winds and sunlight must be causing the effect, it sometimes resembled the glints of light off of an armies helms and armor . something about it seemed unnatural,, etherial ..
,, But this could not be an army, it was too vast, spread too far over the woods .

He hoped to spend more time here, it was a large estate and wanted for nothing, for a brief while, until the inevitable attacks are renewed , he could enjoy the natural phenomena of his environment, walk without armor , and take a well deserved rest . And when the evening brings its cleansing rains, he will be in the warm embrace of a lovely woman under fur by his own hearth , soon there would be rebuilding to do. Later, attacks would return, but for now, he lived in the moment, and nothing could have tasted sweeter.


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i have heard that in holland , ducks say "Qvack-Qvack" , i know that in japan dogs bark "Wow Wow" (or "Wong Wong" depending,,) but if you listen,, 'wow wow' is closer than ''ruff ruff'' ,, ,,,
... ,, but qvack?

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Axobongo wrote:

,,And milly,, Tap me a dark Frothy if you would, i got defender of the day award.. Frothies all around!!!
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__Part,, a little more:

---------------A little Jaunt of Rangers on a Quest----- By Sillyus Maxine of the Pulp

"We have to go back to Old Axoland ,, up North , for this" said Axobongo, "Near a place called 'the Holy Grove'"

Milly's Barpub and Tavernlodge Inn smelled of cedar wood and stew, the sour smell of beer soaked floorboards and pipe tobacco and other burning things, tinged the the air with a sweet musk , which mingled tantalizingly with the smokey cedar and bobbling lunch in the large kettle.
The High Chief and some of his Chieftain generals would often meet in this remote village unknown by the empire where milly held his court, in all of millys towns, his tendency was to build the most inviting and comfortable pub houses ,for he would spend most of his free time in them , from where he would also tend to the needs of his people .

Nagel asked '' but will it still be there? The empire took its land of the Wooded Grove so long ago, the area has surely been scoured thoroughly by now"
" its still there'' Axobongo answered knowingly. '' The Hidden Palace is a charmed place"

indeed it was, in the old days it was filled with dancing and oiled wimmin and pools of honey, mirth and revelry , music and splendor. it had but one entrance, a 5 foot round hole at the base of a steep cliff, shrouded by conglomeration of large rock and stone , sealed from within by a massive boulder fashioned to roll into place. the cave doorway led you along a passageway to a wide open cavern half of which opened up to natural sky, over 200 feet high the rock face of the inner chamber gave way to fresh air. like being within a volcano.. and perhaps it was. Spring water ran down its walls and collected in a small pond at its further rim. And it was elaborately decorated, finely carved pillars adorned it with arches and swirling designs to give it a rich texture of harmony between rocky nature and human artistry.

Fatmanrunnin of Omen , after many years of little contact with his old Chief Axobongo, steered his retinue for a happy reunion.

He had been ranging the land and came to Ogham Cow for a visit. and he brought news.
The Axu Standing Stones had begun humming.

Way up North in Old Axoland these mysterious stones had stood for time out of memory. Placed there by ancient hands The significance of the humming was known in the Stones Lore of the Axo Druids, but the ancient texts, carved in stone, were hidden deep away in the Hidden Palace , under one of the 7 sacred relics of The Axo,, a Shield , in its center inbedded a very unique round gem stone, like smokey amber in tone, yet no sword could chip it nor mark it. there was no other like it to be found in the world.

To retrieve these texts and Shield, which was highly recommended by a very old Druid , Axobongo would have to undertake a long journey back to the old world. Vordan and his chieftains insisted he not go alone, and they debated a plan to travel in small groups, through the heart of the empire lands on the long journey overland , or take the sea voyage to the point when it became unsafe,, and make the long journey through the oppressed lands of Mfraanje and Road Kills. Also a long journey, and groups of men traveling through Omens densest zones would not get far uninspected .

And then
- Milly said he wanted to go, Flapsinthewind, Nagel, Vordan Roid all would travel with their Chief, and a handful of some of their elite guard each too. some 50 men in all, and yet for much of the journey , they would ride divided in groups of 3 or 4 , so as not to attract attention.

-They rode through the first leg of their journey together.
- Coming to Mazulites castle , they discovered she was away, gone to the main forum house of Omen , being indoctrinated into the empire and surrendering her people. She had been beaten down and blockaded from her ships , only 3 castle towns of her holdings remained, her people had suffered greatly . all hope was lost, so she did as a Chieftessqueen and saved her people , for she was well respected by many omen High Lords and was offered wealth instead of death, given a seat among them and Title. Her people were to be spared, but her customs would be made illegal.
They did not know she planned to one day evacuate all her people on her ships. Then , some months later, she did, after killing Heinrichs Jerassu , who made the foolish mistake of trying to rape her, and soon found his balls and manhood stuffed deep in his own bruised mouth before he died slowly sobbing as a baby and choking on his undersized peepee while she beat him on a cold autumn night ,, she fought her way through to her ships and did just that, brought her people to freedom in her own homelands far over the sea.
-Through Asgaurds land they went peaceably , lord Asgaurd had an unruly bunch of generals, who had even taken over one of Axobongos towns, for there were desolate regions in some of Asgaurds holdings, and those from there so loved the gentle mountain climbs and richness of Axobongos holdings along the Nascarlipstick mountain range to the hills of Arrggh , they would often storm through, but at Beefheart Town they decided to stay. So Asgaurd, who had fought with Axobongo in days gone by, granted them free passage as recompense .
-Nagel Axobongo and Vordan traveled together , they all had traversed the land as rangers, off the roads , in groups of 4 or 5 men, destined for the giant waterfalls of Mambospuma found at the heart of the world.. but a little to the left.
-Vordan was shopping for beets and herbs in the open market of Mambospuma Laketown when he saw a man fly out of the second story window of the inn they were staying, the man landed on the roof of some market stalls and crashed them to ground. Axobongo and Nagel had gotten into a brawl with Empire men.. a friendly drunken fist fight, at first, but graduated into a bloody mess.
a light unit of 10 Empire guardsmen were sprawled dead and beaten in a crashing ruckus. the alarm was spread ,, a mad escape on horseback led them laughing to a horse ferry over the river, which was tethered to a rope that straddled each bank. a rope that was cut before they made the other side , causing them to drift downstream to likely crash on the river banks and be easily retrieved by those who followed the trio, or killed by the archer among them, or drown in the water.
But there were long poles on board, Vordan took one up and the others joined him, they managed to stave off crashing yet floated half hazardly out of control , much further down stream than was anticipated by he who sliced the ferries rope with his Long-sword.
An embankment on a sharp bend they saw was a destined crash, so they mounted their nervous steeds and prepared for the worst. The crash threw them, Nagel made it ashore in a mighty leap of his horse, Axobongo was dismounted by the fall and crashing ferry wood to his horse and right side and floundered in the rapids, but found a root of a swamp tree to grasp, and pull himself to dry land,
Vordan fell to water still mounted, and held on to his struggling mare as she bravely made for shore,, but was swept further along where Axobongos splinter wounded horse was half floating , half flailing through the fiercer rapids beyond. Voran guided his mount in the water as he could, pulling hard left on her reigns in an attempt to head her to a cluster of rock. He spoke to her in the oldie tongue and she focused on her task, they hit the rocks hard , but she fought her way up them and over them, her front leg got caught between stones and a bone cracked, but she drove through and made it to the grassy land.
Axobongos -steed was lost. Vordans wounded , Nagel came riding up and saw his High Chief laying on his back of the muddy bank and catching his breath. Axobongo propped himself up, and pointed towards Vordan, nagel spotted him down the long embankment and rode to him. He was tending to the cracked bone,,
"She will live" he said somberly " But she needs care, i can't have her carry me now"

It was decided Nagel would ride carrying Vordan and guide the wounded horse, in hopes to give her to someone who could help the mare recuperate .

- Axobongo was left alone for two days, in which time he smelled smoke, and left the site to find a cottage of a family of hermits. They co existed , but they would not speak to each other. They lived in separate rooms of the edifice and shared a garden, and the father or son would hunt and leave portions of their kills for the other family members to collect if they wanted to. but otherwise seldom interacted.
So Axobongo visited each of them in turn, but not the father, for he was away hunting. The oldest son was polite, but uninterested in anything the Axo Chief was talking about, he remained focused on his crochet . He suggested Axobongo speak with the others of his family . and so he did, The mother and two sisters. The youngest sister was ill mannered , and not politely asked him to leave, she was uninterested in the goings on of the world not interested in his plight
The older sister was well built and beautiful. Graced by long golden hair, , her tan body was of the juiciest soft and toned texture he had ever seen. she had the long nose and haunting eyes of the northern wimmin, She sensed his spritz , said to him not a word, but reached out and touched him, a gentle kiss on his neck and a firm grasp below his belt. This began a series of passionate coupling that did not end until the morning light,. when then Axobongo decided to introduce himself. They spoke for hours and laughed at tiny things. Her name was Alerisha ,she bathed him lovingly and fed him well.

Dressed in furs as Alerisha washed his clothes , he took in the fresh outside air and and warm sun through the high pine trees, then spotted the mother plucking carrots in the garden.
She was a strongly built and handsome woman. her long hair twisted in a thick braid, he made his introduction and inquiries to her formally, she invited him in to her kitchen,, where she offered him to share her drink, a distilled concoction from woodland berries. and it was strong. She told him of a bridge that would take him to the falls , and explained the rout. then it got weird, she began exposing herself and talking incoherently , insisting that he insert things between her butt cheeks for her to suspend with them, like candlesticks or walt whitman or pancake batter,or a duck.

Axobongo then took his leave, but could not find Alerisha with his clothes . He looked by the river ,

Nagel and Vordan had found a road, they travelled for hours before finding a farm , and lucky for Vordans horse , the farmers father was a horse healer . But these folk had not a horse to sell , the Chieftains would have to buy , or otherwise 'acquire' a pair elsewhere. They rode the road, and down it some arrows came hissing out of the woods, they strangely all missed their mark, vordans cloak had folds in it that managed to deflect two arrows, and a decorative upper rim to his boot led an arrowhead point to lodge in front of his shin rather than in it. Nagels thick leather shoulder strap deflected one arrow and the one that stuck in it only pierced his skin but a half inch on his back , a saddlebag took two more arrows, and two went into his horses neck , a third into her hoof, another hit Nagels sheathed sword , and another three whizzed by.

Nagel made it two archers only, and turned the panicking horse stallion towards them, he charged and Vordan leapt from the back of the mount and neatly rolled to his feet with a small double axe pulled from his bag, he got his bearings on the second archer and threw the throwing axe of Eno , which sliced through the archers knee, nearly severing his leg in half . With his knee gone his aim was shaky, he lost his concentration in the pain, this Guy wasn't going to be shooting anything ( his name was Guy of Osbourne ) , Vordan was running up the slope towards him with his dagger pulled .

Nagel rode the slope around trees to avoid a clear shot , and toppled the archer who fell to dodge the horses onslaught Nagel was off the horse and had the man sliced and pierced in moments. Vordans knee free ex archer was put out of his misery, and some men were charging them both on foot. These were rogues , highwaymen , desperate men in hard times . Swords drawn, Nagel found himself fighting two of them, as Vordan approached to confront a third . Nagel swirled and low sliced the thighs of one of them , stopped his motion then like a spring, stabbed the heart of the other, pulling out his sword from the chest to chop out the neck of the other in one fluid move.

it looked as if four more were rushing upon them, Vordan picked up the archers bow and dropped to his knee next to the quiver His arrows took down the lead man, and wounded another one. the other two quickly dodged behind trees, Nagel smiled, and urged to fetch up the bow of the other man (Guy) but the clash of swords happened first. Vordan pulled the sword from his back , and clashed with the other as he made his attack. These rogues were good with their swords, veterans of war no doubt, the four men fought an earnest battle , the two that ended up dead were not Nagel or Vordan ,

They spotted another two men up the hill, stopped in their tracks, one had turned and ran , but the other stared for some seconds more, Nagel picked up the bow, and the other man turned to leave, but quick as that ,Nagel had fired , and hit the tree squarely in it.
"Damn " he said dryly.
the man was fading from view into the shadow, Nagel fired again ... it looked like a well anticipated good shot, until the last part , where it missed,,
"aw, c'mon" said Nagel frowning into his nose.
Vordan was chortling a few chuckles. for it tickled his toes,
Nagel said "Heh, guess i wont be livin' that one down soon"
For he once earned a golden cup for archery, in the Tourney games of Noon . (Every three years, some Axo clans would compete in honor of Noon , Who lived in the sun).

Nagels horse was badly wounded, its shoulder had taken an arrow as well as its neck and he was losing blood. They extracted the arrows skillfully, and gauzed the cuts They knew they would
ride this poor beast to its death, if they had to . but they walked with it for now.
They didn't get far, the horse needed rest, and dusk was arrived.
They camped, and told ghost stories.

The next day, The horse was dead, they walked and approached a Hamlet, the Hamlet of Gimlet , and discovered empire men hassling the folk there in a cruel and oppressive manner . Papoomios men, eight of them. not bad odds,,, they used the bows and four of the kingdukes men were down and dead. Vordan was soon upon one of their horses , and Nagel was fighting two others , while two were riding up, one with a lance.

Nagel killed the two, Vordan cut one down from his mount, but the lance came, it did not pierce, but dismounted him, he hit hard on his back,, Nagel came just in time to deflect the death blow of the lance.
and pull it from the rider. then swung it arouned and got a stab into the riders gut.
A bit of blood splurted outwardsly in a thin gush . he fell back, etc. ... They had their horses.

Axobongo , dressed in the finest of hermit furs, had walked along the riverside , and found himself surrounded by about ten empire men, they were taunting him , thinking him a hermit or trapper .
They were there for the fishing , mainly to steal fish from any fishermen passing on boats. One of the empire men was angrily hostile, and had kicked Axobongo to the ground , Axobongo picked up a stone, cupping it, and punched a jaw breaking uppercut into the mans approach. Who fell to his back twitching and his hands closing up in a reflex. he threw the stone at the head of another and toppled him.
Then he pulled his sword from under his furs and the fight, eight startled men came unevenly towards the Axo Chief, he took down three in a lovely way. and then stabbed the gut of the man he had first knocked out, then ran towards their wagons as the others charged him , feeling he'd fare better in close quarters, he leapt into a wagon, Then, a crazy notion overcame him, and he swooped up the reigns
and whipped the horses to a run. The empire men gave chase,

When Axobongo hit the main road, Nagel and Vordan were riding up towing a third horse. they quickly jumped into the empire men, and Axobongo halted his wagon and joined in the fight. it soon ended.

_ Later they travelled a good distance with Nagel and Vordan in empire uniforms, and Axobongo in his furs, posing as a prisoner, they marveled at the 'civilized' empire and its developments, and the amazing architecture built by slaves.. They made the next reunion point with the others, now only 39 men arrived

-Milly and Flapsinthewind had made their way without incident. they waited a week, but the other eleven men didn't arrive.
-Roid had some trouble, and lost a man, he had to fight Poparoni\s men in a chance meeting of a captain who recognized him as an Axoman .
-They decided to find uniforms , and dress all in empire clothes, and attempt to travel together

-This worked for awhile. till it didn't. They met a brigade in the city of Zafnakian ,of Lord Papoomio , and were approached to prove their orders and be assigned duties. They failed the interview , were discovered , and had to fight and attempt escape. ten of the Axomen were cut down. and the rest were captured, except for Milly and three of his guard.

They were taken west , in chains to be interrogated by the Kingdukes top inquisiatrist , Milly followed. They were hearded into a ship. Milly attacked it by riding ahead of it down river, and dropping from a bridge oily fire balls of a concoction invented by pre Grecian Axo's in the age of animal fat technology advancements . The hull burned fiercely and the ship was forced to ground.

Milly and his archers picked of many of the guards who werent burnt. and reduced them in half. he slipped away, and they divided themselves in sending a party to hunt them down.
Milly and his three men rafted over the river at nightfall, those hunting them had not yet returned, and they stealthily assassinated several of those guarding the prisoners and repairing the fire damage before the alarm was raised. the 4 of them fought twelve men,, and one of Milly's guard was punctured in vital organs, and met his demise.

Milly then faded into the dark of the wood. the eight of the remaining guards nervously stood watch. three were later cut down by arrows. the other five ran to hide within the ship. their captain was dead, and their other leader was still hunting him in the dark of the woods on the other side of the bridge.

This seemed a fair fight to Milly, 3 Axomen vs. 5 Empire men. he raided them. the 3 prevailed.. and the prisoners were set free.

they took the ship, which was damaged, and leaking, but worthy for awhile..

- later. several things happened. Disguised,, except for Axobongo, still in his furs, for with his wild hair and beard, would not likely pass for a northern empire man, they found themselves escorted by a large troop of Mfraanje men, who thought they were helping their own deliver the famous Axobongo to their Lord. who was on his way to formally visit the Kingdukes and Parade of troops to a yearly gathering of lords meant to flaunt their power to the masses, in the northern lands of Mitsche.

- The fecal cult, which Mitsche himself was trying to ban, but which Mfraanje himself was now the leader,, along with Jerassu and Poledra, had banned procreative interaction with wimmin,, while animals were allowed and considered appropriate . Vordan, Nagel, and Roid were called to escort Axobongo to the tent of Mfraanje when once they met up with his caraven of soldiers. They and the Mfraanje troops with them were made to wait outside the tent for awhile. Roid slipped to the side for a peek, and saw a most disturbing sight.

It seems Mfraanje was so excited by the opportunity to torture his nemesis Axobongo, he felt he could finally have an arousal .. with much struggle, his attendant was working all he could and it seems mfraanje managed enough of a half hardened hope, that he began buggeing the prince who attended him,, Roid knew this prince,, it was Dustin Leighton. he quietly informed the others, and what next happened will ever be remembered in Axo lore.

They quickly and quietly used their daggers to kill the 5 guardsmen awaiting audience with them, and cut Axobongos bonds, threw him a sword, and charged into the tent.

Dustin screamed like a girl, and Vordan hacked off his hand as he fumbled for a sword, Axobongo made for Mfraanje and kicked him soundly in the jaw, Mfraanje toppled over the horse manure that was his love bed,
The Axo Chief made him stand before knocking him down again with his fist, Nagel had conked Dustin hard, giving him a concussion, and he lay there sprawled like a sprawled out thing,, perhaps a sprawled out plucked chickes,, or sprawled out giant toad,, but sprawled out was he. and writhing in a daze of pain. Axobongos boot was now on Mfraanjes neck, holding the cur to the ground. His sword point now resting firmly in Mfraanjes eye socket.

"Dont kill him, old friend" Vordan said softly " we could a hostage to make good our escape"

Axobongo saw the logic of this, and though it pained him to stay his blade..he... oh hell, he cut the bastards midriff in a quick blow that made Mfraanje spill his intestines to the floor. As mfraanje writhed there, trying to hold his tumbling guts in place,, Axobongo looked up at his stunned men,, and just said "oops" .

"Shit " said Vordan
Nagel had to laugh,
Roids mouth was agape

The sounds of boots running were rapidly approaching the tent. "Maybe we should go" Axobongo said
" oh, you think!??" said Vordan,
Nagel cut through the back tent, and they ran for the others, spotting a corral of Horses, they opened the gait, and mounted those they could,, when they made the tents where the others lodged,, alarm horns were already sounding. Soldiers began scrambling in confusion, All the Axo's save two found a mount, and they sped into the night on the main road and away.

They were followed, but these men went off road , and had the knack and superior ability to become their surroundings when in the deepest wood, they were always at home there, even with eyes closed, they could navigate woodlands more swiftly than any others of the world. Axos were said to be born of the skill, but really it was a combination of their lifelong loving interaction with nature, Traditional teachings and Druid lore that trained them to their fuller potentials.

Thirty five men were they,From here, their journey would be very treacherous .
So they only travelled at night. Flapsinthewind nearly got them discovered when he made his way to town, one morning unable to sleep based on primal needs. He had found a Love-House of wimmin delights in a town some miles from their camp.. and so took a fine helping attended by five of their best.
investigating captains hunting them saw his horse and its brand , and barged in , Flaps had to fight, he killed three of them, then leaped from the window. and escaped on foot. then climbed a tree. They scoured the area in vain , even into the night , never spotting him, it was not till morning, Flaps showed up on foot, exhausted. it cost them a nights travel, but he returned with information that greatly aided them , from the girls he had ravished .

-Later, they finally made it to the Hidden Palace. in the lands of The Wooded Grove, home of the Holy Grove, home of the hidden palace in the cave..
- They had to first fight a terrible battle at the gates of a long wall mitsche had had built that spanned over a hundred miles. The Axos knew not why, but has always felt it had something to do with their tribe. The battle left them down to fifteen men.
-it was a beautiful place in the palace, they stayed and enjoyed it for a week. Axobongo had entered it with secret knowledge, as he raised the shield from its hidden place with secret knowledge.
- They also gathered certain mushrooms and mistletoes and other herbs special to those lands to bring back. Along with the sacred texts.

" So, if we get these back to the Druid circle at Ogham Cow , its believed a power vortex we can create that will save the Axo and spell out a doomsday for the empire,, " Axobongo said as he looked curiously at the relic and texts. "This i have been taught from a young age.."

Nagel tilted his head, " its amazing that in coming Southwest, we discovered one of the most ancient holy ritual sites of our ancestors... do you really think that was chance?"
"Twas will" said Vordan.
"Fate" said Roid
"A legend within a legend" said Flapsinthewind
"i'm thirsty" Milly said.
"T'would be nice to be back at your lovely tavern" Axobongo said, Milly smiled, and pulled out a Bladder of Guinness elixer he had been saving for this occasion .

They elected to make it west to the riverlands of Biruksland , Where Biruk himself had once made a voyage from inland, along the rivers and out to open sea. . and was one of the first of old Axoland to found a castle stronghold in the same southwest area where Axobongos land was now.. However, Biruk had died shortly after. and it was awhile before Axobongo and Nagel made their way to break ground on a new Axo foundation.

-It was strange how they met up with Mitsche, worthy of another tale all together. But it came down to Axobongo dressed if his Furs, with his wide brimmed hat, Talking to an Emperor Kingduke of the Omenii , in full dress and golden crown, on the edge of a very high cliff in old Axoland.

Mitsche told him that Lord WhomePoledra was fuming and obsessed these days with Axobongos demise,, he had been sending hundreds upon hundreds of troops to their deaths at Axobongos lands that he screamed and cried in the courts of Omen to find allies in completing a death sentence on the High Chief of The Axo , Fewer and fewer Omen Lords were willing to attack him these days. Mitsche and Papoomio were not willing to cross some of these powerful lords, but Mitsche said he would send an escort with the Axo group , that he was rather enjoying the High Chiefs audacity.

Moreover, Axobongo realized that his vision of meeting Mitsche those long months ago was not a dream brought on by the strange wine of some traveling mercenaries.

Their escort was Hundreds of thousands of men, The Axoman quietly tucked within them , passed through all the hostile lands undetected. Axobongo mused that if their druids succeeded in unleashing the deep magic. not only would The Axo tribe survive,, but some doom would take hold of the world, fleets of ships were being prepared and 'acquired' in Axoland waters. . because no one really knew what would happen,, but that legend spoke of something emerging from the AXU Standing Stones.

Fatmanrunnin was from a very old strain of indigenous peoples of Axo ancestry, a clan who lived in more harmony with the land, nomadic in nature, and non-impacting of the environment.. but all these many years of war , and his entrance (in an honorable way) into the empire, has them now more of a refined social class. ( and their coffers filled with wealth)

yet many of your people prefer to hold on to their ethnic heritage of their ancestry. Flapsinthewind and coolsummer both are linked with those clans of Fatmanrunnin

They are Omennerss now, but half of them consider themselves Axo. Fatmanrunnin and Axobongo shared the battlefield many times. from the great wars to the defense of the dear old Wizard of Ism. Fatman was always loyal to his tribe, thus his empire, for it was with good grace Axobongo gave him leave to enter into the service of Onoez. for years, they seldom spoke or saw one another. But Fatman was drawn to visit Axobongo, after hearing how his legend had spread among the Omen Empire. They embraced as brothers that day that a ranging Fatman showed up at Ogham Cow, and brought the news of the humming of the Axu Standing Stones.

He and his Paladin , Sir Krull ,( who was a fierce berserker in his youth, but over time , learned of more Noble intentions) and a fine retinue of AxOmenii ( Omenners of Axo ancestry were so thusly called) stayed at Ogham to help in its defenses. Mfraanje men were attacking, and Fatmanrunnin so loathed this Scumlord that he cherished the upcoming battles. Whomepoledra sent disruptor attacks ahead of Mfraanjes men, and Krull was deeply wounded,, he managed to survive, and they beat off the attacks. he escaped death along with Fatman that day, who vowed to return with even more men than before.

Krull was of the toughest stock, he recovered, and managed to fight again, several battles would devour Poledras men before Axobongos return.

Back in Axoland, Times were hard going. Four of Axobongos southern towns fell due to his absence, some of his nobles and lords and Axo Lords were also lost..

Whomepoledra had managed to whip up some support for his plans, but the bulk of his men were being destroyed in Axoland.warriors from around the world were joining the battles here. for Axoland was where the last of the mighty tribes that opposed Empire were fighting. the worlds climax was taking place here.

The lead Druid opened the sacred texts, he gazed at them for a span,, the old tongue was not so well remembered nowadays,, he frowned in concentration,,
"what does it say?" inquired another.
"hmm" The old Druid started,, " i think it says... hmmm"
"What?" they implored..
" it seems to say,,: ' ..See you in the funny papers..') "

cssjhs on 07.2011 at 05:59
seriously time how long it takes you to write these

Axobongo on .07.2011 at 05:24
5 to 10 minutes,, that long one took about a half hour..


AAAHhhh,,§lurrp,, Good one Mills ,, ;)

Well, that was just one hell of an adventure,, i just got back from a long and harsh journey beyond.. reunited with some of my dearest relics, walked through treachery and battle, i am scathed, but have finally arrived, with all my things , in one place.. and i am in one piece, although i have suffered some losses.

Real life parallels Tw.. in both, there is a threshold of a new beginning,, in both, the bleakest times were managed and thwarted,, in both, i am goddamn victorious!! lol,, ( tap me another!!)

the news so far, Nagel, Ako, and Css are missing, i don't know if they will be allowed to restart. , whats restarting matter if the world is over in a week ? they should be allowed to log in but not run a village.

Most of the Omen Lords are laying off me,, except for a determined few,, Whome, who is the loathesome Poledra, screams in the forums to rally Omenners to come for my head, he has sent everything at me over the week, maybe several hundred of thousands of troops to disrupt,, landing hourly,, attacks by all manner of units, HC,, Spears.. sometimes nobles,, but piles upon piles of his troops have died at my gates.. I have 4 pages of reports all victories against his nukes after nukes. . . as i have rallied some support , he is in a fury. and has lost a mountain of men. heinrichs/jerasu , Mfraanje, they are all losing their troops in swathes ;)

So, here i am, the worlds climax battles are fought here, in Axoland, against your own Chief. . and i will prevail, my dear friends,, for you , for me,, for those precious ones lost to us,, for the wise and honorable within the Empire.. for those of the Noble spirit.

Slainte! One and All,, Axo-Go-Braugh!! Long Live Us! Long may we be remembered. Let the other worlds know this thing has been done! Dispite a genocide plan,, at least one man on this world has made it without 1 tribe change,, Born an Axo, ends an Axo,, Once an Axo, you will all be always One.


( another round on me!!)
;). (

-----Some Fates , Passing of Mates ,from the time of Lates------Bardic Lore of Ogham Cow

The mighty Nagel was suddenly gone, Axobongos brother in arms had lost his final stronghold,
His leg was badly wounded, but Nagel still eluded ,and elswhere he would grow old.

Some Mazulite fleets did set sail, Axobongos ships would trail, Nagel was sent to found a new Axo fold

Prince Css, had lost his test, He awoke to find he was dead, Axes chopped him to bits in the cold,
in pieces the young prince will now ne'er get old , for he feeds the worms and crows by a mountain road.

Hector of the Axoo , Our sister tribal clan, became a beaten man, the other Lords had met their end
strung up by their necks, or dusted in the wind.

Hector , alone on oxback , returned to the high snowy mountains too far for Omenners to track.

ROID of the Blue Magpie, saw the last of his personal troops die, all were slaughtered by Morg the Rat
we knew not where his body was at, only that , it was bereft of breath,
mayhaps taken as a prize ? to rot without eyes in Morgs personal hall of death

Vordan had no more troops to give, for now, only a handful did live,
He would join the ships, and fight no more, and later meet Axobongo, on a new and brighter shore

Axobongo had stayed, to see WhomePoledra flayed, For 6 months later, he took the scum lords head
His lands & his tribe would be granted life, the only tribe to survive the strife.
The High Chief would join his mates, by ships set sail at later dates.

----------------A broken lily, with edges frilly, and the Sailing of Milly------------ by WaddlyWoogle of the Brimble Patch

And then they came for Milly, and things for Milly got spilly ,
Guts spilled, throats emptied, sculls opened, limbs fell willy nilly ,
His Tavern got crispy charred, from his favorite bar he was barred,
Angrim played his card, But missed the kill of the filly of Milly
Who Milly rode for Nagels ship , and through the shipyard,
Bid Axobongo farewell, these partings are hard.

~~~Ditties of lost Axonas~~~

-------Maarjo, took a hard road so fario------ Ahato Khaki of the Seven Delights

He was a mighty fighty Axo lord , o Maarjo was he,
He braved mighty fights, with Hector and his Chief,
that turned the tides , for Mfraanjes greed,
He made the Scum Lord bleed,

He lost his towns in terrible rounds,
And rode his horse to the east,
omen lords had hunted him down,
And killed his magnificent beast,

He toppled to ground,
And there was found,
By Mitsche the KingDuke he

His severed head and broken limbs
Mitsche captains did all agree,
Was hard to get, Maarjo fought hard to death
And dead he was,as it was o' so plain to see.

His broken sword had stabbed and gored ,
Great numbers of the en-em-yy
It now lay floored, and Maarjo cored
His blood poured out, and washed to Sea

-----O' Searus , the empire fear us, Axo fire does hear us----- Drogo Owlfich of Kindling house

Searus, finally fell, in the time of obsessive greed,
When The scum Lords of Omen dictated the need,
To wipe the slate, of any non-omen breed,

Morg raided his camp, of the undying fire,
the Censer spilled, the flame rose higher,

Searus and his men, fought back to back
Their swords took 100 men of morgs attack

Flames surrounded, the dry woods set ablaze,
Searus fought on, through the smoke and haze,

Morg got burnt and scarred that terrible day
A vast ancient woodland, was charred away,

Searus in the blaze, did not return
They say within the fire, he did not burn,
But lives now within it , wherever its found
in campfire or hearth, when you hear the crackling sound,
It is he, laughing under the ashes mound.

--------Last lords of Axoland---------Bob , 1st scribe to Gitmo of The Holly

Flapsinthewind and Vordan , the last two Axo lords standin'
Along with Axobongo of the Land,
They fought beside him to the end,

The High Chief of the Axo , one day
Bid these two to set sail away,

A fine warrior was flaps,
So many he killed with his big battleaxe
To found a new home, for the Axo to be
In some peaceful land beyond the wet Sea
He was now charged
with the responsibility

And Axobongo, now all alone,
Favored by the Empire Kingdukes of old
Protected from death at the scumlords hand
He'd later kill them, before leaving the land.

The Axu Standing Stones would come to life
And wash the world of its unbidden strife
Before it was gone, he would sail away
But the legend of the Axo, would never go astray.
22.07.2011 at 22:34

~~~Ditties of Lost Axonas~~~~ Frothbeard of the Wood Sprite

Coolsummer discovered a bummer,
His pancreas got misplaced
A lance hit his spine
He was pierced from behind
Some guts evacuated their place
His pancreas came out of the front with grace
and dangled on the lancepoint before his face.

25.07.2011 at 09:10

----Final Days and The strange Success of Axobongo----
----- By Gringo LividhoffschumenblatzenwafflemarketspringherfmosonilkMc'calhoonVonsprigblurttingfartmarshwhopple of Ulm

Strange days came to Axoland,

Vordan , The Green Knight, famed far and wide, stood before his ship on the docks with Axobongo , It would be the last time they would see each other in these lands, and some years before they would meet again. The wild wet ocean was calm, The water was a great spirit. The High Chief contemplated their final words to one another,

"Thank you my friend, for staying with me to the end, you are now a keeper of the deep Axo secrets, and i trust you will found a new land for us beyond. We will meet again at the ordained place , maintain a watch there every Mabon time ,until then ,, best fishes, it has been a privilege to be your Chief . May you let the world know there is magic , may you discover it where you go." said Axobongo.

Vordan smiled and replied;

"To hang with you for while has been my priviledge. Magic in this world surrounds us, every birth is a miracle, every death a transformation. Each moment is like water flowing unable to be grasped by the hand but potentially satisfying."

He bid his friend farewell on his watery voyage, then rode back to Axoland, feeling alone and somber.

And so it came to be that Axobongo would meet with the Kingdukes of the Omen , Papoomio and Mitsche .
He was the last High Chief of the world, his chieftains now either dead or gone far . Only a handful of tribes and their lords remained,

There were the mysterious Perezofors , led by Sakura , and the Doctor. And The Rising Sun Tribe led by Moonpuppy , now that Lewis the Lion was killed. The USFians had now been reduced to chief Yakov ,
lord Voldimort of the Vis people held on. And Dazant led a band of his tribe who called themselves the Heavyweight Champions. And of ~SC~ , Jonnyboy was the last to be hunted.

And there were the tribeless wild lords , noble in their right, and fought the empire to the end ,,, They were: Mzakria , Rico , Whans , Xkyron and Blue Sam. and that was it.

Axobongo held the strongest castles and strongholds, several of which held mighty armies of the last of the great warriors of the world, Fatmanrunnin, Asgaurd and Lady Arwen all contained within their ranks Axo bloodlines and customs secretly practiced. And these Noble Lords of the empire, allowed their Axo sympathetic troops to go to their aid in defense .
Fatmanrunnin and Axobongo stayed near each others side these days, for the great battles were anticipated to be coming any day, even as they struggled defending Axo northern towns and shedding blood together at Ogham Cow. Nearly beaten down 3 or 4 times, they managed to cut off noble tries by the empire and recreate a stronger defense. Fatmanrunnin would not betray the Empire, but he would defend a friend.

Mitsche had surrounded Axobongos estate with a half a million men, and more were arriving daily. He had promised Axobongo protection to that one Domain , and yet Axobongo felt uneasy, although Mitsches men had held true, and destroyed many empire men sent by the Scum branch of Omen, those of the Fecal cult, Mainly Poledrawhome , who Axobongo suspected Mitsche had a double edged intention, for he had admitted to the Axo Chief that he had to appease lords such as these , and had not the control of his empire he once had, so maybe there were political reasons for this slaughter of scumlord troops in Axoland. Or maybe it truly was that Mitsche had grown to respect this Axobongo and his fierce opposition from the old days to now. Axobongo knew he would discover the truth soon, for the empire was preparing to mount a mighty push against Axobongo .

Staggering numbers of empire men fell, over a million in a weeks time, and around 200,000 a day across Axoland , for the High Chiefs defenses were intricately woven into the land. and his castles were built in techniques unique to Axo design ,so it was quite hard going for the Empire men.

It was said in the end, many lords banded together in the Omen forums, and called for the head of Axobongo, and some of the wise who spoke up for him argued he be spared and left to enhance the world with the Ancient Axo secrets he had kept ( for many, even of the empire had come to learn of Axo culture). But it was proposed that he either join or die , and all knew what that meant, an Axo High Chief could never surrender his people to the torturous ways of the empire, he could not as he could not cut off his own genitalia for to save his life. Mitsche and papoomio , however, showed a weakness in leadership, and agreed for the vote.

The results were not favorable for the Axo High Chief. He would be offered to surrender and join the Empire, or be condemned to death. All he loved would be outlawed either way. But the graceful Kingdukes gave the Axo Chief a last final honor of being allowed to choose.

Papoomio was made to wait a day for Axobongos response, knowing what to do, he delayed the audience with the Kingdukes of Omen to prepare some defenses in ThistleThwait , and sent his nobles to rally the hidden strongholds.

Axobongo had four days to survive the onslaught , then the rituals of the Druids would be complete , and coincidentally, the ending date of all war in the world, as was dictated by the gods of the worldmakers.
all would lay down their swords at this point, even every Omen Lord would comply to this ancient command. a time of non violence was pre ordained and generations of w45 population grew up with the knowledge of it. It would not be done for respect to the Gods,, but fear. Doomsday was prophesied if any individual broke the order. Some believed it would be impossible to break , as no weapon would be allowed to be used. hands would burn, or fighters become paralyzed if any attempts were made.

So in four days, the new age would begin, and most of Omen were determined to kill Axobongo before that time. Mfraanje troops came, for revenge over the death of their loathsome leader , Poledrawhome himself joined in the battle. At Ogham cow he took to the field, he had lost such vast numbers of troops, that now he was struggling and his troop counts were visibly lacking. He still had many attacking Sinapse on the Twine, and facing Mitsche troops at Axobongos Estate, perhaps he should have brought more to Ogham Cow.

Axobongo and Fatmanrunnin spotted his Royal banner. and devised a plan to cut him off Fatmanrunin wedged through his left flank and the Royal brigade, Axobongo rode in on the right, and sent archers at their back.
Poledrawhome had no choice but to face Axobongo directly, But half of Fatmans forced doubled back and cut down the bulk of Poledra's troops, His front force was now turning from the walls to come to his aid, and Fatmanrunnin would hold them at bey , although outnumbered.

Axobongo and his escort met with the escort and personage of the wicked Poledra, The two Lords would fight each other that day, Axobongo with his Axe in one hand , and a sword in the other, Poledra had his sword and shield bearing the crest of his Fecal House, an image of a a bare human bottom at its top , with four brown turds falling from it , with a human mouth at the base open to catch them.

They clashed, Axobongo pounded the shield with both weapons, until he got a side swipe with his battleaxe and hooked its edge, he was able to tear it from Poledras grip that way , and his sword found its way into poledra exposed shield arm . Poledra got a swipe at Axobongo, and grazed the Chiefs side, drawing blood but not of any depth to threaten the Axo man.

Axobongo allowed him to stand, they crossed swords in a vigorous battle, Axobongo deflecting a deathstroke by Poledra with his axe, allowing him to plow his sword up into Poledras armpit at the armors gap.
Poledras eyes opened wide, as in shock. Axobongo swung his axe in a downstroke and cut through his enemies collarbone and between armor and chin, the armor around Poledras neck was cut through eight inches down, He fell to his knees vomiting , and The Axo Chief let him twitch in pain and opted not to honor him with an agony ending act of mercy.

The rest of Poledras men were nearly beaten. A mighty force had emerged from Ogham gates and finished the job. Poledras men would continue attacking at most of Axobongos castles .

Axobongo was delayed another day, to meet with Papoomio who stood on a hill near the eastern border of Axoland patiently enjoying the fresh air while his troops stood ready. Mitsche was there too, often seen in riding in solitude or gazing out towards the west. He knew the humming stones of the north, and the age of the war ban were adding up to something devastating. He had feared a terrible vision he once had in his alchemic absorptions , of Axobongo killing him , he believed he had taken steps to prevent it, and yet, was unsure that his inability to control his empire lords wouldn't be the factor of the undesired destiny. Like a chess master, he played his hand, and through empire legalities he was able to manage killing empire men at the foot of the Axobongo Estate, and not pay a penalty, his troops were known to be there, and those who sent knew what they would meet. Those who tried were the ones Axobongo called the Scum lords , the Fecallians.

Mfraanje, Poledrawhome, Dustin , Poparoni , BigHowlingcrap , Enderged, Otto , Zemun , were the main Scumlords opposing Axobongo , others were out there performing a worldwide ethnic genocide .

At 3 days from Warban day, or Doomsday according to some prophets, There were only 7 Chiefs left in the world, Axobongo, Sakura and Doctor . Xkyron and Yukov and Jonnyboy , and manmud al ,
then Mitsche himself took the head of Jonnyboy , who was of ~SC~, Once blessed by those posing as Mitsche and under his protection, till a day came when they were all killed. Jonny was the last.

Enderged was sending all his armies at Sinapse-on-the-Twine river town, even before the official order came from the Kingdukes of Omen. Many of Asgaurds men fell there, if these renegade lords were trying to woo Axobongo into the empire, they were going about it wrongly .

Axobongo took to his horse and rode his land from north to west, consigning nobles to Form up at the deeper strongholds disguised among barbarian villages. and prepare for the final onslaught of Omenner fury,
Some of the nobles protested that their men were too exhausted, for many weeks attacks had been coming in a constant stream, every Axobongo town had been stressed beyond their limits, and yet held on, Sinapse would likely fall before any reinforcements could reach there, but several others were still defendable, due to Axo methods, and help from some friends. , it had been miraculous , but Axobongo held his grounds.
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27.07. at 03:57--->not ST,,, Time of Tinne , of the transformative Unicorn, and The Holly

------------- The Final End Fin of the Ultimate Last Part ------------ By Sir Giles Checkoutdesk of Amiable Winehouse 27 of the Frosty Moors

On a windy day by a river the Doctor lost his life to Morg . Marauding captains of the now dead mfraanje found and killed both Sakura.. and Xkyron. Leaving only the tenacious Yukov,, and the nasty but lucky Man-mud Al , who was a Barbarian chief of a strange peoples who daily raised their bottoms towards the sky in some sort of holy ritual. Axobongo understood those people little, only that they were opposed to freedom of art, which the High Chief found fundamentally insulting and criminal. Lord Papoomio himself actually sliced off the bottom of him,, both cheeks in one stroke.. Yakov and Axobongo stood alone, Yakov was the mightiest warrior beside Flip , of the Usf-ian tribe, Flip had been mortally wounded awhile back, and Yakov took charge and served his people well.. He rode for Axoland as word spread that the Empire was faltering in their attempts there. But he had a long ride along the shore,, and the borders to Axoland were swarming with empire men,

He and his band of fighters met trouble near the camps of Dunn me , his 500 men were spotted and chased . cut off by the shore, they had to turn and fight, Yakov turned and charged in open sand as Dunn's men came piling through the forrest opening onto the beach, effectively chopping down a large bulk of the enemy vanguard , but he was terribly outnumbered, He had to bare seeing his loyal and most fierce fighters hacked down and dismembered , turning the sand red in a large spread on a beautiful, longing to be placid, open beach. Down to a handful of men, they would not surrender, let the end be the end ,, this was a fine place to meet the fates.

He faced down Dunn's outland man, General Diareah of Plakk , an old champion, once a Paladin, but fell out of grace with their order as his character was tainted and alcoholic,, and he had no honor, but he was still a fierce master fighter. Yakovs Champion, Axietol Mac held his own better than expected against such a man, he even surprised all in managing to scar the General down face and chest,, but the General was a powerhorse, and Axietol lost his life , and half his head that fateful day. A mighty warrior and last of the free tribes apart from the remainder of The Axo people under Axobongos rule.
Yakov could not bear to see this, if General Diareah could fell a warrior such as Axietol , Yakov would have no chance. He would give up without a fight Yet , instead he would turn his own blade to his own belly,He spilled his own guts there on the beachhead, and the last of the Usf-ians became extinct.

The final battles would come from otto-mattic, Enderged, and the generals of Poledrawhome and Mfraanje and Dustin would continue a mighty yet futile campaign,, for all would die before it ended.. only a few more Axobongo towns would fall before that fateful day when war would end, yet other Axo strongholds would pop up, and surprise the enemy, the Axo Chiefs numbers and holdings were seemingly mounting rather then falling after months of hard fighting against their vast numbers. Sufficiently impressed, Papoomio and Mitsche would both embrace Axobongo as a cousin, and permit the Axo culture to survive any future destruction at the hands of the empire.

Axobongo had won his independence . His people would be free in this world, and become strong in lands beyond. His main rivals, and those who tainted the empire would be dead before he left to explore the new Axolands over the sea. The land would go through a tremendous transformation in the coming days,, natural disasters of a nature never seen before would consume it. within two years, the empire would be but a memory. Those who survived would later renew the world with a combination of Empire wisdom and Axo culture, in some generations, some would refer to this time as Off Center Earth , and great fables would arise of the goings on of these men as they migrated towards the middle. Fables would be told this land met with other species,, elves and dwarves, and a variety of strange beings and creatures would be said to have grown from the mists of this place. And other stories in these ages in myth, But this has been the true story of man, his futility and bravery, the true struggles endured here before myth and allegory arose to teach the children from its ashes.

We humans are all said to carry some strain of Axo and Axo Magic within us, a tribe from the origins of life , and this was the tale of its greatest Chief, Axobongo and his fortitude to never falter from his road of just and honorable causes. His accomplishment is for all to know what can truly be done, if the Axo spirit is harnessed. its possible to sometimes beat impossible odds.

-------Epilogue-------- By the Epiloggist Bard Sometin of the Glade

And so,, War finally ended in the world, Axobongo surveyed his lands , he had fought war for more than half his life, now the aging Chief, who was still fit and hardy still had 16 towns and a good foundation , the Axo people would flourish. His enemies were dead,Enderged would die later after a prolonged and painful mouth infection from the blade of Canna . But Mfraanje and Poledrawhome had met Axobongos fury and his blades were their last view of the world. and Dustin was left a maimed wreck of a man, and later taken out by Mitsche himself. Axobongo had met Poledra on the battlefield in the last battle for Axoland, and with his mighty axe, took his head. Bighowling met a similar fate, when weeks later, while visiting the empires main headquarters, he and Axobongo would fight a gentlemans dual, leaving Axobongo the victor. And then RoadKills on a drunken bender sought vengense for the death of his boyfriend, PoledraWhome, and on a cool misty morning, Axobongo broke his head with his bear hands, after a mighty brawl in which the disarmed RoadKills faced the fists and boots of Axobongo, and endured a beating until a rock lodged in the ground found his brains gracing it. " A pity" commented Axobongo, as he was beginning to like this roguish villain despite his quirky ways.
Mitsche had invited the Axo chief to his personal castle up north, and the two became friends over the next half a year , Before that fateful day when Axobongo would leave over the sea, and nature itself would reclaim the land, destroying the empire. Eventually , many years later , the Axopeople would reemerge and reign there , making it a land of paradise. Mitsche had given Axobongo back his original town, Axobongotown, where the Axo high seat was raised so long ago and he ascended the throne as a young man. And from there, the Axo revival would center.

Mazulite would kill Jerasu Heinrichs a few months later, and leave with her people in a mass exodus over the sea.
Axobongo would meet her there, and together they formed a new prosperity for their people. Their descendants would enjoy the higher pursuits in life. and the Axo spirit would emerge and flourish , to the end of time.


The Fool & Bladder Pub,
Axobongo Last Day at 12:15

Drinkin' alone,,, all my friends are now either dead,, or far away . Well, not really alone, my ghosts are still here, Thor, Guinness, i salute you ,, heh, Armflem,, Shaman ,,Slainte,, glug glug,,

And so, The time has come. Axo culture is secure, i have won what i set out to do.. and now, my dear friends,, and my ghosts,, i take my leave,
..and may i bid you farewell, for i have never been good at bowing.


. Ax0 .
. the Alpha .
. and the Omega .
* By Axe * By Hammer*
. .* By Hand * By Hoof * . .
. Let destiny be .
. our victory .
. over .

We are keepers of the old Pagan ways, embracing
both the Dark and the Light. although the nature of
our people would rather be to climb trees and orgy
like craz'd wombats. we summon'd serious heros and
unserious lunatics to share in the glory and honor of
leading a tribe from obscurity to grand conquest.​
\/\/\/-------A...Aξονας...S -------/\/\/\
* .........I...D ......... *
...*...............*............... *...

As Above.,.,.,.,§§§,.,.,.,.,So Below
We expanded
as a Wolf pack of seasoned Warriors
a coalition of the
Active ^ Aggressive ^ Elite
as our battle plan

§ § §
ACTS OF WAR : Being a Wanker
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PS. (,, and SP)Silens Patronus has a site of his poems under that name.


Axobongo, for this you have become one of my favourite players/leaders of all time. Long live AXO!


Thanks Muldie, from you thats quite a compliment.
Archeologists have uncovered writings they believe to be further sagas of this Axo dynasty. Once they restore them up and decipher through all the Axo style ,,,,,dot dot dots... they'll likely be published here. :booty:


Man I miss this tribe so much... it was like a bloody family. If any of you guys from the tribe remember me and my stealthy ways be sure to reply to this thread! It would be great if we could get the old tribe running again. :) Axo you were by far my favourite leader of a tribe. You actually made the tribe seem like it was something worth fighting for. It was a sad day when I had to give tribal wars up.



miss your stories axo:icon_sad:
I still can't believe people are posting here. I'm on W64 if you want to join up and have a go at it. Yah I quit, yes I know, but here I am again.


More stories coming,, , . and some notes on the history told above ,, (excerpts) . especially since it turns out, a handful of Axo heroes reported dead,, actually survived and colonized in other lands during the time of the Troubles. Any lost Axo tales are welcome here. i have uncovered some more documents recounting some journeys of 2 prominent Axomen, but am still struggling with restoration and translation.


one thing thou i fought great little battle with whome even got defender of the day award he took my villages but was a good bloke.