Event The Beast of the Black Mountain

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Beast of the Black Mountain

As long as bards and the eldest remember, the calm village of Caerbannog was plagued with a vicious beast, living on the peak of the Black Mountain. The steep slopes were famous for the crystals within its deepest dungeons and darkest caverns and were sold all across the realm. Though the beast was killing their livestock, they coped with it as the beast was making sure the village was left alone. Then the war came and when the villagers' supply of crystals ceased, the crops and livestock became thin. The beast, now hungry and desperate, started to venture out, attacking their caravans and warehouses. They decided to search for an adventurer to slay the creature. When he returned from the mountain, carrying the head of the beast, they thought it to be the end. Over time, the village flourished, trading the crystals they now were able to mine without the danger of the beast attacking them.

A year later, when the moon was its fullest and the mountain was casting a long shadow over the valley, a crack appeared on a big, violet stone. But it was no stone but an egg; an egg of the beast they thought to be gone forever. Called by the moons' bright light, the scaly creature took its first step into the world, spreading its dark and feathery wings and a loud scream disrupted this calm, spring night.

On the front porch of a farm near the village, an old man heard the scream and shivers running down his back, a memory reappeared. A memory that let him knew: the story of the beast is not over yet.

Once again, it was time to find an adventurer, brave enough to fight the creature.

The Event

Dear players,
welcome back to our event "Beast of the Black Mountain". In this event, you will be tasked to take control of a brave adventurer and guide him on his way to the peak of the Black Mountain and slay a beast.

Start: 11th of January, 2pm
End: 16th of January, 2pm
Worlds: all except classic, tournament, speed, non-premium

Please note that we made some changes to the event since it last ran. Most importantly, encounters with equipment are now marked with an orange bag on the event screen. Also, the stamina cost for the beast encounter has been reduced. At last, every 12 encounters you get an item that is not available within the shop. The progress resets every 24 hours and a new item will be available.

A Hero's Journey

The hero starts off at the bottom of the mountain and can decide which path to take to the top. Every icon represents a challenge the hero has to overcome. Each challenge requires a certain amount of stamina to be able to progress. Once your hero has mastered a challenge he can continue his journey by taking up one of the adjacent icons. Each challenge will reward the hero with crystals that he finds on his way.
Crystals can be spent in the event shop for powerful rewards. The hero can also find new pieces of equipment which will allow him to find better rewards. If the hero reaches the top and slays the beast he will get crystals as a reward and the mountain will reset. The hero will be presented with a new mountain with new and harder encounters but keep the equipment he has found so far.

The wise adventurer has to decide if he wants to go straight for the top to get higher rewards faster or spend more time searching for better equipment before starting a new set of challenges.


Powerful Equipment

The equipment of less fortunate adventurers can be found throughout the mountain and is marked by an orange bag. There are six pieces of equipment: Sword, Helmet, Armor, Gauntlet, Belt and Boots. Each of these can be found in four levels of rarity. Carrying equipment of higher rarity will yield more crystals for your hero, but finding all pieces of equipment will also take more time. The rarity of the equipment is displayed by the colors green, blue, red and purple to indicate the increasing rarity. Equipment pieces of higher rarity can only be found if the hero possesses the previous tier. The number below all the equipment will show the bonus the hero will get when finishing an encounter.


Marvelous Crystals

The crystals that the hero finds during his adventure can be exchanged in the event shop in return for powerful items to fuel your war efforts. The items exchanged for crystals during the event will remain in your inventory when the event ends. Every 12 encounters, the hero will receive an item that is unavailable for purchase within the shop. This progress resets every 24 hours and a new item will become available. Once the event ends, you will still have 24 hours to access the event shop and use your remaining crystals. After that time, the event screen will be inaccessible, the crystals removed and the event shop closed. Please note that when you transfer to a casual world your crystals and event progress will not be transferred to the casual world.


Now go forth and slay the beast!

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team
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