The beginning of the end


Erm yeah, I've been asked to help out on W62! friggin 62! where did the other 54 worlds go after W8? haha


Of course you all went to different worlds than the one I am playing :icon_sad:

It's a damn shame to see this world ended... To echo the words of DTATDM I never should have hit delete!

Although I never technically deleted, I had to leave the game due to RL issues (Damn real things, getting in the way!) so handed over my old account (Noodlesofdoom). Since lost contact with who I handed it over to, they changed the password and bobs your uncle when I wanted to return I couldn't! :(

For those of you who have no idea who Noodlesofdoom is (I was never too big) I was the nubbin in [DT] I played the game for enjoyment mostly, never got angry when people attacked me, instead congratulated them e.t.c. So following that vein, Well done to Fenix for winning world 8 ([DT] were on top when I left, I like to think my leaving caused [DT] to crumble) :p

I had ALOT of fun on this world, I made loads of friends (who I pretty much immediately lost contact with mind you). I've started playing again under the name but unsuprisingly have never been able to find the close knit/fun and just genuinely nice world as world 8. If anybody finds such a place, Please let me know! :)

To everyone I've ever encountered in world 8, I wish you all the best of luck both in new TW worlds and in RL.

Ciao for now!

thats nice52

Even though I left in 2009 not long after I joined FD (when that was around) I'm glad to see the world come to an end and the tribe whose side I (sort of) was on won too. Never really played the same way since.