The BEST Player of W30


I had a lot of time for baddie. I learnt a lot from raven when he sat my account night after night but on balance it's gotta be pajuno


Sorry for the delay in responding. Real life and such.

Shipley, are you stating that I am a poor player? Perhaps I am.

But I'm a poor player that was begged by you personally to join T-W-C. Then again was repeatedly requested to join RAM, and served (I believe) with distinction in that tribe for several months against BD.

I have never claimed to be elite - but I do find it odd that you would choose to joke about my skills when to this day I am asked if I would pilot or help co-pilot a RAM account.

But then again, it's you making this comment, Shipley. Call me the biggest noob on the server. I will put as much weight to it as I do your word and your reputation.
Lol. Just ignore shipley like everyone else :p
Everyone knows he's a hypocrite. :icon_razz:

Speaking of which, what's this about Shirley seizing power of RAM?
Anyone care to enlighten uncle SFC?


Well I see you're back a duke... Did Shirley get injured with her pole?


Don't know about Shirley, but Shipley is alive and well and talking to Retha on skype right now :lol:
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for what its worth, Id have to agree and say Bullmastiff myself. with ChamicA a very close 2nd. Just because Im quiet dont mean I dont pay attention and watch....


He has been for nearly a year now, hasn't he? Trying to live a secret life in BH backlines as the loser of W30 :lol:
Tommy quit being (no)obsessed with this issue :icon_wink:


lol, what an idiot. :lol: He obviously doesn't understand sarcasm :icon_redface:

Talking about idiots, That awkward moment when CH~ST don't accept your 'attempts' to scaremonger them into sending their def to RAM frontline's, priceless. This is just chatter I picked up if you where wondering.


I forgot to mention my nomination.

BullMastiff. Always a gentleman, always calm ... and quietly deadly.