The BORG Collective marches on…

Emperor Jon


Proving another point of how poorly they were doing near the end of things.

Emperor Jon

LOL. You really do love to hear yourself talk.


I love proving you guys wrong even more.

PDX, you know how things went down back then. Why not actually man up, grow some balls and speak the truth? I know Eli is hiding in his little hole pretending like things didnt happen. But at least when I call him out on it, he has the balls to admit it.

Even if the rest of the tribe ignores his plight.


I could argue my players activity peaked and that was the reason you won the war ;)

Same in your downfall with CTRL losing to 8aaa8.

T.B.H maaate, youve come on these forums and have really shown your insecurity of CTRLs history.


I admit that you guys were good but where are you now. The goal is to win the game. CTRL won't be here when with world ends. I think of you guys like the Roman Empire. You were the best in the world but then you slowly decayed and the world ate you up.

Lethal Legend

Left a long long time ago but feel sad to see this one close, was part of Borg but congrats on the eventual winner.

Funny really, CTRL still sounding off even after losing, somethings don't change :) ANd yes, to avoid a flaming response CTRL outlasted BOrg however same happened to you in the end.