The broken quest, my stupidity.

World Shapers

So there is this new quest:

And I thought it would be fun to invest some money and get some nice gains out of it.

So think I invested about 35€-40€

And it started off really good,
I had about 20 crests at some point and then this guy showed up:

He seems to be able to attack me every 7-8 minutes.

While I can attack him only every:

This was over 2 and a half hours when he started attacking me with his champions.

At first I tought oh well just try to get crests faster than he can steal them and still make the best of it.

End up my entire list of close by players have no crests to steal because I already stole them.

So I end up with no buffs and 35€ 40€ spend on nothing.

The worst part:

This guy does not even have use for this buffs.

Its my own stupidity spending real money thinking it would be fun and get some gains at the same time.

He can attack me every 7 minutes and I could only attack him every 2 and a half hours when he started.

I know its my own fault but yeah whatever enjoy my money InnoGames.

I´m done,
like really done


Same thing happened to me
Didn't spend as much but I managed to get loads of crests and 1 of each locked in

By the end I lost everything(I do mean everything. Not one crest left) to people who could attack me every 8 minutes while I had to wait 5 hours if I wanted to attack

I the travel time is based on starting villa

Extremely broken and unfair


An interesting point was brought up to me today about this dumb challenge. Next time someone steals your crest, cat them down. Well played.

Boom spammed. Next