The "Cold" War.






Little word on the side/ Kamarah, if you didn't do what you did, this post would not be here right now :icon_eek:. That is all.

Good Luck Nukex.


Damn, this was in my prediction for the month to come. Not for the next day!

Good luck to all involved, make it a good one.



Short, you didn't rape the first post with pictures, straight to the point, and gave me a small laugh (still a laugh tho ;) )

Nicely done.

Good luck, Punch!


Thanks, thought I would give a comic strip declaration.. :)


Lol, nice one Amane. quality work as usual... go Punch! Can anyone really have any hope in truly challenging you guys, today, tomorrow... ever...?? ;p


Nice Amane, made me laugh ;) I now have loads of red dots on my map to play with, will be a fun war ;) Go Punch!


I expect an easy win for Punch!, I took four villages of Nukex's top player with only a 1/3 of a nuke lost. =|

Edit: Correction, he was their top player. ^^


To those who may be wondering what "I" did, this is what happened.

Out of nowhere, I get a mail from a concerned "TSA" member... simultaneously TSA gets a mail from a concerned "Nukex" member. Here they are.

a rather amusing and pathetic attempt... though the noob speak was superb.

Lil Ghost on 27.02. at 13:30
quick warning to you.
i am from TSA, just made quick account so can not be traced to me :p

i dont like tribe, not at all.
but they are stacking from of your tribe, they are gonna declare on you in 7 days, stack your fronts and declare on them noww!!
they are not fully stacked yet, would be easy villages and you can work with Party! together you can take down TSA. i only warn you as i do not like my tribe. when they fall after you take them down, i will message you, and maybe i can join nukex when you take them out.
i would send from my account but they check mails and dont want to get caught out. as them i would be F'd lol.
you may not belive me, but i would not message you if was not true, as i have no reason to lie.
please belive what i have to say and declare. your tribe will benifit great from this. trust me.
TSA will fall if you can beat them to declaring.
we are slowly moveing into k34. you can see that, all are saving nobles for your tribe, they gonna go major strike on you all.
so declare on them. stack fronts, noble!

if you still dont belive me, why would i tell you and give away my tribe plans unless were true? so declare , take them out they mass recruit, only reason i here as they threatn noble me if i dont.
so take them out, belive me when i say it.

sorry for bad english, not my first languge, but i find it decent :)
i prob wont reply after this., but belive me when i say it.
declare before they do!

Regards, Pissed off [ally]TSA[/ally] member :)

Lil Ghost on 27.02. at 13:45
i try help only! listen to me!
i have 2 freind in nukex, i no want nobled them
i dont give name away as dont want anyone to know my name as i get villages killed then :( :( :(

Lil Ghost on 27.02. at 13:40
i am a player in nukex, i made acccount so i can tell you what they are planning as i am mad with leadership.

they are stacking fronts and preparing to invade k44.
they are working with Party! to take you out.

i wuld not lie, that is not my way. so stack your fronts and war them.
if you dont, your tribe will fail, i say that with all respect.
but you must declare before they do, they will declare in 4 days, so get READY!!!!

you may not trust what i say but if you dont it will be your downfall

what would you do? trust me and win war? or dont trust me and get declared on and lose war?

PLEASE belive me when i say this is gonna happen.,
i have much respect for TSA as all people think as fail tribe but ou doing so welll. so please, declare before they do.
if you do i can pass on targets and info to you.
of who they are gonna attack.
it has not been released yet who targets are, but they will be , and if you declare first i will be willing to help.

please please please trust what i say.

i have friends in TSA who i dont want nobled out, they are right on the border so listen to me !!!!

declare before them!

Regards, pissed off nukex member

legdenno on 27.02. at 22:38

This message has been forwarded by legdenno.

We already had good relations with TSA, and considering they were at war with Party! we had good reason to think this was untrue. I figured it was probably Punch! trying to draw our forces south in preparation for a war declaration (I was right). I was kind of hoping it was Valath, cause that would be funnier, but I reported it without knowing who it was. They'll pretend this is event is why, I guess to add some nobility to their cause... but we all know it's just because they need to expand somewhere... and K34 is the pretty obvious choice. This was planned well before never... got himself banned.

Then at the same time we had an event were one of their players jumped the gun on the war declaration. He tried to pretend he wanted to be diplomatic, but it was just another obvious ploy to draw our troops southward.

Mails in question: (yes, we both write tons)

never... on 27.02. at 14:12
[player]Relding[/player] is currently attacking my member.
you know we have no problems with nukex, and you know we are not focusing on k34, we have other plans. but if attacks dont stop are plans will have to change wont they.

i dont care which one of them started but attacks must stop now kk.

Kamarah on 27.02. at 14:14
As you can marco has nobled two nukex villages. Simple retaliation.

never... on 27.02. at 14:15
as i said i dont care which one started it lol.
just attacks must stop.

Kamarah on 27.02. at 14:17
Considering Relding himself has 15 incoming from marco, it would be silly for him to just sit back and take it wouldn't it?

never... on 27.02. at 14:18
considering marco is getting noble ofcorse he would send 15 attacks

Kamarah on 27.02. at 14:24
Only trying to take back the villages he took. It would make me a rather poor leader if I told my members to just sit and take it every time we had villages taken from us, no wouldn't it? We would rather die in a war than one village at a time, out of fear of a war.

We will stop attacks if marco returns the villages he took without resistance.

never... on 27.02. at 14:30
all i will say is. attacks from your player stops.
marco no longer attacks.

we are not interested in a war, we are heading north not south atm.we can avoid this war by no more attacks. simple as that.

i heard from tsa they are declaring on you anyway so you should worry about them lol

Kamarah on 27.02. at 14:33
That's what a mail from a supposed TSA member tells me. I'm not inclined to believe it. Quite the coincidence that you would say the same thing to me within 45 minutes of the mail.

Makes me wonder... Well, the person said they were on another account, so I reported them for having two accounts on one server. I do abhor cheaters and sneaks.

never... on 27.02. at 14:37
hmm, no, heard this a week ago, random mails with people when im bored :p
there all cocky about some shizzle, takeing party villages or something. cant remember. as i said i heard from them not sure tho :/
would be a funny war tho haha :p

anyway , back to bizness, attacks gonna stop?

Kamarah on 27.02. at 14:40
Anyway, back to the matter at hand...

Our gradual entanglement of borders and the aggressive nature of our players leave it likely that we will face more problems like this in the future.

It would make me feel a lot more comfortable dealing with other threats to our continent if we had some assurance we will not face attacks from PUNCH! as well. Perhaps it is time we signed some sort of diplomacy?

never... on 27.02. at 14:41
i will bring it up in council. and it will be talked about it. will see where it go's.

So yeah, Punch will try to convince you that they're righteous in this... They're not. It doesn't matter though, because fighting wars is the name of the game. No hard feelings.

I myself, as you may have noticed by my twstats, am on my way out of the game, so unfortunately I won't be participating. I am not the only good leader in nukex, just the most visible one.

Deleted User - 3135

Good luck to both sides.

Though I will say this reduces my faith in humanity if people genuinely believe this declaration is worthy of a 10/10.


Bh, nothing impresses you, personally I think you live on a constant low with higher expectations than the queen, that is fine, if you like to be like that and give out that impression.

Deleted User - 3135

Bh, nothing impresses you, personally I think you live on a constant low with higher expectations than the queen, that is fine, if you like to be like that and give out that impression.

I do have high expectations. But I couldn't even start on the amount of errors your declaration contains. Even then walking past that huge amount you look at the substance of the declaration. A two minute paint job that really makes very little sense at all.

A 2/10 in my books.


10/10 PnP

Best of luck to both the sides ( doubt Punch! shall need it though! )



I like how, with a little imagination, the map looks like a flaming head eating some red beans.


I do have high expectations. But I couldn't even start on the amount of errors your declaration contains. Even then walking past that huge amount you look at the substance of the declaration. A two minute paint job that really makes very little sense at all.

A 2/10 in my books.

BH your quality and expectations can easily be seen by having a look at your tribe, talking trash at forums doesnt make it look better. Go fix your tribe, i give it -5/10