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As one of the biggest world figures in the world - I have decided to create my own forum dedicated to me giving interviews to special figures within the world.

I am calling for any of the TOP 10 tribe's dukes, barons or diplomats to reply to this forum - with your in game name if you're wanting to be interviews.

The interviews will take place on skype or tribal wars - i can work on either. I want to try create some activity in these dead ass forums.



First interview will be with Rank 2 player on world 91 - Zain


Welcome to my first interview! Thank you to zain for particapating. We shall be interviewing the duke of Apathy tomorrow! (my questions are in normal font - zains answers are in bold)

So zain - Thank you for deciding on particapating in "The Commanders first interview". As the world already know - your account has been a power house so far in the world.
So zain - my first question, was it always the plan to join Sam's tribe from the beggining of the world?

Yes i am a powerhosue but i use my powers for good stuff like clearing and pre nobling to help smaller members of the tribe grow. Actually i joined this tribe before the
world started with billy bob *he guy who gave me a lot of pp* and he always helped others and here i am continuing his philosophy.

I feel it's very important to let the new players in tribal wars get help, So some would argue that PP abusing is a bad thing - but you could also argue that if you use it for good use you're able to help the newer players in TW learn and help tribal wars as a whole gain more frequent users.
Obviously with the topic of PP - a lot of players will want to know how much PP your account has used in total so far? would you be willing to realease this number?

Sure i have told people before. *opens wallet & cries in poor* i have used 60k pp 66% of that came from billybob. As you can see i am the current leader of ODA. I have probably helped clear over 40 villages and pre nobled about 25 villages. I am committed to my fellow friends and tribe. Also any ladies wanna hang out pool party this weekend at 001

Thank you for discussing the topic of PP. I don't want to waste you time on that too much. So we shall move onto another topic.

Who would you class as corp's biggest rivals right now? Obviously corp have big borders with SAGA But BeCool aren't too far away aswell. Who do you think zain?

I don't really know who our biggest rivals. I have good friends in SAGA and BeCool too. It would be a good fun war between the 3 tribes but i guess SAGA would be disadvantaged by their placement. I have made friends all over the world, i don't like to cause rift with anyone unless i have no choice. #tribalhugs rules

Yeah - i would agree about SAGA having a disadvantage considering the placement of the tribe.
How is your relationship with sam? what are you thoughts on him on a personal note?

When i first started it was going fine like spongebob and patrick are best friends playing in the jelly fishing field. Recently its like spongebob and squidward with sandy (kate) coming to rescue
. I don't wish to comment about rifts publicly as it don't want to make things worse.

Obviously i will respect your wishes and i will not comment any more on the topic of sam.

I don't want to keep you for too long so this will be the last question of the night - We have the apathy duke coming on tomorrow for an interview - do you have anything specific to say about apathy?

Yeah, please be strong hun. I'm just gonna drop it here.
*zain nervously says* TW Rosa and I are going out, please don't hurt me.

Also shout to my crew, Sudow boo, time-apart minion, Heather <3, kind Kate, MrsC, Magnificent Marty, foxy ;) and stradd3rs and anyone who messages me "what about me"

Peace out.....

......did you get my dominate side like in the bedroom ;)
I'll cya there *mwah*

Cheers zain
what are your guys thoughts? The apathy duke shall be getting interviewed tomorrow - so if you have anything specific please mail me "the commander" or on skype lloydhammond11


Interview with the duke of apathy
Hello jasper - Thank you for being avaliable to be interviewed. We have already discussed the rules on skype (sort of) you have decided that any topic can be explored during this interview.
So i would like to start off by just getting your opinion on PP abuse? Do you have anything to say about this in tribal wars?

Well, I'm against it. For 2 reasons.
The first reason is the one most common amongst all of us older players. Basically we grew up with this game, played it in our youth and we liked playing it. We saw the prelavance of needing a PA to play properly (Greasemonkey was widely used before eventhough it was illegal) The rise of legal scripts, and after it AM. And all of that sufficed for us.
But as the playerbase started to dwindle, other sources of income were needed I suppose for Inno. And so they slowly started adding in more "P2W" features. And it's gotten so bad now, that this world had people nobling before I even researched LC... :S Honestly, I feel like it has ruined the game. But of course, we know it's not going away.
The second reason I hate P2W, is because I'm a sucked for it. I've spend a lot of money on Grepolis before and now I'm spending on TW... I wish I wasn't, but I am. Luckily I have a good job that allows me to afford it. But still...

I am also against PP - as i think you're right about how it's bad because players grew up playing TW without having to use it. It's a shame to see some players leave TW aswell because of the fact that it's only PP worlds from now on.
You guy have recently recruited a few other members - these members are a bit closer to the border to corp? Is this a strategic move for the future or was this recruitment to just try wrap up some experienced names in the apathy ranks?

Yeah, the last non P2W world, W83 was a world about as large as this one right now is. I wonder if that is because it had unfavourable settings, or because it wasn't promoted at all by Inno. Because there was no money in it :(
Yes, we have recruited the members of -er-. There was no thought given to Corp in this move, we recruited them because they were worthy of it. We interviewed everyone, as we always do, and all of them were then invited :)

You guys have a great chance of reaching end game - There's one thing standing in your way for domanance of your K however.. saga. Is saga a tribe you will be looking to work with or do you expect you guys will have to deal with each other in the future?

Unlike many tribes on this world, SAGA's leader was someone I did not know before this world. I contacted them early on, and we have had relations since then. Which is evident since we have no conquers between us.
I see our relations as positive, and I hope they do as well. We have no intention of severing them, K45 is pretty large and we're in K35 and 46 as well, plenty of room for us to expand.
Whatever the future brings though, we shall see. It wouldn't be the first time that I made relations with a tribe eventhough they would be somewhat in our way later on. And then kept those relations all world long. As it is in life, if you have issues in a relation you fix them ;) Oh and thanks for saying we will reach endgame, it was never our intention. But it does seem like it is very possible now. We had a pretty easy start and it's starting to show now, we only had a little bit of resistance in the south

Well obviously with a leader like yourself in charge - there was always going to be a big possiblity in reaching end game.
How do you feel on Becool? Do you think they are a tribe to look out for in the future?

Haha, I thank you for the compliment. But it is undeserved. I've had some succes in the past, yes. But all of it was due to others in my leadership, or more frequently the others in charge alongside of me while I was a baron. I generally find that there are 3 groups of people in TW, the ones who don't know me. The ones who know of me and overestimate me and the ones that actually know me and in turn underestimate me :p I know it may sound a little weird. But I think of myself as a lousy player, and the only thing I'm good at is talking. Diplomacy. Which leads to more experienced players to also misjudge me due to my ability as a player. And the others to overestimate me due to my reputation. But enough about myself.
What do I feel about BeCool? Well, Balu has made a name for himself in the past. He's someone to look out for certainly, there were 2 capable tribes in K44 and they took out the other one. I'm certain that BeCool is here to stay, the only worrying thing is their large amount of tribal changes. If they can neutralize the negative effects that often accompany that statistic. They'll be a very fearsome tribe. Oh, and though I don't know him personally. *GranTorino seems like a player every tribe would like to have as well :) If more of their members learn from him, we're all in trouble.

Yeah i also pointed out the problem of tribe changes - i am not someone to judge however as we aren't doing to much better.
I think it's quite obvious for the rest of the world apathy have not forgotten about Corp's OP's on you guys. So i think everyone expects you guys to have a lot of conflict in the future.
What do you think of sam as a player? bearing in mind his older worlds etc
I've only seen Sam play in W83 and then in 90. The first time he contacted me while wanting to leave his tribe, the one he had been with since the beginning of the world, and join us. Their enemies... We had no real intention of recruiting him, but like I do with everyone we spoke regardless. I interviewed him, or our baron did, and we decided on a no. Unanimously. He applied again a month or so later, when it became real clear that their tribe would lose. And that our tribe had a good chance of winning the world. We declined him again.
Now a year later in W90 I get asked by their leaders, the same leaders of Sam's tribe in W83, about the times Sam applied to us in 83. Because he apparently denied it or something? I don't know. I wasn't that involved in W90. Either way I supplied him with the screenshots and Skypelogs they needed. Shortly after he was dismissed and cried about it on the externals. I could link you to that threat, but lets keep it all to W91 shall we? I just wanted you to have my background on how I know Sam.
So how do I see Sam as a player? He's good. He knows how to play, he usually ranks very highly. But as a tribemember he's one of the least reliable p
players you can have. Since he's the duke of Corp in this world, I don't have high expectations of that tribe. Eventhough he's being assisted by some capable people. But perhaps him being a duke is different than him being a player. We'll see how it turns out.
The last time Corp has attacked me is 2 week ago, I'm still #1 in ODD though. We lost 1 player who had 3 villages to them, he will be avenged in due time.
But I do have a distaste for Sam personally. I pray he remains on his account until we have finished nobling him. Though I fear he will leave when things look bleak, like he always has in the past

This is a very good message for the external readers to read - i of course cannot say much about other tribes unless i was being interviewed myself. This will be the last question - you have been great to interview.
If you don't think of corp as much of a threat - Which tribes do you see will be here late game? / Who do you think has the most chances of winning the world (if the tribes don't merge)

BeCool and Yahoo seem like pretty good contenders. Invict and Savior as well. I can't say I've spend much time watching the other K's though. But I believe those are the most capable tribes atm.
For the ones in my own neighbourhood :) Who will come out on top here? Well SAGA is doing great. Corp might shed its current skin and be reborn stronger and Apathy could do good as well. It's hard to make such predictions when you know every word you say is being examined by those very same tribes ;)
Obviously I would have to say that Apathy will come out on top. But who knows really? In W83 I predicted how the world would go in mid december and it ended in... June? Exactly as I said it would. But there I could focus completely on diplomacy. Here my attention is spread amongst so many other things... We have some people with great predictive ability in this tribe, they all see us doing well for the next coming month at least :p Lets hope they're right!

Yahoo are a very good tribe it seems - i spoke highly of them in my top 10 tribes review.
The world will be very interesting. Thank you very much for the interview.
I'm sure sam will have a response to this - we will all be waiting for it.
Cheers mate - Lloyd

Haha, he will have to post his response on the externals because I have blocked him on Skype :) Which means he'll have to keep it civil ;)
The only other person I have blocked on there is Chase btw :p

Massive shots fired! from jasper! I'm sure sam will have something to say about this.. May we have to interview sam to get a full response on his side??


Finally the externals are getting interesting, look forward to the next one PogChamp

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Thank you Jasper love you too mate.

After all you can't get over W83. Some of the information you supplied was complete rubbish calling me unreliable etc. I will tell you that is untrue. I am sure CORP will back me up with that. . Anyway thanks for the salt



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Thank you Jasper love you too mate.

After all you can't get over W83. Some of the information you supplied was complete rubbish calling me unreliable etc. I will tell you that is untrue. I am sure CORP will back me up with that. . Anyway thanks for the salt



Well, I'm certainly not the only one who does not think highly of you.
And of course you would say it is not true, but why would your current tribe back you up on this, if they did not know you in the past?
Not a single person from your W83 tribe is with you on this world I believe. Eventhough you very recently played in 90 with them. Doesn't that kind of prove the point I made? Though of course I could be wrong... Am I?

But must you comment on that one thing in the whole interview Sam? Lets not make this thread about you.


Sam will you be wanting interviewed? we can discuss time and day if you wish? I'm sure the externals will love to see your side of the story.


You should interview Daryl/Granny.

Also Jasper, the last non-PP world was W85. Technicalities though, nice interview.


the duke of becool will be next - the interview will take place tomorrow. I will be discussing the jasper vs sam conflict in tomorrow's interview.

Will be good for everyone to wake up and read the forums above to see there thoughts.


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Thank you Jasper love you too mate.

After all you can't get over W83. Some of the information you supplied was complete rubbish calling me unreliable etc. I will tell you that is untrue. I am sure CORP will back me up with that. . Anyway thanks for the salt



Why is there Salt when we rimmed you on W83, and you were rimmed again on W90, by the same tribe you were in on W83. Sure it shows how untrustworthy you are, that the same guys you played with on W83, ended up rimming you on another world.

How can you call the information unreliable, when it was actual skypelogs of you. Unless you're saying Jasper is a wizard at photoshop, which he clearly isn't.


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Really? Looks to me you were rimmed on both worlds by enemies. Or was your foot playing up at that point? You've had your chance to take out h0lly. The longer this world grows the less likely you are to put any effort into it.