The Deadly alliance of W30


Well my counter-argument is that the UA already has a lot of experience with these issues and will carry that with them here. I personally, in w18, have only had miscommunications or noble claim problems once and that was back in august.

Well how are you gonna deal with an uprising for power or a civil war, people will break from your tribe looking for power,


Well how are you gonna deal with an uprising for power or a civil war, people will break from your tribe looking for power,
1. It's never happened in I don't know what to tell ya

2. If it happens here that's their problem. I'm not in an UA tribe in w30, which isn't a knock on them but I wanted to try something different.


same game plan diff world. NORTH is doing it on 14, what is the prob? After 30 worlds it is hard to believe there are not more family alliance tribes like that.


True. World 12 did start a long time before you, but this is the SECOND account i've put in the million.

My first to one million, my second to two million.

And considering my account will be gone soon, i'm not trying to expand(By much, eating a giant inactive).

Eat me for breakfest? Like w18, where you had to get other TWA players involved?

Lets tell everyone TWA's tactics!
First they bribe a baron in your tribe to set them as sitter with Premium(I Think it was premium), then they erase your profile and diplomacy.

Now, TWA is like... 250 Million points, yet couldn't defeat a 10 million point tribe(Whilst I was there, atleast).

I Think it shows who would eat who ;)

King Bowser Koopa

same game plan diff world. NORTH is doing it on 14, what is the prob? After 30 worlds it is hard to believe there are not more family alliance tribes like that.
Heh, thousands have tried. They usually get the crap kicked out of them, though.


I have to admit that I am normally opposed to family tribes. Although you wouldn't know it by looking at my user file. :p However, (as was the original point of this thread,) I think that the introduction of the shared forum might make it a very real possibility.

I do agree that 500 members is a bit silly, but three tribes of 60 members each is not the most ridiculous idea in the world.


wouldn't 4 tribes make more sense???? if your gonna have a big family tribe like they have i would have worked it so each tribe took a compass point N,S,E,W then work from there into the middle. or depend on where they are situated they could do the opposite. move from the core outward.


hey can anyone from world 9 remember a huge family tribe named pwn, the was pwn35, pwnr, pwn26, hth, and loads of others i cant even remember the names of or for that matter remember just how many there were as they were basicaly gaining a new family tribe every week, eventualy as i remmember they tore them selves apart overnight.


I suppose that we should all just delete from this world and wait for the next...


has anyone checked out the LMTT family????

i don't know if this link will work but if it does it's a map with there 6 tribes on it.
(sorry i don't know how to transfer the map into the forum.)

LMTT family


# of members: 58

Total points: 26,004

Rank: 99


# of members: 58

Total points: 24,731

Rank: 120


# of members: 49

Total points: 17,910

Rank: 278


# of members: 48

Total points: 16,497

Rank: 340


# of members: 55

Total points: 16,039

Rank: 438


# of members: 29

Total points: 6,515

Rank: 925

LMTT family total:

# of members: 297

total points: 107.696


Dang, no where near me. I was looking forward to helping them trim some fat :)

Nice rim grouping for them though. Almost a smooth arc.

=SK= Ace

are you serious can your leader explain himself please. i mean come on are serious you seriously dont think that points matter cause this family is all pointwhores i just wish i could farm them


If anybody here has glorified the UA on World 18 as being an aggressive tribe, all I can say is "lol". Through continuous huggles and cuddles, the UA family have gained 45% of the top 20 rankings but to say they are "war hungry" and "aggressive" is a massive overstatement; the UA hug more than my grandmother on Christmas Day.

I am one of the Dukes of S.O.T and you guys need to do your homework before you make stupid bets like this. Only one person actually looked to see where we were from. We originated in World 18 and we are dominating that world. Most of our members are from W18 or from other experienced worlds. We also have rules for everything you guys say will undermine us. We have rules for farming and rules for nobling.If anyone disobeys the rules, they are terminated and are in a way "left for dead." All tribe dukes will be alerted of apple's presence and he will be dismissed. We arn't stupid. We have already had a few spy attempts on us and all of them have failed. We all know how to put the past behind us because two of the tribes in our Alliance used to be enemies in W18, but they have put everything aside and are now working closely together to rule this world, so next time you make jokes and stupid bets make sure you do your homework because right now you all look stupid.
Speak for yourself... people fear the UA for the size, not their strength.

I found this post on the World 18 Forums from a high ranking player in one of the UA tribes:
The UA on World 30 has barely any of the leadership from W18.
And it is true; the leadership within the UA on World 30 is completely different to that of World 18, which will ultimately lead to the UA's defeat on this world. The UA leaders on World 18 were strong minded and kept the tribes together... an aspect that the UA on this world seem to lack.

Best of luck World 30, and though I do not play this world (yet), may you rid the Unholy Alliance of their place in this world.



Size is strength, mate. Although my opinion on this is that they will eventually phail.
Not necessarily... If you have a tribe of 1000 villages, of which, all players are extremely active and aggressive noblers, go against a tribe of 2000 villages where players prefer to noble inactives and barbarian/abandoned villages, who's the winner?


the problem with famillies like those mentioned in the thread is that they are too big to take down in the erly stages of the game. and even later on, if by some miracle they don't self-destruct it takes a colalition of several tribes to take them out.

and because they're families they think that they're invinsible because of their sheer size.

(on a personnal note: i'm not looking forward to meeting LMTT, UA shouldn't be a problem for me at the moment but if i run into them not looking foreward to that either.) lol


why can't all the family tribes just battle it out...that would be a lot of fun to watch *looks away*.
Who knows maybe the LMTT family will join the UA ;)


lets see how good these guys are as i have been told that the alliance will attack me i don't stop attacking of of the dukes LOL