The Deadly alliance of W30

Discussion in 'World 30' started by Eko., Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. najk

    najk Guest

    eh stfu plz .. if u would be in the midle of them im 1000% sure u would get farmed so hard u cant even imagine ... :icon_rolleyes:
  2. King Saphira

    King Saphira Guest

    With strong leadership, and a hard-nosed UA members, they can competely control w30, with hesatation. With corruption, that can be fixable, everything can be fixable, but it takes time and will to do so. Now bout the life expectancy, with Family Tribes they can live live out single tribes, but with the notion of active members and councils. With the size it is now 500 members and growing, they might lose members that are away from the main core, but they will be growing their armies and spread like wildfire, and no other tribe would stand in their way accept other powerful family tribes. Now Im Greek, and if u have strong cumminucation forums threwout ur family, ur untouchable, and if tribes have the brains to rival other tribes and try to take down this beat, they will crushed u like roadkill. UA Family has a great chance to suceed in this world, but needs the loyalty and nationlasim to further its already conquest on the rest of da tribes that asssit in w30. I think this would be the DEADLY FAMILY, and they would make TW history.

    If u put ur mind to something, nuttin is impossible!!!
  3. kosmos4

    kosmos4 Guest

    O RLY?

    More like, a DEAD FAMILY in the making.
  4. WaLLruS

    WaLLruS Guest


    TWA and RKN are from W18...

    This is just sad. Unless the same leaders are on this world they shouldnt use the same names..
    The unholy alliance on W18 is alot better tho, 2 of the top 3 players are in TWA-N3 (just like me till i quit cause of hugging)

    Back to W30. Highly recomended that these tribes get taken out before they become too much to handel.
  5. King Saphira

    King Saphira Guest

    LAMO. caused their a threat. Family tribes are the way to go, some fall and some dont. :)
  6. kosmos4

    kosmos4 Guest


    Is this the same UA in the other world? I doubt it is.
  7. King Saphira

    King Saphira Guest

    if u read the other post u would know omfg.
  8. kosmos4

    kosmos4 Guest

    I'm not particularly inclined in reading 18 pages of mostly crap families that wouldnt last for a month or so.

    No need to get all worked up, boy.
  9. King Saphira

    King Saphira Guest

    WTF r u calling boy!!! ur just afraid caused family tribes will rule this world. Tda postes arent crap ur morron
  10. kosmos4

    kosmos4 Guest

    Ok MAN!(If you're so insistent about it). I'm afraid that this world will turn into a sea of blue and everyone will be hugging their asses to oblivion.

    Tda postes? What's that? Some kind of Mexican delicacy?
  11. King Saphira

    King Saphira Guest

    LAMO it meant to say da post, im Greek Moron, its in the other post i put up, wow r u edccuated? Plzz say yes, if not, God help u
  12. King Saphira

    King Saphira Guest

    It would be funny if family tribes kill each and every independent tribes in this world, it would show the aducatity of morrons i nthis feild of game :)
  13. kosmos4

    kosmos4 Guest


    aducatity (now what the hell is this?)
    And your a Greek Moron? woo

    I can do this all day. And most family tribes have been proven to fail after some time. Saying that they are strong and they are huge doesnt help their cause either.
  14. kokobest

    kokobest Guest

    I see family tribe succeed on almost every world I play on. 47RON family on W21, XIII family on W22 (they rank #1 by far), BOSS family on W23.

  15. aducatity = audacity

    this is the same UA as W18, but only a few of their members joined here, not the main leadership, more like the more excitable ones wanting to try their hand in another world.