The decently indecent proposal


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This will probably blow the minds of the top tribes as they read such radical idea's that go so against the grain of their diplomatic musings of comfort seeking and safe measures as to leave them splintered in thought as they fester in the reality they have created.

Yes it is true. Yes they have all strayed from tribal wars and decided to tread the path laden with cotton and pillows. The days of seeking war with greater threats has fallen in their passive and meager minds to a more comfortable realm of civil pacts and sweet embrace. It is truly nothing less than heart warming and really brings a tear to my heart.
The absolute state of love and compassion among them could bring the likes of Genghis khan and Alexander the great to their knee's in admiration.
As I write this I can hear Machiavelli himself whaling in his grave for having not seen the quintessence of truth and bravery in this stratagem of perfection.

Through a long and very intricate process of invoking several demons and reciting countless incantations coupled with some rather gnarly talismans (of which I dare not name) I have been able to summon the spirit's of Napoleon, Erwin Rommel, & the dukes of -ND- (W73 tribe and the only tribe to win a world without an NAP or Alliance) and they all concluded the following through much debate and historical inquiry.... 'tis it not better to reach the pinnacle of the mountain with an elevator rather than to climb it with sheer will against the odds?'
The subsequent answer I wanted and was seeking so desperately was as follows 'Nay, say we! Victory is always the end goal of a general and commander of men. However unlike most, in the core of our hearts burns the fire of glory. Glory can only be found through the grace of adversity and though one can reach the pinnacle of the mountain through other means, rest eternally we cannot in the halls of greatness without our glory'

And so it was. Glory is what makes one's heart as warm as vodka does one's chest. For victory without glory is an echo in a hall of emptiness, heard and adored by none and especially in the hearts in which it lies. The hearts of those that lead our loving and compassionate leaders of TFBS, DT & ANTI.

The proposal
I know among your ears this request will ring painful and abrasive, but seek the inner warrior you have gagged and buried. Revive him and seek his council.
He will affirm that which the great generals and leaders of armies has and remind you why you began playing tribal wars in the first place.
For the challenge and the fight. Not the path of least resistance. If this is to be your idea of fun and seeking victory well so be it. It is your choice after all, how you want to be remembered and how you derive your pleasure. I personally gain no pleasure bragging about having reached the pinnacle of mt. Everest having taken the elevator.

In essence. Stop ruining the game! Ya'll are so damn boring!


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This is certainly not happening soon, DT busy in the east, now TFBS/Anti declaring war in the northwest.

Surprised TFBS/FSquad haven't posted in the forums with any comments hating on us yet, maybe they feel bad because we were allies with half of their tribe and now are getting targeted because of that...


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Well fun is kicking off in the south-west. Looks like TFBS got tired of their merging policy and declared war on Brony with their 2 allies. DT and TFBS clash is a dream to be honest. Neither tribe has the guts to wage a real war


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I still wonder what deal TFBS made with DT, they're either playing them hard or there is some foul play.
I mean, i couldnt pull a deal like that with the devil himself, the 2 contendors allying eachother?
I hope this HORDE-Dream vs DT war will cause some things to happen...


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Good ol W103 got a few tricks for us yet guys something crazy is bound to happen as you predict I’m sure



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The only time we interfered with eachothers business was when you guys recruited our ally :scream:
(ugh kirk)

Gonna pull another one like that but on a bigger scale?
If so i'd like to suggest splitting TFBS to make the world more interesting :p
(no offense xxx)


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TFBS management (who is in large part now the old FSQUAD management) takes the following philosophy...

Step 1. Growth by merging...
Step 2. Start massive war...
Step 3. Coordinate long term strategy with select few in warring tribe
Step 4. Once the time is right, disband one side and merge with only the top players (selectively excluding members for maximum growth)
Step 5. Tell everyone it'll be ok, but you must now merge with "us"

DT tribes bottom half members are somewhat confused by this, but being told it'll be ok in the long run. TFBS tribes bottom half members feel they dodged a bullet in the last merge, and are just happy to be along for the ride. The management of these groups thinks at this point enough players will drop naturally that it is ok to proceed in this way, but they'll grow annoyed by the slowing rate of people dropping (people who are happy and content in these tribes) and then management will justify the backstabbing of tribe mates as a means of advancing the game. War is a nice excuse for this (see step 2). Meanwhile, those on the outside will see a war start and everyone will initially be excited about it, but in the end let down with the results, unless they resolve to accept the "merge" path and feel they "did it for the team." Everyone who is interested in the war elements of this game will be disappointing with the inevitable 'clash' of these two large tribes. It'll be more like a hug... this is all orchestrated by design and you see the build up due to the lack of angst between the two tribes right now despite the obvious that they have to 'clash' eventually.

What happened before is repeating... people are creatures of habit.
You were more than likely not recruited due to the fact you only noble barbs and have no ODA to speak of; not due to size.