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Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Genetic Engineer, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. Oscar the Grouch

    Oscar the Grouch Contributing Poster

    Nov 3, 2009
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    I like the new avvy and sig syntex.
  2. Zaethron

    Zaethron Guest

    HQ images for a HQ guy :)
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  3. Delete that Zae ... there's just no need ¬_¬
  4. Zaethron

    Zaethron Guest

    More need than your above post :L

    Which would then have more need than this post, so I'm gonna do a little on topic.

    I like it too syntax.
  5. There's just no need to be rude like that ....
    My post was needed because you stepped out of line, there's just no need to be rude to the guy for no reason.
    It's christmas, don't be an idiot.
  6. syntexgrid

    syntexgrid Guest

    Thank you, it was a gift.

    GE, do you know what the two logos in the top right are? The ones with the square and rectangle and just a line of text at the bottom?
  7. The orange box with text in it is for Orange the mobile company.
    Second one could be staples the stationary company ? But I'm not sure about that one.
  8. Zaethron

    Zaethron Guest

    Whut you on about? :S
  9. Replying to Syntex's comment asking what two of the brands were ?
  10. Zaethron

    Zaethron Guest

    Ah, didn't see that :D
  11. Fordy

    Fordy Guest

    Is there a reason behind this? Such as easier to read or something? Or are the designers to lazy to download new fonts :icon_razz:.
  12. No particular reason. It is a great bold fond so gets the brand name across while still looking nice.
    But it's most likely just a habit to use it really. As there are many fonts that are super similar.
  13. The Artlst

    The Artlst Guest

    is the shop still open?
  14. phlipster

    phlipster Guest

    Is what shop still open?
  15. The Artlst

    The Artlst Guest

    this design lounge -.-'
  16. King Sean04

    King Sean04 Contributing Poster

    Oct 23, 2009
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    Here is where the design shops are (not sure if there are any open though so you'll have to make a request if you want a sig or anything). This thread is just a place to talk about graphics.
  17. -Lucari0-

    -Lucari0- Guest

    xD fail
  18. Helluuuuw.
    Back xD
  19. egypt was hoooooooooot