The End Of The World Is Nigh!!!


I bet you that W1 won't have ended by the time that the world is supposed to end. Anyone want to go against me/make predictions?


Partly because half of the remaining players are inactive, and only kept alive by premium; partly because that's the easy way out, and HELL are criticised enough as it is for simply winning due to inactivity, hugging would make them look even worse.


I believe that endgame settings have already been met and exceeded, for quite some time.

Hell = 106,720 villages
Number of W1 villages = 224,600
Number of Barbs = 92,000

Hell thus own over 80% of player-owned vills. So the question is why hasn't endgame been triggered already?


seriously....get that DBAG to igm tired of dealin with this go bwtween....he may during w! but lost and gave up in w2



It's done Via Player owned villages, barbles don't count.

So the maths is roughly this:

HELL: 106725
Other: 25609
Total: 132334

HELL owns: 80.64820832136866% of player owned villages.

The Rules state:

The criteria for the removal of morale and disabling of restarts are:
The world must be at least two years old.
The player count must be below 300.
The overall dominance of the top 2 tribes must be at least 85% *.

One or two tribes can trigger a vote for deciding how the world will end by owning 85% of all player owned villages. Note that unlike the requirement for disabling restarts/morale, the two tribes must be allied.

HELL does not own 85% of Player owned villages and as they are not allied with Smurfs then no vote can be triggered. HELL still have a good few thousand villages to eat up which gets made only harder when various Accounts in HELL go inactive and are deleted.

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Yes so i Saw...and HELL STINKS and sucks...they will not win if i have anything to say about it