The end of W29


firstly, i'd like to say a warm and greatly deserved "well done" to all within TLA, and more importantly to JV himself, you had proven yourself and your leadership skills to me a long time before you even realised jv, yes i sat the odd account where we faced each other, i look upon those times as "fun", as did i do with all i faced within the game, i cannot speak bad or ill of any within the game, i made many friends in TW and let alot down too, "within GRIND" for that i truely am sorry, but when you have lizzie as your buddy, you'd rather listen to anothers wrath, as her's is mega.. (as i am sure jv will agree) my intentions where to come back at the last minute to "create chaos again" as i had an account there to take, "within TLA" but decided to let the game end, the will i had to fight against TLA still remains, my time/Rl.. amongst other issues prevented me in pursing it as it had done before, but if i am to take anything from this experience is that when the world feels like its closing in on you, it just takes you to step back, take a deep breath and come out fighting.. as i tried to do, i may not have won, but i sure as hell did'nt go down without a fight.. as for my forum posts, i never meant any harm or dispute towards another, i guess it was just my way of having another nuke as such to send.. that and to create some chaos.. lol.. i wish each and every one of you welland turely mean that, i am currently exploring my options of returning to the game.. as i need to stay out of the

take care world 29...

Feel My Fire

Sean so long as your safe and get better soon. That matters more than a mere game.


Thanks Bert =]

I'm kinda glad you didn't come back, the world didn't need anymore twists ^_^

Good luck to you in your life.


Thank you fro your kind words Bert. I know you have had a rough ride this past year in RL, hopefully your time on W29 has helped to keep your mind off some difficulties, even if just a little bit.

Regarding Liz, she is a great girl, just a little misunderstood at times and a little moody (but then again, I find that tends to be a common trait of the finer sex).

I know you fought back hard when you came back, and when you were sitting the odd accounts I was fighting against. I commend you for that, as it certainly made my time on TW a little more interesting. I found there were a select few in Grind to have a lot of heart in this game, even when winning waws no longer an option, many others in Grind simply rolled over when the going got tough. I know had you, Sidewinder, S1999Fan, Shaggey, Detroitcanuck (both original and replacement), and a few others been on the other side of the world at the start and been a part of a fully committed and active tribe, your fates would have been significantly different.

I am currently on W61, but won't be seeing it through, just wasting a little time for now and having a tiny bit of fun seeing the differences in the world. Should you be looking to continue playing hit me up there I am South West.


Thank you to you as well for your kind words; it really means a lot to me to hear that you had appreciated me as a duke and a friend. My wife is a lucky lady, even though she does not always know it ;) For that matter, I too am a lucky guy.

Cheers all,


I know its been forever and this thread has been mostly dead but I now have my pc and feel a proper thanks and congrats is in order to my friends of this world.

Sam: Couldn't ask for a better leader and friend. I truly did him dirty a few times but always with the best of intentions and poor execution. He was by far the most respected player I have ever had the honor of playing with in my TW career.

Mr Rogiers: Leader of Emp my first tribe worth a damn. I learned proper leadership from him and quickly moved from being a natural leader into being a natural TW leader and I continued my growth after Emp feel under the firm and awesome hand of Sam.

JV: It was simply like Sam never left when you took over. You and him were very much alike god I wondered from time to time if you weren't the same damn fellow lol.

ATG: My wingman thru everything the most quiet and yet strong force in TLA in my opinion. Never ever the source of any problem and always part of the solution he willingly followed me everywhere and anywhere even in my spats with TLA and my leaving he followed with faith that I would lead him to a safe place and I never failed him.

Rebelherb aka Tim: My arch rival and enemy at the start of the game. We become solid friends and then he was yet another of my closest wingmen it was because of him, ATG, and minoy that I had such influence early in my days of joining TLA because Sam didn't want to have me leave and take K52 K51 with me and once me and Sam finally found our stride he knew he had a solid anchor holding TLA's north as we progressed our wars into the north against 2fast.

Minoy: The man everyone always hated at the start and serious trouble maker. I remember the council taking a vote to kick and rim him because even Sam couldn't get him to settle in. But for some reason I saw a piece of myself in his attitude and style and begged for one last chance to bring him into subjection to the tribes will. And I took that responsibility very seriously. Honestly my first mails to him were met with the same attitude Sam got from him and it was at that point that I told him point blank I was done with his attitude and if he refused to listen to me I was going to noble him. After that he mailed me back asking me to help he that he was just misunderstood and didn't want me to attack him and from there I took him under my wing and trained him spent countless hours teaching him how and when to do things and that when he had problems simply to ignore them and mail me and let me handle them with him becoming a part of my close core of followers I held in my hand such a strong active group that I knew I could rely on through any situation that it drove me to continue playing even after I planned to quit many times I knew I had to many good guys relying on me.

Los Lobo: By far my fav player and friend early on! I am so sad Carl has not logged into skype since he quit this backwoods knuckle dragging hick from Texas was a man after my own heart.

Mikey: You are the man. Your drive kept me motivated for so long my friend hit me up some time! I would go on but hell I can't type all day to sing this mans many many accomplishments and praises.

Simon/Jason: Best Defender ever. And damn good friend.

Shorty: Took her under my wing when I found out my brother inlaws best friends mother was this one lol shes awesome what can ya say!

Rismine: Such a quiet busy soul yet she played with passion for the game and was a good lady to know.

Shylak: I hate you. You quit on me when I needed you most. Naw I luvs you <3

DSL'ers: I still call you this because imo you never weren't DSL to me. DSL was such a great tribe and left such an impression with me that I would never let you be anything other then what you guys made and accomplished before joining our fold.

Panther: Kurt you were a monster on your own and better when you had us at your back great guy with awesome skills!

NSA'ers: God this makes me laugh to think TLA planned to rim you from the word go! Then I went out of my way made friends with whallo liked the guy and pushed an alliance thru the TLA council even tho they voted over 4-1 against it yet somehow I managed to make them agree when I kept pushing for it. You are by far my biggest disappointment. You turned out to be gutless incapable curs. You made me hate you with your constant complaints that we didn't do enough for you. TLA put more then 60% of its D in your villages while we fought toe to toe with NME and DSL and yet we didn't do enough. We sat your accounts Exor especially but we didn't do anything for you lol your tribe became a standing joke in TLA and we soon decided you were nothing more then a save for later tribe that would die at our hands. Sam didn't like that but it didn't take much for me to simply show what your tribe said about us to the rest of TLA to turn the opinion against you and to simply let it fester. In short you were for the most part the most ungrateful worthless ally I have ever seen.


Slayer I noticed you left me out of what you said I guess I never meant that much to you ig or in rl sorry that I let you down.


I assumed Maks would be part of your plan, as I knew her loyalty was with you at the time, but was not sure what she would do about it. I was not impressed to find out that she allowed you to log in to her account, but I can promise you that I had not submitted any tickets to the support staff regarding it. I honestly believed and still honestly believe that her intentions were not malicious in any way, but do think yours were. It was your way of spying, albeit illegally. I was happy to accept Maks with open arms should she chose to remain in TLA, or would have understood if she left to join you.

I did try to just get my password back then delete my account and not even for one second did I think of spying on you guys and made sure to even post in your forums so if I even thought of one second of hurting TLA I would never have done that for posting on the forums would have been stupid. So you were totally wrong John for all I wanted to do is to see everyone's true colors and I knew who was on my side and Maks was not on my side and would have never joined me and even if she considered it I would have never allowed her. Trust me I know her loyalty was to TLA ,she did feel obligated as my friend which I later made sure to destroy that as well to help me a little dealing with my account. Once she got banned that made here even more upset at me for I knew that would happen.

Some people would do anything for the win and for spite and she was not one of them. Her heart was always just to help all she can even when she was stressed out with all her rl issues. Also I help make sure she never played TW for awhile or ever again after she played a little while longer. She is too young to be behind a computer and let her life pass her by while she can be outside and enjoying life. Sorry Maks I knew you would have never listen to me being so stubborn and you would start missing your friends so figured if I really started being a pain and help someone annoy you and made sure you got an idea that is was me you would just quit and leave TW forever. I put this now since I know you will not read this either at all or much much later. Once again I plan every detail and sorry TW for you guys losing such a sweet person but wouldn't any of you guys do the same if you cared about someone without letting them know you truly cared?

I never cared to win for if I did I would have stayed in TLA for no matter what plans I could have done I would have never implemented them. Of course I had to make people think otherwise for how else can I see into people's hearts if I was nice which I did consider being but I wanted to make sure everyone even the ones closes to me disliked me in some way. I do hope all is doing good and that includes Christine and her family even though I dislike the way she thinks and the way she accused me of things I never once even thought of.
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